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  2. When people still try to argue the federation in Starfleet is socialist and there only argument is you never see anyone get paid for services, but people still own property

  3. Hey boss, you need to do a reply video to WISECRACK and how they mistake the movie’s points.

    Then send them the link to this video so they actually understand what it is.

  4. This video is a masterpiece!! After fairly recently becoming a conservative, I think you might have made me a progressive again, having so clearly explained Heinlein's proposed Limited Suffrage government. Although there are untold variations of Libertarianism we could experiment with, every proposal I've heard other than just minimal government seems unworkable in practice. This idea of limited suffrage seems like it would be worth trying though. Sure, it may well turn out to be a disaster, but then I also think it stands a real chance of being a genuine improvement over our current system of Democracy so is worth the risk.

    I just need to wait for Western civilisation to collapse in on itself now, which actually shouldn't take too much longer…

  5. Can we all agree on Michael Ironside being one of the greatest actors of our time? He was the ruffnecks-guru

  6. Very well put, this could be adjusted to fit western society I have had thoughts very similar to this way to live.

  7. The problem with all this is there are different views by scholars of what Fascism even is ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Definitions_of_fascism ) Note what is not on those lists and nearly all do not agree with the definitions found in most dictionaries.

    Starship Troupers, the novel, clearly has some of the traits marked as signs of Fascism (or likely to go that way)._by scholars_ .

  8. Thank you for explaining and 'disecting' this movie, book and its view points. It is a bit of an inspiration in one's self and sheds light on the confusion of the timeline. I thought it odd to begin with, the TF vs the the Bugs.

    As an aside, have you seen Roughneck Chronicles?
    Thank you again for the video!

  9. Machiavellians are always weak by nature, easily thwarted by threats and intimidation but then that's not playing fair to a Machiavellian.

  10. The book was modelled on the direct democracy of Switzerland, which as with direct democracies, tend to be nationalist with features such as national service. Compulsory in Switzerland, optional but with citizenship as a reward in The Starship Troopers Universe. Sargon might cover this latter in the vid but putting it here just in case as the problem is that people, usually leftist confuse Nationalism for Fascism, it isn't. An example of Fascism that is not Nationalist see the EU.

  11. Fascist propaganda lightly camouflaged as comedy. The film did a good job of conveying the insidious fallacy promoted by Heinlein. True to form, Sauron twists the subject into an unrecognisable shape in order to promote his warped POV.
    And the rule of law is nothing other than the rule of superior force. Kinda smarms over that point too. No surprise there.

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