The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton 7/22/19 [12AM] | URGENT!TRUMP BREAKING News July 22, 2019

The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton 7/22/19 [12AM] | URGENT!TRUMP BREAKING News July 22, 2019

evening everyone and welcome to the next revolution I'm Steve Hilton and this is the home of positive populism pro-worker pro-family pro community and yes pro America very much so picture of you tonight including an important new swamp watch on a massive government contract involving Amazon the Bezos bailout that is ahead but I just wanted to start with something personal I've just been completely overwhelmed with the response from you to what I told you about a couple of weeks ago that I'm going to be applying for US citizenship it was just such a lovely thing to see your response and your great welcome and there's just a couple of things I want to say about that especially in the light of what we're going to be talking about tonight I understand that there is an obligation that comes from being an American citizen and as far as I'm concerned that is particularly so for new immigrants I didn't ask you if I could come here I just showed up and said right let's do it you didn't invite me here we're here as new immigrants saying please let us join your country and I hope you'll have when we get to the end of the process I hope that that'll be a positive answer you've certainly indicated you'd like to see that but the obligation to be positive about this country I think is even greater for new immigrants that's how I see it all right speaking of immigration and before we dive into this week's big debate just some context on President Trump and immigrants not long ago he published a plan to reform our legal immigration system it would welcome just as many legal immigrants as now except the system would be merit-based here's what he told me about it we need people we need people and our unemployment now is down to 3.6 and I think it's going a lot lower we're doing really well I want to make sure that anybody that comes into our country comes in through merit he is Pro immigration it just has to be merit-based and controlled properly all of that was lost in this week's raging debate in the media as so often with elites who have comfortable lives the focus was on words but real people can't afford decadent self-indulgence for them what matters is substance not scandal so what does their substance tell us about President Trump and his populist revolution when it comes to policy to practicality to facts the establishments favorite sneer is that those who support the president sacrificed their principles for poultry gains you're saying to yourselves well he got us our big tax cut well he's taking regulations off big corporations well he pulled out of the Paris Accords we have to go along with this racism you're making a deal with the devil easy for you to say Chuck Schumer but it wasn't your job sent to China by establishment economics it wasn't your neighborhood collapsing when the factory went away it wasn't your income that was stagnant for decades for the working americans who did put up with all that establishment failure the last three years of Trump policies have finally brought real hope and real change unemployment this year hit a 50-year low with President Trump we've seen the lowest ever African American and Hispanic unemployment the booming Trump economy has pushed up workers wages to average hourly earnings growth has far outpaced what we saw under President Obama and across industries from mining and construction to leisure and hospitality and Trump economics reversed the divisive pattern we saw under establishment economics with booming coasts and a slumping heartland with President Trump we see income growth in states like Iowa Ohio Pennsylvania Wisconsin Nevada Florida swing states that went to Trump in 2016 because he promised not to forget about them like the establishment had done for decades and their trust in president Trump quite literally paid off as they saw their incomes rise and it's the lowest paid workers who have gained the most with Trump economics the latest data from June shows wages have grown for the bottom quarter four point five percent over the past months faster than any other income group critics say it all started under Obama yes it did but we're now officially in the longest expansion in history and it's much harder to keep things going at the end of an expansion than at the beginning after a recession of course you get a rebound but ten years after a recession usually things slow down but with President Trump they sped up economic growth is now above three percent what all the experts at Obama's 2% was the new normal the Dow is up almost 50% since the 2016 election the average 401k employer contribution hit a record high in 2019 establishment idiots say the Trump tax cuts only help the rich don't they understand anything about economics the reason earnings are finally rising for their working class is precisely because of the corporate tax cuts the first quarter after they were announced capital investment went up 8.7% among S&P 500 companies and in the first quarter after they were signed into law capital investment jumped 21 percent that capital investment leads to higher productivity which means workers can be paid more and it means more job creation for the long-term this investment boom is also thanks to the deregulation again the idiots say this just favors business no it boosts business confidence they know they're not going to have an anti Enterprise administration like you had with Obama that could hit them with new regulations any minute now with the Pro Enterprise Trump administration they decide to invest that means more jobs we see this clear as day in the manufacturing industry last year 264 thousand new manufacturing jobs are added which was the best year for manufacturing job