The PewDiePipeline: how edgy humor leads to violence

The PewDiePipeline: how edgy humor leads to violence

last week just before murdering 50 people at two mosques in Christchurch New Zealand a 28 year old Australian man exclaimed subscribe to PewDiePie why would such an atrocious act begin with the promotion for a YouTube channel was it just some kind of twisted dark humour or does it go deeper than that did PewDiePie play some role in inspiring the Christchurch shooter as many allege or is this another example of Internet trolling gone way too far on the surface it does seem a little absurd to even associate someone who goes by the name of PewDiePie with violent terrorism the juxtaposition between a goofy internet comedian and a deadly rampage is unsettling but something must be going on why would someone use a meme like subscribe to PewDiePie to launch such a callous and cold-blooded act of terrorism PewDiePie is the number one youtuber on earth with a fanbase largely consisting of young kids and teenagers guys my name is most of his content is focused on gaming and pop culture and PewDiePie’s presentation style relies heavily on silly voices and wacky hijinks I would never incite violence I’m not racist of course but I fricking hate crime people PewDiePie has been described as a Nazi by some but the over-the-top zany delirium of his videos are a far cry from the overtly intimidating imagery of neo-nazis and white supremacists that I grew up with to be clear PewDiePie has said and done things that are unmistakably racist he casually used the n-word during a live stream he promoted an openly racist and anti-semitic YouTube channel perhaps most infamously he did a stunt where he commissioned Indian men on the website Fiverr to hold up signs that read death to all Jews I lack the editing now in PewDiePie’s defense he has apologized for his most egregious deeds and words and it’s easy to write this stuff off as small potatoes heated gaming moments bad jokes that were carried out without much forethought innocent mistakes he’s a youtuber after all an entertainer not the President of the United States not a journalist not a political activist his channel exists to amuse young people not engage with them politically he’d tell you that himself and I’m sure that’s what he honestly believes and entertainers making off-color jokes or blurting racist slurs and heated moments are nothing new back in 2006 when I was a young dude Michael Richards who played Kramer on Seinfeld which was basically the PewDiePie of the 90s called an audience member of the n-word during a stand-up comedy act it was a big deal and his career never really recovered but nobody accused him of inspiring racist violence so what’s different today is this a case of sjws and cultural Marxists reading too deeply into a problem that isn’t really that serious or is there truth to the idea that PewDiePie’s actions may have contributed to what happened in New Zealand deaf to all Jews I want you to say after me deaf to all Jews and you know Hitler was right I admit it would be patently absurd to say that PewDiePie is fully and directly responsible for the terrorism in Christ Church so to be clear that’s not what I’m saying but I do think PewDiePie and some of his fellow popular youtubers share some responsibility with thousands of other figures large and small who contribute to a large and insidious pipeline of violence that fit within the framework of something called stochastic terrorism what is stochastic terrorism first let’s talk about what we might call traditional terrorism historically terrorist groups have had fairly rigid informal hierarchies at the top of the hierarchy you have leaders who recruit followers through extreme rhetoric the leaders indoctrinate and train their followers at dedicated facilities set up cells of agents and operatives and target locations then activate them to commit terrorism by issuing direct orders stochastic terrorism is very different it’s a much more vague and structureless phenomenon with no clear leaders and no direct calls for violence and mathematics a stochastic process is a system that changes over time in a way that’s random at least in part stochastic terrorists work by making individuals more extreme over time making it more likely for these extremists to commit acts of terror it’s stochastic because the acts themselves are unpredictable nobody knows when or where they will occur or who’s going to commit them no direct orders are issued but they will occur eventually as long as stochastic terrorists are able to operate stochastic terrorism is particularly insidious because it enables extremists to act with intent knowing that they will cause terror but it gives them enough distance and plausible deniability to keep any individual stochastic terrorists from taking personal responsibility for acts of violence okay this is all starting to sound a little abstract so let’s take a look at how fascist stochastic terrorists are operating in practice through what I call the PewDiePie plane as I’ll explain in more detail later I don’t want to focus too much on PewDiePie alone as an individual because this is a system of violence that’s bigger than any one personality even one with 90 million subscribers but I’m still going to call it the PewDiePie plane because it highlights how seemingly innocent influencers like youtubers and comedians are contributing to stochastic terrorism before we can begin to understand how edgy jokes lead to full-on acts of terrorism we first need to examine some sociological and psychological processes that are leveraged by stochastic terrorists the Pyramid of violence was first developed by social scientists to explain how sexual discrimination leads to sexual violence in our society these same social processes are used by stochastic terrorists so it’s easy to adapt the pyramid to model the continuum of behaviors that lead to X of violence in our pyramid of stochastic violence the base represents behavior that is very common in relatively benign as we move up the pyramid the behavior becomes less common but more violent as individuals move up through the levels of the pyramid they are spurred on by the behavior of individuals below and inspired by the activity of individuals above so let’s work our way up through the pyramid and see exactly how stochastic terrorists function in our society Stage one attitudes and beliefs at the bottom of the pyramid are attitudes and beliefs cultural phenomena that nearly all of us have internalized to some extent or another these are things like stereotypes and harmful assumptions that are difficult to avoid in our society here are just some examples of racist attitudes and beliefs that nearly all of us have internalized to some extent or another black people are more likely to be criminals Muslims are more likely to be terrorists gay people are more likely to be promiscuous some of these attitudes and beliefs are so deeply embedded in our subconscious minds that they’re borderline instinctive for example a lot of white men become very uncomfortable if they see a black man with a white woman heterosexuals often get upset by gay men sharing public affection many of us tend to be overly suspicious of Muslim presenting men at airports and train stations these are all symptoms of very subtle but very pervasive biases every single one of us holds implicit biases like these whether we realize it or not whether we want to or not if we’re willing to recognize that we have these kinds of implicit biases we can try to identify them and minimize their effects but if left unchecked these discriminatory attitudes and beliefs will quickly manifest moving us up to the next tier on the pyramid of violence stage 2 microaggressions microaggressions are subtle actions that cause harm to marginalized or vulnerable people in many cases microaggressions are completely unintentional they’re called microaggressions because they’re so subtle that we can’t even