The Official Response of the Society of St. Pius X to Church Militant

The Official Response of the Society of St. Pius X to Church Militant

please make sure to LIKE this video and subscribe on July the 23rd 2019 church militant published an article entitled is the SSPX sheltering a sexual predator this misleading and slanderous report deserves clarification both charity and justice should be hallmarks of any Catholic the main accusation centers around father James McLucas a diocesan priest who occasionally helps the Society of st. Pius the tenth while not a member of the SSPX Father McLucas was named in the August 2018 Pennsylvania grand jury report even though the information in that report was inaccurate it does not stop secular and Catholic outfits from labeling him a sexual predator as no civil where canonical proceedings have ever found father McLucas guilty nor has he ever been charged with any crime these accusations are profoundly defamatory father McLucas lawyer issued the following statement in 2018 when the recent accusations were first made while father McLucas was not charged with any crime the shocking and horrible accusations in the report without published evidence without trial and without due process of law will nevertheless blacken his reputation and destroy him in his profession less than two weeks ago church militant quoting Pope Francis used similar terms to defend father Peroni against the Archdiocese of Detroit in both situations church militant assumes the place of a judge that only civil or religious authorities are entitled to furthermore church militant displays a double standard Father Peroni and father McLucas are both accused church militant defends the won and attacks the other they play the advocate for father Peroni and the prosecutor for father McLucas the same principles they enunciate and hold sacred to defend father Peroni they trample on it when it comes to father McLucas speaking of church militants methodology we must draw attention to the sentence sspx priest Nicholas Stamos informed me by phone on July the 18th that father McLucas is still participating in the organization's work father Nicholas Stamos wishes to make clear he has never heard of nor spoken to the author of this article he had one call from earlier in the summer who apparently falsely said that he was an old friend father McLucas and that he wished to get in contact father Stamos directed him to a priori that father McLucas sometimes visits neither father Stamos nor anyone at the latter Priory ever heard from church militant is this Kath of journalism the Society of st. Pius the tenth is committed to protecting all minors and vulnerable adults and to cooperate fully with civil and ecclesiastical authorities in addition we are committed to both helping victims as well as those who are accused we do not unduly assume the role of judge and leave any investigation to the proper authorities we have an internal policy on these matters our commitment includes the protection of children and vulnerable adults from harm and the protection of workers from false allegations we provide individual care and counsel both for the abuse victim and his or her family the accused is to be treated with dignity and respect clergy will seek opportunity to provide individual care and counsel both for the accused until the investigation is completed we stress that the Society of st. Pius the tenth was founded by Archbishop Lefebvre priests as our statue state the central care ism of the SSPX is the Catholic priesthood faithful to her mission rather than condemning and casting the first stone the society comes to the help of priests to restore the priesthood and sanctify themselves to church militant we ask you to retract the scandalous article it is easy to contact us if you are more concerned with the truth then clicks you can still make reparation we simply ask that you apply the same principles to your article about father McLucas that you do to your articles about father Peroni in the meantime for your readers whatever they think of the SSPX we hope this clarification shows which side maintains journalistic integrity and more importantly Catholic charity and justice you

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  1. Voris is free to inform the laity of potential preditors, but not to draw conclusions. On the other hand, if anyone thinks infiltrators will stop at the SSPX doors, they need to grow up.

  2. Power corrupts
    and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Famous quote, look at the ONE MILLION DOLLARS THAT Phony DOLAN, of NYC, used from hard working parishioners, in his VAIN actions against BISHOP Fulton J. SHEEN.

  3. I still cant figure out why SSPX claims to be in union with Rome. But Rome says they are not in union with SSPX?

  4. SSPX claims tradition but not in a true a traditional way….there is a reason behind CM accusation. Voris stands behind tradition but not those that use it in a caniving way.

  5. I'm not a big fan of Church Militant.They don't allow an opportunity to comment on their site.Michael Voris has a poor reputation in his own sexual misdeeds.He is on a mission to clean up the Church but his actions are a form of vigilantism.

  6. I read the Church Militant response to the SSPX and it totally vindicates the SSPX position. Why the subterfuge? Why didn't the CM "journalist" just say what he was about–investigating this Priest? CM owes SSPX an apology.

  7. Both church militant and the sspx are in a sinking boat together and the captain of that boat is the person they continue to recognize as their pope. ,.. They both need to get off that sinking boat and instead get on the real Catholic ship by recognizing the truth which is that there is no present pope. None of the Vatican II papal claimants have been true popes. Instead, they've all been modernist heretics. Visit VaticanCatholicDOTcom to learn more, or call (800)275-1126.