growth since 1997 the establishment also said the Trump tariffs would kill manufacturing but the opposite has happened manufacturers are moving back and bringing jobs with them they're leaving China which is now experiencing its slowest economic growth in 27 years couldn't happen to a nicer authoritarian dictatorship tariffs also worked on trade with our neighbors the Trump USMC a will replace the job-destroying NAFTA with policies that support American workers for example rules to drive higher wages by requiring the 40 to 45 percent of automobile parts been made by workers earning at least 16 dollars an hour this helps ensure American workers don't get constantly underbid by foreign firms we've got workers willing to work for almost nothing teres worked on the border to look at Mexico and immigration in May President Trump threatened tariffs Mexico agreed to deploy their National Guard and in June arrests at the southwestern border dropped by 28% beyond the economy Isis has had its entire empire destroyed on our national defense last year the President signed the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act boosting our military and including measures to stop China stealing our technology NATO remember all the establishment talking heads saying you can't be rude to NATO where they're finally coughing up their fair share here's the secretary-general by the end of next year NATO allies will add a hundred 100 billion extra US dollars for defense so we see some real money and some real results and we see that a clear message from President Trump is having an impact look at all the other things judges who will help fight back against the administrative States anti-democratic take over on Energy America a net exporter by 2020 the first time in almost 70 years on prescription drug prices the first fall in half a century on criminal justice reform and rehabilitation the first step act on restoring the proud American tradition of free speech the president taking action to remove federal grants from colleges that won't defend the First Amendment a new positive changes are coming all the time just last week the President signed an executive order to provide earlier detection for the thousands of Americans suffering from kidney disease and to find innovative treatments on and on it goes and having worked in government myself it seems to me that the scale and energy of the this administration's ambition is happening precisely because President Trump had never done this before and just ignored all the usual bureaucratic BS that said oh you can only do one or two things at a time he said no I want to get all the things done that I promised and more now that list of positives of course it's great news but you could say it's not historic not completely transformational so here's what is on two vital issues Donald Trump is overturned at least 50 years of establishment consensus on trade he's rejected the globalist idea that manufacturing can happen anywhere and said no we want the jobs back here and that is so fundamental not just for economic reasons but for social reasons too factories are at the heart of many communities and connected to that but even bigger than just Trade and Economics the president has completely overturned the establishment consensus on China and said no we will no longer help them in their stated aim of toppling America as the world's superpower what is most astonishing about all this is that Donald Trump did it almost single-handed the Reagan Revolution came on the back of decades of think tanks and policy wonks and of other politicians pushing the free-market agenda on these absolutely giant historic policy ships of huge consequence on Trade and China Trump did it almost single-handed because not just the entire establishment but as we have previously told you people in his own team were blocking him contrast all of this with the Democrats we don't have to demonize anyone we can just look at what they say in their presidential debates the loonie left has taken over they want to decriminalize illegal immigration they want to take private health care away from 118 million Americans and give public health care to God knows how many illegal immigrants they want to make working Americans pay for free college for elite Americans they want to reverse the tax cuts and deregulation that have boosted jobs and raised incomes they want to close down American energy so weird dependent on the middle-east again they want to put Iran back on the path to a nuclear weapon and China back on track for world domination especially Joe China it's the most extreme platform we've ever seen see what I'm getting out tonight I think we can agree there is plenty to hit the Democrats with and plenty to be positive about without stoking racial divisions Beck's substance policy positive the July the fourth salute to America positive while they go left let's go forward positive populism positive patriotism tell me what you think of that at an extra of FNC and at Steve Hilton X when we come back we'll discuss all of this with our great panel Tommy Tommy Harry Olson they're all here is gonna be great see you often break okay you heard what I just had to say now let's bring in our guests for the night Fox News contributor and president of Independent Women's voice Tammy Bruce author of the working class Republican senior fellow at the ethics and Public Policy Center and Washington Post columnist Henry Olson and Fox Nation host and author of never played dead Tommy Lara all right Tommy yes sir what do you think that's what I said about this whole argument just just you go well I you've hit a number of important points I think that for the President and for the nature of the conversation there's a number of different fronts that are going on but ultimately when it comes to what he's accomplished and what he's done it validates the nature of the choices that we made in 16 