The Private Life of Chickens

The Private Life of Chickens

one of the most important creatures that man
has pain-free venue
next week mcafee haven’t heard it
hot there are nearly seven billion demons on that there are sixteen billion
chickens done
and democrats is living relative to transfer or
stress and there are more of them
any other good say doc
pots then here we know is very little about chickens
at all what goes on inside as the cranes
op i want to learn about these birds have been reported no watkins’ own
behind the hen house door gurgaon okay
upon there are more than ten thousand species of
birds on the planet we’ve only domesticated seventy two
can buy some of the most successful institutions
five when the wind out of all birds deeply cheese domesticated
chickens are very familiar to us we know next and i think talent
quite decided to set up a series of experiments to understand that the
habeas cancer society minds i want to know who rules the roost and
uh… yes to find out how they still havent
i want to know if there’s more to chickens than meets the arm quite often
they are yeah although i discovered that chickens is going
to make is look at them in a very different way
huh might come to jane housefam devin to investigate
the hidden life changing jane’s been resting bachi hands for the last
fifteen years taking the birds and parts of the month of people to keep the same
thing pass oracle chickens from her in the past
amyloid saying she knows more about these birds than anyone else out next
today nearly chicken if you got it all went back and take a genesis one walk
because i call them and these are all the facts that have come
out for the cages in somalis or now that they’re not quite well and that is being
retired so they may have had a broken wing i thought
we needed his compress wing sachet she ended up saying private she’s very
catchy style so i thought that a few characters like to know koppel’s william
and harry making the cows civilian and controlled and i look often analysis
i have although it may have pierre
they half white white given that known institute
guidance and that released it comes to a in a case we will
get a headline that character will be so strong that will actually change in
ninety six and other some chick is easier should she quit trying to get one free
now three juanita forgettable steeples isn’t good enough
to have a lot one singapore insightful
here big jane things had chickens a pretty wonderful creatures
that are not secure where we think of chickens the word birdbrain
springs to mind climaxes me chickens the most successful birds
in the world oak
about chickens on why from range around the do the right things that
few x but why do we do expect you to the first place
windings birds wind we got billions of cakes all part of the present
tibet conundrums really yes chickens a tasty anti-aids but that’s
the same for lots of birds the relatively small
so they’re easy to kate especially because they can’t fly very foul
all very hard but there must be more today success and the
fact that this small and tasty on going to conduct a series of tests to uncovered
a secret lives in the cities all i suspect there’s something about the
nature that makes a perfect fit domestication
and i want to find out what at the time thank you order was first introduced
into gingrich in nineteen twenty five
mantra norwegian professor corn the phrase but how does this look at you kids section
on the pecking order james going to help me find out
consistent situate
friday i don’t so what’s all this about
it wants to sell on my little part is what she can close the door i don’t have
chicken pasta so again so it’s like an it all you know this is a little bit yes
seem very intensely that needed an extra pair of care
definite integral to difference or inflation low or any others that says
colonialists president i_v_f_ by couple years top ticking
and chicken in here and says she’s the one that speeding at moment
financial team missus schultz a restaurant too
and get fast best at the at the nice thing to get first
dibs get irregularities albion people the other hand uh… well yes they
vote and why it was one chicken or does it because if we get more pressing ticketno
with number of things that can be that she’s releasing healthy so she’s
since i’m kind of the ranking just come out in all parts of my sleeve feathers
an incumbent that she’s just don’t know how you doing
holy is the government has in the hospital not displeased what happens
when you could join secured g month anything you don’t want to die actually
she had another old right line and that she came here with us i’m gonna
bring her intended usage of the downs so window decals that will change them
to do with yes it well yes this not willfully we’ve only had left tonight as she
is the new kid on the books i’ve ever had before god and without using
jane thanks donald benefit from a brief statement hospital
there’s a new arrival will have to establish her placement heckman
scs gonzalez
about like this by next week we have to take into the hospital something
wrong they intend to manipulate
the details say example featuring got tangled and all those other
girls are boring you know where they stand
diversification deaths on her back down here and this loving the new judas golan
yeah sellick apron for debate
dash to get some military computers because my kept awake
likes people are not too long to notify one of its perspective hours
dont only hospital fish
well she said to fade looking for the hens reaction to this new
comer james experience i spot signs i’d never noticed
please congress st east asian studies
and shorting charges come very soon
