The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton 7/28/19 | Breaking Fox News July 28, 2019

The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton 7/28/19 | Breaking Fox News July 28, 2019

dan coates as Director of National Intelligence we'll get to that later in tonight's show evening everyone and welcome to the next revolution I'm Steve Hilton and this is the home of positive populism pro-worker pro-family Pro community and extremely Pro America so I just want to tell you what I got up to last week I was away from it all I was literally in the wilderness with a capital W away from phones and computers and technology and that meant away from Miller and all the excitement about the Miller testimony all the build-up remember that we know all day coverage and I was wondering what as I was climbing the beautiful mountains and the Sierra Nevada you know vaguely in the back of my mind what's going to happen what will be the outcome will President Trump survive and then I get back check the news on Saturday morning and what is the impact of all of that nothing absolutely nothing as if it had never even happened and yet the establishment the Democrats they are still going on about it the Democrats and the deep state media have become a cult of conspiracy consumed by intolerance bigotry and hate they don't care about your life they just want to get Trump and punish his supporters well here on this show we do care about your life and we talk about the issues that affect it because every minute spent talking about Miller and Russia is an insult to every American so tonight we have a special show for you focusing on what is pretty much the biggest political issue of our time immigration we're going to take a deep dive into immigration policy and look at it from every angle border security the asylum rules whether more aid to Central America really solved the problem we'll be joined by key figures including Tom Holman and Ken Cuccinelli plus Sarah Carter and Charlie Kirk with me for the night but we're going to start with what's most important in all this you where do the American people stand on immigration what do you want done if you listen to the Democrats in the establishment media president Trump's stand on immigration is out of touch with the American people instead he is and how many times have you heard this just pandering to his base here's a taste of the establishment view I have not seen the president be serious about dealing with immigration he's used the issue here aisles up his base raising the issue the president is throwing red meat to his base when he does that this fear-based culture it's a toxic thing that he's doing it may help him gin up parts of his face he's trying to do other things to amp up his base he thinks that demonstrating this kind of cruelty is gonna rile up his base is this a president who'll do and say anything to cater to his base is this a real immigration plan or is it just playing to his base really let's see what Americans all Americans not just his base actually think on immigration let's start with the biggest and best-known idea build the wall that's just red meat for the base right not exactly 60 percent of Americans support President Trump on the wall last time I looked sixty percent was a majority if that's the base president Trump is looking pretty good for 2020 and there's another Trump immigration proposal that 60% of Americans actually support but which the establishment dismissed as immoral racist fascist etc and that is putting a citizenship question on the census yes 60 percent agree with that idea even if as the poll question put it fewer people might fill out the questionnaire on to asylum claims when the president says there's widespread abuse of the asylum rules that many who claim asylum aren't really fleeing persecution the Democrats in the establishment media screamed that's racist he's just riling up his base is he well more people agree with President Trump on this one – so who's racist now the Democrats also love blaming the president for the chaos at the border and a manufactured crisis he says it's Congress's fault for not fixing the stupid immigration laws where are the American people on this one well it's close but more people blame the Democrats in Congress than President Trump so here's an idea Nancy Pelosi why don't you get off your high horse stop the sanctimonious lectures and actually help solve the problem by passing common-sense immigration reform okay now let's look at who's really pandering to their base instead of reflecting the mainstream view remember this in the first Democratic presidential debate we use your hand if cover if your government plan would provide coverage for undocumented immigrants free health care for illegal immigrants who supports that well it turns out it's thirty eight percent and fifty-nine percent of Americans oppose it even in deep blue blue knee left bastion California a majority opposed this so much for red meat for red states what about abolishing ice another idea being pushed by the progressive Democrats just twenty five percent of Americans agree and a majority disagree in fact fifty-one percent of Americans supported the recent ice raids while thirty five percent opposed them okay then let's look at open borders many commentators including on the Left and they're never Trump right have said that the Democrats although they reject the label are now effectively for open borders if you look at the practical impact of their policies so when President Trump slams the Democrats that being for open borders is he just riling up his base well no it turns out he's speaking for America here are the numbers all right deportations then the Democrats in the establishment media were