27 thoughts on “The political progress women have made — and what's next | Cecile Richards

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  2. Her mom had no opportunities in her life….uh, she became governor of Texas. Yeah, like no opportunities. Conservatives have no heart … liberals have no brain.

  3. Great topic, but poor presentation. To speak in a prestigious forum, more effective presenters rely on expertise and experience to deliver their messages – rather than rely on a teleprompter.

  4. I've always been confused on the notion that election day being a federal holiday would make it easier for women/minority groups to vote. I agree on the basic principle, but it would make it easier for everyone to vote EXCEPT those people who do not get to take off work during federal holidays. Even if government mandated that every walmart and mcdonalds close for the day, you still have to have emergency personnel (like my amazing wife, a labor nurse) and other mission critical facilities.

    Our local polling place doesn't open early enough or stay open late enough for her to vote if she's scheduled to work, and their lunch breaks are not guaranteed due to the possibility of new patients at any time, so she has to find someone else to cover for her long enough to go do it.

    Also, you said it yourself that women vote more than men, so there's obviously not that big of a problem currently, aside from general apathy.

  5. My grandmother and mother were two of the most intelligent and powerful people I've ever known. Neither were formally educated or held any sort of a powerful position. They fought for what the had and never let their gender stop them. I'm proud of the work they did, the legacy they left, and progress that has since been made.

    With that said, my mother has been appalled by the public treatment of men by prominent women and the idea that because women were oppressed for so long, it's fair to turn the table on men – a sort of "sins of the father" reaction. I am happy to see more women engaging in the political arena, but to support them for their gender alone is lunacy.

  6. You seem to believe that all men are against issues that primarily (directly) affect women or families, and that all women will vote the same way you will (and if not, they must have internalized misogyny). I don't want men in power any more than I want women in power. I want qualified people in power, and I strongly agree there are plenty of men and women currently in power who are hardly qualified (yes, more men, because there are more men in power).

    I don't believe electing more women just because they are not men will increase the over all competence. There is no room for "it's your turn to deal with it" sort of approaches to our problems.

  7. The pay gap myth has been refuted over and over again, and yet it is still parroted by so many. You cannot just compare the average total earnings of all men by that of all women. It doesn't account for position, experience, productivity, hours worked, and so on. No business owner in their right mind would hire men to do the same job as women if they can pay women less.

    * obviously, there are still some situations where equally qualified people in the same position are not payed comparable wages, but people that do such an abhorred practice are certainly not going to change their ways because of people perpetuating this nonsense. Even still, the same thing happens among people of the same gender. Pay is a contract negotiation that some people are better at than others. Personally, I have been payed less than others for doing the same thing because I was happy to take what I could get while others fought for more.

  8. Name one right a man has that a women doesn’t. I’ll wait

    What does she mean we don’t have equality? Feminism should leave America and go to the Middle East where they actually need it.


  10. Now that women are such a large part of the American Workforce the children of those women have gone through a lot of neglect because the natural family order is destroyed

  11. 50/50 women and men in university? umm, no, women are around 60-70%. So what will you do about that feminism?

  12. women in politics, political progress, i'm all about it… let's elect our first female president of the united states!

  13. pu$$y of color have the GREATEST Single Mother Syndrome !!! … and create the MOST criminals !!!

  14. USA is in decline and NOTHING will stop it unless men take pu$$y privilege away !!! China is the NEW upcoming Super power !!!

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