The “Master Race” Needs to Play It Cool: The Daily Show

The “Master Race” Needs to Play It Cool: The Daily Show

We were just talking about the white supremacy rallies in
Charlottesville and Boston, and, uh, and, you know,
and I realized it’s a little weird to just say white supremacy as if it’s a normal thing that everyone
should be familiar with. Like, everyone just says it.
“Oh, you know, the white supremacists,
wh-white sup…” But what does it actually mean? What do white supremacists want? Well, it turns out it’s actually
pretty straightforward. We’re showing to this parasitic
class of anti-white vermin, that this is our country. This country was built
by our forefathers and sustained by us. It’s going to remain
our country. I think, on average, whites are
more intelligent than blacks, and north Asians are more
intelligent than whites. -How can you say that?
-All of this is… How can you think otherwise? The entire record of history
is completely consistent with the assumption
that black Africans are less intelligent,
on average, than Asians or Caucasians. Let’s talk about this idea
that white people are biologically superior
for a second. And now, don’t get me wrong. White people have been doing
very well for themselves for the past few hundred years. I mean, they invented
light bulbs, airplanes, cured polio,
went to the moon, won the Grammy
for best rap album. It’s been a solid run
for white people. I cannot lie. But this stuff goes in cycles,
all right? I mean, at one point,
Mesopotamia was killing it. But then the Egyptians hit back
with the pyramids, you know? It’s like, white people
had Larry Bird, but then Michael Jordan
came out, right? And Shaq,
and then Kevin Garnett, and Iverson, and-and LeBron. Basically,
white people had Larry Bird, is what I’m saying. So the jury is out on who
the best race is. I-I’m just not convinced
that it’s these guys. TV REPORTER: This man’s image
has come to symbolize Friday night’s rally. Yes, You’re Racist identified
him as Peter Cvjetanovic, a student at the
University of Nevada, Reno. I do not identify as a white
supremacist or a racist. Um, of course that-that
definition’s really fluid. People have one version,
I have another. I’m alt-right
because I’m pro-white. I-I’m sorry, what? People have another version? N-No. No. Th-that’s weird. This little millennial Nazi
over here saying he’s not sure
of what he believes, so we mustn’t label him racist? So y-you’re not sure of what… Okay, here’s-here’s
my only question. If that’s what he does
when he’s not sure, what the (bleep) is he gonna do
when he’s made up his mind? And-and, by the way,
by the way, dude, I hate to break this to you, but your last name
is Cvjetanovic. It may be fun
hanging out with Nazis now, but you’re up in round two,
my friend. As far as the Klan is concerned, your name might as well
be Tyrone Lopez Ginsburg. Like, what are you thinking? For more analysis, we turn to our very own Roy Wood Jr.,
everybody! -(cheering, applause)
-What’s going on, Roy? Roy, as a… as a black man in America,
you must have been shocked by what you’ve seen
over the past week. Shocked? That there’s racists
in America? The Klan marching
doesn’t shock me. What would shock me is if they marched in the hood. Take that (bleep) to Oakland
and see what happens. -(cheering, applause)
-Goodness. ‘Cause watching what happened
in Charlottesville– it-it only made me wonder how are you the master race but you so dumb? I… I don’t understand, Roy. Dude, Trevor, these-these dudes, they got a great thing going
and they’re messing it up. Donald Trump’s already giving
white supremacists pretty much
everything they want. He’s building the wall,
he’s banning Muslims, he’s taking away
black people’s voting rights, he even blocked Tyler Perry from
dropping any new Madea movies. Wait, is that true? I mean, I haven’t seen one
come out in, like, three weeks, so it’s got to be Trump.
It’s probably Trump. A… All right, all right, Roy,
le… You know what, let-let’s take a step back.
I-I don’t understand why you say that white
supremacists are messing up. Because they are. They’ve got a man on the inside, but all the stupid (bleep)
they’re doing is just bringing heat on him. Trump’s trying
to give them the hookup. This is not
how you treat a hookup. Look, I speak from experience. I had the hookup
one time at Wendy’s. Same thing as this. And so… My homeboy, Ramrod– he used to work nights
at Wendy’s. Every shift, we’d hit Wendy’s, he’d give us a bag
full of free food every day. Just a bag of Wendy’s–
just Jr. Bacons, nuggets falling all out the top. Greatest days of my life. Then, one day… one day,
I got entitled. Went inside and complained
because they forgot the lettuce. Hookup done, Ramrod fired. You hear
what I’m saying, Trevor? I think I hear what you’re
saying. What you’re saying is “Don’t complain
about the lettuce when you’re getting
the burger for free.” Hallelujah! White supremacists need to learn
that by wreaking havoc they’re only gonna
hurt their own cause. See, black people–
we learned that a long time ago. We learned that lesson with O.J. O.J. went free,
black people went crazy, so white people
locked his ass up again. That’s why when O.J. got out
this time and got paroled, black people was chill. They was like, “O.J. out!” We was like,
“I’m sorry, who? Hmm?” But on the inside, we was going, “The Juice is loose!
The Juice is loose! The Juice is loose! He’s loose!” Whoa, Roy… (cheering, applause) We were happy. On the inside. Roy, O.J. is a convicted felon. I’m sorry, who? I don’t know
who you’re talking about. Let me give you some advice. You, the genius master race. Comes courtesy
of Dr. Martin Luther King. You probably swung by his house
couple times, back in the day. Uh, what Dr. King always say– “Keep your eyes on the prize.” You’ve got Donald Trump
in the White House. He’s got Jeff Sessions
by his side. You want Confederate monuments, Jeff Sessions is a living
Confederate monument. Play it cool.
Play it cool. When Obama gave us reparations,
we didn’t grab tiki torches and scream, “Direct deposit,”
we just cashed the checks. Whoa, whoa, wait, wait, wait–
black Americans got reparations? I’m sorry, who? Thank you, Roy. Roy Wood Jr.,