totally up in arms over deportations the other week it's immoral it's evil Americans don't want people deported it's not who we are really let's check the facts a quarter of Americans want all illegal immigrants deported regardless of whether they've committed another crime as well and forty five percent want illegal immigrants who have committed another serious crime to be deported and look how many support the no deportations position one percent literally one percent yes we can confirm that when it comes to immigration the Democrats really are the party of the 1% and so as we have shown you tonight with data with facts not opinion on immigration it looks suspiciously as if it's the Democrats who are the ones pandering to their base while President Trump is speaking for America for the majority of Americans all right tell me what you think at Steve Hilton X and a next Rev FNC and now let's see what I guess for the night think Fox News contributor Sarah Carter and the founder of Turning Point USA and host of the charlie kirk show on Apple podcast Charlie Kirk all right always great fun when you two are around who wants to start III don't mind starting here you brought up some very significant facts I have other facts did you have alternative alternative back I've got facts to add to your argument look we have an increase of 169 percent in unaccompanied minors over the last eight years over the last five years there's been an increase of 620 percent in family units this is once the cartels and the human traffickers figured out there was a loophole in our system with the Flores agreement right so and we also have right now a 1700 percent increase in claims over the last eight years it's a huge number it used to be one out of every 100 people applied for asylum right now it's like one to two out of every 10 so this is really incredible and this is what we're up against as a nation not only does it affect us and I've said this before Steve but it affects the people that are being trafficked into this country and brutalized as they come on this journey and I've seen this with my own eyes and other journalists have seen this and NGOs working in the area you and and especially our Border Patrol agents coming up we get into that but what's interesting about that show you know Sarah has painted a picture there but a genuine crisis that it's just be growing because of the migration flows president Trump's trying to take action to deal with the action which the majority support yeah and yet he's being demonized as all of this being racist not let's not forget also this week there was a massive victory at the Supreme Court that freed up funds to allow the wall to be built and the president has had to fight at every turn to do what the majority of American people support remember when the president declared a national emergency over Christmas in over New Year's and the Democrats said this is a manufactured crisis and now listen there's not a disagreement there's a crisis they just say that president Trump's getting in the way of solving the crisis they want to solve now the language they use is well president Trump spanner into his base this is super important Steve who is his base well the base is the majority American people and they're a former Democrats right these are people that used to be the Democrats base the reason this is even controversial is President Trump has forever changed American politics he took the hard-working Democrat base away from the Democrats and now their new base is non-citizens the base of the Democrat Party is non-citizens and coastal elites that live in Manhattan in Malibu that way pander to others because they if they feel good about baking of coastal I'm not sure where joss whedon lives i suspect it's somewhere there are a million miles from Malibu who knows Hollywood producer and director look at this tweet right this is from the other week from Joss when we I'm just come but we have a racist fascist president who's using armed thugs in law enforcement and illegal militias to keep us cowed and hopeless and he'll take the 2020 election by armed force and blatant treasonous criminality and that's us now we're the country with concentration camps so happy fun no this is really this is unbelievable and I know most Americans I hope are smart enough to not believe this exists at all there there is this absolutely first of all it's disgusting to use the word concentration can you describe this let me tell you what I see every time I go to the border and I've been going there for over a decade now every year I see Border Patrol agents that take young children who have never seen a doctor who are after this long journey are sick and they come across to see the first doctor in their life at a u.s. hospital and are treated with the utmost respect them and their families sure we have a serious crisis and a problem now because we have an inflow of people that we just cannot drop it has not stopped but this is the first time and when you hear lies like this and and it comes out it you know the public uses this Democrats are pushing this on the public we are actually experiencing something that we have not experienced or that we got plenty more to get into the rest assured we are going to briefly interrupt though our immigration coverage because the yeah I just make a quick note of something that you'll be interested in and we feel positive about congratulations to Boris Johnson the UK's new prime minister I know Boris and this is great news for Britain and everyone who believes in democracy he is absolutely determined to deliver on that brexit vote from three years ago it still hasn't happened and he's put in place a fantastic team to do it finally some energy and purpose