what we had seen for generations well since Reagan was a decline it wasn't just a malaise during a Jimmy Carter there was the the sensibility of hope with Reagan that things could change and then it just tumbled right back down when the establishment cut its its its mitts on on the country again so Americans you know we love the underdog we'd love to try we love the nature of what's possible but we also in the very end we have responsibilities to people other than ourselves to our children to our neighbors to our community that I think is a remarkable uniqueness about Americans about the choices we make and the left it seems when they appeal to us is to appeal to us based on our own personal greed or something they think that it's all just about the individual for them it is but for us it really is about people other than ourselves like jumping off the boats onto a Normandy Beach right you're good things we do to save strangers for this country is extraordinary so in the end what we really do want we know that saving the nation is imperative this nation know you know because it saves the world and the only way that's going to happen is if the economy is strong is if we have a sense of security for our own families that's not selfish that in fact is the larger concern for the world and that government has a role we've seen how it works it can get the boot off our neck and step back be responsible for the things that's its supposed to be doing like the border and the military and then let Americans in the free market work America the left holds Americans in contempt at this the establishment does as well they think we're dumb rubes and so they resent us the bottom line is this is going to have to take another generation to reform the country but it's based on your sense and that positive populism framework about what Americans want I think that's why very well said to me or anything told me the the that's why I wanted to set it because there's so much to be positive about well it's all about priorities and I don't know about you see but after watching the first two Democratic debates we've got more coming up I couldn't feel better about our chances in 2020 not just because Donald Trump has done such a great job which you laid out in which he really needs to emphasize on a daily basis besides all the squabbling on Twitter because that to me is getting petty at this point as well what I think he needs to emphasize is the gains he's making but also just watching the Democrats all you have to do is turn on the TV and watch what their priorities are their lack of priorities they've spent all week they spent their whole time on the sunday shows today arguing over Trump is mean on Twitter that's what they've done for the American people that's all they have to offer and then you watch them on a debate stage talking about how much more they want to offer illegal immigrants so all you have to do is look at President Trump look at his plans for 2020 look at his record that he's been able to complete in the last three years and he's just getting started and say hey I think we got this one in the bag I don't like to be overly confident but I'm feeling very confident all right and all elections are about a choice presidential elections are about a choice and what Trump is doing is setting it up so that there's no reason to change there was a change in 2016 because people wanted a different direction he's delivered a different direction the different direction has delivered for America peace and prosperity and the Democrats are saying we don't want that we want what targets change we want to change where we tax more where we spend more where we divide America more and I think the more people focus on the choice the more they're going to be coming back to President Trump because there's not a reason to want to change you think he's focusing women choice enough I think he is bi in many ways that he gets criticized for by being himself right he was elected because of his transparent bluntness and even though that is sometimes shocking you do know what you've got and what that translates to as well is that when he says he's going to do X and then he actually does it then you can connect those dots so I think that he does in reminding people about what he's working for he stands for specific policy dynamics he does stand for unified unifying the country we saw that knew you outlined it in your model yeah the salute to America that everyone said oh this is going to be another colored device first step act justice reform the economy itself bringing companies back all of it yeah I think though his strategy is is very smart whether you agree with his tweets or not whether you find them aggressive abrasive it doesn't matter his strategy is let's draw a clear line between me and the rest of the Democrats because I believe in the United States of America I want to salute America I want us and the Trump supporters to be the party of patriotism and love of country and then he's drawing a clear distinction to the left which says we're offended by a Betsy Ross flag work oh it's we're offended by tweets we're offended by a salute to America it's just over and over again the negativity on that side and the only thing they can get excited about quite frankly is themselves and illegal immigration that should wake the American people I totally agree and by the way I agree with that drawing of the Contras just as you said Harry but my argument is that you can do that you can put your story out there in a positive way and you can draw the contrast with the other side in a way that doesn't inflame some of the decisions the divisions that have been you know people have been struggling with in this country for an awful long time I just think there's a way of doing that that will satisfy what we're all looking for I think which is this kind of positive argument and we've got to leave it there for the