tell that they’re there if we don’t know what we’re looking for or how to look for them microaggressions can manifest in words or actions examples include things like assuming ethnic minorities such as Asian America our foreign-born and saying things like wow you speak good English blocking your car doors when a black man walks by casually using terms and phrases that are discriminatory such as Indian giver that’s so gay or I joined him down the list goes on and on but I trust you get the point microaggressions like these indicate that discriminatory attitudes are present and these unconscious biases are bubbling to the surface and might be a little bit less than unconscious a person who commits microaggressions frequently and without any resistance from peers will become increasingly comfortable engaging in harmful discriminatory behavior and speech which makes it much more likely to move up to the next tier on the pyramid stage three verbal expression as individuals become more comfortable expressing discriminatory attitudes they begin testing the waters with jokes and stereotypical or even flagrantly bigoted statements about others they may begin to harass others especially online where they can remain more anonymous and there are fewer social repercussions they’re likely to begin surrounding themselves with people who share their prejudices so that they can make mean-spirited jokes and have prejudicial conversations without social consequences they’ll consume media that reinforces their prejudices making them feel more confident and justified in their bigotry this stage is particularly important because it’s where bigotry externalizes and individuals begin to do intentional harm to marginalize people as individuals move through the verbal expression stage they’re likely to follow similar patterns of development verbal expression includes humor and that’s how it often begins this is where we meet highly popular influencers like PewDiePie jontron and even Joe Rogan Europe has problems they definitely do and whenever you have people from one culture that immigrate into another culture and they’re disenfranchised and poor and they have really or not I’m just gonna keep going with it but and they also have a really restrictive up culture that they’re coming from and they want to impose that culture on the people that live in Germany or wherever and they want women and start wearing long dresses and they treat them like they’re whores if they don’t that’s all kind of real dangerous they’re from a different part of the world and it’s a part of the world that hasn’t changed much in a long time if you want people to be free and you want people to have the ability to integrate into a more free culture like America is you also have to be honest about what the consequences are and you have to be honest about what kind of they’re coming from and as soon as you talk about that you get labeled in Islamophobe humor can serve many social functions but in an environment of stochastic terrorism it’s initially used to normalize bigoted ideas and desensitize people to harmful and abusive language no okay this not this didn’t work let’s I’m gonna take this off now when pewdiepie tries to make a joke out of the phrase death to all Jews he’s normalizing not just insensitive but openly aggressive anti-semitism and desensitizing his audience too incredibly harmful rhetoric then when he uses his platform to promote overtly anti-semitic videos or fascist books he’s escalating his fans even farther through the pipeline of stochastic terrorism it’s a one-two punch first desensitized with humor then pushed fans to more overtly racist content and ideas Angi humor Prime’s the pump so that fans of this kind of comedy become much less likely to be turned off by more overtly prejudiced figures like Stefan Molyneux and Paul Joseph Watson and Laura Southern a key point is that none of these jokes exist in a vacuum when an edgy comedian repeats a racist concept for a cheap laugh it makes it easier for a more seriously prejudiced political propagandist to push their bigoted agenda and on the sidelines at all times there are the memes ah yes the memes the chants forums like storm front edge Lord discord servers there are a lot of unsavory corners of the internet where violent and aggressively prejudice memes run wild while youtubers and public figures are normalizing verbal expression of violent rhetoric from above masses of internet trolls in these spaces are shoving individuals along through the pipeline from below racist memes and edgy humor quickly build up into a toxic quagmire of hate speech we’re vulnerable people become rapidly and increasingly desensitized spending time in these online spaces facilitates the process of stochastic terrorism as individuals compete with each other to see who can produce the most edgy and abusive content in new and innovative ways these subcultures have made an art form of burying messages of hate bigotry and violence beneath countless layers of irony the whole point is to make hate speech mainstream by concealing it in formats that are seemingly innocent [Music] great pains are taken to ensure plausible deniability and to play mind games with the public at large I don’t know someone to take any of this seriously memes and other tools that give this kind of cover to prejudice are invaluable to stochastic terrorists the dog whistle is another tool of concealment dog whistles are political statements that are hidden in plain sight so that only members of the in-group can identify them an important historical example of dog whistle politics was the Southern Strategy which was a Republican political party election strategy used during the civil rights era to increase political support among white voters in the south by appealing to their racism southern strategists did not use openly racist language when appealing to racists instead they used race baiting dog whistles like forced busing states rights and other phrasing that was clearly coded as racist to the target audience while remaining vague enough to leave room for plausible deniability dog whistles have gotten a lot more sophisticated and opaque since the days of the Southern Strategy we might refer to newer forms of alt-right dog whistling as the lorentz southern strategy as modern white supremacists like lauren southern have developed sophisticated rhetoric that coats their vicious racism in a veneer of respectability no longer do they call themselves white supremacists openly they now call themselves white nationalists and racial real estate the insist that they don’t think white people are superior to other races they argue that white people are the ones in danger the disappearing minority that deserves to be preserved no longer do white supremacists shout with sincerity kill all Jews in public now they couched themselves as the victims as they shout Jews will not replace us but there are other forms of dog whistling and coding that are even more difficult to decipher is the okay sign racist is Pepe the Frog a Nazi symbol is the phrase subscribe to PewDiePie a crypto-fascist slogan the whole point of dog whistles like these is to make discussions about this kind of language and these kinds of symbols seem absurd they want to confuse the public enough to stall action they want to disrupt discourse by presenting their ideas an absurdist ironic packaging they’re able to gasp like the public and cast out on their more internet savvy opponents who can see what’s really going on step 1 launch a campaign to make the okay symbol a white premises symbol on chance sites step two point out how silly and ridiculous sjws are for making a big deal out of nothing in public disavow is a common watchword of stochastic terrorists of course of course it’s about disseminate the dog-whistle disavow the dog whistle then denigrate anti-fascists who try to shed light on what’s going on hateful internet propaganda is always generated and presented with tongue