stock still the wings of coming down to invest prodding
and shorty as one of the signs they’ve got the wings
mcnamara somebody’s trying to scare polly’s actually no basic price these
chickens coming in faster sex with secretary he’s not showing any signs that
says that yet this is our hospital entrees your opinion on stage
here is the same pasta she looks at him clear around so that he has
polls wholly-owned charles pilots helped services elsewhere themselves are left
yet passed along the lines specialties like cats
that are used for sporting tightly quite well so it’s only pushes shows your
and obviously the the instance pretty hard language class definitely special
birthday ste sanitized case justice issues and i are
actually public office lacks abt she’s believed in long island
is on sultan actually fight starting to come right out
and support the latest polls conduct all starting the intensity that is just a
little alleged no at least properties i helped yeah
defenders are released on two billion delivery system first who was holding hands
this is just he
there’s a real standoff uh…
bomb on that long lambs almond jury co-lead baxter
although remains hogan harmful with
meaning i can see how this hierarchy amongst hence
helped estimates two cases time because she can’t keep offend packing list
is makes it easy for us to keep his eyes numbers
that i want to see exactly how these birds communications
lol techniques they use rise in the bill clinton
dr shivani be saying from the london that’s cool
stocks is the social behavior of chickens she’s going to show me how they do it
thanks we have taken six thirty to nine thousand
or flopped remarks that handles with color paint so we can tell who’s hit
visible at first glance at this distance like chickens each member paul that get
the something else going on these that’s known each other build ready
have established pecking order d parliament
with instructions warmth but sounds like a little tackling red red west again in
clifton people lawrenceville black b then when they pick on each other there’s
a particular pet determined repulsed
less intense agenda directed towards the head and neck
my house and then they want a hike quite office down balances
both physically and yes very sensitive typist had
did as well as packing civil and tells me that
these birds didn’t have a more subtle way of communicating whose top secret
when he was not succeed in this western support lists at times and they’re all
internet grappling and then mail piles and now but i think it’s
depleted in its business left something you at this late wilderness dislikes
the ted koppel it’s not see the koreans
is really dominating lovable cns india melissa declaring tahan
but big receive our intent is called market she dominates this group
whenever margot approaches the ball the other hand it’s just move away
out that she did often and that’s what just need to reinforce
with threats cc ethics stacked in the end his subordinate that will happen
well all it takes is a dirty look for margo
and the threat of a panic and green that’s baloney tends to have
to the untrained ali this is just a bunch of chickens taking in approx but
when you study them closely you can see just how sophisticated and very
big communications every flock has a pecking order and that means
that every chicken noticed place this reduces the need for fighting everytime
there’s food available but the way they keep order
really impresses me they communicate and they cooperate with each other
an assumption communication makes them look perfect that’s for us to keith they
organize themselves into flocks we don’t have to hurt them about an attorney
to humans three that pac leaders chickens
r_t_c_ we first domesticated chickens and thousands
of years ago in addition to them being easy to keep
who also pretty easy to breed pointing to poultry shows up and down the
country and that everyone you can see in this town
doing the right chickens in fact there are more than two hundred different
breeds of domestic chicken every one of them
effectively created by us but the leg bones dipping bread for example
like sausage chickens nigel purpose bets defend exam date
holding his game birds were originate kept fighting
and some like the president but just be bred for show
with such a huge variety of chickens aboard different shapes and sizes
what do you want to make a species came from the first place
you know you notice a prices on a bus to discover that there’s some in the polls
the defense team who spent the last ten years
studying the chickens will ancestor well i hope doctor told his arias and tell
me a bit more about her involvement although i show you what’s out while chickens
actually looked like the rob what you can sing and southeast asia belgrade
jungle file and tutsis relieved the uh… ancestral populations
that produced all the kids from breeds of domestic treated well as if
i could but i think the chickens being a wild animal
no accident happened yet but he’s display exactly the same kind of cup and
protect the area economically hello canvas wahlberg deficit up the birds
living on the twelve th floor want that
do we domestic eight based on what the jungle fo role than any others species
but very social this means that completely clean
in much groups which actually helps now highly adoptable who have had very
diverse clients and they they’re able to lifting the query wide range of
environments from tropical forests to around the foothills of the himalayas
street actually caged commercial succesfully yes dot so they are the
victim of their own success in a way so as i was a good all round isn’t
they are the kids the listener they could be in will climb its