and direction Boris is a positive populist and we should all wish him well all right coming up as I mentioned former acting ice director Tom Holman joins our discussion on immigration don't go away welcome back to our immigration policy special let's focus now on the crisis at the border former acting ice director Thomas home and joins the conversation Tom great to see you I just wanted to first of all ask you what you think the current state of play is it seems to me that with present transactions with tariffs and Mexico these things are improving is that how you see it yeah there's been a lot of improvement you know the president was with he's got a deal with Mexico that no other president has ever been able to achieve and Mexico is really stepping up their efforts in Mexico Bolton on their southern board of the National Guard and attacking the criminal cartels that are managing these large groups and pluses agreement the border patrol and and in your former colleagues eyes I want to play you something that I saw the other week on MSNBC because I was so shocked by it and I thought this this can't be right and I want to get your reactions from Jeremy the serious person allegedly Jeremy bash who was the chief of staff at the CIA and the Defense Department under President Obama listen to what he said about Ison and and the raids that were at that time being discussed I think we should just think about this afternoon a father and a mother who dropped their child off at daycare then ice sweeps in arrest the kid at daycare and the father and mother show up to pick up the kid and the kid has been disappeared or maybe even worse if the father and mother are disappeared and nobody picks up that shop at daycare and that child is basically rendered an orphan by the state by the United States ridiculous Nicole Wallace there's no yes so it's terrible Tom what's your reaction to that most ridiculous Jana not common immigration of course because he obviously knows nothing ice doesn't that ice doesn't arrest children ice doesn't arrest anybody under the age of 18 they will arrest a gang member that is 16 and 17 who has a criminal history that they take around smearing people who are doing a really tough job in increasingly tough instance I mean I think they go even further than they have to I mean these people broke the law to come into our country I mean it's an insult to the legal immigrants like yourself Steve that come here the correct way and that had to apply to come into the country and then produce value and to actually had to provide reports of why you're in the country what you're in legislation puts through Congress that is allowed ice to actually use different techniques and tactics go after these individuals in the focus by the Democrats to try to abolish the single or agency that is going after drug smugglers and child sex traffickers is important well and if you look at it Jeremy bash I mean it's so incredible because this is a man who worked under Obama right CIA DoD first of all I would like to know if they gave him a poly because what he's saying is such a lie he would fail the poly immediately secondly look he was he was working under President Obama President Obama himself said it was a crisis President Obama build the facilities he actually built the facilities and had to to keep all the kids when the unaccompanied minors were flowing through I want to make one really quick point Steve which is the hatred and ice is now turning into real danger for these agents there is an attempted terrorist attack at an ice facility in Washington in the last two weeks let's just got basically no coverage by Washington the hatred for our law enforcement officers has to stop alright Tom let's get you back in what what are you what would you prioritize just thinking about the border aspect of this going forward what are the immediate issues you see well the president Romney's the key was doing he's doing I'm very pessimistic Congress is going to fix this you talk to the beginning the show I want to be clear on something the Democrats who says no he's throwing red meat to the base no the president the United States is the only one taking care of the border he is he made unprecedented moves I'm personal resources the border he's made a serious executive actions he declared a national emergency he wrote immigration legislation he got a dream of Guatemala Mexico he's the only one that's addressing the border meanwhile Democratic leadership is sitting there not doing a thing and they're the reason there was there's this such a humanitarian crisis begin with her they ignore the calls for help for funding to get these kids into HHS facilities quicker so the reason that these attention got out of controls because Congress refused to do help fast enough so Congress's theory is purposeful let me say this and be clear they don't care about fixing the border they want this to be an issue on 20/20 they resist this president they hate this president so much they're forgetting about their duty to secure this nation protect Americans and protect our sovereignty they want president Trump to fail and at number one promised American people to secure this border this is politics at its worst they hate this present more than they love their country and they're proving it every day by not closing the loopholes we've told him for two years to close we wouldn't have a surge right now there wasn't never been zero tolerance there wouldn't ever been family separation say what a closed-loop poles two years ago none of this stuff would have been happening but they refused to do it because they're resisting this present there's politics all politics well said Tom and then they're the ones that lecture everyone else about