23 thoughts on “The psychology behind globalism, nationalism & political tribalism – Jonathan Haidt

  1. Competition drives innovation. One nation under communism with an iron fist will keep mankind from progressing.

  2. Halt all US immigration, both legal and illegal. The US has a population of 320 Million citizens and does not need 1 million new legal immigrants from the 3rd world with no skills evey year.

  3. Jonathan is right in a few things… but populism not working for the common man? Are you seriously daft?

  4. The Dems lost because they allowed the neoliberal corporate faction take over and overturn the New Deal social democratic roots.

  5. Excellent job connecting #antifa to intolerant liberals properly identified as the new #teaparty – identity politics.

  6. Between gerrymandering and sleazy campaign financing, the Republicans will always wield great power in the US, no matter how unpopular they are with the general public.

  7. He won because a lot of Americans are stupid; that’s why smart people speak down to them…their idiots.

  8. I find it so odd that people like Jonathan Haidt, Jordan Peterson, Steven Pinker etc. are labelled as right wing when they seem to be more central thinking if anything. I like Pinker's analogy about if you are at the North Pole everything else is South. He mentions a Left pole where if you occupy that space EVERYTHING you disagree with becomes someone on the right.

  9. Haidt is spot-on when he says that we are "living above our design constraints". Our technology is forcing us towards a society that is utterly alien to our psychology.

  10. his conclusion around 17:00 where he says he hopes the liberals learn and repurpose their strategy, drifting from identity politics…well we are 3 years in and… boy that didin't age well.

  11. Why is he accepting the right wing frame, half of which includes a dog- whistle? There is no globalism as such, it's a coded anti- Semitic trope that conflates Jews with the depredations of international finance.

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