firmly in cheek many of the participants say that they’re just in it for the lulz many maybe even most of these people probably are just doing it for Laughs but there are definitely others who have more sinister intentions it all makes for a chaotic environment where it’s very difficult to know what should be taken seriously and what’s just a gag and that’s the whole point this environment allows stochastic terrorists to hide in plain sight when we allow this kind of culture to fester we make it easy for fascist white nationalists to intentionally precipitate acts of terrorism then plausibly deny any knowledge or involvement in the aftermath I’m not going to share any of the manifesto of the Christ Church shooter in this video because I don’t want to platform those vicious ideas in any way but peppered throughout the 72 page long document are a staggering number of meme references intentionally misleading statements and known dog whistles it’s written to deflect disguise and disrupt mainstream reaction to the violence while strengthening and embolden enlightening us who are savvy enough with white nationalists internet culture to read between the lines you can think of it as a constructed language filled with code words and doublespeak when a white nationalist sees an obscure meme or a misleading absurd lie and the shooter’s manifesto they can instantly interpret what’s really being meant what’s really being said and the intended public reaction it’s just memes until it isn’t so here’s how all of this comes together individuals who have entered the verbal expression tier of the Pyramid of violence have become desensitized to bigotry through edgy comedians those same comedians expose them to more hard-line bigots simultaneously these individuals become exposed to white nationalist dog whistles and racist memes on chant sites and other online spaces and all the while they’re pushed along by stochastic terrorists who encouraged them to dehumanize marginalize people and expose them to hardline right-wing political ideologies in the end it’s no surprise at all that unstable individuals can and will get pushed along through the pewdiepie plane until they reach the next tier of the Pyramid of violence staged for physical violence racially motivated acts of physical violence do not just happen randomly as we’ve seen in our examination of stage 3 racist ideation forms gradually over time and it’s facilitated by a wide network of entities working intentionally and unintentionally to further the agenda of stochastic terrorists by the time someone reaches stage 4 and carries out an act of physical violence or terrorism they’ve been immersed in a racist environment absorbing and internalizing hateful ideology for a long time if the process is interrupted at any stage as an individual passes along from stage 1 to stage 3 then physical violence can be prevented altogether if an individual is made to understand that they hold prejudicial attitudes and beliefs early on they’re much less likely to exhibit microaggressions if someone’s made to understand that their microaggressions are hurting marginalized people early on they’re much less likely to graduate to more explicit verbal expressions of bigotry if pewdiepie and other youtube comedians make it clear to their audiences that racism is not okay and if they refuse to platform racist ideologues on their shows then their fans will be much less likely to be drawn to more overt racists unfortunately as of right now the pewdiepie plain is flowing freely there are very few barriers to stochastic terrorism YouTube Facebook and Twitter are far more concerned with profiting from this kind of attention than they are with preventing violence from being spewed on their platforms political leaders and mainstream media fail to address the serious threat of violent online spaces like chann sites and white supremacist forums the dog-whistle strategies of keka stance seem to be working perfectly and the opponents of stochastic terrorism are not yet being taken seriously by the public at large hell the President of the United States engages in the kind of rhetoric on a daily basis along with many other world leaders with significant power Trump continues to refuse to recognize the existence of white supremacist terrorism and seems content to let these movements spread freely in the United States and invoke them abroad as such acts of terrorism will continue to occur and it will only get worse with time stochastic terrorists will become further emboldened to take political power unless we stop them this will lead society to the top tier of the pyramid of violence Stage five genocide when political violence becomes completely normalized and our leaders and media fail to recognize it for what it is their inaction paves the way for genocide if stochastic terrorists continue to have their way without significant resistance then it will lead to systemic horrors and atrocities unleashed on the most targeted populations stochastic terrorism is hard to fight it requires us to look deeply into the ugliest aspects of our own society and ourselves and stochastic terrorists are experts at concealing their intentions and hiding in plain sight but the stakes are too high to let them get away with it any longer if you’re a youtuber or some other kind of content creator and you see racist activity in your audience you have an obligation to take a stand against it now I’ve searched far and wide and so far I’ve only found one mainstream non-political influencer who’s doing a good job of addressing racism in his own audience here’s a tweet sent out by the youtuber Tom Scott occasionally I’ll catch a glimpse of extreme prejudice within my own audience left unchecked these ideologies confessed err and evolved into violent acts if you find yourself hating a group of people people you’ve never even met I beg you to reevaluate for it’s too late this statement is simple but it’s bold and powerful by discouraging prejudice in his own audience TomSka risks losing subscribers and facing online harassment but he’s also making it clear that he will not be complicit in stochastic terrorism imagine how powerful it would be if PewDiePie and other popular youtubers made statements like these from time to time imagine the effect that a tweet like this might have on PewDiePie’s 14 million Twitter followers or to his 90 million YouTube subscribers now before I conclude this video I think it’s very important to recognize that PewDiePie as an individual is not what we should really be focusing on I know I called it the PewDiePie plane but honestly even if PewDiePie never existed never made a YouTube channel someone else would be taking this role and that’s the way that this all works it’s not about the individuals it’s about the system the systematic development of violence within these online spaces so it might be tempting for us to focus all of our energy on one individual youtuber and we might want to pat ourselves on the back and call it a victory if we get one of these youtubers taken down but I’m telling you even if PewDiePie and his entire channel disappear tonight somebody new will spring up and take his place tomorrow as long as this process of stochastic terrorism is permitted to continue now while I was in the process of editing this video a few things came up that I wanted to just kind of shove in here at the last minute and the first one is this video by a youtuber that goes by Faraday speaks and it’s a fascinating recollection of how this particular youtuber actually fell into this kind of pipeline to the alt-right and I think the way that he describes his experiences is very interesting he actually uses a metaphor for marketing which is the the sales funnel which you can think of as kind of like an inverted pyramid and it’s really exactly what we’ve been talking about and you can kind of see firsthand how this guy got into the pipeline and started to advance up along through the tiers on this pyramid