The Problem With Political Correctness

The Problem With Political Correctness

we are stuck in a paradigm that worships political correctness now for my delusional red headed point of view being PC has become nothing more than a popular substitute for being kind where political correctness gives people the facade of being kind so they don't actually have to be kind that absence of real kindness means people live in fear if they were to say something that doesn't abide by the constipated code of conduct of the PC culture but here's the deal what if we realize political correctness kills creativity connection and kindness political correctness assumes people are dumb enough to be fooled just because the right words are being spoken but we've all had the experience of hearing a politician say all the right things yet you can tell their heart isn't in the right spot because you're not dumb but maybe what matters is less about what's being said and more about where someone's coming from what they someone's standing in there summer they actually mean by what they say so what is the solution to the fake kindness that plagues our world with infectious inauthenticity kindness real kindness shared by real people being real now I might just be drinking a little too much optimism here but I think together we can bring in a new paradigm of real kindness into our world maybe even popularize it and reimagine a world where we forget to be fake while we're busy honoring real kindness instead of being intimidated by angry people trying to manipulate what you say don't say and how you act I say be motivated to double down on your kindness because it feels good and it treats people well and it gives you permission to be you because when you're just being politically correct you're definitely not being yourself and I know sometimes it's tough to choose real kindness over the artificially flavored version and the PC culture because we live in a society that glorifies reading off the script and it's quick to demonize variations from it but there is hope people are wise they can sense kindness even when you're not reading off the script so be bold and stand for something more be you be unique and unapologetically share your perspectives while being kind because what you have to say matters more than what the script says join me in the pro kindness movement by being real and being kind or else I'll get mad at you

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  1. I think prokindness will further give most of these already pretty delusional sjw types the wrong message.
    How about proauthentic, antifakery, beReal?

  2. Hi All!
    Not sure this is the right place, but it is VERY concerned with arguments against political correctness:

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  3. Being a PC is just a way for yourself to feel like a better person without actually be one . And PC is a mind control , people are "Shamed in public" they get traumatized and understand that this is how things go for now on , i better change my mind. Absolutely frightening.

  4. Political correctness is so in-genuine, PC culture is pretty much people pushing for their to be a law to jail “assholes” or people who give criticism.

  5. This is funny. Cos I'm waiting it to be funny. And then he's being real. But I'm waiting just encase for the flip

  6. The problem is, it isn't the normal folk that have a say in PC culture. It's the politicians, the movimakers and celebrities. The rest of us are just getting on with our lives, being kind.

  7. Great video – I just wanted to point out that you used "your" in the on-screen text where "you're (i.e. you are)" was appropriate (although I know that pointing out spelling/grammar mistakes is very un-PC these days *rolls eyes*).

  8. Socializing is hard enough for me.. hi.. omg what do you mean what do I say? Political correctness makes it even harder than it already is for me… You apparently can't say or do anything without somehow offending somehow…. hi! Hug?! Are you alright? I greet with hugs!! Deal with it… oh no…

  9. Fully agreed as usual. Makes so much sense! Pc just means people skirt by the fences to be as offensive as they can get without actually doing that. There's no authenticity in that. And yes, people can sense that fake shit. Kindness speaks its own language.

  10. It's hard to tell when you're being serious and when you're in character. I've watched mostly your 'awoken' videos so this one threw me off. Kindness FTW though. 🙂

  11. I need an example of kindness vs Political correctness. What is a situation where someone is being PC but not kind? Like specifically.

  12. "Your not dumb" ??? How about grammatical correctness to start with? Well, that tells me all I need to know here.

  13. This video crystallised the reasons I instinctively don't like PC culture. I felt for years that there was a big issue with PC culture, and I could never articulate why that was, until now! JP you nailed, this is the best video I have seen on the subject! Thanks so much x

  14. Interesting theory. What happens when your fundamental belief system is being labeled as — not only “unkind” — but something much worse: Racist. Homophobic. Misogynistic. Hitler-esque.

    The Far-Left is working hard to transform mainstream Conservative beliefs and positions as “hate speech”, racism, blah blah blah, etc.

    Believe abortion is wrong or murder? Get censored or de-platformed. Pro 2nd Amendment? Get censored or de-platformed! Happen to like Trump? “You’re a white supremacist! “ Get censored or de-platformed. Also, have your bank account closed or your Patreon account closed.

    While I truly agree with the sentiment of your video, it is clear that the Far-Left is NOT interested in fair-play. They’re not “playing” at all, in fact. If they cannot shut you down online, they’ll just join the local Antifa clown-parade and bash you on the head with a stick out on the street.

    Think about it. Could The Pre-WW2 Jewish population in Germany just use Kindness as a shield? How about the Capitalists in Korea or Viet Nam? Could they have just “chosen kindness”.

    There is truly a cultural civil war taking place and “choosing kindness” is futile and beyond naive. PC is NOT just a rigid code in place to enforce “kindness”. It is much more sinister than that. It is a purity litmus test designed to ascertain compliance to Far-Left ideology and to point out those that are not “in compliance” so that those that have voluntarily taken on the self-appointed mantel of Morality Police can dish out the necessary punishment.

    Currently you’re humorous and fairly innocuous … until the Thought Police decide you’re not. It will be interesting to see how you deal with it.

    Ganbatte Kudasai!

  15. PC…what a joke! I speak my mind, I speak the truth and if someone doesn't like it….too bad. That's their problem.

  16. You have to laugh when we all admit we are living in the most PC time in history, and yet have the least PC President in history. Thats pretty awesome.

  17. One cannot be Kind and Real at the same time. Kindness is keeping Reality at bay. Ability is dealing with Reality. Kindness inhibits Ability. Within one generation, Kindness results in adults who literally cannot be Kind because they never developed Ability. One can alternate between Kindness and Real but that's another story.

  18. True words. Such a shame you speak about kindness and you are not vegan.
    Sorry but not really sorry because I hate PC as much as you do.
    You can't speak about kindness when you are intentionally pay someone to kill, mutalte and torture innocent beings.

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