  8. If Father McLucas really wants legal process, then he easily can have it by suing Church Militant for defamation. The fact that McLucas' lawyer stops at pugnacious puffery suggests he's bluffing. Because what FACTS in the Church Militant article are wrong?
    One of article's links is a gloss from the sex abuse trial lawyers, (shown below):
    James McLucas

    Diocese: Diocese of Harrisburg

    From Report I of the 40th Statewide Investigating Grand Jury for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania:

    In 2014, Father James McLucas was a priest in the Archdiocese of New York living in Elysburg as the Chaplain to the Monastery. The Archdiocese of New York sent the Diocese of Harrisburg a testimonial letter of good standing for McLucas.

    The head Mother of the Monastery called the Diocese of Harrisburg after finding out McLucas had sexually abused a 14 year old girl and continued a relationship with her into her adulthood. This was reported to the Archdiocese of New York in 2012.

    The Diocese of Harrisburg revoked McLucas’ faculties to perform ministry.

    Additional information regarding the widespread sexual abuse of children within the Catholic Dioceses of Pennsylvania and the systemic cover up by senior church officials is compiled in the Pennsylvania Diocese Victim’s Report published by the Pennsylvania Attorney General following a two-year grand jury investigation. A complete copy of the Report is available on the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s website.
    Your answer, please.

  9. Michael Voris seemed very sure of this Priest guilt, I personally believe Satan is dividing people. Stick with the Bride Of Christ.

  10. I'm not taking sides or judging but perhaps if the clergy had applied these Catholic principles in a forthright manner when they knew children were being harmed they wouldn't need to defend themselves at all. Moreover, in accordance with Catholic principles, they should be greatly proliferating self sacrificing acts of service to the victims as a means of reparation. I do not see as much of that behaviour as I see victims of the damnable behaviour.

  11. You know I myself am Protestant, but I actually like The Church Militant. I find Michael Voris's channel to be most informative.

  12. The modernists in the hierarchy have succeeded in creating a useful (to their aims) abyss between the de fide Catholic and SSPX. This they do by the ostracization of SSPX.

  13. Read this response to the misleading SSPX article read in the video:

  14. How about the way you treated Pope Francis dignity when he was falsely accused by Ab.Vigano? Did SSPX or this channel act with prudence or they acted like the Church Militant? As Jesus had said a kingdom divided cannot stand, thats how Church Militant act, like the devil they want to sow confusions & divisions. While Pope Francis guided by the Holy Spirit seeks unity among all even those outside the Catholic Church.Clearly Church Militant and other Rad Trads channel are sowing disunity. I understand SSPX, as Ab.Lefevbre establish this movement with an intention to become a separate Church as he was seeking "autonomy". On the deeper reflection Ab.Lefevbre wanted to establish a church of its own resembling catholic pre-Vatican II faith but not under the authority of the Pope…hmmm Blessed Ab.Fulton Sheen prophecy on the "counterfeit church", seems to be telling somerhing…hmmm

  15. How shameful. Sex has become the main theme in the Catholic Church instead of prayers and good conduct driving the faithful away. What a shame!.

  16. Peter is the person with the true Faith of Jesus the Christ not any person making up their own man made religion.
    The New Testament is easy but needs intelligent persons to preach it. Jesus died is here in Spirit and we are to know the Word.

  17. I'm glad I got out of it in 1969 Pick up your Bible or go to the real Pentecostals they are better preaching.
    Faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God. St. Paul.
    They use the Mass in the Catholic Church as bait they get out of preaching.

  18. Tridentine given to us by Jesus Christ,
    Vatican Two first change given by PaulV1 not Jesus Novus Ordo given to us by Masons in 1987 man made rubbish . Fellas that never studied up talking rubbish.
    The Catholic church is man controlled not God controlled

  19. The SSPX founded in 1970 but the Tridentine Latin Mass is the Mass of all time they held the true Mass given over by Jesus.

  20. As good as church militant is at what it does it so suprising to me how irrational and negativity biased they are towards the SSPX. the bottom line is, the only thing the SSPX are guilty of is defending the true catholic faith. At the end of the day, the more Rome falls into it's current anti Catholic lunacy, the more we will have to look for and depend on the SSPX.

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