moment now as we've got a quick swap watch update for you on Robert Mullen he's testifying just at the moment when it hired the former Deputy Attorney General James Comey a post which of course includes supervision of the FBI James commis brother-in-arms Robert Miller happens to be the FBI director what an incredible coincidence that shortly afterwards the FBI gave Lockheed Martin a 300 million dollar deal to develop a program called Sentinel and what a further astonishing coincidence that Robert Miller's FBI then awarded James commis Lockheed Martin a 1 billion dollar contract for a biometric surveillance program called the next-generation identification system Robert Miller is a swamp lawyer do not let him off the hook on Wednesday all right coming up we're going to continue our conversation about the political debate president Trump and the left why is everyone so angry one conservative argues that this is all the result of the left's aggression towards conservatives over many decades will debate if left what's going on welcome back we can all agree that emotions are running high in politics these days but what's the origin here's part of a series of tweets from a conservative this week he's no supporter of President Trump but what he said caught my eye quote one of the most frustrating things for a movement conservative is that it feels impossible to publicly make the accurate case that the reason we have Trump the reason so many on the right embraced him despite all his obvious shortcomings vulgarities and inadequacies is because of the way the left has treated the right in this country for decades the rights embracing of Trump is a byproduct of the tyrannical and bad faith treatment perpetrated on the right culturally and politically and economically by the left Henry I thought there's some real wisdom in that oh absolutely I mean I've been involved in conservative politics for forty-five years and I was called racist and fascist years before Donald Trump ever came people were accusing Mitt Romney of that they're accused George Bush at different times it's just a if you are on the right in America you are attacked as being at best stupid and at worst evil and as one of my friend said if you're really effective they call you stupid and evil and after time you just realized that they're not going to treat you fairly so you want somebody who fights back and that constantly sort of pushing their agenda pushing their agenda without ever kind of stopping to think let's have a bit of kind of diplomacy here let's have a sort of a sense of tolerance to what other people might think is no you're gonna Ram it down your face I like to bring it down to the level you and I talk about people and families and relationships something I write about a lot in my book and why we're experiencing what we're experiencing on college campuses and especially in places like California New York the coasts that are blue deep blue is that these people think that everyone around them must be a liberal everyone around them must hate Donald Trump so they have no problem disparaging Trump supporters disparaging the president disparaging patriotism and all things that come along with it because they think everybody else thinks like they do that's why they were so wrong when Trump won in 2016 because they have this notion that well everyone must think like me and it's an indulgent feeling it's an indulgent theory and they're being proved wrong and Donald Trump doesn't take it from them and that's why you won and that's why he's gonna win again yeah I mean you've chronicled business I mean this is you know the behavior of the left it's just so intolerant and that's what people are reacting to funny vote President Trump who kind of speaks up for them well when I was on the left and web which I continued to try to make up for for the last quarter of a century is part of the theory was that it we trusted that Republicans wouldn't push back and it would make it easier to move through but what I also realized as I began to make my move out was that liberals didn't have the answers if they were questioned is that we didn't we we couldn't survive an actual debate and an actual confrontation so you had to simply shut people down and and eliminate the the nature of their voice at all bahnson's tweed also went on to say that the people who voted for Trump would regret choosing him as an antidote the biggest mistake conservatives continue to make I should say Republicans in particular is to underestimate Donald Trump and by then proxy underestimate the American people that's the problem here is that we're at reacting that we're a reactive force that there's no thought behind what we're doing we're like a ball rolling down a hill and we can't stop the fact is we know what we're doing we elected him not because of one thing but because of a million things and that is the next certainly the next generation that the future and what he discussed the fact that he's focused on accomplishing things as a man of action that we actually as we operate in our own lives you've got a budget you've got a to-do list you've got to get as much on that to-do list done because tomorrow's coming and we we could relate to him so it's an insult to suggest that we're kind of zombies and we're kind of fall or like crows and there was a shiny thing and we're gonna follow the shiny thing no it's deeper than that and that's also why President Trump will win in 2020 because it is on the issues constantly underestimated and constantly under estimating the American people and Tommy I mean we were talking earlier about you know just the the latest gotta you know the Nike business with the shoe you can't have the American flag on the shoe just yet another example all the time of this kind of cultural imperialism you know from the left saying no you're right you're wrong forget while loving this country didn't use to be a partisan thing