then i think they’re done it he’s single one of the great reasons that the domesticated
is because that treated to the trust with the creation of
the dot if that is if you get interested service yes
manner chickens originated in thailand go abroad
to europe two thousand years ago from the fifteenth century chickens have carried
all over the world bleed european colonists
we domesticated chickens for their bags then meet and even cause we like to see
the fight but how much more behavior to change things
back to check it still have tom tells me that jungle fowl avoid pressures
by staying on the cover and that the man was given long calls to wall
of any danger but
one wonder how to use the mystique since the grease relatives
conveyed through it or cool toward each other of the danger
cat to help me are the list is doctor joanne manson
and animal behavior specialist with the one you looking stuff box
i’m for candidate x_ bungle with covenant harassment
i have a beautiful bachelor at least expect rests
yesterday will be taken away here
baby interest in what responsibility think will have to walk
or the chicken stew with a crow and they see these these animals we know that you
can certainly get two different types of along kal
i think it one source of coal when they see a threat from the sky like that or
even a real princess of one sort of call when they see a threat from the ground
in terms of something ajke fox sites times for the chickens to the test
we going to introduce the premises but little jane’s cockles william
antares warm hands fessed up its kind in the harris hall
facing this cruel peak predator half the chickens met their match
the couple should be on the lookout that all william and harry up to the job
etc of course i do it well what opposite look that up
three military army do you really don’t promoted danger
quickly and as the first to raise the amount tens of millions under the phrase it another
heading there for the couple restoring the running under the bush’s uva
protection from a book set dot carries a seasoned creditor
skills for this time it was just instantly changes artists but he sold
his business and creativity still quite common ground
himself nationalist koko’s deficit spending something’s happening
favorites recovery based on the flip side window if you like cannot afford to
persist communist ste it’s
does this since
his some of these he is because we’ve been trying to give me an aerial
alarm calls all the headers under the bushes well-protected
the fox takes to get that the even under attack that keen eye sight means taken immediately
detecting jess all the chechens are safe
but how would i react to the false signals
bought a human’s fox’s budget constraint is natural president
just they will test every bit of fencing around
chicken cubes this is a way in
fox will find it in the wild chickens would head for the past
but in the hen house there’s no escape living sixty
so james loans should be worried bro
they haven’t seen all folks here pop but when you told him no includes call him
will simply put precinct captain
was longer and labels will not know millions itself you can see that
rested on the east on the street it’s very unlikely to answer the phone sixty
itself or believed
uh… wealth amazing respond
caesarean catatonic said not full of exciting excelling in environment
which is that’s an interested in
more extended the next time you have a good letter look up a little bit but
uh… it’s a staff myth that he had that for the
same will fall together then moving on charlie
and i mean that’s a pretty sleaze moving fox unimpressed with the chickens well-informed
michael even a stunt faults might send them running
but you can see movement at doubled the speed of human vision where we see quick
movements and they see the detail so they can distinguish between actually
moving premises anna stuffed one riles in a fraction of a second
and chickens i it’s not even more finely tuned the left i’m reid collins act independently
they’re running time concentrates on finding failed
while the left i’m is on alert apprentices albright
with such a cute vision for movement it’s not surprising that chickens a
pretty good predators themselves yes that’s right chickens hunt and it’s seven
deaths that any e-mail self-rule that’s strange is that you can run
because chickens will haunt and kill with devastating to the
with many catch is that correct to run with it to get away from the others
and keep the meat itself killed and beats abounds abandoned
and swallow at home christopher dickey walter hays the these domesticated
birds after all despite harry’s infuse yesterday tends to
make with many hens don’t need cockles around for them to produce eggs
none of the exp eight happy because life’s a big factor as to why we keep chickens is
of course the fact that delay eggs a source of protein that we don’t need to
kill the planet’s togehter we eight thirty in the evenings everyday in
britain alone that’s nearly eleven thousand million a year
not everyone knows that pain his legs but how is a need for and in summer the
chicken longer show using this notables
the section from the para tights now the young
is released from the other three infrastructure claudio dot you must
imagine that this is inside of chicken once is released
polston sierra dot hangs around about fifteen minutes and this
is the time when the young can be felt like the law
and how was altered for the arts jenny to an area
where the winds of the independent compounding so you can imagine this to you
that contains all the moisture developing embryos to me
now the structure brief further down the i dot
to get an area quit membranes is stretched over it
