The Radeon RX 580 8GB Review – Polaris Populism

The Radeon RX 580 8GB Review – Polaris Populism

everybody woke and a piece of respective I'm right sure out we're here today to talk about AMD's Radeon or X 580 graphics card and gonna go over what it does performance wise and what it means to you so first things first let's be very upfront of here the the RX 580 is essentially in our X 480 with a couple of minor minor tweaks right so Andy was was kind of you know very much forthcoming with this information they were trying to say that the RX 580 was an upgrade for people who have RX 4 80s or anything in the 500 series related to the 400 series and instead that the the RX 5 hundreds are meant for the same audience that the RX for hundreds or targeted at so if you have a two-year old graphics card or more you want to do vr gaming you want to do 4k video playback and those types of things this is still that upgrade path for you so this is basically a drop-in replacement for the RX 400-series and in this case this video the RX 4 80 so the it is not Vega it is still Polaris it is the same GPU with a couple of tweaks you know they talk about you know some improvements to the 14 animator FinFET process technology at the foundry that this takes advantage of more aggressive tuning on the GPU for higher clock speeds they do have enhanced idle and multi monitor power states so you'll see you know eight maybe eight maybe five watts less power being consumed at the idle state especially if you have multi monitors multiple monitors connected and they have given Headroom to the board vendors MSI asus everybody you know a sapphire those guys to expand on their designs through power consumption which we'll discuss in a second so even though AMD might call this polaris 20 X TX or whatever you want to call it it is still the same GPU make no bones about it right the RX 580 still has 2300 and for code our CUDA cores GPU cores it still has 144 texture units 32 ROPS available for heating and a gig capacities same 8 gigahertz memory clock 20:56 bit memory bus 256 gigabytes per second of memory bandwidth none of that changes what does change is the clock speed the reference boost clock which is what AMD advertises is 1,300 and 40 megahertz on the RX 580 it was 1200 and 66 megahertz on the RX 40 so you're gonna talk about a difference of about 80 megahertz across the board so but what that does what they what they also change the other kind of interesting spec is remember the RX for 80 was rated at 150 watt TDP although never really hit that to be fair it would always kind of was over drawing on multiple instances there's a whole big kerfuffle around that the TDP of the reference spec rx 580 is 185 watts so 35 watts higher for 80 megahertz and in reality I think much of that 35 watts is just kind of covering their ground for how they underestimated the TDP or underreported the TDP of the RX 480 so that's that's kind of where that comes from now the model that we got sent was the MSI gaming X one of their top end kind of overclocked spec models and you can see the card here it looks very much like an MSI design we're not going to go over a lot of stuff about the connectivity or whatever because the RX 580 designs are gonna be very some of the RX 40 designs they're just all custom no reference card options here this does have an 8 pin power connector which if you remember back to the 480 power issue was part of the problem the reference designs only had a 6 pin power it couldn't draw enough power from the motherboard and the 6 pin to really be in spec so with the 5 with the 8 pen theoretically we have up to 225 watts of thermal Headroom or of power draw on these graphics cards and these board partners are going to be allowed to take advantage of that one of the interesting things we saw in our power consumption testing is that this model it's overclocked I want to say it's clock speeds let me double check here as well the it's above the 580 reference and in fact we were at 1393 megahertz so this is 53 megahertz higher boost clock or turbo clock over the reference spec not a huge amount but it is you know there's something there the power consumption is pretty high though we tested this msi RX 580 against this Asus Strix our X 480 graphics card which in and of itself was overclocked by about the same amount over the 480 reference specs and against this EVGA GTX 1060 SE model SSC model that is overclocked as well and again this is you know about the same this is actually the lowest overclocked model from EVGA for the GTX 1066 gigabyte graphics card there are a couple of models above that as well so weird even though I normally like to do reference specs we didn't get any reference cards for the 580 so we kind of went with overclocked across the board but out of the box overclocked from these retail partners now that being said the msi RX 580 used about 200 washes a little bit over two hundred watts in our actual gameplay directly measuring at the card level right through some through our our power testing and hardware configuration so 200 watts through that the our X 480 was closer to 170 175 watts so the 580 is using 2530 Watts more power than the RX 480 however the gtx 1060 is clearly showing the power efficiency and architectural advantages that nvidia has with Pascal it was only drawing about a hundred and twenty watts of power and Rises the Tomb Raider at 2560 by 1440 and we did the same testing in the witcher 3 and again we were over 200 maybe 250 and 10 watts on the 580 another 160 170 180 watts on the 480 and then about 125 watts on this so an 80 watt differential between the 1066 gig and the RX 580 is a substantial amount right you're talking you know that's that's lower lower voltages lower fan speeds lower clock speeds lower power cannot lower clock speeds lower power consumption less heat in your system there's a lot of things that kind of go into that if you care about power consumption thermals and always that type of stuff not saying that the MSI card was loud it's just if you're looking at what kind of platforms does this GPU and infrastructure allow to design for the the nvidia card is still by far the most the most efficient option if you look at performance in general the RX 580 is anywhere from two to six maybe seven or eight percent faster than the RX forty depending on the specific tests we went through six games at twenty five sixty and at 1080p resolutions and you're basically looking at the clock speed delta between our ACS our x 480 and our msi 580 nothing substantially here no memory changes no architectural no compute unit changes so nothing in terms of IPC differences simply a clock speed differential the comparison of the gtx 1066 gig is a more interesting discussion right in GTA 5 for example the gtx 1060 is eighteen to nineteen percent faster than the RX 580 but that's the worst case for the RX 580 if you look at a game like hitman actually running in dx12 the RX 580 is two to five percent faster than the gtx 1066 gig in general I would say the we had two of our games that we tested one showed up performance matching between the 580 and the GTX 960 and one showed the RX 5 maybe a little bit faster that was hitman but the other ones if you look at the wit if you look at GTA and dirt rally and fall out for those gave the advantage to the gtx 1060 by you know 810 percent i would say it's kind of the the average for those particular tests so it begs to reason based on pricing which is essentially identical between the 5 80s and the 4 80s this this is a $245 for 2 and $50 MSRP the gtx 1060 we were using for testing was selling for $249 at the time we wrote this review so there are competitive products and my summation is that from a performance standpoint performance per dollar the nvidia card is still the leader the difference is not as dramatic as it was with the 480 because the 580 does get a little bit of that performance Delta back but it's still their performance efficiency the Nvidia card is still the clear favorite but the you know they're for people who want an AMD Radeon graphics card and who are upgrading from two-year-old graphics you know solutions that they might have now the 580 is is the new better option the new best option from AMD it is not Vega it's not kind of fundamentally changing the landscape of the mainstream GPU market but in terms of getting slightly better options at slightly better price points across a span of time in place that's going to be the one for you so I do have more details and thoughts in our story at PC Perkins so encourage you guys to go check that out we'll have power consumption performance data and a little bit more on kind of my thoughts and theories on what works for the RX 580 and what doesn't and we'll see you next time thanks guys if you enjoyed this content consider supporting in-depth technical content by contributing at slash PC /

