The Origins Of Anti-Semitism In America | AJ+

The Origins Of Anti-Semitism In America | AJ+

their hate list often includes another minority group: The Tree of Life Synagogue massacre in Pittsburgh which left 11 worshippers dead reminded Americans that hatred of Jews is not simply a problem of the past or only one in Europe. actually has a long and often violent history in the U.S. It’s also frequently been used by white nationalists and other right-wingers to rally support against social and progressive change You have white supremacists who are once again rising to remove Jews from America. In his statements on social media the Pittsburgh synagogue killer connected his hatred of Jews with his hatred for Muslims and refugees. So where exactly does all this hate come from? American anti-Semitism doesn’t exist in a vacuum and actually finds its way to the U.S. from Europe where Jews have been persecuted for centuries. Jews along with Muslims were deemed a threat by politically powerful churches and persecuted by authoritarian rulers looking for scapegoats on which to blame social and economic problems. But in America virulent anti-semitism didn’t really take off until immigrated here in the early 20th century. This migration also happened as part of a much larger wave of migration of some twenty million people from Eastern and Southern Europe to the Americas. And so Jews were part of that too, just looking for and so on. Many Jews were escaping stoked by the monarchies of Eastern Europe, often as a diversion from challenges to their own power There was massive pogroms that took place in the there was one in And then with the 1905 attempt at a revolution in Russia Jews had invested themselves very fully Like other immigrants at the time Jewish immigrants face xenophobic, racist, and anti-Semitic hostility both in their neighborhoods and in the U.S. press. And so you began to see anti-semitic images of Jews as capitalists So you have pictures of Jews and top hats carrying bags of money. Anti-semitic incidents were frequent during this era, including the lynching of Leo Frank by a mob in Marietta, Georgia – a violent tactic commonly used to terrorize African Americans in the U.S. South. He had come from the North to manage a pencil factory. A young white girl was found murdered and sexually assaulted in the factory And he was blamed with the thinnest bits of evidence. He was tried and convicted. And while his sentence was being appealed a mob broke him out of prison, dragged him to Marietta and hanged him. But anti-Semitism during this era went far beyond what happened to Leo Frank. Remember the Jewish participation and Russian revolutions mentioned earlier? Jewish involvement in these uprisings against the tyranny of Russian monarchs spurred a new theme in right-wing propaganda. That Jewish revolutionaries were conspiring with Jewish bankers to take over the world Accusations that Jewish revolutionaries and bankers were behind movements for social change became a rallying cry for white nationalists to suppress campaigns for workers rights and black civil rights. You have figures like Rosa Luxemburg and Trotsky who are very active in left-wing communist governments and movements, and so you begin to see images of Jews as sort of the bomb-throwing radical. So you have these contradictory images that exist at the same time. Which brings us the Father Coughlin, a Catholic priest who, in the 1930s, was notorious for railing against Jewish bankers in many of his radio addresses – something that white nationalists and the alt-right continue to peddle. Coughlin’s vehement opposition to communism and was a part of his conspiracy theories about a And today, Jews are being accused of doing the same thing, as being part of an international global conspiracy through organizations such as White nationalist sentiments had prompted the U.S. government in the 1920s to adopt As a result, the U.S. That’s very much the same rhetoric that we hear against who are escaping religious persecution. This is the same rhetoric that our President Trump is using right now against migrants who are coming up from Central America and hoping to find sanctuary in the United States. And a younger generation of Jewish Americans have become more vocal about calling out attacks on marginalized communities. Rachael Goldstein of IfNotNow, a Jewish activist group which opposes Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, is calling for When there’s anti-Semitism, when there are anti-Semitic attacks, that’s not just an attack on Jews. It’s really an attack on In the decades since the Holocaust, however, the white American mainstream has largely integrated Jewish Americans. A Pew study from 2017 found that more than half of Americans rated Jews very warmly, higher than any other religious group I’ve been really fortunate to grow up without experiencing a ton of anti-Semitism, especially not it’s in its most vicious form. But I know that my grandparents experienced things that were much different than what I am. Even my parents. And to be a fourth-generation American Jew is a really different experience. All of this violence is interconnected. And I have to say, as a scholar of Jewish history and someone who’s part of the Jewish community, it seems incumbent upon Jewish Americans to recognize that Meanwhile, the recent rise of white nationalists and alt-right groups has seen them unafraid to espouse bigoted views towards Muslims, Latinos, African Americans, the LGBT community and Jews. Before and after Pittsburgh activists in many of these targeted communities have Here is Palestinian American activist Linda Sarsour addressing Jewish Americans in front of the White House at a vigil for the victims in Pittsburgh, I’m here today with my Arab American and Muslim family who came out here to send a very loud and clear message to all of you that we love you. We stand with you. We are willing to risk everything so that you too can have a right to practice your religion freely in these United States of America. And remember what happened at Charlottesville? This now famous moment was actually an echo of a traditional white nationalist rallying cry suggesting And at this time, with the political climate that were in right now, with the rhetoric that Donald Trump is sharing with his base, it has sort of allowed for anti-Semitism to come up to the surface, to make it more acceptable for white nationalists to explicitly say things like “Jews will not replace us.” The alt-right and white nationalists consistently use terminology that can only be described as not-so-subtle attacks on Jews. So, the term, that’s being widely used today to attack George Soros and other Jews is another variant of the term which was used in anti-Semitic documents. The Jewish billionaire and philanthropist George Soros is today’s incarnation of the Jew that white nationalists love to hate. For decades he’s funded the progressive causes and groups that nationalists in both Eastern Europe and in the United States cannot stand and seek to discredit, often as foreign menaces. This belief that there are wealthy Jews who are controlling world events with a goal to destabilize Western countries – Trump is not only sounding an anti-Semitic dog whistle to cue other people, he’s making straight-up anti-Semitic arguments himself now. President Trump has come under heavy criticism for his response to Pittsburgh and Charlottesville. He’s been accused of fanning the flames by targeting specific groups through racist policies and rhetoric He has opened the door and given legitimacy to a group of people that have been sidelined and marginalized. and he has just Robert Bowers, the killer at Tree of Life synagogue, had said online that he was targeting Jews because and named a Jewish charity helping to resettle Muslim refugees in America. Unsurprisingly, he had also ranted about the caravan of asylum seekers from Central America Well, for some it’s about recognizing the I am a young American Jew who hasn’t had to experience quite the amount of pain that some of the older folks in the American Jewish community have. So as a young person, and the future of other people who are being targeted by white nationalism. Jews need to make, I think, a decision I think we’re at a crossroads in some ways about how we’re going to approach this. Are we going to reassert our place within a white society and align ourselves with the state? Align ourselves with authority Or are we going to see that

