The Mind Games Politicians Use To Win Votes

The Mind Games Politicians Use To Win Votes

Politicians do seem to give off a slimy feel. Everything about them is polished and tailored
to try to get my vote. It’s kind of gross. And yet, I still vote for them. From the way they look, the way they sound,
to the words they choose. Politicians and their staffs carefully craft
their speeches and appearance to invoke emotion in their constituents. Emotion plays a huge role in who we will vote
for. A study published in the journal Psychological
Review found that often, our moral judgements aren’t the result of reasoning but of quick,
automatic, intuitive feelings. And politicians can use this to their advantage. They often get your vote by evoking some strong
emotion in you. Emotion tends to call people to action more
than reasoning, and unfortunately, the emotions political candidates often invoke are anxiety
or fear. A study published in the journal Political
Psychology, found that anxiety tends to influence our political views, especially towards certain
groups. For example, anxiety may make some people
remember negative experiences with immigrants making them more likely to vote for a candidate
who advocates tighter immigration policies. Plus, anxiety causes people to see ambiguous
information in a more negative and threatening light. And by invoking fear, politicians can rally
people around specific causes and create stronger allegiances with those we consider like us. Even more than what politicians say, is how
they say it. They might change the way they talk. A study published in PLOS One found a deeper
voice correlates with the idea that the politician is stronger, more competent, and older. But deeper voices only benefit politicians
in specific instances. For example, a study published in the journal
Political Psychology looked at the 2012 U.S House elections, and found if a politician's
voice was deeper and their opponent was a female, they were less likely to win; especially
if they were male. The researchers think that a lower voice might
seem too aggressive, in that case. But it’s not just the language politicians
use, and the pitch of their voice, it’s their body language too. Politicians need to project an image of calmness
and surety. They use “positive body language” like
keeping gestures below shoulder level and steadying their hands. According to Don Khoury, a nonverbal communication
consultant: if politicians sway or fidget too much, this gives off vibes of arrogance,
insincerity, or low confidence, which turns off voters. Some researchers even believe they can predict
election results on body language alone. And looks do go a long way. A study published in the journal Science found
that voters often judge the character of a political candidate based entirely on their
visual appearance, which can have huge impacts on elections. So politicians try to appear as attractive
as possible, especially if they’re a woman, because studies show that not only do people
prefer better looking politicians, they actually get more media coverage. And a study published in the journal Social
Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience found that a negatively received image, like if
they appeared threatening, was far more detrimental to their campaign than being attractive was
helpful. So much of what we feel about politicians
and politics is so… subconscious. Your feelings are decided before you even
know it. But maybe once we start to become more aware
of political tactics, we can use our cool reasoning instead of our fiery emotions to
pick the next president.

44 thoughts on “The Mind Games Politicians Use To Win Votes

  1. Elections is won by how stupid the voters are. Most in any country are the losers. The election is won based on mainly the votes from this super majority of stupider people. This is the problem with democracy. Most people in any country are not wiser than the wisest. So the election is decided by the votes mainly from this less intelligent people.

  2. That's hella true politicians corner one another then attack one another at there weakest the is not good government

  3. Trump, Bernie and Hilary all use these tactics and the sad thing is it’s obvious. Get these politicians out of here, it’s not about racism, it’s not about war, it’s not about sexism, drugs, media or even “fake news” it’s about rallying specific groups of people and rallying them against each other. We didn’t think much about all these different situations before the politicians (Abortion, border control, drugs, etc) and we wont be thinking about them long after. Every human being has a right to their own world view, as long as it does not cause issue, it should not be politicized

  4. No wonder we're all doomed if people are really that shallow and lazy when making just about the only political decision we have. Obviously, the fact that there's often not much difference between the candidates is a big problem too- I really feel like a lot of it is just to give us the illusion of having an impact.. I'm just disturbed by how many people base their decision making on such trivial first impressions over anything of actual substance. But clearly it works on some people because politics has become so much about scandal and media coverage than actually informing people. How much coverage is even about their policies, as opposed to some trivial thing they did or said?

  5. Make America safe again, make Chicago safe again. Excuse excuse excuse instead of solution solution solution

  6. Politicians always judge voters or lure people to vote yes or no towards props and buy their way towards success and fail to take action for the community like Tony Thurman for example he failed to make schools safer. Politicians always look for an excuse or reason. The community takes more action than politics in an office. Trump is also one of those people who don't stand for America's rights. Politicians don't stand for anything and say you're entitled to nothing. It takes a whole communities and soldiers to change the country.

  7. People are sheep. But people who just agree with people who say that people are sheep without thinking for themselves, are, in fact, also sheep. But then, if you think about it… People who disagree with people who agree with people who say that people are sheep without thinking for themselves, are, in fact, sheep, too. But doesn't that imply that people who agree with people who disagree with people who agree with people who say that people are sheep without thinking for themselves, are actually just as much sheep? Am I a sheep?

  8. Yeah I was ok with Obama care till he lied and said I wouldn't lose my health care I did and now I can't work do to me not being able to afford the cost of getting my tumor removed

  9. if politicians are trying to be as attractive as possible, why does Donald trump look like annoying orange with a wig???

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  11. Ancient times:Uncentralized but highly cooperative groups of 150 people.
    Modern times:Centralized countries with people who just spend most of their time in the house.

  12. Donald Trump scares people. Stupid people are scared of him because they think the big mean immigrant's are going to kill them. And then you have the people with any semblance of a brain that are terrified of Trump becoming president and killing everyone.

  13. He is an old man that is always shouting and waving his hands around, I don't think I have seen one good picture of him to date. BUT. He is going to help us care for each other. #feelthebern

  14. Anyone voting for Trump really can't see how hard they're being played. My favorite term Trump uses is "silent majority." That's complete horse shit because he's enforcing an opinion people have already had and shared for decades. It's just a ploy to band people together and make them feel special. Y'all are getting played like rats.

  15. should do a study on Sillyporeans (Silly Singaporeans). 70% of them voted for the PAP because LKY's son decided to invoke his spirit.

  16. Terrible excuses for voting on Obama.
    (disclaimer I've never voted for any president because like most elections none of the candidates were qualified)

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