33 thoughts on “The Mission of the Open Society Foundations

  1. With all due respect, why are you not implementing these ideals in the migrant/victims home countries in order to improve their lives ? Just wondering.

  2. You are a terrorist who is funding domestic terrorism here in the US. You need to be prosecuted for terrorism.

  3. Does it not sound like a program for a few "chosen ones" to live up to their full capacity? How is it supposed to mean a breakthrough for hundreds of millions?

  4. да мне вообще всё равно уже. Телевизор 2 года не смотрю. Сразу выздоровел.

  5. A real Open Society allows for good to dominate. It does not need to create influence. Creating influence is not Open. THEORY OPEN SOCIETY FOUNDATION is driven by an evil agenda

  6. George Soros the erand man of the Rotschilds. He is accused openly by hungry government to break down governments in Europe with massive migration of Muslims. In America, it's exactly the same one with the Mother Caravan from Honduras to United States to break down Trump's government and at the same time López Obrador's government in Mexico. Open Society foundation is only an insidious foundation very full of criminal like George Soros with the Rothschild bank that is banned in Hungry by the way. He only wants to break down american governments exactly with European governments. Hard Data #Globalismisdead

  7. This monster needs to see an exorcist to stop his head from spinning and puking, he is the Jeffery Dahmer of NGO’s

  8. Let’s stop trying to sugarcoat a turd and let me paraphrase…they want to weaken all the strong white countries that stand in their way of global government by flooding them with low IQ 3rd world pons that are precondition to socialism and poverty and they think they can fool the public by shaming any opposition with racism and bigotry and by promoting it as the beauty and wonderments of “multiculturalism “ ….this they feel is a better alternative to just ”stick a gun in their ribs”.. my question is..are they that stupid to think we are?

  9. The call to International Communism is imbedded in the double-speak of these jackals. That is everything except the c-word itself. They are clever enough to separate themselves from that basket of evil.

  10. Itsenäiset valtiot, itsenäiset kansat, ja heimot. Me emme tarvitse teitä kiitos, voitte poistua ja lähteä takaisin Kiinan -Intian muurin taakse piiloon. Hyvä voittaa aina. Jing -jang, Kali-Yoga. Ajatus on materia. Ja te hävisitte. 😀

    Learn buddha 33. I know all your litlle dirty triks. Shaman, U Ra. AUrinko. Karjala. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzyDTV6EzUs

  11. Not one single useful idea in 6 minutes……..

    I wouldn't put these individuals in charge of a lemonade stand

  12. The long march of a zero sum game. Corrupt people corrupting the world around them. See you all in hell losers… then we'll see if it was all worth the trouble.

  13. The problem is no one elected George Soros for anything. He talks about democracy but he hasn't been democratically elected by any people, anywhere. This is why he annoys people. He forces his will on people when they didn't ask for it. That's nothing to do with democracy.

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