to form it is a bit like a the school she had to really know what made
this point in your hands a candidate for a couple of days
he cannot closely you can see the note inside
moving around if they had was delayed this
adhesives instead open plus the hen constituent through integrated
so it needs is a homeless shelter this move further down for another area
corpus shogun now this is where the hard reality show
secreted on this a mixture of calcium carbonate proteins
once thats secrete all-around homes offices twenty hours
when it’s ready to be delayed now interesting that exams are always made confessed
symptoms output every single time
forming a perfectly once they’ve laid holding elective
the whole process begins again his name to mason
rumba them
and behaves attending you know
all going on to ridge and there are a few pics over who gets the
best petronas talks but eventually
everyone settled has that place for the night and in the morning all these girls will be
laying an egg minimums
so far below discovered the chickens coverage pecking order and can avoid
credit as well that now i want to find out if they can then
do you think’s just how clever all day
bypassed four animal behavior students from fixing the bestest
to put jane’s chickens to the test to see if these birds to discriminate between
humans symbols friday they got it
now what israel is just use it will basically word committee should to discriminate
between shakes stars in circles so the end result i think
but that’s another round of stossel circles anything he’s got his guts to do that
yelling i think seria did so the students began to
change and students to discriminate between stalls and said listen to find out
if that principle end quickly or not that we using food to motivate chickens williamsburg
most animals to be talking this morning what will the chicken to be able
to do it treatment for all hands this is going to be
removed tested many talented memory the students of the best time to train and
so on the link to it rd
jane runs a very efficient operation here did they would be no need for her to rescue
the spirits if we have changed the way we find gts in the last fifteen years
during the second world war too is severe food shortages in britain
in explorations for much of the time only imported candidate was available
after the war there was a huge drive to increase domestic food production
and chickens was seen as a big part of the answer
in the nineteen forties chickens were a common sight in the british countryside
too much he kept the eggs and would only be killed for mates when the egg laying
days road chicken was the their common all particulars
cheap meets until the nineteen fifties rabbit was more
popular on british dinner tables but in nineteen fifty three a british commoners
introduced a new hybrid chicken from america into the u_k_
it was specially bred for a new way of reaching teams
the factory farms on these phones here to talk to chicken
one for eating someone for laying eggs
and today no chicken we ate
has been delayed in it there was a revelation
and the british diet in nineteen fifty british consumers can be
eight one million chickens a year by the sixties it was a different story
who are returned to the every year for the security interest groups perfect recruitment
interest repeatedly every year
seeking to change central to the crystalline do you intend to follow mister kaelin may
lead to the religious jews he lives in shape and changed chickens enormously
we’ve changed how quickly they grow and how frequently they lay eggs
somehow phone have we changed the nature today i’m going to have changed with the latest
consignment documents mine was not the intended continue from freedom
coffee prices have been we’re picking up how many tickets that i i was very small
collection starts just as a hundred five nearly two hundred chickens initial and
i am there just a bit committee operation this and
is that it is it looks so anyway let you have had lots of practice ko main
lock apprehensive and without it bill
james charity rescued sixty thousand palestinians last year
and they get around twelve hundred continue hundreds every week
the phone we’re going to isn’t far from james place
the farmers agree to that change in two hundred twenty one chickens
would otherwise be gun control thank you
without power flavours throughout
their two thousand chickens and shit and then spend their whole lives in the woods
case that’s what i for contestant
i think that that’s here
after eighteen months is a glance these birds become less productive
and if they weren’t going to jane that seem determined to katherine
here allotted for the years there has never met
tight back carol price tag for today’s test pilots not just identifying and
it up lots of six exist this all the stuff that goes into the aspects to
at the end detailing his it stinks criminally stumbling
arra pattern at is expected to rule on until the
don’t chickens
the chickens to survive in cramped conditions they can live just about anywhere
this is one of the reasons grew more of them in the world then danielle hepner
off to the dust in new orleans it’s a relief to get outside
thought was the first but that aside csc several it well that i have for the
capella francis u_s_ citizens letter what has been inside all their life
in the past events that occurred panel behind us waiting for the latest response
have separated but only to see how these birds react two
billion open space for the first time
the chickens news will be arriving in the next couple of hours
so will get these girls out in the bone and let me just tonight outside the
cages first
to pop who what
crestfallen that there are like this
