The Politics of the Wall – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

The Politics of the Wall – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

48 thoughts on “The Politics of the Wall – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

  1. it would be pretty hilarious if he got $1bil's worth of spearhead funding for the wall, and in the open beta of the southern border barrier, immigrants actually got over it; the optics of that would make the wall even less justifiable and more unpopular than it already is — let him have the money, the operations research on the actual effects of the policy should speak for itself

  2. Trump doesn’t care about the wall, he just wants the money for the wall. Trump &Co will then be able to steal it

  3. If it was possible he would say give Mount Rushmore an upgrade with my face. He wants to put his name in the history of USA and that's it. It's something like the old Kings or Emperors used to do. It has nothing to do with security or anything. It's just he wants the people of USA to remember him as THE GREAT RULER WHO BUILT THE WALL or in short, DONALD THE WALL forever. He is having a hard time compromising since Nancy Pelosi is a woman too because he clearly has issues about his Mom and with his wife.

  4. Posted after the first shutdown of 2019. Considering the 2020 election is coming up, I would say that now would of been the time to act like your money is on the line because people will remember your stance on this issue (as ridiculous as it is). People can vote these people out since they're not doing so great and not caring about the people who are out of work at that time (or rather at the time of the next shutdown that is being predicted for February). I do agree that the idea would of made them feel more of the heat.

  5. Why is it ALWAYS the Democrats who are pressured to be the bigger people in negotiations like this? Why does the "liberal" media never pressure the GOP to grow up and act like adults? It's like, everybody just figures the GOP will never compromise, bc they are children. Well, what's that got us? have they learned their lesson? yes, they have, they've learned that if they continue to be uncompromising and intransigent, the Dems will eventually give in, bc the so called "liberal" media will pressure them, often using GOP talking points, while barely pressuring the GOP and rarely asking them about Dem talking points.

  6. Dems can not give in everytime trump makes an unreasonable demand. If the shut down worked he would shut down the government over every minor thing that crops up. The Dems really need to reinforce the message that he's not getting his way just because he has spat his dummy out

  7. It was always just politics and spin on the wall. The Democrats don't even have to give anything. As long as the coalition of the brain dead: Coulter and Limbaugh; will get off his ass about it, he'll just claim he got his wall and move on.

  8. So true…and at the expense of American government employees. Does anyone want to live in a house/apartment with no walls? A portion should be allocated for securing the border with a wall/barrier. They should've been on furlough with all the other federal employees.

  9. Hi Trevor , ive got it . Its not about stealing Venezuela's oil and gold. Its about their nice weather.

  10. While we all here about how much Trump loves Twitter, maybe that's really his back channel is to Russia! He does everything else out in open, why not that too? Everyone is probably thinking…no one can be that stupid! Hahaha

  11. They shouldn’t give him ANY money for it. The lesser evil is still evil. In this case, a billion dollars for a pointless FUD/vanity project is a waste. The lesser evil is not the better choice when you refuse to look at all the options. It’s a matter of refusing the existence of even lesser, or entirely non-evil, options. This is the whole problem with voting for the duopoly instead of other parties. Also, you don’t compromise with sociopaths. Give them an inch and they take the whole damn ruler and call it a mile.

  12. I absolutely LOVE the btwn the scenes and u actually see what Trevor believes!! They're great. Itd be great to hang w him and talk over beers ya know?!


  14. What I say is why don't they hold congress and trumps paychecks for as long as the government shutdown is going on for and give give it to government workers instead

  15. The Wall 😂😂😂😂. What a worldwide phenomenon. My hometown Kerala had a month long discussion and action about a human wall, it's a different story but long story short after a massive Floods last August I don't think such time and effort should have been invested in petty religious issues and more attention should have been to rebuilding Kerala but whatever it happened

  16. The logic behind the argument is that people vote for people based upon sound policy and sufficient implementation of that policy. Yet people voted for Trump, people vote for Democrats in Congress even though they disagree with Congress, and people vote for Republicans in Congress even though they disagree with Congress. In fact, your comment of "lesser of two evils" is precisely why both parties strive so hard for "as evil as possible, but ever so slightly less than the other side". In such an atmosphere, giving in based purely on politics clearly is a recipe for failure to be reelected.

    Put another way, imagine if you took a lot of major policy issues, did a lot of polling with R/D attached, and presented it to the respective members of Congress that showed that R/D alike agree on a lot of policy ideas and that it would be politically safe to push for a lot of positive reforms in the country, however about 50% of them for R and 50% for D would be against long-established stated party policy.

    Ie, you literally have your own party members telling you to go against party policy. So, would you speak for changing party policy and vote for laws against them? Even worse, think about all the policy stuff that your party does say it stands for but you've never had the backing to enact it. Do you suddenly vote for a law you think will actually pass and then own the consequences of that policy? This is precisely the questions that seem to happen all the time and always lead to Congress, R and D alike, refusing to act because the worst thing they could possibly do is see their policy goals be reached and for it to potentially blow up in their faces.

  17. Trevor, you're coming to Minnesota in February – you're in trouble!!! Tomorrow in Twin Cities temp forecast at 16 below zero with windchill of 40-50 below. Better put on all the pants you own! (Then your momma will really say you're fat!). Seriously, come prepared.

  18. Exactly true he doesn't care about the wall really he just want to be able to say I did this. He wants to do something president Obama didn't do.

  19. But Trevor it's not just the wall. Its the fact that Trump speaks out of both sides of his mouth. Yes. The wall is now a metaphor.

  20. I don't know either to listen your channel or Fox news ? Because you both organizations are no longer practicing journalism rather you guys are spokesperson for democrats and republicans………..

  21. You don't give a toddler tamper-tantruming what he or she wants, otherwise he or she will keep doing it to get more what they want. If Trump gets his Wall though a shutdown, then he'll know he can keep doing it to get everything he wants. We can't show weakness to someone who is a bully. Otherwise it won't be a democracy.

  22. Trump is egotistical, simple as that. He wants to make his mark on the US, so that in years time people will point to the wall and say "Trump built that". And for him, that is what this presidency is about, doing something that will mean people will remember him.

    Apparently he asked about the possibility of NASA landing people on Mars during his first term. Not that Trump cares one bit about NASA, but because Trump knows it would mean he would be remembered as the President who landed people on Mars.

    Don't feed the troll.

  23. Don’t give him shit, don’t spoil him, don’t allow him to do this type of terrorist act eveery time he wants something.
    Also, yeah, cut the congress payrolls if the gov shut-down. Don’t pay people who don’t do their job right.

  24. Righto on everything except the paying congress bit. How many of them actually rely on this income for anything? They do seem to be very, very attached to the power their positions bring. Maybe we the people should be able to vote to recall them any and every time they clearly fail at their number one job–keeping the government running. And while we're at it, we should be able to fire them whenever they do not live up to what they promised to do in their campaigns. When you or I don't do what we were hired to do, we get sacked. Why not them? Why should they be able to lie shamelessly to get into office and them just do what their donors want?

  25. I say we all get together and send legos to build the wall, win, win we don't pay 5 billion or 30 billion which is what he is really asking for and he gets to build his wall especially since he doesn't care what it's made of or called. There problem solved.

  26. Hi just want to tell you that we watch your videos (about Trump) in school in Germany. My englisch teacher is watching you with us in class !😛🙋🏻‍♀️

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