of violence unfortunately he was able to come back before it was too late but let’s just let Faraday speaks speak for himself I slowly found myself turning into a conservative and the way I like to think of this it’s you know I have a slate background in marketing I like to think of it like a sales funnel and what a sales funnel does is it takes customers potential customers you know in a broad general sense and tries to funnel them down to a point where they buy a product and the funnel acts in two ways it educates and motivates the buyers that will buy and it expels the potential customers that won’t buy and this is kind of what this ideology did and so I started out as a little bit carrying and then because I thought that we needed social cohesion I became a conservative and then from there I thought that the conservative weren’t going far enough you know we call them cocks and and I started to believe that we needed strong borders and we needed a national identity and we needed to raise the birth rates as I started to learn more as I listened to people like you know Jared Taylor or you know Molyneux have started putting out a lot more race content talking about race I raised an IQ talking about the bell curve I bought more and more into it I went further down the funnel now I would say at the bottom of that pyramid that upside down that funnel would be fascism and I didn’t go that far but I did entertained ideas and especially during the trumpet era I started to sympathize with these sorts of ideas so I’m glad that a fair day speaks was able to escape and it does give me hope that there are ways to rescue people from this pipeline and interrupt the process before it goes too far so that was some good news but now here’s a little disturbing news Kellyanne Conway who is an official counselor to the President of the United States in the Donald Trump administration has gone on the record and promoted the manifesto of the Christ Church shooter she’s actually encouraged the public at large to read the manifesto she’s actually promoting the manifesto and not only that the way that she spoke in the words that she chose to me they seemed very intentionally chosen and she introduced some choice bits of misinformation I’m gonna let her speak and then I’ll just kind of give a little analysis afterwards based on everything we’ve been talking about in this video so far unlike most mass shootings this man came with pre receipts if you will he put out a 70 page manifesto and I guess everybody scoured it search for Donald Trump’s name and there it is one time but he also said he aligns closely with the ideology of China he said he’s not a conservative he’s not a Nazi he’s I think he referred to myself as an eco naturalist or an eco fascist but people should read the entire in its entirety she said that the shooter aligns closely with the ideology of China and that actually is something that the shooter wrote in the manifesto that the political regime that he most closely identifies with would be the the Chinese government he also says elsewhere in the manifesto that he’s by no means a Marxist by no means a leftist he actually invited and incited violence against leftists and Marxists elsewhere in the manifesto so I believe that the whole idea of saying that he aligns with China that was misinformation a dog whistle a meme a joke of sorts intentionally placed into the manifesto to again disrupt the discourse to sow seeds of disorder to get people confused to derail the conversation and to embolden white nationalists who will see something like this for exactly the kind of dog whistle that it is and know exactly what’s being meant and and what’s being intended and Kellyanne Conway has taken that and you know whether knowingly or unknowingly who can be sure but Kellyanne Conway has taken that and and fed right into the hands of this stochastic terrorist you know because they because the manifesto of the shooter is itself a piece of stochastic terrorism not only did he go out and do this horrible horrible act of physical violence but he also left this document which is a mechanism of stochastic terrorism the manifesto itself is intended to inspire and provoke even more acts of stochastic terrorism down the pipeline so Kellyanne Conway in promoting this manifesto is promoting stochastic terrorist activation material not only that there are other pieces of misinformation that Kelly and Conway introduced in this interview she said that the terrorist is not a conservative not a Nazi which to me seems like a subtle defense of Nazis she said that he’s an eco naturalist or an eco fascist and now most of the people who are gonna be watching this televised news you know they’re gonna be baby boomers the kind of people who were not going to go out and seek out the manifesto so and and if they’re already receptive to these right-wing Trump administration messages they’re just gonna take whatever she said and run with it so there going to believe that this is a eco naturalist who follows the Chinese government and they’re going to assume that it’s you know it’s a leftist who committed these acts and that lie is going to get established and disseminated far and wide on the right and it risks bleeding into the center as well and it reminds me a lot of a piece from Sean’s video on Charlotte’s ville which I’ll play now which talks about how these right-wing lies can spread like wildfire if we’re not careful and if we don’t stamp them out immediately and that was of course also a conspiracy theory that heavy heah was not hit by the car at all and instead coincidentally died of a heart attack nearby at around the same time just to jump in on the car thing as I understand that I thought Heather Hayes or hair or whatever her name was I thought she died of a heart attack yes it looks like what happened is that it was shocked by the seeing the car crash happening yeah had a heart attack I know I know it’s a very dramatic reaction to it’s it’s more than the old rice being blamed for someone having a heart attack someone the in tremendously bad physical condition has heart attack and suddenly the ultra is murdered someone mmm this is something I’m supposed to wear it doesn’t have to be honest you know I would have thought though that’s white supremacist millennial woes they’re talking to YouTube personality sargon of a cat who is as usual mindlessly repeating whatever rubbish he’s overheard Nazis say but I do think there’s an important point to be made here about how easily white nationalist allies can spread among the lazy and uneducated and we need to be vigilant in checking and correcting those lies lest we end up as witless Nazi Stooges just like Sargon off a cat no matter who you are you can help fight stochastic terrorism if you know someone who seems to be moving up through the pyramid of violence try to stop them before it becomes too late help spread the word about the very real and violent consequences of edge lord humour and the role that these jokes play in stochastic terrorism we must stand together and fight fascism in all forms I’m American Johnson this is non-compete thanks for watching well I first read a small article in the newspaper that the first colored family had moved into this community and following that why I began to hear on the radio and read in the newspaper that there was some disturbance around this home that these people had bought what was your initial reaction I was terribly shocked to find that there were people in this community who would be so violently opposed to it the main issue was the right of these people to live like Americans as they choose the acceptance was good neighbors there were all kinds of Roma’s I guess some of them were being spread liberally some were just a result of hysteria I’m sure that a more reasonable attitude is going to prevail in this community and I’m I’m have great faith in the people here and that they’ll they’ll soon find out there’s nothing to be afraid [Music]