so it’s very clear to them i’m quite correct
already alleluia
starter pack around and extractions art i couldn’t tell
for these guys that’s good the chickens
quickly stopped scratching for working on
the phone floor they’re not sitting here terrified
there exploring that natural behavior here’s almost instant
one last thing we need to help them with opposed calls
next a standard at the time now for a while right as some of them of talk for a young
males of them yes they have yet they’ve been living on a
wire role for the last two years and this is not the clinton actually went down
the polls right so if i can sum up distasteful to the
cuts are well roles
all this was not the list was awful which look to the clothes are not what you think
i can easily imagine fml long course she would never structure and
easily with math at length as just a very simple pricing with just picked
that off still nabanita happens on again because of
course i she never come spring rains to consume actually keep industrialized market
breathtaking yet once you click on their closing
paul chickens will be ready for the u_n_ is jane has a waiting list of beat the chicken
and they get the northward any new bertie ahern
and change and send anyone taking the chickens is well prepared
perhaps you can we have the album and a half half
having seen these birds impacted cages it’s great to see them again a chance to live
as properties pedagogical people there too
eleven books and outside profit paint say
okay so if you can get off
regions there’s some of james chickens that concrete
in three home some of the leading james and somerset
called one of them as a bit of a strength what what what
lol little
this is blowing corporal jane s became front back to change just two
weeks ago koko’s are not normally found in commercial
him houses but no one can see it in a month the hence
and no one had noticed he wasn’t lying in the eighties
we’re about to introduce into details in the top run
and having never learned from other couples one lives in a proper food
chickens it might be a bit confusing for him seriously don’t mix in the latest fifty four
aman time to time for you
is in the spring into action yeah for a fact yes yes so that
stated time well i think it went down from my hair
and it’s the all right away
yes yet
who rivalries ladies and gentlemen i haven’t
so it’s a completely different is american the irish so i say what comes
next and here’s you can make it the same time with such a find para bottles as it
got not declare war because of me and he said his government religion they might
have had their is sad but the heroine
orbit where it says with aroud goals
holding the so what would provide them with that is basically
it’s a hollering the plane tickets
is now he’s going i think is is that what is best expressed within a
storefront another one at the top if your old at
or compare the staff
accounting and uh… still lawyers are
lloyd isn’t reacting off the proper carpooling usually arrested would get in here johnnie
these hands hypocrite
he should be attracted to girls over to take pics electing their first go
but none of the he’s eating all the fruit himself
tho i went back and i don’t know how i had never rolled out of it
for what what philip precious
payment ok u_s_ law he hates the car called the pittsburgh at
the accident rate of activities that have been in scouting
qualified happening right now for the other than that
it for him because he just got to get up in the head of cattle that i had
didn’t really histories dot jacket at the top of this error
i think they have now yeah thank you
elise something else very strange about lloyd nobody all cockles would be killed it shakes
data before getting your pension from what’s the what’s going on will probably
milegi artistic than that
or it could pay thing actually started like afa had one then change into into a
corner tough stuff happens incredible high without by systemic ingrid who wait
may have started life as a female jane tells me that she see this kind of the
form back in two thousand page one of her hands
started crawling gruesome does cox current and what goals
and developing a fully fledged called groping george will come back projected became a tabloid
sensation or i really want to know if you delete is
one of these mistakes change bits the amazing he wants
or helping to him become a cockroach
this remarkable transformation can happen when one of the chickens are free
systemic that causes a jump in testosterone
makes me incredibly leverage spends or bottle time
sometimes that even cry the com reproduce
once lloyd settle down drinking ticketing feathers off in and send
them to do an analysis then we’ll find out who man
or a little bit of a lady having a meeting with his mother or an assault
it would take the lead sometimes that that saying has a number to use free range policed
q_-one impending to fit in with their hands now we’ll see how cockles should behave tilted
clockwise but first
we’re going to have cancer liquid that hot part-time is correct
wide survived around here was the man who loves you
unitarian mugged
find a new world of unstable and i going off
wondering about the democratic party quit
button sacrificed and
mom mine
kodak and
became sybase cars and have a very pleasant surprise reactor
come together to go in there for them only about fifteen twenty
right expecting coaster typical tells us not padta ratios and i’m
not too bad not just for these guys across the mountains
gentle with the hands men are honest set
active guys like me bugs picked out
okay the olympic quick to show his boss
they know how to handle a bunch of hands jumping visit here
that work the head of the group
