36 thoughts on “The Personal is Political: is identity politics eating itself?

  1. The girl at 1:05:24 is a lost cause. Here we have people talking about identity politics being self-destructive & narcissistic & she latches onto the darling of identity politics,—trans ideology,— & asks why that particular identity is not included on the panel. Never mind that there are no Asian, black, Latino/Latina, or American Indian people, no disabled people (someone who is deaf, someone who is blind, someone paraplegic, etc.), no one who identified as bisexual, no one representing 99% of the countries of the world, no people being treated for mental illnesses, etc. ad nauseum. She is an example of just the kind of narcissism they discuss when she self-identifies & wants to know why she isn't represented on the panel, even though the trans topic was only a small part of the discussion, not the focus of the program.

  2. Identity politics has been destroying the Democratic Party in the U.S. & they are so out of touch that they don't even see it. I recommend that people look for audios & vids of Mark Lilla who wrote, _The Once & Future Liberal_. He has a couple of NPR interviews, has been on Sam Harris' podcast, & has spoken at a number of events you can see on YT. He has been attacked, of course, b/c he is one of the few voices of reason & the Dem Party (and most "progressives" to the Left of the Dem Party), have become completely immersed in identity politics, even while Dems have lost 1,000 seats nation-wide in the last decade. IDK what it will take to get these people to realize that identity politics has become a cancer that is destroying the Dems, progressive movements, women's rights, & our Democratic society itself. The backlash has given us Trump, the misogynistic Men's Rights Movement, & the rise of White Nationalism. We now have a toxic internet full of hate, echo chambers, & social media sites that are recruiting tools for MRAs, for trans ideology targeting children, for Islamic terrorists, for White Supremacist terrorists, for escapist "communities", & for anti-science conspiracy nuts. It's a dreadful situation & I don't see a way out of it except to convince people to get OFF the internet & start interacting with PHYSICAL people, animals, & nature in the PHYSICAL world around them. Ironically, to convince people on the internet to stop spending so much time on the internet, you have to be ON the internet! Identity politics is destroying the U.S.

  3. Identity politics is a response to oppression. You cannot pathologise, subjugate, enslave, colonize, torment, judge, execute, spit on and degrade black people, homosexuals, intersex people, women, black women generally, albinos etc and expect them to riot in an orderly fashion. You make the bed that you lie into. The fantasies you sold to yourselves about getting devine mercy have led you to believe that you can treat people this way and then expect them to just forget and move on. Conservatives created the wedge, now you complain about how you are being shut out, as if you used to negotiate when you had the upper hand. You baked your cake, now eat it, MF!

  4. "What we do comes from what we are". The panel is cleared biased and unfortunately they are all very happy to stick together as a group that's ready to destroy the "new witches of modern life" (sic). Good to see the young lady undoing their dominant discourse. As a black activist has said recently: "if our voices are disturbing the elite's "coloniality of power" we must point out to the fact that the "terms of the conversation" is just beginning".

  5. To say at the end “we know it’s nonsense we know it’s ridiculous” 🤦🏻‍♂️ seriously!!?? Even if they think that trans issues are not as trans people say they are …. is it not her position to talk about why a huge influx of trans people have come out over the recent decade? Help people don’t just discredit how they feel even if you don’t agree that feelings are some thing to consider politically.

  6. All white panel discussing identity politics which is irony cuz they make these talks with only white people because they feel comftable to discuss these issues. The exact narcissism they talked about, they are obsessed with each other

  7. There are problems with identity politics but this video is not a discussion of that, it's simply whinging.

  8. Is it me, or is a lot of the public people kinda stupid? I have a feeling they didn't listen at all. They are so stuck with the brainwashing that they don't think anymore.

  9. I once had an opinion that I could just express as a human being, now I have to explain why I have an opinion based on my gender, colour of skin, whether I'm a mother or not, if I've been poor and my indigenous status. Then, I get back in the box until I have to explain it all over again. I miss being human.

  10. I'm quite honestly sick & tired of Joanna and her ludicrous subjective vs objective reality axiom ! The " subjective " is simply a byproduct of the objective ! Just like the micro & macro are actually one and the same thing ! She's simply interested in maintaining the STATUS QUO that she BENEFITS FROM !

  11. It's interesting that the host of this talk says she wanted to invite others to the talk but yet insisted that Julie was going to be there come hell or high water . Okay then , but stop trying to pretend that you want dissenting points of view at your talk !

