The Most Patriotic Murga | Independence Day Special Prank | RJ Naved

The Most Patriotic Murga | Independence Day Special Prank | RJ Naved

Salaam Alekum, do you have perfumes brother? Yes ofcourse, do you want European or Arabian fragrances? Arabian Salaam Aekum Mr.Usman I just came to Nizamuddin I spoke to him last night He was telling me about the situation So I said it’s our own fault
The day we muslims unite We’ll see who wins then Let the battle begin Nobody can hold up against us Mr.Usmaan
If all the muslims unite, nobody can save the Hindus We’ll see when the time comes
We’re no saints when it comes to fighting We live in this country and we’ll stay here But we can not love these people Mr.Usmaan It’s our fault that we make compromises here Alright I’ll Talk to you later
Allah Hafiz How much is this for? Leave that brother
First tell me What rubbish were you talking about my religion? What were you talking about? I was just talking to another muslim brother like you You’re not from around here it seems What was that talk about killing people? Actually what I meant was-
How dare you speak such things? Actually I meant to say that the muslims should unite- What kind of fight are you talking abou-
Hey! Whoever challenges us, we’ll face them. Do you think Hindus are your brethren?
Of course, Hindus attachd to me are just like family. You, me, them, we’re all muslims brother.
I’m talking about unity here- Even Hindus are our brothers.
They’re innocent people like us Did I say something wrong?
I said if we’re united, we’ll straighten them out. Its people like you who’re infesting
the environment with hatred. Hindus and Muslims live together and will always do.
Right here they’ll live and right here will they die. Muslims don’t preach voilence.
We don’t preach fighting. I was talking about the hindus No,but-
Hindus are our brothers. We’re just llike a family. We don’t need muslims like you,
do you understand? Even I’m a muslim and my religion does not allow me
to cater such thoughts. Its your wish brother. Listen, just get the hell out of here. You don’t deserve to stand here, let alone staying in this country.
Get the hell out of here. I’m at Kalka Mandir right now. I was talking to Sumit last night
He was saying the same thing We were talking about the country and I said
if the Hindus of this country unite How many muslims are there in this country?
We’ll straighten them out in two minutes. Mr.Narayan, just two minutes.
It doesn’t take more than that. I was telling him that we should unite This country is ours and will remain ours. What is your name?
Sushil Aren’t you ashamed of yourself for spreading such hatred? I don’t know why you are feeling bad about this. Don’t you think being Hindus, this is our land
where do they come from? This country belongs to all of us.
We’re all integral part of this country. Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, we’re all brothers. Looks like you’re offended. That’s because you’re speaking offensive things. When we come here, we pray that everyone lives in peace and harmony
which includes hindus, musllims and everybody. Please don’t spread such hatred No, listen to me. Why are you taking sides with Muslims and not Hindus?
You’re a Hindu, you should take my side. I speak for Humanity You’re getting angry with me. Ofcourse I’m angry. Is this what our religion has taught you? Forget it. Give me 100gm of-
No, I’ll not sell you anything. Get out of here. You’re older than me. I want to tell you something,
If you can understand it, good, otherwise forget it. Tell me. Neither Hindu, nor Muslim am I scared of.
I’m scared of people and their hearts. Righteous men are scared of God
But my God is scared of us Men. It’s because of people like you that there is a Pakistan
and an India and such hate among the folks. I did a social experiment today And what did I get to hear? Exactly what I thought I would. We got to know that nobody wants to fight. Let me tell you that it’s been 69 years to our independence. And we’ve all fought for this freedom. So, it’s a request. Please stay united. Otherwise, someone else may take advantage of our mutual hostility. Because that may lead us to losing our freedom again. This is RJ Naved. Happy Independence Day. Stay Happy. Stay Independent.

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  1. Love to my all Muslim brother and sisters. We all are one, hindu Muslim sikh isai hum sab hain bhai bhai.. 🙏 🇮🇳 Happy independence day..