but the left has chose to co-sign that proudly and it makes it very easy for us because if we have to say we're the party that loves the American flag and the American Way of life and I guess we'll take that and President Trump should take that on as well but to what you were saying Tim I think it's important that we don't make President Trump a messiah but we look at him and say yeah this man did something fantastic and then he needs to pass the torch along to someone else is willing to do the same thing we can never go back to a John McCain Mitt Romney style of conservative again because we will lose again or even so to your point going from a Reagan to Bush is that there has to be as someone who understands the nature of the Reformation great point by the way just really emphasize something that's so brilliant the left couldn't survive an actual debate Tammy Bruce very good all right why on earth is the federal government thinking of awarding a ten billion dollar bailout to Amazon's Jeff Bezos will tell you next swamp watching tonight we've got one with all the Greatest Hits backroom deals lavish lobbying the revolving door and big tech the Defense Department's 10 billion dollar contract aka the Bezos bailout is this week's swamp watch [Applause] in March 2017 then defense secretary Jim mattis had dinner in London with someone called Teresa Carlson she worked for Amazon and her job was to sell Amazon Web service web services to government entities around the same time Pentagon officials with ties to Amazon also helped arrange other meetings for Miss Carlson with general mattis's chief of staff and other Pentagon officials why all this cozying up to the Department of Defense well the DoD was putting together a cloud computing contract worth up to ten billion dollars one of the largest government contracts in US history the program is called the joint enterprise defense infrastructure or Jedi yes really now Amazon Web Services is the most profitable bit of Amazon the money they make there is what allows them to enter and dominate other markets so giving such a massive contract to Amazon Web Services is effectively a taxpayer bailout for Jeff Bezos so what went on in those meetings between Pentagon officials and Amazon Web Services well a recent federal lawsuit by another company who wants the contract claims that Amazon secretly negotiated with her then DoD employee named deep ooby offering him a job stock options and even a signing bonus to come and work for Amazon all while he was working on the Jedi program unbelievably ubi did not even recuse himself when he allegedly received the offer despite the government regulation that bans this exact kind of conflict of interest but none of this is a surprise when you realize just how swampy Amazon is look how many senior executive branch officials some of whom were literally responsible for a procurement recently left the government and spun round Amazon's revolving door not just deep ubi but also Kristine Halverson Brandon Bui a Scott render Nishant Shah Victor Gavin Stephen block Rahul Prabhakar Sean on win' on and on it goes and then there's the lobbying Amazon spent fourteen point two million dollars on lobbying in 2018 all under the direction and guidance of President Obama's former spokesman Jay Carney who's now Amazon's head of public policy and communications oh and the 14 million dollars they spent on lobbying doesn't even include other swampy ways Amazon tries to influence our government for example while pushing for the Jedi contract Amazon bought ads for its web services and placed them prominently in a DC metros Pentagon stop Amazon has funded think tanks who've returned the favor by defending Amazon and promoting its messages like the Lexington Institute a defense think-tank whose vice president has published no less than nine or peds in support of the Jedi contract amazingly Lexington gets funding from Amazon but not from any of its cloud computing rivals like Microsoft Oracle or IBM Amazon of course somehow failed to disclose funding Lexington in its political transparency report earlier this year now in the wake of the lawsuit on the alleged conflict of interest here congressional leaders including senators Marco Rubio and Ron Johnson along with various watchdog groups are accusing the Department of Defense and Amazon of using the terms of the contract to conspire together and freeze out competitors using inside information to give Amazon a clear advantage in response to all that President Trump is demanding more information on the Jedi contract and is considering intervening quite right to draining the swamp means stopping this contract now some are trying to position this as political interference the New York Times dredged up a form of federal procurement official who said it would be improper for any president to influence the contracting process Yeah right we should leave it to the bureaucrats who are constantly corrupted by lucrative job offers and other bribes from swamp big businesses that is exactly how the swamp works you scratch my back while you're a government official and will take care of you when you leave it's not just appropriate but vital that the President kills this contract and by the way this is not about hitting back at Jeff Bezos or helping one of his rivals I worked on this contracting issue myself in government giant monopolized contracts like this are bad policy putting all of our defenses cloud computing in one basket allows for far more corruption and security risks than dividing it up into mole to pull smaller contracts that also produces competition among the contractors incentivizing efficiency and innovation but of course the swamp doesn't like efficiency and innovation they like backroom deals and corruption mr. president if you want to keep draining the swamp don't let the Bezos bailout fill it back up all right so now the Democrats want to ban cooking with