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  19. I am going to be honest the communist tee shirt being advertised is not a great look on a video like this. IE showing some level of extreemisum that will turn off alot of people.

  20. It is sad to say, but many biases are actually true. For instance, Islam IS a backwards religion and MUST change.

  21. So the news is starting to break about that piece of shit who murdered poor Bianca, and I just saw a screenshot from Discord in which he's bragging about his murder of her, and he straight up say's "Remember to subscribe to PewDiePie" – and someone who played with him on a Minecraft server was saying that all they did was tell misogynistic "jokes" and talk about how horrible women were. If anything good can come of this awful news, I am seeing people start talking about becoming aware that this edgy "humor" is starting not to be funny at all as they're seeing it can lead to some pretty horrible cess-pools of actually believing that stuff is real and not just bad jokes.

  22. Pewdie does something -> Controversy by overeacting boomers -> menstremede bed luel neze gud hitluh gud eugh -> Nazism grows in fanbase -> Controversy by overeacting boomers -> From their on a cycle

    Also, my middle age dad's a fan so when I see him he watching anti-sjw content, i'm not a SJW, i'm a communist and they are 'BEN SHAPIRO DESTROYS LIBERAL SJW HE'S 7'1 AND HE'S MASSIVE' and 'TRUMP DESTROYS HILLARY SUPPORTER SO HARD SHE CRIES', it's RektFeministVideos and it's cringy

  23. Virgins on the internet are going to commit genocide? There are a lot of interesting ideas here, but a lot of it seems very unfounded. There's not going to be genocide as long as we protect the 2nd amendment.

  24. I never understood shock value in jokes. If you need that shit.. you’re not funny. And if you ever found it funny or still do.. ever wonder why? Why is a heinous act like rape funny to you in some contexts? Or genocide? Or racism? Those things are never funny. And if you think they are that doesn’t mean you have a „good sense of humour“. It means you have a fucking problem.