100 thoughts on “The “Master Race” Needs to Play It Cool: The Daily Show

  1. Since when did white people build America really has anybody read history lately. As for little Hitler hair you are full shit!!

  2. Any race can learn all the same things. Intelligence defines what's inside. No its not okay for a white person to claim himself a superior intelligence but it's also not okay that black people are constantly referring to their race and have their own tv show to boot. Imagine if white people has an all white channel and we hated on blacks for watching it. Thats what blacks do too. So hey you are all racist then. NO. We are all strong. We are all one. Not one is better than the other. Y'all better get with it and knock this nonsense off. You are all racist

  3. That was not even white supremacy considering the white guy even said Asians are smarter and more superior to Caucasian. All women suffer the most all the time!

  4. The problem with white supremacy is the my want to control or kill off everyone you can take pride in being white just leave other groups the fuck alone

  5. They think they are superior but they get burned the sun ….THE FUCKING SUN..🤣😬you know what's been around forever even before life🤣🤣🤣 lol the only other thing that gets burned by the sun is dry trees…plus black people invented the most needed and useful inventions look it up we're pretty cool😎 and i still love my white family members but they're understanding and are awesome 😎 plus my black family members are smarter more educated and have more money then my white ones🤗

  6. Black people are biologically superior because they have a better resistance against the sun. The rest is the same

  7. Whites have been taking credit for something they stole and put into slavery. How the hell can any human be proud of that? American history was a subject we had to take in school because it's that important to learn. Why haven't these so called Americans been taught about their heritage? It's embarrassing for them to carry on living with the assumption the land they walk on is their land. They are the joke of America and I will say again. I don't understand how any human can walk the earth and be proud of that and not have any knowledge of their historic back ground. It's embarrassing they still hold that even today. And look how America is right now. That's how smart white people are today by having Trump represent all of that. The entire world is watching all of that. Trumps in the White House and the KKK run the police force and the system denies it. Just like Trump dies everything else but not what he tweets.

  8. “Your last name is Cvjectanovic, it may be fun hanging out with nazis now but, you’re up in round two my friend” 😂they don’t get it once they’re done with us that hate isn’t disappearing it will just channel itself to their next victim.💁🏾‍♀️

  9. The joke about the Croatian guy being second in line for mass murder was great but actually Croatian's were great allies of the Nazis and killed a lot of people for Hitler,they went so far that they has the concentration kamp made for kids where more then 100 000 children were held and murdered in the second world war.nazis love vacationing in Croatia for that same reason…

  10. Master race are so hate filled they went to Lowe's or Home Depot and bought tiki torches which are Polynesian aka foreigners they don't like.

  11. Peter Cvjetanovic Croat origin, born in USA saying he is not WS? Wow that's new to me…LOL! Croat's are very well known from history that they hate : Gipsy's, Jews, Serbs, Muslims, Black, Yellow and any other color of the people have. They in love Hitler, Mussolini, Ban Jelacic, Gebels, or other historical murderers!

  12. TRUE True! THAT idiotic Entitlement gets them EVERY TIME😔. Yeap! Just like when any non blond non blue eyes with a last name I can't pronounce tells me their all for KKK, l look at-em like 👌 thinking your stupid ass really believe your white. You may want to 👣 that DNA before you start representing.
    In class…😂told a grad student, I've got 106 problems and educating a DUMB AsS not ☝.