cruelty when it's their action and inaction that has produced these cruel outcomes and you and your list of people they're been trying to fix it I'm sorry Tom we got we were out of time but I really appreciate the way you wrapped it up there's I think it's exactly how a lot of people feel and needed to be said so thank you for joining us see you soon thanks for having me all right coming up my interview with the man president Trump has put in the hot seat acting director of US Citizenship and Immigration Services Ken Cuccinelli turned away welcome back everyone Charlie cake has just introduced the concept of philosophical calisthenics which is very interesting and we'll get to it one day but not today more now in our immigration policy special earlier I had the chance to talk to acting director of US Citizenship and Immigration Services Ken Cuccinelli take a look so it seems to me that of all the people involved in trying to deal with this situation you've got the the most crucial role because of course the immediate focus is on the border and are a brave agents doing the best they can and there's impossible circumstances but you're responsible for the underlying structures and the operation of this immigration system that everyone agrees has been broken for decades now I saw you the other day saying we can fix it with one piece of paper yes on that piece of what I was referring to was I can fit three asylum loophole changes two of which the Obama administration also saw it on one piece of paper the it's called the Flores family fix to allow us to detain families together we all agree with on keep families together the second is longer than 20 days 20 days yes which is just unrealistic in terms of it was the right now family comes claims asylum you can keep them while you're figuring out their claim right 30 20 days yes in other words you have to decide yes or no right within 20 days and this is what yeah the system is just not designed said that then we can't keep them in detention it and so then what happens they get a court date which is whenever it is and some show right and some don't so you just as you might have met let's keep the families together right for a lot while up to the house is going on and and realize this is the same position the Obama administration it just to be clear is that literally just removing the 20 days limit it puts a generally phrased limit like a reasonable period of time on there yes because the idea isn't that this be some kind of indefinite thing we're still moving okay quickly as we can so on that Flores point just to be clear again that is that something only Congress can do yes basically because we've got a court ruling so you need legislation to deal with it and this happened in 2015 as I said the Obama administration opposed it happening they have this had the same position the Trump administration has on this how much like the second item on that sheet of yapper which is related to the trafficking or alleged trafficking yeah children and there is a difference between children and say Mexico and then in the rest of the world and we want to eliminate that difference again just as the Obama administration did it just takes a very short change to our Asylum laws mm-hmm and those two changes alone would make an enormous difference but I can fit even a third one on this the second one yes what what's the situation now what would you so we can we can quickly once we screen a child from Mexico for instance to determine and make sure they're not a trafficked child so this is a child that shows up on that own or with someone else yes yes right now we've been generally and in the media you've seen a lot of the use of the term UAC unaccompanied child but that's seems to be applied almost every child whether they're technically unaccompanied or not and if they have parents in the United States and they're available to those kids they're not an unaccompanied child in that situation the federal government is eventually funding the last leg you know in a human trafficking chain mm-hm and that is not what the federal government ought to be doing and again this is an area where if you just look at it on its own I think Republicans Democrats libertarians vegetarians would all agree we want to be dealing with these children as quickly as we can now a lot of what that means is we're Patriot embackment this messy maze of a process and we want to fix that just as the Obama administration wanted to fix that I had a third point yeah the third point still on one piece of paper is raising the initial what's called credible fear standard right there are two credible fear reviews done for people in that pipeline and this is really clogging the system and the first one has a very very low standard solo yeah that over 75% of people are getting through that again just be really practical about it an individual family group they show up and are they presenting at the official entry point saying I claim the silent no not necessarily at all and that's part of our challenges these are not people just coming through the point of entry right the president tried to deal with the people between points of entry last year yeah and one judge put a national injunction on his ability to do that you yourself the the true for the president and the administration want America to be a place where we give people who are really being persecuted well that's right that's right and but Asylum is of course about safety not convenience and it is being used as for forum-shopping by a lot of illegitimate asylum claims and we're taking steps to address that they're claiming asylum but really they just reasonable they look into America surance have a legal process for which that's theirs illegal