  25. I think the step from verbal expression and phisical violence should have somehing in between as someone may well become extremely hateful of a group to the point of verbal abuse, but hate alone is not enough for someone to commit actual violent hate crimes.
    Together with discrimination I believe one must also be used to violence as a normal thing to see and do to people, be it someone you know or a complete stranger, before doing it out of hate for a group, now many would argue violence is probably one of the topics you're joking about ,which is likely true, but I'm talking about the act of violence being normalized, not necessairily the topic.

  26. Why do so many BreadTuber's have an unhealthy obsession with VCR filters? What does it add to the video? If it's to try and make the topic seem more illusive, I feel like it's kinda missing the point of politics.

  27. Bruh I wanna watch this whole video to make an actual educated decision on how I feel about this but you making it hard lmao

  28. pewdiepie is legit one of the most PC creators on this platform. just because he slipped up once, on a completely different platform doesnt make him "edgy". if u want to go after anyone pursue countula dank or some other shithead like him

  29. The creator of Pepe says he does not identify with the alt-right and is hurt that his works have been appropriated by the alt-right.

  30. Yes I get the point. But still even if its not genocide. The amount of people getting desensitized is meager and has no logical place unless the person was already curious about such sort of thing. Literallu nobody of the people I know or the thousands I have interacted online with get desensitized or more comforable around real racists. But in the minority of cases it can make an impact in the whole true racists situation as small or big as it might be. But without numbers to prove it I dont think most people also get desensitized. (Not that you said it that way)

  31. Agree with what you are saying, how going down the rabbit hole can lead to more and more extreme views. However 3 instances of mistakes from a channel that has a huge amount of content out is not funneling people to facism, and labelling PewDiePie as some sort of gateway to genocide is a very big conclusion to make, and a very big finger to point. The three instances you spoke about were his slip of the tongue during an intense moment in a video game, or a mistake, which he apologized for and has made efforts to not continue that behaviour, and has changed the persona he presents on his channel as well as his content because of this. The time when he 'directed his followers to extreme right wing content' was in a video where he recommended about 30 channels, one of which happened to have content that he did not know about and was not the reason he was recommending his videos, he was recommending them for his anime content. And finally the ' t. A.. J…s' joke which was pretty bad. However, one mistake does not warrant a video in his name talking about how he is a gateway to fascist ideology. This is defamation and blowing things way out of proportion. I understand what you are trying to say, saying how relatively harmless 'sjw owned' videos can lead to right wing content, however any long time viewer of PewDiePie would see that he actually discourages forms of racism, and definitely does not condone it.

  32. Dude, you should make a video on the Group Atomwaffen Division. A neo-nazi organization based on lone wolf activity in america and around the world. Thank you for this video it was very informative.

  33. It seems to me most of your argument hinges on the idea that without external forces humans cannot think for themselves. And yes that is to some degree correct as our culture and the people we grow up around shape us, but I think you may be doing the human race a disservice by assuming that just because I happen to share a Viewpoint with someone, and I may interact with them sometimes, that I am automatically going to begin acting out that belief. You are aware that humans have the capability of saying "this just crossed the line" of their own valition, right?

  34. You’re a smart guy, but you are completely smearing pewdiepie, misrepresenting his views, actions and ideas.

  35. “I’m not going to share any of the manifesto of the Christchurch shooter” because he was a communist? Not a white nationalist? Would that disprove your video perhaps?

  36. "I thought heather hays, or hayer, or whatever her name was"

    Intentionally or not, this talk about a dead person who was """allegedly""" hit by a car comes off as so callous/as an afterthought that it's…

    Carl you have no right to call yourself anything but a facist. Jesus christ.

    Even if someone DID die from a heart attack at a rally, fumbling around with "whatever her name was" is grossly inappropriate you fuckwit.

  37. Pewdiepi has plausible deniability. Jontron is a flat out ethno stater… "People just disagree with him on immigration." I disagree with most Republicans on immigration… They don't quote white supremacist talking points about whites not being the majority in 20 years is a problem. Didn't realize Rogan was so far gone though. Not saying he's as bad as JonTron, that's a clearly fallacious argument though. The people who migrate here generally adapt to American lifestyles. Some remain the way they are though, as is their right… I see Christians forcing their way of life on people more than anyone. "But the SJW's!" The only halfass argument for that is the misgendering, which has been talked to death and proven to be bullshit. Just don't harass them or discriminate. It's fairly clear where the guidelines are. The social media shit you can blame on Republicans. That's just private enterprise at work. A company has the right to make these guidelines. You aren't an employee, also you signed the contract. TOS jackasses. Follow the rules or deal with the consequences. The rest is just societal, and people have the right to express their dislike of you. Through boycotting and other various means, this falls under freedom of speech. That thing you claim to respect, accept you haven't actually read the constitution. Most have no clue what it actually says… Although boycotting is being threatened, anti BDS…

  38. By your logic the vhs filter is a “dog whistle” there are multiple groups who use this filter in their propaganda

  39. I would think the "I align with china" from a my western perspective means authoritarian in which the goverment controls all aspect of culture where possible. Mind you I also just really dislike the policies and structures of the chinease goverment.