  13. 😂😂 wtf logic. Right now Chinese & Japanese people are the most advanced civilization & in a few years they will surpass everyone. So should I go & serve my Asian masters in advance 🤣😝

  14. If they voted for Democrats it proves blacks aren't the most intelligent people in America! 😆😆😆😗

  15. You can argue seriously in a debate about what culture and ethnic group has done most for the world (like a historic debate), but it's not the idiots yelling about superiority and talking down others, that's for sure.

  16. 1St civilization in history was the mesopotamians n Ethiopians with Axum..Egyptians…Phonecians…Persians..evrrybdyy but white ppl

  17. I would love to see a white person survive in the Maghgreb desert the way that my maternal relatives are doing right now. They wouldn't last a week, whereas my paternal relatives kan survive in europe

  18. No one is superior only individuals with ideas we don't put up a score unless there's something wrong with you period, till you fill in the gender form… That's where we all fu'#&###ced up

  19. White people did not invite none of the stuff you said. Also they dummy that said black people are dum by default.. If he need heart surgery he can not have it a black men invented that. Lights was invented by african people they were in the pyramids before white people came along.

  20. HE said 'ON AVERAGE' .
    And yeah in terms of intelligence on 'avg' blacks<whites<Asians
    Most of what trevor says is full of crap.

  21. singapore is the perfect example of what america shouldve been people respect one another there no matter the color of your skin

  22. That was some great mispronunciation of his last name. 1:48
    Also, reading the title reminded me of that 1943 Disney episode with Donald Duck… When der Führer says we is de master race
    , we heil – heil, right in der Führer's face.

  23. When I read Master race, I thought it was about computers. I'm so disassociated from the world

  24. What most people don't realize is that…..once America found out what Hitler was about…..they said to themselves…"Shit…..we believe the same thing WHITE SUPREMACY!"….And America has ran with those ideas…..EVER SINCE!Go … figure

  25. You are pronouncing the last name wrong. It's read as it is written begining with C. It's core word is Cvijet which in Croatian, Serbian and other ex Yugoslavia Slavic languages translates as Flower 🌺

  26. I am from Europe so well white people have here supremacy for probably 10 000 years and hey we just have hosted 2 world wars and the 30 years war, soo so far I think with all of our technological surpramacy we could have whipped out our human kind off race

  27. Ok smart azz…wish you could find ANYTHING besides today's flavor of " Lets complain about white people'. Get a real job…

  28. First of all no is dumb it just depends on state of mind if its useful in current generation, if it is you are a genius and Asian are normal as everyone its just their cultures mostly have authoritarian tendency which forces them to build everything no matter what costs and population density

  29. Blacks killed, raided, tortured and sold Blacks for sale to the highest bidder. African slaves were subservient to other blacks for thousands of years, institutionalising the mass export of black slaves to Brazil, Muslim countries, Carribeans, etc. long before Whites entered the market. Black's degradation of their own people is commonly overlooked. Some other such facts: Originally, indentured servitude was law in the American colonies. Anthony Johnson, a black man, was awarded land after his term was completed and he bought servants both black and white. When John Casor wanted to leave to work for a white neighbor Johnson refused to release him. The man tried to help Casor by suing Johnson for Casor's freedom. After a legal battle the courts decided in Johnson's favor-making him-an ex African slave the first legal slaveholder in the American colonies. At one time there were over 20,000 black slaves owned by Black slavemasters in all 13 colonies. Census records and purchase agreements show that some even lured escaped slaves and sold them to their original owners or depending on the profit to other plantations. As few as one to nearly 300 slaves…a very long list, most of whom, especially in Louisiana sided with the Confederacy, vowing no sympathy for abolitionism and to "fight as we did in 1815-1816". Today Black's homocide rate is 8-10 times that of whites and Hispanics combined. Children born out of wedlock is 70%, nearly half of public assistance goes to blacks despite their successful athletes, billionaires,music stars, CEOs, etc. Whites were the first and only major resistance that slavery had ever encountered. Sadly though, African Americans have left their ancestors behind as slavery in Africa is still ongoing with no concern expressed by African Americans for their well-being. Their concerns for slavery seem to start and end in the country that freed them and Whites are the target of their disdain. If you're a non-black and find yourself trapped by the unrelenting black narrative it's worth remembering that blacks have a very long history of being slaveholders.

  30. 100% agreeing with everything that Trevor said, but his last name is Cvjetanović witch in our countries (ex-yu) comes from the word CVJET – witch means flower and it's pronounced as it's written

  31. im a black man and i think the white race is superior. They are amazing creations of God. i love me some white women. all that beautiful straight hair.