immigration that's that's supposed to work by the way let's just remind our audience the administration has just published a proposal to for the legal immigration system to make that to improve that we're doing a lot of things to improve the efficiency of the legal he assesses whether it's worker visas whether it's naturalization and in the last fiscal year this administration naturalized over three-quarters of a million people more people than the previous four or five years before it and we're gonna come in around those numbers again so the people would say the president's well know I hope I'm gonna be one of them I should just I'm gonna be coming before you or your officials as well and and if you go through that process you will find it's one of the most thorough othes you'll ever hear last question you you you recently published some changes also proposals to change the the the sort of the place where you could claim asylum and and the ideally recent asylum regulations very important by Homeland Security and the Department of Justice and what as is that people coming through our southern border to claim asylum in the United States they must have sought asylum in a country they passed through obviously this wouldn't apply to people from Mexico but from countries beyond Mexico it would apply and they have to demonstrate that they applied at either the first person they place they came to or one of the places through which they came yes and were rejected before they can enter the American asylum process and the the key here is that Asylum on an international basis is about safety yes not convenience or forum-shopping and we have a lot of people trying to use and overwhelm our Asylum system just to get into the country and then they disappear into the interior exactly as we're talking about I mean look it just a complete reminds me of it just seems so reasonable if you're in fear right in your own country the next country is it should be fine if it really is about so this is the face yes you know I previously worked in the government in the UK and in the EU that's that that's the way they do it there you know you show up the first country you come to that's where you're expected to claim asylum you can't just go wandering around right looking for the ones in society enemy I feel Irish today right or I feel British today right exactly and we're essentially particularly across the southern border moving in that direction in the last ten years asylum claims have quadrupled I said it was the last question I do have one more because they touches myself race issues about the backlog that you inherited the backlog of cases because all these in the end we know you want to give us one true person so well I had this number 900,000 from the night we're approaching 900,000 in the immigration courts right so the immigration judges of which there are still aren't even five hundred have a backlog of about closing in on 900,000 cases so you do the math on that that's about 2,000 cases per judge so the image that's a lot that's not just assign them it is not just asylum there's a big number of those in there that are Asylum hundreds of thousands right and then we have 325 thousand or so case backlog in USCIS of just asylum so and we're struggling we adopted one of the methods of operation they used in the Clinton administration when they had a spike in numbers and that is last in first out LIFO so people who arrive at the border today get dealt with first because we want to process them back out for the ones who are going out as quickly as possible to the backbone exactly well I can see you're on top of all the detail good luck to you thank you on you to get a grip of it and I can see that that's very much the plan Ken Cuccinelli thank you so much good do with your state things next up solving the immigration crisis at its source the establishment says we should just hand over more aid to Central America is that right one of America's top aid experts weighs in next welcome back everyone we're back with Sarah and Charlie we have another aspect of the immigration debate to bring you a huge part of the immigration crisis is the flow of people trying to escape the crime and corruption in failed states like Honduras El Salvador Guatemala there's an establishment consensus and what to do about that give them more aid is that really the answer I'm joined now by highly acclaimed economist and NYU professor William easterly professor good to see you I want to put the question to you very directly do you think that giving more increasing aid to those countries will help deal with this problem that is manifesting itself in these heightened immigration flows on our southern border well there's been a lot of magical thinking about this problem just like a lot of previous magical thinking and the ideas should we be looking at what's that what are the dresse the root causes of this problem well ironically one of the most effective ways to alleviate poverty is by migration the migrants are doing a much better job alleviating their own poverty and escaping violence and we are doing with our lame aid programs and just to give you some numbers the aid to El Salvador and Guatemala is only about half a percent of the size of the economy where migrant remittances are decades these economies are growing and they do have really relatively favourable conditions for free markets to operate and alleviate poverty except for the violence the violence is the one problem that's been so intractable to solve and that probably reflects the history of civil war and the drug trade and the drug war some of which of course the u.s. is responsible for in the past and so you know there's these are the more intractable problems that are not easy