and the couples to have a few tricks up their sleeves when it comes to
attracting ladies they’ve decided that no one listens ticket
a system texas as they’re still waiting around
it the caucus find something that’s a particularly tasty morsel that they
won’t eat it themselves that’ll be louise unattractive
inside about aren’t that several voices is nice of the cows and gives the poison
opportunity senator deficits it’s still warm sore whatever it is it because it
that they have a couple of pics of productive dropping at dot yes when hens
get close enough guarantee that parent of american tibet out
there procreation offer what is going to release
the surroundings than it should try and mount
all these hand estimate that starting mid teens price response that can’t
happen but as you intend to start the staff
company has insist was that she had made a great
jane’s bands and corporate william is not happy with luck driving living in
next door if it’s not exactly a complex only or your
best looking at here so that if this changes indexing is not a
happy cop because not all of you what defense
his position here is best to try it and i saw it slices and lots more lap
and he will do his apple has to say the least off take on the stacy baby food
and water lesson and that’s exactly what happens it’s a good thing as a fence between the
of awards there could be serious injuries when cox flights their wings goes down and
the rough stores like reliance millions
making the biggest and more impressive all this because the position of top couple
is at stake cochran’s to be pretty aggressive
watching these two five makes me think about what we wanted domesticated
chickens eight thousand years ago
they might know one of the valves exit date
people receive chickens fighting in the world naturally
with appeal to all booked loss maybe that’s the reason
want to be the first place eventually
they’ve both backed down federal had been ruffled
but they still have the price williams taking on his side of things and
warns plenty stay away bo
on going to leave the farm and we don’t want to personal university
where i could have done some remarkable work with chicken sm
professor christina co experimental welfare messed up the exactly how heads
teach their cheeks before chicks hatched ahead of the youngsters
already communicated the chicks ci to each other and the mother
hen makes reassuring noises to let them know she’s there
the family bond is made long before they emerged from the shells
luxury day off politics
yes she’s doing really well i think we’ve got a nice one shake actually have
still ready just popped into my messages definite exit unseated us up with a
couple of times on something else that comes in
this is uh… the happy uh… staring up
yes look at alpesh trick fantastic
servicio anything please just beginning its life
yet yes she meets at all for fast
for for the fact that physical
when the chicks hatched their eyes are open
uh… the the running around that that pretty independent that they’re able to
be concerns as well insidious checks when they have stayed very much ready to
go here say a caption hates to most of that haiti
is on its face away six belief that it’s another bomb
that their relationship with another is also important
profession because has conducted a study senate mother hinson activities that she
is and point out when they’re doing something
wrong previously misbehavior pointing out of state
it’s only been observed in primates if a mother hand trained to expect meal worms
and yellow gold when she sees his checks eating from a rectal
she will observe that the haiti as wrong and try to correct it
she calls them away from it picks in the yellow gold and displaced ticketing
behavior picking up because if they don’t and dropping them out
arranged to attract mature yellow but the czechs pay notations that story
costume so bill water will be no big on the floor next to the emerald alter
track the chicks to read from you and go that carries on calling impacting and at last
the chicks a data mother and go to face with the yellow gold
brown although they note that the red fall has been
a once in a they reject their own experience and fun only
once the hands communicated successfully with a chase she relaxes
k dick and chickens learn new behavior from
humans contains home distances in the future interactions
with their hands we want to see if we could accomplish feet
of memphis and then to distinguish between different shapes
like i say hotel
but he started form video particular had maybe i’d definitely
and you get a figure like this it intrigues of the congress might determine
that the room individual personality that i’d like to this and quite
crazy ’cause she just uses a fee for everything but what about your head
is feeling phyllis and she’s had to really get contingent in
from stopping to doesn’t wander off she signed up love the idea of a chicken of
concentration stay
but that that that goal radiate picks it up to think of it appears
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lessons bread
nor bailey james from this week’s is going to continue this completely
differently if you think about it this point human beings
to extend the carnegie gates most against a step back into the jungle tomorrow
and savant quite happily without its because beneath those many vendors
still remains in the wild an instinctive uh… lynn
holding the line like next thursday state the private life of
pigs because he too is bringing the pasta life next tonight with a
long-forgotten definition in medicine a fascinating new series opens the door
salutatorian pharmacy on bbc four marilyn insights into the life of
chinese children today in shanghai tangles