gas literally Looney left is next all right Berkeley California has become the first US city to ban the installation of natural gas lines in new homes the Democrats war on cooking with gas is this week's Looney left [Applause] next week the bug laughing already the Buerkle there's more to come the Berkeley City Council unanimously voted to ban natural gas from new buildings starting January the first next year requiring an electric infrastructure hoping that regulations will help with pollution and climate change and don't think this is just a local issue California officials claim more than 50 other cities are looking into the ban and it's only a matter of time before more states jump on the turn off the gas bandwagon tammy's yeah I heard this and I just thought they just never stop it's relentless is so we're gonna keep coming for everything yeah they've got us once they start they can't stop specially if there's no Republicans they have no opposition to have them stop and think about these things so they will literally never end but this is what's so ironic about this is that starting next year also besides this California is going to require every new home bill to have solar panels now all of this involves electricity like that they're gonna go from gas to electric stoves but and liberals generally don't know that you get electricity not from a key on a kite being flown by someone but from coal and so we're now it was Hillary and the liberal and the left and the Democrats wanted to you know put all the coal miners out of business what would we do with with the electric stoves if the coal miners were out of business you know so this is where the contradiction themselves they don't understand their own contradictions that if they talk about this is about saving the environment they're creating an environment that requires more coal and more fossil fuels are the grid relies on the electrical grid relies on fossil fuels and this though is their excuse but it is an excuse they really don't understand it's like in some meeting where they've had some some Prosecco and maybe some pot and they think it sounds like a good idea I'm not kidding and that's what they sound about meeting but just not the conclusions the end there's more nonsense from that meeting no this week was it's liberals especially in California where liberals are they're worse or their best in their eyes they want to do everything that makes them feel nice like for example we no longer want to discriminate against road infrastructures we are no longer calling manholes manholes there now maintenance of all that was this week saying yes but I mean that's policing words is of the utmost and but not only that pregnant women and the municipal cold will no longer be called pregnant women it's just pregnant person this is from the party love science you know they call us climate change deniers but they're actually telling us that you can't be a pregnant woman anymore you just a pregnant person I don't know how they explain that one no it's absolutely real and that's how bad it is in this state but it's outlined worse because it makes them feel nice but they don't even understand like you said the ramifications are the things that they're doing I mean I don't know it's just never-ending source of amazement I mean it just yet but it seems to be accelerating this Lou ninis oh yeah no it's like there was a month ago when San Francisco just voted to paint over a mural of George Washington in one of the schools because why would we like the founder of our country and it seems that they're just jumping off the cliff farther and farther and the rest of America is watching and rolling their eyeballs and it's and and it's infecting the mainstream Democrat me you can tell this is just Berkeley but it's not I mean it's infecting all of them yeah there's I think that there's this out of course they're running primary so they've got to appeal to their party but clearly the people running for president think their party is peopled with with idiots with people who are completely disconnected there seems to be no presumption this is a worry with Democrat leadership that there are normal people in the party and Tommy you made this note before about who was on Twitter right that Twitter's gone Twitter are the extremists the average Democrat is not on Twitter it's a person who's quiet who's more moderate and that's why you see Biden in the lead with these polls but in the end Biden's not going to be the nominee it's very nice of you to mention Joe Biden because we're going to be talking about him next he's done another interview yes oh you gotta start laughing now we'll show you the tape after the break actually all right we're back with our 20/20 update now Joe Biden thinks he knows what America wants remember this a couple of weeks ago in an interview here's what he said I think the American people want a a president who has some dignity as part of his crusade for dignity this week Joe Biden said this but what do you do you make it to the general you're on the debate stage he's lying he's saying we're doing great that's his brand were stronger than ever he starts making fun of your age your mental state starts going after you in a way is that this is I mean come on Donald come on man how many pushups you wanna do here pal you know I'm joking me okay so he's challenging him to push-ups but then Biden also said this look I don't want to do is IIIi don't want to be taking on other people in terms of whether or not they're what they're saying and how they're saying it he doesn't want to be taking okay so he wants to challenge them to push-ups doesn't want to be taking on people I mean talk about you know Mika was concerned there about his mental capacities I think you know that was not reassuring look I I think that he's not going to be in that position so it's nice that they're fighting about this right through the general