to solve frankly all right well thank you professor for your perspective appreciate that good to see you my pleasure so Sarah you've reported on this for many years you really I mean you tell us what's in those countries okay it's not necessarily an economic issue but the crime that the violence is driving people away there's let me just let me just set the record straight here I do travel a lot frequently Mexico actually is probably the most violent of the countries that I've traveled in particularly in the border towns yes in Guatemala it is not as violent as third there is violence but look there's violence in Chicago there's violence in Baltimore do we see people fleeing the United States and trying to head over to Japan for citizenship because they can't live in Chicago anymore let no it is because people have to think about this honestly when I was in Guatemala just recently I was there in October and then I was there just a few months ago one of the things that kept coming across is like look we don't want handouts at least from this government we don't want handouts what we want is to work with the United States to work with our partners on more investment to bring jobs to our country to keep the people here we do need to work on corruption they said I mean I tackle this issue of corruption all the time people are making money on both sides of the border when you have drug cartels that have been allowed to amass hundreds of billions of dollars and resources that out resource our own intelligence and law enforcement agencies and they have people in their pockets we have to ask ourselves how did we and them allow this to happen and what can we do to stop this and it sounds like you know just throwing more money at it is actually could even make them worse look foreign aid has been one of the biggest disasters in American foreign policy over the last 30 years it's basically a dictator expense account now in Guatemala Nicaragua was obviously a little different but not really I mean because we happen to give the elite ruling class they'll say oh it's going to go for this water project and you look into it it's a chronique it's a crony handout for the family members of the ruling class and for the well-connected political elite and look we know here domestically as welfare works in the United States no and when you stick in to if you have hundreds of millions of dollars going to these countries they're less incentivized to get their own house in order and especially the leadership because that benefit a course ever prize it doesn't put the political pressure on the ruling class in Guatemala in Nicaragua El Salvador that is needed for the reforms for these countries to actually improve yes good I think we need complicated topic I think we did a pretty good job of getting to the bottom of it lots more though to discuss coming up president Trump is replacing a key member of his administration the details on that to break so a significant shake-up in the Trump administration today the president tweeting I am pleased to announce the highly respected congressman John Radcliffe of Texas will be nominated by me to be the Director of National Intelligence a former US Attorney John will lead and inspire greatness for the country he lost dan coates the current director will be leaving office or not as the 15th I would like to thank Dan for his great service to our country the acting director will be named shortly just before we get into that I just want to say one thing to follow up from our discussion on aid great conversation here with Charlie and Sarah on some of the abuses of the aid system we've seen in Afghanistan particularly in this there's a report called cigar s IG AR if you want to look it up some amazing details of what your money paid for in Afghanistan all right let's get to this Dan Coates story Sarah what do you make of it look for a long time the intelligence community in the CIA included and especially Dan Coates and others have pushed against anybody in the public office right and whether it's the President or Congress from you know learning the whole truth getting it out there to the public this is really important president Trump did something no other president has done he pushed up against the intelligence community said I'm not going to take it anymore dan coates and the president butted heads on Russia and Iran and obviously this is time for Dan Coates to step down and let somebody else take the helm and move forward the president has done the right thing here and I think nominating Ratcliffe was a great move charlie totally agree I mean Ratcliffe has been very loyal to the president usually that wouldn't really matter but we've now learned that people the highest levels of with the highest level security clearances have undercut this president every single turn and I'm pleased that's someone that we know without a shadow of a doubt is gonna have the the president's back and I wish we wouldn't have to say that it should go without yeah without mention but but what Sarah has uncovered in particular over the last two years is from Brennan to clapper to all these guys at the highest level I'm not gonna involve Coates in that sentence completely but he's definitely in that community the deep of a high-level individual you're gonna say deep state what you just helped they're not really detectives at the top of the no idea I guarantee there's a pretty good news I think is the verdict from around the table all right coming up it's been great to focus on one topic tonight but we can't leave out our 20/20 update is too much fun the Democratic presidential contenders have another debate coming up we'll break it down next

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