  32. I'm white and I hate the fact these dumbasses think whites are smarter than blacks. It makes no goddamn sense. Color has nothing to do with intelligence or personality 😂

  33. Even white supremacist in america are dumber than in europe. Btw that pro white guy wouldnt even be considered white over here but slavic. White people are people of Nordic/germanic descent excluding everything eastern

  34. I know this is a comic at. The point is that white people are not superior by any nature. They have a superior culture with regards to institutions, science and indeed organised violence. However, their are other points to white people. Like medicine, etc. So it would be best for non white to take on the best of white culture and for whites to take on the best of non white culture. if we become one people we will all benefit. The supremacists have thier heads in the sand, but so do those screaming cultural appropriation and preaching white guilt. It seems that everyone is going to far to the outside. It is time for all of us to go to the middle. Stop antagonising each other and let us all be americans.

  35. do not forget lots of white are color blind black and white impairt is better
    but the new race is religion no matter what color are black or white colors i forget

  36. Funny..No, Sadly pathetic is more appropriate here. …The absolute B.S. you all have filled your sorry disrespectful selves full of this past 20- 30 years. I wked at an Aerospace company where "affirmative action" was in place…there were 2 large tables in the center of the main bldg. That's where all you self proclaimed genius's and "builders of America" sat…All day everyday, month, after month, happily playing grabazz, taking up positions for jobs you couldn't begin to do, And absorbing paychecks that could have supported a good working American man's family. Nobody there wanted you genius's touching anything and f-ing anything (else) the $MILLION hole that one idiot and his whore "accidentally" punched into a panel while they were screwing under the tools. …Yeah working Americans know why EVERYTHINGS gone to crap.. After decades having to hire "doctors," "engineer's", college grad's, who CANT. And you bitch for "more"…unbelievable. (look up the " death of Americas auto industry" located in Detroit. 'nough said.

  37. To be fair, Jared Taylor did say Asians were smarter than Caucasians. And just being "smarter" doesn't qualify as being biologically superior. If you ask me, it's more that some people are more well-educated or knowledgeable, not "smarter". Anyway, I'm not saying what he said is true, but you are mis-characterizing what he said. The media really does need to learn to be more fair-minded and careful of what they say. Stupidity run a muck.

  38. As a half Mexican with a pure Native American grandfather, fuck your conspiracies and white supremest bull shit. This is our fucking land and you stole it.

  39. Hmm…

  40. As to "building this country" I give you this . Oh and in my New Hampshire town More on inventors this is my uncle I am probably "preaching to the choir" in this forum but if you learned something new please use it to educate the ignorant.

  41. But white people still don’t know how the pyramids were made🤣🤣🤣 we test higher til this day.

  42. It has been widely accepted that the modern human species (Homo Sapiens) evolved from Africa (Ethiopia) and how they migrated and populated the world. Basically what i am trying to say is that we are the same human species, we all are the same and there is no Master Race. #Being Human

  43. Truth be told the original natives are black people. We were here before there was a such thing as a indian….. excuse me $5.00 indians……. white folks….. .

  44. Funny facts: Arabs gave us mathematics, greeks gave us geometry, egyptians had the idea of the earth being a ball first, chinese invented gunpowder. (Only a few examples, nearly everything that "we whites" came up was built on ideas and theories of other nationalities) Caucasian europeans still have to "make up" for the middleages and the crusades tbh.

  45. This whole "we are equal" is such bulls***. We are not. Period.
    For example men are genetically superior when it comes to physical tasks. Women are superior in social things.
    Black people evolved to be superior in physical – especially running and jumping – traits, while Asians lost a lot physical traits but evolved to be smarter on average. White people are somewhere in-between. Pretty good in everything, but do not excel in any field.
    And as in everything those tendencies are an average out of genetical preferences.
    We are not the same – we will be in a few hundred years, but for now, this whole topic is bullshit.
    People should accept it and use this knowledge to place themselves – and each other – in optimal positions.
    Also it doesn't make sense to argue about skin color. It's just an indicator for environmental adaption.

  46. It's our country bc we stole it fair and square, we even died while killing its natives for it. So, Its ours! Blah, Blah, Blah.

  47. superior to Asians? Who even talks about White Supremacy except as a slur against White people…Whites are getting tired of non-contributors to the American dream accusing the major contributors and creators of the USA , White people, of awfulness….

  48. this is stoking a race war….keep it up….eventually all White people will wake up and get really tired of the accusations….

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