  12. Speaking as a US citizen-subject-debtor-settler-slave i feel like the intent of the manufactured hypersensationalist polarization in identity politics is a war of attrition to distract the masses from the growing awareness of the culpability with state crimes, the hypocrisy of democracy as an alibi covering up ongoing colonial control over indigenous lands, and that what makes any citizen liable to pay the nations debt is their identity so those of us that don't want to be in collusion with the state have to challenge the national identity. So this is all actually part of a social class control formation intent to stabilize society. Such as it is.

  13. “speaking as a parent, speaking as a woman, speaking as a black man” – with the aim of lending moral authority to the statement which follows"
    Not moral authority but epistemic authority.

  14. "but to enforce the right to have one’s self-declared identity respected."
    The latter does constitute social change if the social group to with you belong and/or identify do not have social equality and/or freedoms.

  15. Stuck between the lunatic left, and the oligarchical right.
    The electorate are fucked, and need to start over.

  16. So still insisting that internet is nothing but a drag net, to identify then separate the clown fish from the barracudas from the squid, before hauling them off into respective mental pens?

    At least appreciate the cognizance revealed in trying to tighten the net, so that no one gets in unless they really deserve it! Managing own potentially toxic (in wrong conditions) viewpoints I suppose you can call it.

    But that leaves real problems of the world unaddressed (sans the staged window dressing lip service on show here?) . Is 24 hour TV/Internet the format to do that in the first place, Is of course a good question to also ask.

    Money will solve most of the worlds problems according to the modern paradigm, and mass media is a means to generate it. Which is what you are doing on screen in the first place I suppose.

    Why this is so is because mass media is an effective means to draw, harness then channel attention and thus energy and resources,

    In ways geared (so we hope) towards preservation, stability and then growth (in that order)

    Versus the very real threat of mass unemployment taking root (or spreading) for example

    But you are only solving your own problems by performing the drudgery of workaday life, which includes appearing on talk shows, in your cases.

    But to imply that your gathering or organization (and the mediums and channels in place to enable it) is somehow addressing the problems of society and the world, is quite misleading.

    So one foot in front of the other and keep marching? While all those footsteps in total amount to one giant step backwards and two monumental steps back?

    If we're lucky that is? Barring something even more catastrophic. So two millennia and counting, as we wait for the big boot?

    Best keep them occupied until that happens then. With all too often deliberately engineered and fabricated problems.

    Since I've completely ignored any attempt at political correctness here, can I end with a joke?

    Is the cause of feminism a product of too few good men and even less worthwhile women? LOL

    But can you really be a good man or a good woman in a bad world? Sort of like trying to be a good teacher in a bad school, or vice versa, the two are ultimately incompatible no?

    Even if there is something to be said, about team playing, compromise, moderation, realistic expectations and all that jazz.

    But just what is the cut off point, last straw, end of the line? When differences are proven irreconcilable and problems prove too deeply rooted?

    Death I suppose. Ours or the planets?

  17. This is the type of debate where one finds themselves thinking "yes but…" every 15 seconds. The irony here is that this panel has basically created a safe space where they can talk about these issues without having to respond to different perspectives. It is always interesting to note that in these sorts of debates no one shows any indication that they have engaged with any theory that offers a different perspective. There's no one speaking about where they agree or disgaree with bell hooks, or Angela Davis, or anyone else with whom they could probably have a more interesting, nuanced conversation. It's all "the students these days" and other straw men. A frustratingly shallow, skewed, risk-free discussion.

  18. God there's quite a lot of guff in here.. "white, het men have no chance of getting heard on an issue?" "All white men are pretending to be back women and telling black women that their white misogynists" Give me a break. This is a supposed to be about ideas? More like straw men and canards.

  19. It's worse than that Bindel simply hates men: if for a minute I listen to what she says, she's abjectly wrong on so many things, all of which are in the field she claims expertise in.

    For instance: she claims the postmodernists wrecked 2nd wave feminism and in the same breath says "social construction makes us what we are" – Social Constructivism *IS* postmodernist, you idiot. As for stating she doesn't believe in gender, that merely underlines one of two things: she's either talking out of both sides of her mouth, or she really has no recollection of things she said only minutes earlier that supported the exact opposite.


  20. Identity Politics, Feminism, etc. have reached Imperial Status. This phenomenon has happened with all human groups and since Women and POC are humans it was only a matter of time to them to start behaving like this.
    Give them a good defeat to chew. Some common sense will eventually start to appear.

  21. I can't stand Julie Bindel. She may come across as reasonable in a talk about free speech, but she's still a radical man-hating feminist that believes in the conspiracy of patriarchy.

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