The PLA's expanding role in the New Era

The PLA's expanding role in the New Era

well this paper comes submits the us-china trade war and the military confrontations between the two sides what would you think would be the message that the paper intends to send to the other side trade war is a one thing but military relationship the originated war probably is becoming more important therefore a sound and stable and a manageable in a military relationship between China and the US would be more important neither China nor the United States wish to have a conflict the only question is how can we work together to make our relationship manageable for example the United States has a conductors so many fun operations in the waters of China's Island and rocks so they believe this is kind of a right authorized by UN Convention of law Percy so what about appear a Navy when Imperial Navy becomes stronger were you to behave like a US Navy I don't think so the paper is much more like a statement of strategy rather than tactics and when it comes to the real conflict how would you think that the two sides can avoid a confrontation like what do you just mention about the u.s. freedom of navigation operations we have a consensus not to have a conflict but we should really make some concrete efforts the US would just keep on sending ships for this form of operation in fact they have increased fun operation but while they are doing orders they believe it's a kind of a right he's right under international law but we would look at this issue from another point of view that is even in terms of international law you have to show quote due regard to the rights and interests of liter states if you keep in Mouse any ships plus all these really closing reconnaissance that drugs the aircraft of a satellite is this kind of a dual regard if we in China do the same thing to continental USA what would you think to avoid conflict the best way is to refrain from such kind of a behaviour China and the US should cooperate rather than contradicting each other on freedom of navigation why can't China and the US the two largest economy changed the mentality hadn't come into cooperation this is the third edition of the white paper since Xi Jinping took office and began restructuring what is the biggest changing role of the PLA after years of reform to make it combat ready the role of all the military in the world is Mallis the same that is a territorial defense but a water makes pla different is that it is now has a to more new rows that is to protecting China's overseas interest and to safeguard international peace now China is a global China and we even have a 140 million people going abroad every year plus we'll have a huge investment overseas peerless motto you to serve the people but in the 21st century who is a people is not only Chinese people but the people of the whole world but there are some people showing their concerns about this expanding role from serving the country to serving the world seeing it is a threat but at the same time the white paper says China will never seek dominance how would you see this seemingly contradiction well that is interesting because if our country becomes strong people will become fearful of you but if you look at the childís of history in the last 40 years Chinese military debt needs becoming stronger but the fact is China hasn't used force against anybody nobody would ever denies that China's rise is peaceful so China's role in the world currently is helping the world to become more stabilized to become more peaceful and nobody has ever disagree about these peerless row overseas weather also criticisms about the fast development of the shipbuilding of the PLA Navy that it produces more warships than it actually needs so how would you explain this fast developing capacity and what the same time saying it is not pursuit of the dominance well it is true that pier navies develop even very far but the point is as to how many ships you need depends on how you're going to use them but currently China's interest a global as I mentioned before and because there are threats to such interest and because we have to make sure about the International ceilings are safe so that is why we got to build a much stronger and a much nicer Navy take the escort mission for example how can you explain the China needs to send some was most advanced to destroyers and frigates into the Farsi operations right now the row has somewhat changed in that were never the oldest ship to finish the mission in the Gulf of Aden they would sell around the world in the Uncharted water to familiarize themselves with this uncharted water counterpart itself is part of the mission that Navy's row goes much beyond this and when your capabilities grow people's expectations for your responsibilities is also growing so what is the plan for the PLA is international role it's a row or being helpful rather than policing anything so we do not send troops to fight against anybody until now so that is fundamentally different from Osama zeroes of the West even those people who have a some criticisms of a PLA about its territorial disputes with his neighboring countries would have never criticized PLA z-ro overseas and how will the PLA keep the countries principle of non-interference with this growing involvement of the overseas operations how do you differentiate your involvement from interference that is a bit challenging for us but I think whatever China will do in the future will be in line with these foreign policy because China has a a lot of attention to its own sovereignty therefore I'm sure a stronger PLA were equally pay a lot of attention to the sovereignty and rights over other countries

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  1. China will have the fusion nuclear bomb.The PLA has hypersonic airplanes,super sonic missiles,super cavitation submarines and fast ships.

  2. 👍👍👍👏👏👏china will defend her scs against the greatest robbers of natives islands all over the pacific , usa

  3. "They believe it's kind of right enshrined in International law"? – ummmm, it is a right enshrined in International law! And it's a right that not only the US is exercising in the South China Sea… many other countries are doing so as well along side the US! And China & Russia both actually does FON travel as well and also along the US coast! And while this Chinese personnel claims the US has been increasing FON in the South China Sea… he fails to mention the reasons why!!! China is claiming International waters as its own! 5 Trillion dollars worth of INTERNATIONAL TRADE goes through those waters. Allowing China to steal that area as its own is NOT ACCEPTABLE to most of the world… not just the US!

  4. Chinas assertion of "not to have conflict" to show it is not an agressor only embolden the US to push their provocations further.

  5. In the era of 4.0 this is the key to become a global leader . Both questions and answers are straightforward yet poised .

  6. this is absurd the usa will never accept anyone above it or even on the same level or it and it will always try to see china fail until it failed and the usa can come and patronize you and take you over

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