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  1. The irony when Aj+ a muslim run pity of jews while in muslim country jews can't even pratices their reiligion😂😂😂

  2. I am a committed Zionist and proud Jew who thinks this video is PATHETIC. When will you Leftist Jews understand that that the blacks, in particular, as well as other groups you are desperate to befriend, hate us more than any other group in the USA? White Christians, especially committed Evangelicals and those that are Biblically literate within Catholicism, are our BIGGEST FRIENDS. The Alt-Right is a very small and marginal group. But most blacks, who comprise 12% of the population, harbor some anti-semitic sentiment or another. I despise everything you stand for. If I wasn't a Jew myself, I would probably despise you also.

  3. There was the Spanish Inquisition in Spain when Spain had been a Muslim caliphate (Caliphate of Cordoba) for people of all religions, including Jews and Muslims for 800 years. After the inquisition Jews went to live in Muslims countries though many others converted to Christianity.

  4. In the end, it's only our nature to hate or strongly dislike something or someone. What is the non-bias root causes? What is the true history behind this hatred?

  5. Muslims warning me about antisemitism. Cute.

    I assume your next video will be ISIS warning me about homophobia.

  6. But I read the Jewish Forward and they explicitly say that Jews aren’t white. There’s even a song called “I’m not white, I’m jewish”. Every single jew knows they aren’t white. They only pretend to be white so they can trash white people and not seem racist

  7. So let me get this straight. White Nationalists who oppose non white races, are on the same page as radical Islamists (who are usually not white), in their hatred against Jews? Sounds like something deeper than skin color is going on here. Thanks for the propaganda Al Jazeera.

  8. I think this is European issue.
    Now, Judaism uses the Tanakh but doesn’t actually believe in it or follow it ( is like a shell)
    Jewish people follow the Talmud as the their holiest writings
    Jewish people and it’s beliefs have NOTHING to do with Hebrew people

    To quote Romans “ Hebrews are a race of Ethiopians” (Romans called all black skin people Ethiopians.

    The Talmud say Black skin people are cursed , like monkey’s and are “ strange things” . Now that racist as hell!

