The Real Strength of Captain America | Avengers Endgame | stuff hai

The Real Strength of Captain America | Avengers Endgame | stuff hai

Hi heroes, This is Stan Lee coming at you Just want you to know Marvel has always been, and always will be a reflection of the world right outside our window These fictional stories that are out there, be it from a movie or a book The ‘reality’ of these stories isn’t just restricted to the pages of the book or to the frames of the movie Sometimes such a story strikes a deep resemblance to our own life and that’s completely natural after all who writes these stories a person himself/herself Whenever you read or watch a fictional story t ry reading about the author of the story Then you will realize the extent to which the story is influenced by the author’s life In any story, it’s actually the author’s perception we are looking at The Harry Potter Series despite being a magic world it’s so much about J.K. Rowling’s life and her desires Even the characters of a movie are influenced by real-life situations be it superheroes When Batman appeared in a comicbook for the first time, America was going through the Great Depression Urbanization was rapidly progressing, and so was violent crime Hence, Batman’s main purpose is to fight criminals Black Panther debuted at comics at the backdrop of Civil Rights and Black Power Movement All superheroes are deeply influenced by their debut era, inspired by the time’s socio-political issues I think superheroes are a fictional response to tackle contemporary real-life difficulties, to solve problems So a fictional story or a character isn’t just an imagination but is a possibility too. Cinema is a possibility Characters are a possibility Stories are a possibility Tony Stark, Captain Jack Sparrow, Joker, Batman – all of them are a possiblity And in the same way, about 78 years ago Captain America was brought in as a possibility It was 9 months before Japan attacked the Pearl Harbor The US hadn’t even entered the World War II officially. The Allied Powers were in a bad condition The strength with which Hitler was moving forward, made America realize that they’ll have to get in the fight soon and with the same realization, Captain America began being noticed and liked on the streets to make people realize that if the situation comes then “What do we do, Cap?” – “We fight.” But make no mistake, Captain America is a symbol of defense, not offense that’s why he has a shield and not an attacking weapon. Though it’s a different matter, that with time Captain does use it as a weapon too, against bullies. because he hates bullies be them Nazis, or Fury Or be it even Tony Stark, who in Civil War was trying to impose his will on other superheroes to make them sign the Sokovia Accords and even then Steve Rogers has a rather humble beginning compared to other superheroes In the sense that, if you look at Superman, he is a god from another planet Peter Parker becomes Spider-Man by accident then he realizes with great power comes great responsibility Bruce Banner, again, by accident becomes the Hulk If we talk about Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark too, they are rich kids even they got the inspiration do good after going through a traumatic incident But Steve Rogers is different Unlike other superheroes, there was no accident, event or an unfavourable situation didn’t change his mentality He was always like that. When he was fighting Tony Stark in Civil War, he said something to Tony And he said the same thing to a bulley who was thrashing him at corner of a street in Brooklyn This tells us that Steve’s spirit isn’t proportional to his strength. His strength and spirit are two separate qualities. If by any unfortunate means, his strength reduces to that of a normal human, his spirit would remain the same And that’s what makes him so special And the right way to see this is that Steve Rogers deserved to be Captain America. He understands the value of strength, because he himself was weak (physically) This relentless will power of his- either he’ll win or he’ll die trying but he will not give up We can see it for his friend Bucky too No matter what people said, he was fully determined that Bucky is his friend and he’ll realize it. Captain America came as a soldier to the comic world a normal human being who’s strength has been increased to the nth degree But he was just a soldier with his shield Back then, Captain had soldiers in his group too for support in the battlefield Even his enemy had a big army War was about guns, bullets, bombs But after so many years, things have changed The situation now in Avengers: Endgame is quite different from the old times Today the enemy is Thanos, who doesn’t use guns or bombs, but he can change reality while fighting, he can play with time……With all infinity stones he can actually do anything Today there isn’t an army of soldiers in his opposition, but an army of aliens. Even the people supporting him in the battlefield today are Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Vision, Wanda. They are so different from him when it comes to powers, thinking, emotions At times, truly Captain seems like ‘a man out of time’ among them A soldier with his shield fighting among gods Then why is Captain so important for the Avengers Why even till this date, his entry brings a smile on everyone’s face Why is he still so important? Because, “He can do this all day”. Hi guys this is Najeeb, and I really had fun, and enjoyed making this video. If you too enjoyed watching this video, then please share. If you’re new to this channel, then do subscribe, press the Bell icon! If you want to give your opinion on Captain America, you can comment below. This video would not have been possible without the support of Artistic Intrusion. Artistic Intrusion provides painting, gifting services. They make paintings for home decor. 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  2. 5 rules of captain, Thor, Spiderman,Goku, Jon snow there are still so many characters which are left. Make a video on them as well

  3. Ultron Predicted in Avenger 2… Calling Steve "God's righteous Man"

    He attac
    He protec
    Most importantly he can do this all day. #worthy

  4. bhai m story likhta hu par aaj tak story sirf love par the par in sab chapters ko dekhkar lagta sab bekar h ager cercter ka koi arth nhi h to .
    Mujko saalo baad bhi nhi pata chalta ki carcter ka matlab kya hota h par terese pata chala ki hota h… Or se ezist karta h ….

  5. Salut h bhai un logo ko jinhone capten america ko likha
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  6. @Stuff hai – Here is a new content idea for you: Make a video on "Who has better or more morals, Captain America or Superman?"

  7. Best Video Ever💚💚💚💚💚💚
    How good is he (Cap)
    Best , nicest guy ever he is always there for you … He is only guy you would heartly want as your friend

  8. भाई… मेरा एक सवाल है अगर thenos प्रथ्वी के आदे लोगो को मार देता तो यह कब तक सही होता …
    मेरा मतलब आज भारत की पॉपुलेशन 1.339 बिलियन है और आज से 30-40 साल इसकी आधी थी तो यह पूर्ण तय सही उपाय नहीं है thenos ने बस time को कुछ वक़्त पीछे किया है कुछ ही साल में पॉपुलेशन वापिस उतनी हो जायेगी और thenos ने सारे infinity stone नस्ट कर दिए या सारे स्टोन तोड़ दिए तो अब …….??????

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  9. Captain America is famous for his captaincy not for his stubborn nature. He is the man of critical thinking: decision making.
    Ability to work under pressuer.
    To think and improvise in tough situations and conditions.
    Best example: captain calls on every situation. heros ask him to tell us what to do next?
    In short he is the man of KT (Keep Trying).

  10. Guys you know why captain America always do exercises in movie scene because he knows the value of a healthy body he was suffered from every type of health issues before he got super serum this movie inspires us that we should have a healthy life..

  11. Najeeb u r a really deep person. The way u interpreted the depth in these action movies was sth that not everyone would have felt. It was good to see ur video. Keep going. ATB👍🏻

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