100 thoughts on “The Private Life of Chickens

  1. My chickens: Russell Honey Patrice (Paa treese) and Feathers the cute and quiet one! My chickens are such sweethearts, I don't know what I would do without them! ♥♥ ♥♥

  2. My hens aren't. Agreesiv they are just chill… lol they dont care about each other they share food and water. I come eery day to talk to them. They love it. I tell whos who with colours

  3. the thing is i just hate the factories that people put them in i just think it is sooooooooo sad😢😢😢🐔🐔 but to see chickens in a normal habitat makes me happy😊 😊 😊 🐔🐔
    i had two chickens and they died because of possums and it was really sad and this reminded me of them so i cryed…😢😢😭😭🐔🐔

  4. I had a gopher problem many years ago and I had chickens. I flooded the gopher burrow and a wet bedraggled one crawled out and the chicken flock spied it immediately. You can imagine the gory tug-of-war as the chickens tore that gopher to shreds. I learned something new that day!

  5. Why is it okay to exploit animals when they suffer like us? Unless you like abusing animals, why wouldn't you choose plants over body parts?
    watch Cowspiracy, What the Health, & Dominion 2018
    Peace, love, Veganism ✌

  6. We've got six, forty day old Australorps. They're a very sweet breed of chicken. ….. Btw, the sub-titles are hilarious. 🙂

  7. I have 4 hens and a rooster. I free range and feed them a lot but my hens never get fatter. They lay and everything is fine but they just won’t get bigger for some reason. It’s only my two white ones, so I think it’s breed but I want them to be as fat as the other ones.

  8. watching the hens establishing a pecking order is like watching a new guy at a prison find his place

  9. All our stereotypes about chicken intelligence…

    …what they were capable of, we weren't even close

    They have the ability to vocalise. -It's the key to their social intelligence.

    Which explains why they can work as a team.

    They'd coordinate attacks, so their prey wouldn't know what was going on.

    -They could talk to each other. To a degree we never imagined.

    they are smart.

    They are smarter than dolphins or whales.

    They are smarter than primates

  10. I grew up with chickens, I used to love looking for the eggs in the garden because they were free range. When I was a kid, the girls would sit on the handle bars of my bike, riding through the garden. The cockerel (Oscar) did not fancy this actitvity much and I still have the scars on my legs to prove it. Our property now does not offer the space to keep them, but if anyone has some spare land, just do it, they are clever, will easily take to their owners when afforded the time and are a lot of fun. Free range eggs are wonderful, we buy them now from a local farm, please do not get your eggs from the supermarkets. We pay 2 Euros for 10 eggs, they are all different colours from different species.

  11. Cock fighting with fence in between is even worst because they could really damage their beak and especially their large combs.

  12. I enjoyed watching the video and found a lot of information my dad had taught me back in the early 50's on our little farm in Fort Myers FLA. The only thing I found negative about your video, is the IDIOT who did the audio "text" to follow your dialog was just that an IDIOT. The sub-script does not match the audio half of the time. In fact there are some words used in the subscript that you would not use in your conversation. There also some extreme inconsistencies from the audio dialog. If I could counsel you on any improvement it is to go back and repair your audio script. That way people reading, who do not understand "Brit com" English, can at least get the correct message. Other than that I thoroughly enjoyed the video. Like some of your viewers below, I grew up with mom and dad raising chickens. Eggs and chicken, three times a day. HA!

  13. I have noticed a docile rooster keeps the chicken yard vibe much calmer. My Rhode Island Red hens were out of control mean till "Bob" my rooster joined the flock.

  14. I've had an off and on relationship with chickens since I was little girl on our farm. I remember a hen who hadn't be laying and was put in a box to be sacrificed for dinner. I was told that she wasn't laying anymore and so would be eaten the next day. As if she knew it was deliver or die, sure enough under the box the next day was an egg. I remember being in tears because they were going to kill her anyhow.

