29 thoughts on “The Next Financial Crisis

  1. In the financial crisis of 08 the banks got millions of tax payers money
    Tax payers got kicked out of their houses
    So who’s the government really working for?
    Not for the middle class who is disappearing

  2. Right now alot of banks and investment companies are falsely inflating theire appearance or position so they can het loans to play. When the banks wont mess with them they weasel their way into pension funds to use theire money. When its lossed the pensioners lose. SEC is watching the rats that pull that crap and so are others.

  3. What about the financial crisis that already happened to US cities? These people are out of touch puppets.

  4. The derogatory look Tom Keene and I maybe wanna say David Rubenstein, too, gave the Chinese representative when he pulled the piece of paper of the US Schiller P/E pointing at the top. Either Tom saw this as an attack as in the US will go down, or he knows it's all fabricated economic government numbers and "He's a dumbass" for believing them.

  5. 'Pricing risk properly' . This appears to be an issue for money lenders who are at risk of borrowers defaulting on their debts meaning that the lender has to lose his money. This is surely one of the intrinsic risks of banking and they make provision within their business for it. Bad loans have always been a problem but no bank has ever failed because of a few bad loans since the overall state of economies permits sufficient profits from solvent borrowers to be made to nullify the negative effect of the bad loans. It is just an obfuscatory device to hide ignorance and lack of understanding of financial theory.

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  8. Imagine how poorly these guys need to operate in order to cause a crisis!
    A normal person runs a retail business and on top of all the day to day fixed overhead, it is necessary to finance inventory and replace what sells while absorbing the cost of anything sitting.
    Then we have these a- holes in fancy suits acting like they have amazing talents when it comes to understanding finance. However their inventory is money and on top of charging lots of fees to what is in essence their "suppliers" , they get to rent out that inventory plus virtual inventory based on how much the value of the fiat is they are holding.
    I would need to have a head injury to have any challenge running that model against running a retail business.
    The problem is their admission that they need to endlessly scale up to meet expected wall-street numbers and what they would see as conservative is clearly reckless behavior, to which they are never held accountable.

  9. We are moving towards a Minsky moment where an unsustainable mountain of debt collapses in upon itself. When inflation begins to exceed the rate of interest paid people start altering their buying habits creating a self-driving feedback loop. The following article explores how this could unfolds. https://brucewilds.blogspot.com/2018/11/a-minsky-moment-is-when-debt-pyramid.html

  10. Rubinstein the Yid had to bring up all the classic boogeyman of Israel – Iraq Iran 911 attacks (which will happen because of Israeli false flag planning). Plus he likes to scoop up deals when his pals sink everything. That guy is SATAN…

  11. No. The value of money, what is it? It is becoming a system of credits, more and more, no intrinsic value needed, as long as we all recognize the value of these credits. Credits are in fact nothing but a promise for consumption, recognized by all of us, or at least by most of us. So why don't you all relax?

  12. A "post american world" is just $illy. Americanism is eating the world fa$ter than it ever has. Americanism is $preading and it's the best thing that can happen for this planet. #dealwithit

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