  40. I was falling down the pewdiepipline a few years ago. Contra and philosophy tube brought me back. Happy to be at the end of the breadtube pipeline

  41. Why not just call this Edgy pipeline? You said yourself it's not just about pewdiepie but rather edgy humor, so it would be better to call it something else. Also, I relate with this video because I had an SJW-like phase and a right-winged phase when I was younger. I had my "SJW" phase first before my right-winged one. When I was super liberal, I would constantly hate on the army, have long conversations with my other left friend about the army and do a bunch of other negative stuff I don't remember about. When I had my right-winged phase, I would watch a bunch of those cringe compilations, SJWs wrecked videos and videos of women hitting men and men hitting back. Watching those videos at the time became entertainment and relief for me because I felt that those people were getting what they deserved because their beliefs were wrong and they should be shut down for those beliefs. Thankfully I got out of that phase because one of my right-winged rants was found by someone at school and I got suspended for it. That experience taught me that those beliefs weren't the best and that I was being a terrible person for verbally assaulting my classmates just because they were different. Now I'm a happy centrist individual that carefully observes others before deciding on my own opinion 😀

  42. "it's just memes… until it isnt" perfectly describes my journey with certain "edgy memes". I just wanted to have a guilty laugh at the absurdity of these concepts, however the deeper I went I realized that these people actually meant it. Its awful how some of these people think.

  43. in other words, dark comedy and edgy humor have to be censored and banned entirely because we should go after what should be available to everyone away, instead of going harder at the assholes who really do fucked up things. Know why you should be desensitized to "mean words"? Because they lose their meaning when you don't care.

  44. Alright I have a plan if you live in the United States; when political instability and tensions go up in America, overthrow the government! Initiate the class war!

  45. Oh well.. I ain't better. I refuse to do politics at all.. I only do art and that may or may not make people do politic based on it.
    What can you do.. hide in a cave ?
    No. If you are able to see through it, you appearently do a video like this one. Now people will do politics based on your video aswell.
    I don't know what is right and wrong anymore. I never did.

  46. Too much mental gymnastics for me in one video. You could build a house with the amount of strawmans here.

  47. I'm proud to say i've never been subscribed to that "useful idiot" Pew-Die-Pie♪ …and i'm one of the lucky ones.

  48. Okay, there's so much wrong here, but I'm only going to specifically comment on one thing you said at 10:08. The idea the PewDiePie is normalizing that rhetoric is absurd. That kind of humor is shock humor, and the only way that shock humor works is if it's, well, shocking. In order for a shock joke to land the phrase uttered has to be disagreeable and uncomfortable. The punchline of shock humor isn't the phrase itself, but rather that the phrase is so absurd and disagreeable that the person saying it is awful and ought to be laughed at. In other words, the only way you can find shock humor funny is if you disagree with the uttered sentence.
    Ultimately this video is just one long "playing violent video games makes you violent, don't listen to rock music or you'll worship the devil, weed is a gateway drug" Christian-Fundamentalist-style moral panic in another form. Same basic structure, same poor science, different words.
    Man, watching this is basically just "17-Year-Old-Me's Opinions: The Documentary". It's so cringy to watch. No, you can enjoy edgy humor and not even become right-wing. The only reason something even resembling this pipeline exists is because puritanical, authoritarian left-wing moral busybodies have made it the hip new counterculture. This is just what happens when a group of people get control of the Overton Window. 60 years ago this video would have been about how going to rock concerts leads you to trying weed, which leads you to bra-burning and left-wing activism, which leads you to godless atheistic Communism. Did some people who went to rock concerts in the 60s just to rebel against the establishment end up becoming Communists? Yeah, sure, but we didn't have a Communist revolution in the 1970s, and we aren't on the brink of a Nazi coup now. The left is just finally experiencing what it is like to have moral panics now that we hold the moral zeitgeist for basically the first time. Same shit, different day.

    Enjoy your dank memes. Chances are you aren't going to become a Nazi.

  49. Ah you think bantz is your ally? You merely adopted the bantz. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn't see the clown world until I was already an edge lord, by then it was nothing to me but humor!

  50. The one idea thought most reprehensible is the solution. One can be Left without placating to the astounding number of subatomic special interests, ALL of them bourgeois distractions from the goal of liberation for the worker!
    The news talks all day about transexuals, homosexuals, bisexuals, etc. Whatever 1% of the populations nonsense will grab the publics attention toward some worthless cause. All the while food costs go up, wages stagnate, and corporatism strengthens itself through those very same bourgeois causes the media pushes so readily, never do they talk about the cost of food or the stagnation of wages.

  51. I can get behind a lot of the stuff you're saying. Words lead to actions, and violent and negative words can quickly turn into violent acts. A lot of the problems society suffers from rise from thought processes that are singular and escalating in nature. I also think it would be beneficial for more public figures to state their beliefs outright- but I can also understand why that would be a terrifying undertaking. Especially because of the biases that have taken over American news coverage.

    Which leads me to the problem(a very minor problem) I have with this video. Using PewDiePie as the figurehead of this theory was, in my opinion, a mistake. If I only knew PewDiePie through the sources you referenced in the video, I would think he was a perfect candidate. But those articles and the sites that produced them exaggerated PewDiePie's actions to a point where it feels almost akin to defamation. When PewDiePie recommended that channel, he clearly didn't do it with any ill intent. He watched an anime review and liked it. That's all. He had no idea that there were "dog whistles" throughout the content on that channel. He didn't pick up on those hidden jokes because that's not the kind of humor he encourages or supports. He's definitely made a few mistakes- some far more serious than others- but he sincerely apologized, admitted his wrongdoing, and has honestly tried to do better at keeping those kinds of jokes away from his content moving forward.

