27 thoughts on “The Populist-Left Has The Power To Convert Conservatives

  1. HYPOCRITE: Millionaire Socialist Bernie Sanders Targets BILLIONAIRES
    Bernie Sanders hates other rich people.
    Sanders pretends to be one of the “little guys,” as he drops half a million on a new beach house.


  2. This is absolutely true, however, the SJW shit has to be totally nixed and detached from the populist left movement for this to happen. If that gets attached into it, they will not have the power to convert them. I'm not talking about basic class issues etc, I'm talking about the "no one can be racist but whites" "all white people are inherently racist" "smash the patriarchy" type of thing. People in the middle and on the right will not go for that.

  3. Constatation: the republicans are going waaaaay far right to please their base.

    Consequence: the democrats get to say they represent the far left, the left (Bernie) and the moderate right wing (liberals). That's a massive political advantage.

    Wrong conclusion: The democrats need to move to the right to increase their advantage on republicans and gain even more votes.

    Correct conclusion: The democrats need to present a wide array of views, from leftist to liberal, to appeal to what works the most based on the specific context (time and place) that they're trying to get elected in.

    There, I've solved America. You're welcome.

  4. fk bernie already, he is part of the problem, as we have seen after the election. in this screed kyle argues for nuclear war brought to you by his bosses.

  5. I don't care if you are a Republican. I'm willing to work with you so both our kids can have a future

  6. I wish the word Democrat wasn’t even necessary. The meaning of party names changes with time. I no longer feel that the term Democrat represents what progressive people (or in most cases the majority of people) want. I would hate for a progressive movement to be held back by the Democrat label. I suppose it is necessary as it is very rare for a new name to take over one of the two slots, and let’s be honest only two labels are ever relevant in elections, third parties never win. So it seems to me Justice Democrats are attempting to shift the identity of the Democratic Party. It is likely the right move, but that label Democrat will be problematic. Just as the label Socialist has tied to it ideas which though not true of it arise in the minds of many who hear it.

    I cannot even count how many people I know who think Bernie is for Communism. I explain the difference and they comprehend it, but they still feel in their gut like he is communist. And that feeling filters how they view him even though they cognitively know he isn’t.

  7. I support free public college tuition. BUT I think if Sanders and other progressives emphasized free/massively subsidized child care and pre-K, they could expand their support even further. Young working families of all political persuasions struggle to pay for child care costs, and lack of access to quality early childhood education sets kids who don't get it (at a preschool or at home) way back when it comes time to enter elementary school. This unpreparedness often follows them the rest of their lives. Investing more heavily in early childhood care and edu is an obvi progressive imperative that will have massive long-term benefits for individuals and society. Gallup poll from 2016 had 47% support for free college ed, 57% support for free child care/pre-K

  8. Abortion is the reason so many moderate republicans won't vote democrat. I am pro choice, but most women I know are prolife. Women are not a solid block. We need to find a modern procedure that will eliminate the need to discuss abortion, because the elite use abortion to divide us. If we can go to the moon, why can't we solve the abortion problem.

  9. i want to support you guys but it's not easy to volunteer for justice dems. i signed up weeks ago to volunteer and haven't heard back.

  10. The "populist left" is a misnomer in itself. Bernie is a centrist in the world of politics since that's where his ideas generally lie on the political compass, so it's really the "populist center". And that's why it's so popular: because it's a middle ground for everyone – a fair compromise.

  11. See, this is why people on the libertarian left have been trying to fight back the so-called SJWs / regressives. It's because they don't like the fact that people care far more about economic issues (which as Kyle says are very potent). Remind me again why we on the left shouldn't want more people to help us win elections? GO #JusticeDemocrats

  12. my mom has literally gotten to the point of forsaking capitalism as a whole, life long republican that was afraid of single payer till i informed her of its success

  13. Honestly, if there was a Bernie party, I would join that than a democrat and republican party because at this point Bernie and his supporters are the only d*mn people making any sense and are for the people, but I guess I can see what Justice Democrat can do for us.

