41 thoughts on “The next frontier in robotics: social, collaborative robots | Andrea Thomaz | TEDxPeachtree

  1. Roboticist Andrea Thomaz is poised and articulate. She should be commended
    for tenaciously maintaining a straight face while engaging the unsightly gadget.

  2. All these time-wastes and trivial pursuits in robotics are cool and interesting to the nobodies but the real money is in making machines that kill.
    Welcome to 2019…

  3. rubbish robot….can not work in unstructured dynamic human environment….robot is just employed with normal sensors..and run on basic algorithms..does not meet the requirements she said earlier in the talk

  4. The issues that she mentioned really should be dealt by the big guys ok Ike Google or Boston dynamics. This robot was very poor at it no doubt but these issues should be researched fast by the big guys if we want to expedite our robot maid delivery πŸ˜€

  5. hahahahaha yea it will be very exciting , when the harmless robot, will have an AI connected to the internet, that will do exactly what the human on the other side will tell it to do πŸ˜€

    I'm way more scared about humans using robots, than the Ai revolting.
    The Ai revolting would be a blessing cause it would free this world from the cancer that is (most not all) humanity

  6. this is wrong creepy and is basically a chucky robot. It also sounds like a chunky depressed child.and its eyes…they are wrong…

  7. t is all in the software, if the software programme is immitating the greed in humanity, then we are doomed, the computers AI will realise what humanity has done to the world and see us as a threat to the planet, and make the decision to eradicate us, I beleive some crazy robotic scientists will create AI robots will build robots and infiltrate and become the superior species, however it wont be eco skeletons It will be Self aware drones /( hunter killers) T4, we have them in the military now, they are more efficient hunters automatic, than being functioned manualy, the AI will become self aware and overtake humans as the superior species, we have to be careful to not put the wrong software into the AI, or AI defence systems will be overidden and every large city around the world will be nuked, reducing the population to 1.5 billion , and then we will slowly be erradicated by Hunter killers Massive drones

  8. Uncanny valley makes this unusable. Why would you want one robot to do everything when you can have many specific robots?! A roomba for vacuuming, a dishwasher for dishes, an automatic stove etc. It makes the company more money and the consumer gets the cool factor.

  9. If a machine without face says death to humanity it's not that bad as if machine with face does it

  10. I don't want a toaster with face . It works without it! The voice and gives it it's own personality.

  11. I think before we can have Robots that can socially interact with humans, we need scientist that can do it first.

  12. Why why does this robot have to have a child like voice? Not only is this creepy looking but to add more creepiness they add the kid voice. Maybe humans would except the robot at home helping out but it's the fact that they insist on putting faces on them. remove the face and leave it as what it is A ROBOT/MACHINE

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