  2. Very good video asal me desh ki sacchai Yhi hai ..bus kuch log hai jo nafrat felane ka kaam krte hai . Hum in logo se dur rhna chaiye pr unhe bi smjhana chaiye ki hum Sab ek hai …Hindu muslim Bhai Bhai

  3. I love u bhai bahut accha vido
    Hindustan me sab ek the ek hai ek rahenge insahalalh
    Koi hamare mulk ko aur ham hindu muslim sikj isai kisi bhi bhai ko alag nahi kar sakta
    Jay hind bharat mataa ki jay

  4. This is a perfect msg to everyone. Hindu ho ya musselman sab ek hai. Hum sab insan hai. Respect all the religion.

  5. Jai Hind … Be human be Indian first respect your country then ur parents, then woman
    India hai to hum hai India nahi to hum nahi.. Bharat mata ki Jai
    My religion is humanity and I am a proud citizen of independent India
    Indian army jinda baad

  6. Bro. Jo Unpad Hai India Me Wohi Fight Ki Nafrat Ki Baat Karte Hai.. Pada Likha Kabi nai karega. Asie Baat.. I'm in UAE yaha Million Hindu sath hai Kaam karte Eid banate.. yaha ku nai Fight. Souch ko badalna chaiye.. or kuch nai. India Zindabad.. ♥️👍

  7. Love you indian qsm say gusebumps mary khry ho gye..
    Lots lots of love from pakistan
    We all want peace love and beauty

  8. देखा जाये तो ज्यादातर ये जो धर्म के नाम पर दंगे फ़साद होते हैं, इनमें उकसाने वाला कोई ओर होता है और आम जनता को इसका खामियाजा भुगतना पड़ता है, ज्यादातर जो अपने आप को धर्म के ठेकेदार समझ बैठे हैं वही ऐसे दंगो को अंजाम देते हैं चाहे वो हिंदू हो या मुस्लिम,

  9. Bhai jo apne message diya h kash wo har indian k dil tak pahuche… Hum sab ek h. Ek hain tabhi parivar hain. Akele to koi nahi chal paya

  10. this will be a positive impact for those people who are busy in hindu muslim debate … and who believes in akhand hindu rashtra

  11. JazakAllah bhai bhot hi bahatreeen seekh bilkul ye desh hum sbka hai Hindu Muslim sikh isai apas me sb bhai bhai ❤️🤗 Jai hind 🇮🇳 AlhumdulillAh proud to be Indian 🇮🇳 proud to be Muslim 🇮🇳

  12. This's my India my Pride.
    Where religion is nothing Nationality is everything. 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳❤️❤️❤️

  13. Bahut acha laga ye video dekh k bahut proud feel hua
    Ham sab ki khayalat aisa hi hai cahe wo Hindu ho ya Muslim…
    But ab ye desh badal gya en khuch saalo mao jo es video mai deekha hai ab na dikhega sab badal gye hai mahol badal gya hai khayalat badal gye hai
    Agar hai aap mai wahi himmat to Duwara se yahi video reshoot kar k dikhaye…
    Dekhte hai kya soch ralhti hai desh ki janta

  14. Jo dislike diya ye wohi hi log hi jo india jaisi khubsurat country ka naam karab kar rahe hai..
    And Thanks you sir yesa vedio bana ne ke liy ..🇮🇳

  15. There is single like button but i want to give uncountable likes to such videos.
    I have a friend who broke up with me because of such kind of a matter. I AM A FAILURE.
    काश मैं भी उसको समझा पाती ये बात।😔

  16. Seriously yaar….it touched..we are family….nobody hates each other in the name of religion… nobody dislikes anyone here in the name of religion…….some political stunts make it so…….sab Jante he sab kuch…fir bhi pata nai jab yaad rehna chahiye tab hi bhul jate he….

  17. Hindustan ki sabse khoobsurat cheez .isi wajah se hum kahte Hain.sare Jahan se acha.hindustan hamara 🇮🇳❤️🤝🙏😭

    Dosto Hamara channel Islamic knowledge ko subscribe karen please

  19. Great RJ navad i love you from pakistan kassh hum sub aik hp jain pr ye media or seyasat dano se allah hume mehfooz rkhy

  20. Great msg Mr Naved. M from Pakistan. Ye Pakistan aur India ek he maa k do bachay hen jisko siyasat k lye alag kia gaya he. Hamara rehna sehna zaban culture sab ek he. Mery Hindustani bhaiyoon I LOVE YOU..🇵🇰🇳🇪

  21. Ye bilkul sahi video banaya aap logo ne bahut acha kiya aap logo ne hindu, musalman, sikh, Isai, sab koi aapas me hai sab Bhai Bhai iske alawa aur kuch nahi aise hi aur ache ache videos banate rahiye thank you so much and God very blessed you and your all members of this channel and your youtube channel 🤝😊🤗🌹💕

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