  15. Later I raised baby chicks in what ever container in which they would fit often keeping them in my kitchen until weather permitted them to be put out. On our first little place, we had to build a chicken house and yard for them so they had gotten pretty big by the time they went out. They were so amazed by sky and trees, etc. that they shot up in the air like popcorn popping in a pan. They were so much fun and joy to me. Now I live in an apartment and cannot keep a bird. I never kept roosters other than a little banty guy who had been abandoned in my field. He actually proved pretty good at managing the hens, once they accepted him. I had one big barred rock hen dubbed "Henny Penny" who knew her name. We put him in a cat carrier and set him beside their yard. Henny Penny didn't want any part of him and stalked him with an evil eye. He eyed her with adoration but she was my hen. When I said Henny Penny, want a back rub she would squat in mating position and I would rub and ruffle her back; then she would stand and shake herself. He did a good job of protecting his girls which were banty hens. So many funny experiences with my hennies and the various flocks that I enjoyed over the years. Really miss them.

  16. Good video. I'd like to see a video about turkeys. They are equally interesting, but the difference between a wild turkey vs. a domesticated turkey is startling.

  17. I just watched an 1hr of entertainment of chickens @3 in the morning. That’s how u know it’s a good documentary 👍

  18. I know chickens extremely well. All of my flock think I am "Dad." I hatched all of them. They have been wide open free range since becoming fully feathered. My lead hen controls their foraging which covers about 5 acres of pasture. I have only list 2 birds to predators in 5 years.

  19. Funny how many people dont realize chickens, and in fact many birds are carnivorous, or i should say omnivorous

  20. The flying issues would have made them easy to become popular with peasents…I know with the hard survival life they lived that was a luxury not haveing to fight so hard to contain them an get them back….

  21. We have our three girls and they all have completely different personalities and demeanour. Barbara is our matriarch, standoffish and as she was our only chicken for a year, she likes her alone time. She will happily wander off and do her own thing and once she is done, she will come back to the other two. Cotty is a greedy guts, first to come to the 'chook, chook' a d has a habit of leading Stripes (her sister) astray. Stripsey is docile, talks back when spoken to and likes to be picked up and taken to bed at night. Barbara eats first and if Cotty comes over to try, she gets a swift peck to the head! Doesn't stop old greedy guts though! Stripes is bottom of the ladder and will stand back til the other two are done. They all prefer to eat from my hands rather than a full feed bowl. They let me know when rain is coming by sitting on my back door step. I love my girls so much, they are always around for a chat!

  22. Lucky Loyd….. One of my favorite pet hen, a dominant but nice Silver Laced Wyandotte, refused to submit to a baby chick who turned out to be a beautiful Rhode Island Red Rooster. His name was Big Red Rhonda, because I though he was a she He was very attached rooster and bonded with me like a dog but I had to put him up for adoption. A lovely lady adopted him as a pet and he became a house pet with a lovely back yard. I do miss him, he use to follow me around the yard like a dog and loved to be held.

  23. I'm so happy I just watched this. I had no idea that there was so much about chickens that I wanted to know, but didn't know that I did.

  24. It's very distracting to read the text and listen at the same time, they are saying totally different things!! kinda' funny at times. I grew-up with chicken and have been around them most of my life, their so calming of an affect on me.

  25. I have a hen that layed an egg without a shell , perfectly normal in every other way .and so far only happened once .

  26. I just lost 1 of 9 wyandottes during daily foraging. Everyone is depressed. Its aggressive because they were all grown up together.

  27. Cock fighting is banned, we must raise awareness of hen fighting! #hensinmybed #followcockpolicy

  28. I’ve had loads of chickens, hens, cockerels over the years through my childhood. The fucking fox ate a load but now we’ve got 4 which we love.
    We put them on the trampoline, chase them, go down the slide with them. It might sounds dumb but they don’t mind it and we feed them when we feel like it.

  29. It's sick keeping on hearing this presenter calling chickens "tasty". He's callous and uncaring — speaking in a cheery tone while in that barbaric battery farm around the 34:00 mark. Eating meat from any animal with a heart, liver, and kidneys (just like humans) is grotesque, and inhumane. Hundreds of millions of people, mostly in Asia, have flourished for millenia on a plant-based diet of vegetables, grains, lentils, etc.

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