23 thoughts on “The Next Great Era: Envisioning A Robot Society: Robin Hanson at TEDxTallinn

  1. Why bother to emulate a human mind? Corporations will only be interested in optimising particular skills that will make them money; like predicting stock markets, synthesising new molecules, etc etc. The last thing they would want is an artificial person with their own needs and desires. The end of the world will be brought about by some singleminded AI program that sees humanity as an impediment to its prime directive, like 'make more money' or even 'clean up the planet'.

  2. This sounds pretty morbid and unpleasant. I think someone like Elon or Elon himself should head up something like this. I'm not convinced that anyone else has humanity's best interests in mind.

  3. It makes no sense to continue with capitalism if robots take over production. There is no need for it other than sadistic domination of others. All humans could live with plenty of anything we need.

  4. if we survive the rock crushing debt…debt that the bought off incompetent bastards in Washington DC have allowed the FED res Bank Corporation to build since 1913… in 1913 the f**** bank cartel known as the Roth Shields bought their way into the banking system with a corporately owned Central Bank… Said fake Central Bank came with the franchise to print the nation's currency… Print and own a nation's currency… Print own and lend the nation's currency… Print own lend the nation's currency at interest… Doesn't anybody see the f**** crime involved here?

  5. 4 options for the near future

    1] gangs in ruins
    2] killing extra humans when enough automation
    3] going to pre-electric time
    4] OK due to better values and control.

    1] Likely but unintentional. Already starting at some places in the world. Reasons are bad values and lack of control.
    2] Intentional. Prevention would be implementing automation rather than only developing to change the current system into a better one allowing rational use of resources and power.
    3] Intentional way to save the power over the world. Lots of victims. Unlikely to happen. Some religions want it or predict it. Similar event already happened in the past.
    4] Better values are:
    01) Safety
    02) Health
    03) Longevity
    04) Creativity
    05) Clean environment
    06) Progress
    07) Birth control

  6. 3 options for the far future

    1] Only machines left
    2] Nothing is left
    3] Total control

    Technology is going to be like a mine field. Only total control can save humans.
    Transforming into machines may also result in loosing human purpose and in gradual functionality reduction.

  7. You should really check out, eminem is dead and cloned, and dave chapelle is dead and cloned. Tons of politians. They have already done this.

  8. Its in a movie called the matrix. Or is sequel, the animatrix. That is what happens in a robot soceity.

  9. Did he just say we hope the robots don't kill us ? Wtf ! Because we don't have jobs anymore because they took over our jobs ? This guy just told you the truth…. robots will take over and kill us !

  10. Thank you for this five year old Ted video. Are there any changes in thought since then? I can imagine hacked chip robot in the making.

  11. the money worshippers had no problem kicking 100 million American middle class workers under the bus to maximize profits ,so what makes you think the displaced will even have access to food not to mention health care .

  12. Robots have no soul, much like this idiot. Robots do not 'feel' anything, even if they may be taught to 'think' they do. If you can't understand this you already are one.

  13. It is as said earlier highly speculative. He seems oblivious to the fact he is possibly already in an emulation and his submissions imply a greater chance that we are in a reality. The idea however that AI will diminish the role of Humans and send us all off to pasture is most likely.

  14. Ems like humans wood mutate- Based on variance in data input- other people and situations and upgrades new versions interacting with older versions– No way they wood all just be copies of the so called best humans

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