35 thoughts on “The Politics of Clown World

  1. Dissent this here: https://dissenter.com/discussion/begin?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DMHY1NfpKMJs

  2. Ughhhhhh I hate Stacey Abrams is even associated with Georgia, We wont have any of this nonsense down here

  3. 0:50 Identity politics do win often times, however. This only works for the left though, as they have a horribly distorted sense of right and wrong, as well as the foresight of a bat. The right could never pull of such a tactic if we want to remain the right.

  4. Non-white people don't know this, but us white people regularly travel through time, back and forth, when we are alone at home with our white friends/family, ensuring that we close up the curtains so that no "people of color" can see what we're doing.

  5. Can they (CPT Black people) at least (if time is white) call us white folk Time Lords. Is that too much too ask?

  6. A con man made a GoFundMe page to build the wall. Trumptards fell for it and donated 22 million dollars, a year later, no wall, he took the money for himself. What a clown world we live in. Honk honk 🤡

  7. "Once you see everything through a racial identitarian lens, the world becomes upside down."

    Well said.

  8. I arrived 3 hours late for work this morning, I told my boss owning time was white supremacy. On the good side you can sign on the dole online now.

  9. Sometimes I want to listen to you and then I try but you're just too stupid. I don't know if you're intentionally missing the point of everything or not but you constantly do that. It's not funny like you think it is, it's super fucking annoying. And it's underproductive.

  10. "I stopped outside a Church house, where the citizens like to sit. They say they want the Kingdom. But they don't want God in it."

  11. Proud boys is a mens group not neonazis. The more i listen to you the more i see you suck at research

  12. Identity politics is just an excuse for being RACIST.
    Pretty sure if I owned time I’d go back and stop those damn democrats buying slaves here in America and go to 1965 and stop the 3rd world immigration Act.

  13. If I can tolerate four videos by this guy I will become the best debater on the planet! Now how can I manage to tolerate that?!

  14. A couple of hundred years ago in the UK the life expectancy was 45 years. The best thing a person could do was to have all their teeth removed and replaced with false teeth. The peasants that worked for a pittance in fields were pushed into factories to make steel or shoved down a hole to dig up coal and their reward was a pittance. The idea that white people have been privileged is nonsense. The majority of people in this country were used as slaves until they were dead, even children were literally used as slaves until they were dead.

  15. Its funny the people giving this guy the stink eye for dating white women are black and brown people. How do people not see this hipocracy. Reverse the races of the people in this story. These people are the most racist people ive ever seen.

  16. Reparations ?? Could you imagine the response of the previous generations if they new that their great/great-great grandchildren accepted a nominal amount of money in exchange for their suffering. What an insult, what an outrage. Human beings have been learning throughout their history, not from so much from their triumphs as their mistakes. The idea that this generation wishes to cash in on the suffering of past generations is despicable.

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