election he won't be the nominee I obviously we see some polls when it comes to the Democrat primaries but I think that any he'll probably win some but he won't be the nominee because this is a civil war going on in the Democratic Party and I think that the the individuals who might present something that's it will move more to a moderate framework they understand that they you know Americans in general want a moderate person is they have to think about the general election and we'll start seeing that and there's I think the next debates going to be much more even more aggressive and you won't see a Joe Biden do well he's not used this is a problem with the establishment characters as we discuss a little earlier about the left they aren't used to being challenged even amongst their own and you saw how surprised and Biden said he was surprised that Kamala Harris went after him because they don't you mean you're really gonna debate my manaat' used to it and you're gonna see he's from a generation with their it they're just not prepared for it and I think that it's cute that they're arguing about what he'd do in the general but he's not going to have to worry it so I mean I'm told me because I kind of want him to keep going and get the knowledge because he's so ridiculous and funny I know I kind of disagree with you because I think there's a chance for him to get the nomination that's how bad the Democratic Party is right now and then also talking about just in California because that's a big State for Democrats Pete Buddha judge has raised more in California than Kamala Harris who has raised more than Joe Biden so here we are it's if they're all competing to lose to Donald Trump Henry look Donald Trump is at finishing his best two-month run in popularity of his administration by the way that's based on the data that's on the debate there on the data of Real Clear Politics he's finishing his best two-month run of his presidency his job approval is inching up the net disapprovals inching down polls shows that he would win by six points against the Democrat who was considered to be a socialist they can have their arguments all they want but slowly Donald Trump is winning New York well in that case I mean what what's going to happen in terms of the because I don't see anyone else there to your point tell me this there's even sort of pretending to be moderate I mean like they're not they're going to end up with someone it looks like they can read not someone like the Henry's describing yes right and that's the civil war now what they're really fighting over is who's gonna be the leader in 2024 because there's no leadership that's why we see the chaos in the house right between aunt Pelosi and AOC plus three is that this is a fight for supremacy in the party itself a Democrats and a verge Democrats and even in her district there's no enthusiasm 11 percent of Democrats voted in her district 11 percent and she won by four thousand votes there's no enthusiasm anywhere so Democrats are they're gonna have to figure out how to and they think by trying to divide us and calling the president a racist and all of this is going to somehow enthuse includes their base that alone is insulting if they think the average Democrat wants that if there's people on Twitter but not when they actually go out and vote because the real world really we believe that there thanks for joining us and see you next Sunday when the next revolution will be televised

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  1. Tammy Bruce is correct in that President Trump should win in 2020 and in a landslide even more than the landslide of Ronald Reagan, but there is one thing that will be active in 2020 that was not active in 2016. The polls in 2016 showed Hillary winning in a landslide so the Democrat Voter Fraud machine was not active, but in 2018 it was active and the Democrats stole the House of Representatives through voter fraud. In Democrat held precincts missing ballots were always being found which always favored the Democrat candidate. Do you really think Donald Trump would have won Pennsylvania if the Democrat Voter Fraud machine had been active in the crooked city of Philadelphia? Why are all these crooked states led by the Democrat Party giving driver licenses to illegal immigrants? It is not to allow them to drive without insurance, but to vote in the 2020 election.

    In 2018 the Democrat Voter Fraud machine was active. Orange County, California is an example of this where six Republican Representatives were ahead after 75% of the ballots had been cast and one of them, the Cambodian woman ,was ahead by 14 points when the polls closed yet they all lost. In Arizona, McSally had won after the polls closed yet in the corrupt Maricopa County, run by Democrats, ½ million of missing ballots were found favoring the Democrat. We saw the machine in action in Broward County, Florida where missing bags of ballots were continually being found, but not enough bogus ballots were able to be counted to change the election results.

  2. I feel that somebody is going to jump in the race at the last minute these people the Democrats have nothing to run on they are sneaky they are like the serpent in the garden

  3. This has to be the BEST opening i have ever heard it really gets to the SUBSTANCE of TRUMP administration WOW

  4. Chuck the lying stick of shit job coming back Trump found t magic wand Obama through away Obama the lying peace of shit Trump 2020

  5. Where's your my sent me missing your place as you're missing you been out all pimple popping
    Say that is a great idea and I are working on the kids and supplies for the kids will see you then I will be

  6. Thanks so much for pointing out the facts that some people have been misinformed about. I would also like to welcome you to becoming a citizen of the United States of America.

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