98 thoughts on “The National Perform ‘You Had Your Soul With You’

  1. It’s Alicia Vikander aka Tomb Raider / the robot from Ex Machina on the cover. She appears in their Light Years music video. Really beautiful song as well.

  2. Sorry guys, but what's so great about this? Sounds mediocre to me, and the national are all but that, usually.

  3. They must have had to do a couple takes because you can hear Cobert say "Thanks again" and "Much better" at the end

  4. if you close your eyes you can see the montage of tv characters having feelings. this guy got the girl, this girl is alone, these friends are having fun, these friends are mourning, this guy sacrificed love for his career. shower me in clichés, adult contemporary. it's the only way i can calibrate the emotion chip.

  5. Ok, I know all the comments are about the performance, but I just wanted to say, that it looks like Jeremy Corbyn is singing in the thumbnail.

  6. The National AND "One Of The Few White Male Bands From Privileged Backgrounds I Actually Like"

  7. Ohio boys make good! Hard to believe it’s been 5 years since I first saw them on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert. Blew me away for 20 minutes.

  8. Had the privilege to listen to the whole album last week, what to say….another incredible record.

  9. I love how they're grown over the years. I saw them at a small club in Seattle about 15 years ago and I've been a fan ever since. Their sound is so distinctive!

  10. This band had been releasing the same album over and over again since 2001. It's a good album, but they need to shake up the formula.

  11. No camera on Bryan so can't see the beast-like drumming. Love the bridge redirection in this song.

  12. Absolutely beautiful, just a stunning sound. They're not my usual style of music but they're lovely all the same

  13. Although I love the band, I have to say that they are not at their best live. The mix in their live performances is quite often wrong to my ears. They are best enjoyed on vinyl record through a warm amp with a glass of whiskey in one hand – their genius shines then.

  14. they are pride of american music, twisted kind of things that for all of who blue and live are in their own.

  15. Been to these tapings live. They're in the early afternoon and the audience energy during the musical performances is always embarrassingly low. They aren't encouraged to stand up or get into it and there's a wall of staff in front of them taping the show . Then they're encouraged to applaud as loudly as possible.

  16. Hi Late Show. Looks like you accidently posted the performance that was cut. They did it a second time and it sounded better.

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