– The only person that 100% hasn’t been proven to be a fascist, is, uh… – F*ck, no! [laughter] – Hey everybody! Today is 4/20, [cheering] Fun fact about that day- – We’re all rea-
(Ian forgets how to talk) – What, yeah? [laughter] – Oh my god! – It is actually Hitler’s birthday. We hope you’re having a happy birthday – In hell! Where you belong, you a**hole! But we are, we are gonna play ‘Secret Hitler’ – Yeah – And the way this game works, is that one of us will be Hitler. But the rest of us won’t know. Well, I’m sorry – the fascists will know. Hitler will be supported by two fascists, who are going to try and pass fascist bills. Meanwhile, the rest of the group; the “Liberals” – The Librarians! – Will try and pass liberal bills. And the way that works is this: A Chancellor will select 3 policies er- not select, they pull 3 off the top, (muffled) and then, they choose 2 to give to El Presidente. And then the president chooses which one they want to put on the board. And as the fascists progress different things will happen, we’ll explain that if and when it happens. As the liberals get their goal over here, they win. If the fascists hit their goal, they win. Or, if Hitler is eliminated the liberals win. If Hilter is elected chancellor, the fascists win. – Yes – So raise your hand right now if you have played ‘Secret Hitler’ before. – But don’t raise it in a way that would seem Nazi-like… – I’ve never been Hitler. – You haven’t played it on the channel, have you? – I’ve played it for fun. Everyone: Oh! Sarah: Nerd!
Everyone: Oh! Matt: Nerd!
Mari: “Practicing” – But I’m also really terrible at this because, I just trust everybody, because I like you guys. [ Everyone Aw’s] – I’ve never been a fascist and when that day flippin comes, I’m a bad lier and you guys are gonna know. – I’m literally the, worst I- I think I’m the worst lier ‘cus we’ve play games like this on Smosh Pit and every time we do I’m just like, I’m like, [breathes deeply] [ Laughter ] – Let’s get to the game! [Cheering] – And the way we will decide who’s who, is we’ve got these envelopes here, I’ll mix them up. And basically, your roles are in here. You get two cards: one says whether you’re a fascist or a liberal and the other card will say “Hitler” if you’re Hitler, and nothing if you’re not Hilter. Card for you. – I’m nervous burping! – Do I tell people if I’m Hitler? – No, Mari! [People tapping and humming] – Are we really gonna hear if people’s eyes are open? – I can hear your eyelids! – It’s like velcro, dude. [obnoxious people-noises] [Screaming] – Where is everything? – Wait, have we been here the whole time? – One of us was murdered! – Now, what happens if I got Mussolini? – What if my card just said, “You suck, loser” ? – Ah, so who is gonna be the first president? – Yeah, who wants to be first? Ian, you’re right in the centre, here. – Oh, wow! Well, I am the President of Smosh. [Clapping]

100 thoughts on “THE MOST INTENSE SECRET HITLER | Smosh Games

  1. ok I kinda died laughing when Damien was like "yeah Mari's a fascist" and Mari immediately starts SCREECHING "NO IM NOT! NO YOU'RE LYING-"

  2. So many rule mistakes. First the order of operations for passing laws the President takes three tiles and hands two to the Chancellor discarding the other. The Chancellor plays one and discards one. Every person should also vote including those who were nominated for office. And when powers go into effect the President that was in office when the law was passed gets the power not the next president.

  3. Court is a sweetie Sara lies about the cards she got from Courtney and she believes it thinking whoops I made a mistake so cute

  4. I was watching this and didn't realize it was smash until they said it was, I only recognize one of them some they were one of the original owners

  5. Damien, LCorn and Mari are good at this cause they've played it a million times. Shayne's full trust in Damien literally saves this game.

  6. I skipped so I didn't see the fascists. I knew Mari and Sarah were, but Lasercorn played it really well, I suspected Matt robb as the other.

  7. um… why has no one pointed out that they switched the president and chancellor roles, president takes 3 and passes 2 to the chancellor who then plays one, they did the opposite. Also, the current president gets the power, not the next.

  8. Sarah the fascist in the first round at 8:30 almost giveaway that she was a fascist by cheering but saved yourself by saying “we’re mixing it up”

  9. I'm pretty sure Sarah should be the one investigating and Damien investigation gave him a lot of info in result. Game was rigged!

  10. This was a great round guys! I will say though, as soon as a government is successfully elected, the failed vote tracker resets. So it should have been move to 1 and not to 2 around 16:10

  11. This is like the 4th time I watch this video and everytime the absolute highlight is Matt Raubs burn towards Sarah when she says: "Nine, it's my favourite number" and he says "That's cuz you are a 6" One of the best burns I have evern seen/heard

  12. I don't know if they have played this, or if they will see this post… But go and get One Night Werewolf. I love that game like I love this one. An absolute must play.

  13. If only they played this game properly…. the failed election tracker not resetting and the chancelor/president mixup that they did change the dynamic of this game in a huge way…

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