100 thoughts on “The Real Face of American Terror

  1. LOL LOL I am just sitting there thinking how many people are going to buy more weapons with their tax-returns and that will make Hasan sad. HA HA HA!

  2. And trump is worried about immigrants? U.S is growing it's own home grown terrorists and then allowing them to own an arsenal. SMART!

  3. You know TYT is scrapping from the bottom of their racist barrel when they literally do 6 videos on an obviously crazy guy who killed nobody. Oh…but he had a list!!!

  4. TYT has already done 6 videos on this guy. Hasson killed no one and was not in the process of killing anyone. Who wants to bet TYT gets to 10 videos? Sadly, there will be no vid from TYT on the Aurora mass murderer, or the guy who set the white lady on fire.

  5. So the real "terrorist" is some dude who did some larping and made some "plans" but didn't actually kill anyone but not the muslims who have killed thousands of people across the west in hundreds of deadly attacks.

    Leftist logic at its finest. ^^

    At least pick someone who managed to get some kills if you gonna try to equate the thousands killed by muslims with a couple of domestic terrorist attacks by right wingers.

  6. You won't see this on the anti-white TYT. We only cover criminals who are white but we are not racist. – Feb 27th – MEDIA BLACKOUT: PAIR OF ILLEGAL ALIENS CAUGHT WITH ‘ASSAULT RIFLES,’ HIGH-CAPACITY MAGAZINES IN CALIFORNIA

  7. Choose one

    Right wing terrorist are committing acts of terror and violence daily.


    Making six separate videos, cherrypicking case in which noone got hurt.

  8. Hassan, lets say you have two people who make bread. Person A can make roughly 65 loaves per hour, while person B can only make 0.5 loaves per hour. Each work an 8 hour shift. If, at the end of the week, person A made 30 loaves of defective bread and person B made 12 loaves of defective bread, who is better at making quality bread?????

  9. A man who will never be discussed by TYT, Amer Alhaggagi sentenced to 15 years two days ago for plotting terrorist attacks and recruiting for ISIS.. He is not alone but people of his ilk are ignored by Hasan/TYT so they can do ten videos on this white asshole who done no worse than Mr Alhaggagi did..

  10. This is how the third Reich came to power during the early parts of the 1930s and know one noticed them until they got into power and then it was just to late. It looks like the U.S. is sleep walking to a problem that can be avoided.

  11. I on hear a lot CNN about conspiracy investigations. Like molar investigation. But this idea. Isn't much of conspiracy.and more if an idea . What you could look bon Facebook find the most at risk of violence. And push them over and Make news story of it. The blue wave was injeporty when all pipe bombs went off . But only sercomstancal is possible to have your Aron by as a skategoat .but that's just an idea. Hundreds of Died because after piped bombs Blow up. So probably not set up

  12. Of course the left talks about Right Wing Terrorism. what? about? anti feticide picketer James Pouillon shot dead by crazed pro choice activist Harland Drake. what about pro choice activist Catherine Doyle aressted for kicking 7 year old Anti Feticide piketer Ekaterina Katie Engelke in the face. What about Democratic politician Charisse Espy Glassman running her car in the March for Life What about 62 year old anti feticide activist Joe Alger beaten prochoicers . What about Antifa

  13. What's the of strifter gun laws if can just walk across a few bushes and a shallow stream to Mexico. To by guns. Instead of going through ports of entery and part of reported statistics. But your smart can remain under reported .by just walking through a few bushes and a shallow stream. But a wall ain't gonna stop that. They self submarines at the 99cent store or drilling equipment.

  14. Tyt wants you to remember the real bad guys are WHITE. Tyt will never stop reminding you the real evil is WHITE. Next video tyt will break new ground by saying WHITE people cause all the bad stuff in the world

  15. You can be sure other members of the coast guard that worked with this white domestic terrorist knew exactly who this piece of shit was. My question is how does the military at any level, allow white racist ass holes to serve? They should be banned in every official government, military or law enforcement jobs. Should actually be hanged for treason, but with Agolf Twittler in the White House, we all know that's not going to happen.

  16. In Canada most gun owners only need 2-3 guns… for hunting. A 22 rifle for small game and a shotgun/rifle. We have gun nuts too but they are rare and are considered strange, reading into things that are never there.

  17. This one thing that didn't kill anyone is worse than the 30,000 terrorist acts of Islam. He was white, so he's more guilty than all the other terrorist things.
    Pay no attention that Antifa tries to kill everytime, but are just bad at it. As long as it's non lethal political violence, they are morally superior.

  18. Trump supporter and White “Nationalist," Christopher Paul Hasson wrote : 
    “Food/fuel may be the key, if I can disrupt two or three weeks. When people start to protest dress as cop and shoot them. 
    Burn down Apt complex, bar the doors first. Thermite on gas station tank.”