  9. At the first place, no one executed you after the WWII..

    Then why Israel occupied Palestine then? To bring back all the Jews right?
    Even occupied Golan Height that belongs to Syria, that's not promised land either..

  10. For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’” (Matthew 25: 34-36)

  11. I think it would be helpful to use DREAM INCUBATION to question antisemitism and what jews mean to each of us. This is a method which addresses any question to the subconscious mind and exposes via a dream reply our relation to any concept. Contact me if interested.

  12. You have a lot of liberal balls to make this when Christians are statistically the most persecuted and murdered group in the world. Your feminist, gay agenda and Islam mania are worse than the nazis. You should be ashamed

  13. Just 1 question.Why non whites pile up in white nation and ask for rights ONLY in white nations?Why they dont emigrate in Israel or China or Japan or Saudi Arabia?????Or maybe Africa?Its a whole continent just for you to NOT feel opressed or discriminated.Asia have , also , o lot of countries that are not white.Why they dont go there ???Seem to me there is an ideal place to imigrate.You all can live happy and build ur own happy nations.

  14. "Anti-semitism" is nothing more than anti-Judaism and is 100% legitimate!! We can criticize people who are harming us. Historically the believers of Judaism have caused so much harm on mankind. This isn't an opinion it's the undeniable truth. It's time the average person educates themselves on Judaism, the Talmud, B'nai B'rith, Chabad Lubavitch, Kabbalah, and the history behind the people who hold up this sick belief.

  15. Every dictionary that contains the word "antisemitism" should contain the word "loxism" as well. But it doesn't. Actually no modern dictionary explains it. But loxism is a greater danger for humanity than antisemitism

  16. Is it not true? The fed is a privately owned bank and is not “federal”, but meant to deceive. At least the extreme Muslims are honest about what they believe. Many are unaware of what’s written in the Talmud 👈👈👈

  17. “Gas ovens killed millions of Jews. That’s how the novel says. What is the truth of the #holocaust and how did the Zionist movement benefit from it?”
    -Actual headline from AJ+

  18. Nice antisetism in one of your latest articles/videos! Kindly dissapear. You are SHILLS and blatant anti semites.

  19. For people looking for crime rate

    Look at the FBI statics, not medias

    This is why some US Citizen really hate minorities

  20. How is it possible that people are hate jews but love and care about so many of them like: drake, stan lee, gal gadot, albert einstein and many many more..
    Stop the hating, love more.❤

  21. Yes…These poorly educated criminals are anti-semitic, but not because they hate Jewish people. They hate Arabs as well (I am half-Palestinian). THAT'S what makes them Anti-Semitic. Semites are people of Semitic background. Jewish people and Arab people. Please…educate people thoroughly if you are planning to do so.

  22. When jews took over as the ruling elite and set forth policies beneficial to them at white peoples expense?
    That is the best answer you will get.
    Now get on with your life.

  23. This is called Gaslighting blaming one set of ethnic group for the worlds problems rather than blaming each group as a collective whole yall are brainwashed

  24. Jews are 40% of American billionaires, run the media, the banks, Hollywood, political lobby groups and so on…. so how exactly are Jews marginalized or oppressed?

  25. This guy just admitted that white people have been marginalized and sidelined and Trump has given them a voice

  26. They are admitting that Jews need to side with minorities against white people… and then they complain when white people fight back

  27. 4:20 bet the Zionists were behind not letting the Jews from Germany come into the USA. I mean, they had to go to Israel….

  28. White nationalists aren't anti-Semitic..white supremacists are..not that it matters to them because they are just trying to push an agenda. Saying that globalism isn't controlled by the Zionists is just ignorance. If anyone were to read books anymore they would know the oppression of Jews was quite over-exaggerated, and were denied immigration to the united states JUST like the Irish and Italians. They were kicked out of 400 countries (most multiple times, as countries tend to change names) for trying to take over aka..federal reserve..feminism..migration of 3rd world peoples to Europe. Just think it's kind of ironic they push this idea of "inclusion" and "diversity" while requiring genetic testing on people who want to move to Israel to see if they are Jewish enough. If diversity is so great why aren't THEY taking in these Muslim migrants?

  29. The Palestinians collaborated with the Nazis and were planning their own Final Solution the Mandatory Palestine in addition to other parts of the Middle East. Any questions?