40 thoughts on “The Radeon RX 580 8GB Review – Polaris Populism

  1. I am very ignorant, but I dont get why people suggest drawing more power than the TDP is a deviation or design issue. TDP is heat generation, not power draw. I could be wrong, but TDP should never equal total power draw.

  2. I love what you're doing with all the in depth testing and straight shooting honesty on all your videos and articles.

  3. Enough of this bullshit, Ryan claims he's not a shill, but time and time again selects specific mininal or gamesworks titles to show the 1060 is still ahead when reviewer and benchmark sites time after time are showing they are on par or the RX 580 just slightly ahead. He's selectively manipulating the benchmarks. Sick of your sellout bullshit and you've got the nerve to pretend to be professional as if we can't gather overall data from other sites to verify. I've only bought Nvidia in the past but can't stand a corrupt sellout fraudster.

  4. with this amazing test bench it's really surprising that you got a performance delta between 1060 and 580, while even for the 480 every other site on the internet has concluded that since dezember last year that there isn't one anymore….really surprising

  5. I would consider myself a silent AMD fanboy, but I'm pretty disappointed with the 500 Series. Especially when they are more psu hungry. (HDplex 300w). So' ill probably pick up a 480 while I wait for VEGA. If my monitor didn't run FreeSync I would have got a 1070 easy.

  6. I like pcper, but the reviewis lacking. The rx 480 is now slightly ahead of 1060 thanks to newer games yet you failed to include those to make 1060 better.

  7. Why did you only test 1 dx12 title? You never touched on the 580 beats the 1060 in every dx12 title what is a bit strange that you never mentioned this. :-/

  8. This RX580 review was hilarious 2/3 of the time talking about power consumption.
    And not testing the new Chill mode. Fact is that the RX580 is more power efficient when using Chill and Wattman then the GTX 1060…

    Oh and ignoring all the other details were the GTX 1060 gets smashed to pieces.

  9. Why populism? 😕
    I don't like this refresh (though I realy like what Sapphire has done this time, Asus seems to also have done a good job, the RX 480 was a lot more mediocre for both companies, MSI fucked up big time for this card) but populism goes a bit far, doesn't it? A force alliteration?

  10. This is not Polaris 20. It is Polaris 10 with a +0,1v in BIOS and some other additions. You can get the same thing by flashing RX480 with the RX580 BIOS. Oh and btw the multimonitor powersavings only work if all monitors use the same resolution. If even one is lower/higher res then the memory runs at full speed all the time and any savings are negated. Nice job AMD…

  11. I also think AMD is give Nvidia the win. VEGA if it ever comes out will be to late as team Green will most likely already have a counter.

  12. Quick question, if I have my Sapphire Nitro+ RX480 overcooked to 1350MHz, does that mean that I roughly already have the RX580 reference class video card?

  13. Will VEGA have a 580 Class type of card? like same price range? better performance? or VEGA only for high end?

  14. I'm getting one I got a pc with no video card w00t I'm glad I waited I saw some benchmark and I got gtx 1070 and rx 580 8gig it's right there with it mabe 40fps less in 1080p 27in 60hz monitor it's perfect

  15. FINALLY someone that tested In depth, IPC, archtecture, now i just need to look at the results i guess.

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