  19. Trump supporting, domestic terrorist, Christopher Paul Hasson wrote : “During unrest target both sides to increase tension, 
    in other words provoke gov/police to over react which should help to escalate violence.”

  20. Trump supporting, domestic terrorist, Christopher Paul Hasson wrote about biological attacks and targeting food supplies : 
    “I think a plague would be most successful but how do I acquire the needed/Spanish flu, botulism, anthrax, 
    not sure yet but will find something.”

  21. Domestic terrorist, Christopher Paul Hasson wrote : “Please send me your violence that I may unleash it onto their heads." 
    "Guide my hate to make a lasting impression on this world.”

  22. White “Nationalist” and domestic terrorist, Christopher Paul Hasson : 
    “No way to counteract without violence. Much blood will have to be spilled to get whitey off the couch.”

  23. Trump supporter and White Supremacist, Christopher Paul Hasson :
    "I am dreaming of a way to kill almost every last person on the earth."

  24. Hasan, how about you care more about what you wear to a debate first, before we take your "words" seriously.

  25. Change the title to "Real Face of Right-Wing Terrorism" and you won't sound like an America-Hating Bitch.

  26. The face of terror has many facades but only one thing in common, HATE.
    Usually due to irrational fear and inadequacy.

    Don’t let hate consume what makes us human!

  27. That's not Jussie Smollett or the Nigerian thugs who "attacked" him. Oh wait… that's right, TYT only hates white people.

  28. I served for 6 years and I can say with extreme confidence that roughly 10-15% of the active duty military hold white supremacist views.

  29. Blacks commit close to half the murders in the US, but no one is talking about it. Every week the US is unprepared for inner city terror. Black gun culture is a problem.

  30. I can’t believe law enforcement agencies hire right winger terrorist, I see why law enforcement kill citizens, because government allows it

  31. What's wrong with whites having their own homeland? You don't seem to have a problem with Israel,even though israel is a Jewish ethnostate by definition.

  32. I love this brown immigrant muslim telling me white americans are the face of terrorism. LOL!
    Really won that vote over buddy!

  33. UN Small Arms Survey states that over 100 Million Civilians owns over 400 Million guns with 2.5 Trillion rounds of ammo in the United States, a hundred times more than Law Enforcement and ten times more than the Armed Forces, which combined makes up less than 3 Million.
    The United Nations survey is in line with most other surveys which says that between 47% to 51% of the American Population owns at least one gun, with the average being 3 to 4 guns. A rifle, a shotgun and a pistol plus other.

  34. can you imagine how many people of color he might have had court Marshall over his advice, and his belief systems that's makes this dangerous we don't think of all the little stuff that people such as this guy do on his way up to the top so there's no telling how many people color that he's gotten Court Marshall ,or put out the national Guard for 1 f*** up reason or another.

  35. "The real face of American terror"? These white extremist are very rare. In fact, in the same study by the ADL, in 2018 50 people were killed by white extremists. In 2017 only 37 people were killed. Lighting strikes kill roughly 50 people a year. Settle down Cenk's Nephew. More people die in Chicago on a weekend.

  36. Wait, there is a website where I can hook up exclusively with white people? Do you have to be white to join, and they have a gay section cause this redskin just loves some pale booty.

  37. We get it already, you hate white people. Yet tonight and every night in America HUNDREDS of young black men will kill and wound each other and no one will say a darn thing about. Just keep blaming whitey for everything, thats really helping things isnt it.

  38. I must have missed the attack. When did it happen? I know a Black man set a White woman on fire last week, and a group of Black teens killed a White musician. Of course, I didn't find out here.

  39. 6% of the population is responsible for over 50% of all violent crimes. But of course blame da evil hwite man

  40. The 'real' face ?
    Hasan you really are a smug little knobhead aren't you. Anyone who commits a terrorist act has a 'real' face of a terrorist you racist bellend. Have some respect for people who have had family victims of terrorists, whatever face they have. Stop using this pathetic crap and intentionally dividing people to make money.

    Go back to baking bread

  41. You can use a white suspect and ignore the actual terror of Socialist regimes or political Islam, but terrorism is still a leftist/socialist tactic and a result of democratic policies.

  42. david attenborough voice

    "here we see the perculiar behaviour of the liberal white male tyt host in his natural habitat of self hatred and personal shame of his race – mostly to seem cool with minorities who dont actually care about him anyway"

  43. Brown people – white peepoh are the biggest problem in the world.

    Also brown people – PLEASE LET ME MOVE TO YOUR COUNTY!!!!

  44. The Young Turds were celebrating the cop killer Assata Shakur the other day…Who happened to be a Black Bitch….

  45. If it wasn't about guns…it would be about a bomb. Crazy can make a weapon out of anything! I am glad they got this wacko off the streets. Now…go get his like-minded friends.

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