  30. To all my Jewish brothers: this is NOT your fight!!! Don’t involve yourself in it. Your home is NOT USA !! I know you think it is but we all see how it’s developing.. right hate us, left hate us.. it’s just not gonna work! Come home to ISRAEL , and at least feel at home with your family.. please consider it

  31. I think the big problem is, that there have been many Jews who have committed horrible atrocities in world history, and do not want to take accountability for it. We can admit that white Christian's have committed horrible acts. But the fact that you can not even question the Jewish aspect of that, or individual Jews is quite disturbing. We need to be able to call out people like Larry Silverstein who is responsible for 9/11. But all we get us silence. This actually puts the average Jews in great danger. Why you might ask? Because the rest of the world knows this. So what this does is make it look like Jews are hiding something. By calling out individual Jews, it isolates the rest for not being responsible. But when we bury it, it makes everything look very very suspicious. So this ends up putting all Jews in one box, and then the backlash will happen against the Jews you can get your hands on. Still is very wrong, but the time has come when we will and should be allowed to criticize and convict individual Jews.

  32. See this is exactly why there is anti-Semitism. That is the most hideous argument I have ever heard, and a very tricky trap. Jews are the most privileged people on this planet. To label them as allies of the community's of color is very very disgusting, if not a gross lie. Billionaires are also under attack from the majority of working class people. So are they now in the same category as the marginalized communities. That is ridiculous.

  33. George Soros is a white supremacist. He even stated with Henry Kissinger that Americas role in the third world nations should be depopulation.

  34. hate the jews

    i sleep

    hate the refugees

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  35. Im not anti anyone except for people that believe in a bible that tells them that everyone else except for them, are nothing more than animals. The Jewish people have a ritual, after a baby is circumcised, they will suck the blood out of the penis. Just look up the Jewish Bible (tanakh). Ive never disliked any group of people for any reason. A group of 8 muslims raped my mother and her friend, but I dont view all muslims as if there all bad people. That would be foolish. But if you pray to a bible that teaches you that you are better then all others. I have a problem with that.

  36. White nationalism. Your skin is the same color as other white people. All your trying to do is team up with people of other races. Your belief system is gross, I am not a "goy" so go take a long walk off a short pier. If you dont know what a goy is look it up. Its what they call ALL PEOPLE that are not Jewish.

  37. Arent those Democrats the one being antisemitic? You know, those 4 on the Senate who worship a failed ideology

  38. Poor Anti-Semites. What a pity that so many simpletons equate Antisemitism with racism, which is a big NO-NO these days! Just imagine if it were possible to profess Antisemitism without any guilt. What a bliss, what a joy! Instead, they must cover it with some noble motivation, like being pro-Palestinians. Never mind that Jews of Israel are the only guarantee of the so-called Palestinians nationhood. Because without a doubt the world will forget about Palestinians, and brotherly Arabs will attack them from all sides and will make a bloody mess of them the moment the State of Israel cease to exist. Truly, the world needs another ideological genius on par with immortal Marx who would make it politically feasible to be an open Anti-Semite and not a racist at the same time. Such person would amply deserve the Nobel Peace Prize as it is being bestowed these days.

  39. Whose this bald guy and why does he have the camera low, doesn't that display an attempt to make oneself look higher, put the camera so its level or higher than you.

  40. "They are good with money, and we aren't, therefore, they are Evil incarnate."
    It's all about the money.

  41. Jews got kicked out of 200+ countries.

    If a man gets kicked out of 200 bars, and he tells you that it's the fault of the 200 bar-owners, do you believe him?
    If you get kicked out of 1 club, you can blame the club. But if you get kicked out of almost every club on the planet, it is time to look in the mirror.

  42. How can you claim your racial superiority when you have no clear race PLUS none of your mixture belongs to that continent including your language……. pathetic.

  43. All Nazis have to be Hanged in America. These filthy people are traitors to the entire human race. I call upon America to destroy them without mercy.

  44. It's a simple question: do you consent to be ruled by jews forever, and your entire country given away to immigrants?
    If yes…then lie down and die, and surrender your children.
    If not, then fight back, in whatever way you can.

  45. …Whatever, these people you are referring to…especially that Mixed Breed eastern European called Jews, are Social Peddlers of: Wars, Riots, Commotion, Mayhem, Prostitution, Organization Crime, Filth, Thief by Deception, Fraud, Murder,… Nothing belongs to them! There's nothing Honest, Holy, Honorable, Great, Nobel, Truthful, Supreme, Justifiable,… about them Degenerate Trouble Makers… They kill for Food too; Goddamn Animals!

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