    I just think that picking PewDiePie for this video was a mistake. Not leaving a dislike, just explaining my personal opinion. This is a discussion that needs to be had, I just think you went after one of the least problematic figures in your pursuit. Cheers.

  52. 0:25 yes it was just his twisted dark humor and he thought saying it would cause controversy. He wrote a book on why he did it you know…

  53. Only states, protostates or state-sponsored groups can commit genocide. Non-state murders can't kill even 0.1% of the target group.

  54. I've had to force myself through some parts of the video because some of the examples used are rather forced or lack the nuance to fully justify them. I agree with your over all thesis but 20:10 is the exact reason for all of the dislikes. I'm sure I would have enjoyed this far more if you had gone about this in a less clickbaitey, sensationalist way (pewdiepipeline, c'mon dude). Of course that would have meant you'd only get 1/5 of the views so I guess the trade off is credibility for views reach, or something.

  55. Right off the bat, this was an amazing video. However I know I’m just gonna sound like another Pewdiepie fan trying to back him up, but I really don’t think Pewdiepie did any of these things on purpose. In a lot of the videos before the “death to all Jews” joke, you can very much see how differently his content is compared to now. I think he was genuinely in a bad mental state at the time. As for the promoting of the fascist YouTuber, it was a pretty clear mistake. Who actually watches every YouTubers videos?
    Also please stop using the footage of Pewdiepie in the army uniform, it’s not even a Nazi uniform, it’s a British army uniform.
    I’m not saying that what Pewdiepie did was okay by any means. It wasn’t, and he does need to learn from these mistakes. I do believe that because of all the controversy and shit he came to a realisation. You can see his content is a lot more chilled nowadays. He’s not trying to be edgy to appeal to an audience, he’s just doing what he wants to do. As for the tomska tweet, you can bet anything that if Pewdiepie tweeted that, somehow somebody would find a way to twist his words around and accuse him. Once you’re in there, there’s no getting out. Pewdiepie got himself trapped in the mud, and he’ll probably never escape it. You can’t read a single Pewdiepie news article without the mention of NZ, Death to all Jews and the n word.
    I don’t think the NZ shooter even watched Pewdiepie. I think he just wants to fuck with everyone. He has no ideologies. He literally just wants to spread as much chaos as possible.
    I know this essay was a bit all over the place but I hope it made some sense.

  56. Spend literally any time whatsoever in actual alt-right circles and you'll realize that you're just digging through regurgitated trash. Your analysis walks and talks well and it shows that you have a good mind for analysis but your source material is all from the same circles that spun the narrative in the first place and the methodology behind your data does not subject itself to the scientific process for validity. The alt-right and their ilk are neither subtle nor apologetic about the reasons behind their beliefs and analysis like this, blind to the motivations of those you seek to explain, only serve to further distract from the core of the problems we have these days with extremism.

  57. Such a good video, I myself almost fell into that hole. I hope that people on the edge will see this video and realize what they are getting into…

  58. The problem with complaining about stereotypes and talking about them is that nearly every stereotype is true about the general population. I don’t think it’s ever okay to judge an individual based on stereotypes but judging groups based on stereotypes is fine because they are nearly always true in general.

  59. It’s just crazy to me how many questions leftists liberals like you just can’t answer and how many facts you can’t take into account when discussing your worldview. You’re almost as bad as conservatives in that way. Like a person like me who actually does support the type of government China has, and wish my country would have something more similar to that but is a reactionary right winger doesn’t make sense to you because you think of China as a left wing government. When in reality they are not really that left wing at all, they are more a nationalist fascist type of government, which every communist or socialist government always ends up becoming in the end. That’s why I support all reactionary movement whether left or right wing because they all become fascist-like governments in the end. Much better than the left or right wing liberals that we have today that give away our countries to multinational corporations and banks.

  60. It's tragically satisfying that the plethora of horrifically salty comments on this video by the exact kind of people you describe as both participating in and perpetuating this culture prove your point so clearly.

  61. I am someone who fell down this pipeline almost to the letter. I am out of this now, but the after effects and consequences are still very present. My family is alienated, I lost a few friends but thankfully most of them stuck with me to help me get out, and I struggle intensely every day with my identity as a trans woman and how it relates to my past actions. Thank you for making this video. I don't want to see more people fall down what looks from the outside like an insane spiral, but when you are in it, it seems like you're just becoming a "rational thinker", or "Just asking the questions everyone is too afraid to ask". It's an enticing journey from the inside, but it consumes you entirely, and you become unrecognizable to those in your life.

    Edit: I was stopped during stage 3, for those concerned

  62. PewDiePie has said before he's not racist and racism is bad… Calling it "pewdiepipeline" is disengenuous and trying to use his name and bring him down to lift your video up.

  63. Hey! I'd just like to thank you for providing such an amazing resource. I'm Currently doing an EPQ (extended project qualification) on the alt-right pipeline. This has been an amazing help in understanding the process.

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