  14. left and right really has no actual meaning anymore in politics as those two terms are dilluted by history over and over again. People say "leftist" when they talk about Stahlin and they say "leftist" when they talk about Bernie Sanders. What in gods name do those two people have in common? We should change the way we use political terms such as those. We should go back to the very core of the idea, to the birthplace of those terms. Leftist simply means strifing for a society with a flat hierachy and an even distribution of wealth. Right means classicism and elitism. You can easily create a nationalistic leftist society and you can easily create a globalist rightwing society (which is exactly what politics is doing right now)

  15. That's why the donors are aggressively fucking up the Democratic Party, with the grow of independent voters and fall of the Republican Party.

  16. I really don't like the implication that people to your Left are somehow in favor of onerous tax burdens on the poor? Please don't fall into the right-wing trap of "socialism = tax everything into non-existence." That's utter garbage.

  17. It could very well also be that they like Bernie because he was running against Hillary who after 30 years of being demonized is hated by both the right and the farther left. It's also just as possible that the populism of the movement Bernie started could actually move a lot of progressives to the right as they find common allies among the right-wing and alt-right. When it looked like Bernie was ahead in the primaries, I noticed how Trump was much harder on Bernie, but when Hillary moved ahead and became the candidate Trump became very complimentary of Bernie and made subtle and sometimes not so subtle appeals to Bernie supporters. He also stoked the flames of their feeling that Bernie was cheated in a rigged election. Trump definitely used these feelings to divide the electorate. One thing Trump is good at is inciting anger in people.

    I voted for Bernie because of his socialism, not for populism. I think populism can be very dangerous. It essentially divides society into an us vs. them mentality. While it may begin with people blaming their problems on the "elites", the establishment, the corporatists, etc. It can easily devolve into an anti-intellectualism, which you can already see with many populists on both the right and the left blaming academics, identity politics, political correctness. From there it starts to blame economists, scientists, "Western medicine", technology – which can be seen in left populism even now with some expressing anger at "Silicon Valley" and tech money and the paranoia about Vaccines and GMO's. It's very easy for the far right and the far left populists to merge and find common enemies – immigrants, muslims, transgenders, Hollywood, the MSM, the EU, NATO, the UN, "globalism", Freemasonry, feminism – You can see this happening right now on a lot of youtube channels where right-wingers are subbing to progressives and progressives "red-pilling". This is when populism begins to shift into fascism because like Nationalism, it has to have an other to scapegoat. I think progressives need to think long and hard before they take a leap into populism because it may not end up being all it is cracked up to be.

  18. Left-populist economic policies have some persuasive power.

    But on social, racial, cultural and sexual/gender issues, the Left has proven itself incapable of dealing with dissenting views in any other way than with cries of "shut it down".

    After any true debate on these issues, it will always be the Right-populists (and the Alt Right in particular) who walk away with new converts. Because their "hate-facts" are the arguments you didn't hear in school.

    A breath of fresh air against the trite clichés about social constructs, equality, diversity and the "right side of history" (which in all cases amount to nothing more than "White men bad", that being the only thing the Coalition of the Fringes can agree on).

  19. People are always complaining about SWJ's! So you're going to not believe in Justice Democrats because of SWJ's! Want to know why SWJ's exist, because most people are not logical or rational. A lot of people think with their hearts, thats just a fact of life but so fucking what?! I'd never let the idea of "SWJs" stop me from believing in or participating in striving for a socialized society. The people that complain about SWJ's are almost equally annoying as them.

  20. Cenk's all in on the "RUSSIA!!!!" hysteria, Kyle. Did you see his video where he's attacking Jimmy Dore and Michael Tracey for daring to insist on facts? Rachel Maddow would be proud.

    "Justice Democrats" will never work unless you kick him to the curb.

  21. Kyle…Love ya pal, but you guys stole Jill Stein and the Green Party's platform. You are framing this idea like you guys reinvented the wheel.

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