The Malcolm Butler interception deserves a deep rewind | Super Bowl 49

The Malcolm Butler interception deserves a deep rewind | Super Bowl 49

– It’s February 1, 2015. The Patriots lead the
Seattle Seahawks 28 to 24, but as the clock ticks under 30 seconds Seattle is one yard away
from going back on top and likely hoisting the Lombardi Trophy. But a lot can happen in
such a short distance. And after everything it took
us to get to this point, none of these guys know what comes next. You might, but then
again, you’re a genius. For everyone else, to understand how much can be forgotten just from one moment, we need to rewind. Down four with 26 seconds left, the Seahawks have gotten themselves in a decent position to win. If needed, they have three downs, plus a timeout at their disposal, and are just a yard away
from being the first back to back champs since their opponents did it in ’04, ’05. And with the way they
demolished the Broncos a year ago for the franchise’s
first Lombardi Trophy it felt like a solid bet
that they could do it again. Their core was young, they were paying nothing for
an incredible quarterback, and that off-season they
were able to lock up the vets that would help create the
Seahawks’ new identity. It was enough for people
to talk about Seattle as a potential dynasty,
or at the very least, a team that could become
the first NFC squad to make consecutive Super Bowls since the Packers did it in the late ’90s. Although they found themselves
at .500 after six games, that included close, late
losses to the Cowboys and Rams. From there they went to work. Seattle dropped just one
of their final 10 games and won six straight to finish the season. Once again they had the
top defense in the league, who despite not needing much help, got a big boost from the
other side of the ball. For the fourth straight year as a Seahawk, Marshawn Lynch ran for over 1200 yards while he led the league
in rushing touchdowns and crotch grabs. Russell Wilson had the best
season of his young career, in part because he grew
into an even bigger threat on the ground. After they locked up the NFC’s top seed, Seattle put it all together
against the Panthers in the divisional round. Wilson threw three touchdowns to match the defense’s three takeaways, including this Kam Chancellor pick which he took 90 yards the other way to seal the victory. But facing the Packers in
the conference championship, Seattle’s reign finally looked undone. With less than three minutes to play, they were down 19 to seven thanks in part to four
interceptions from Wilson. He began to make amends
with a one yard score just ahead of the two minute warning. Hauschka hit the extra point, then sent an onside kick
straight to Brandon Bostick who couldn’t hang on. But Chris Matthews could. Four plays later, Lynch took care of the
rest from 24 yards out. Seattle went for two to
make it a field goal lead, which sent Wilson into retreat
before heaving up a prayer that Luke Wilson brought in. And the Seahawks would need
all the points they could get, because Aaron Rodgers did
what Aaron Rodgers does, and Mason Crosby kicked a field goal that sent the game to overtime. All that did was give Wilson time to complete his redemption tour. On the opening possession
he hit Doug Baldwin for 35 yards, then on the next play
connected with Jermaine Kearse from the same distance
for a walk-off touchdown. And with that, Seattle’s
title defense continued. But while the Seahawks
are the defending champs, this territory is a bit more
familiar to New England. It’s just the last time
they found themselves here things didn’t go quite the Patriots’ way. Three years ago, in a not
to dissimilar situation, New England let the opposing running back reach the end zone untouched. Believing in Tom Brady they
wanted the ball in his hands instead of leaving it up to the defense. But even Touchdown Tom
couldn’t dig them back out against the Giants. With two more Lombardi-less
seasons after that, it felt like an eternity since New England had won three Super Bowls in four seasons. Their two appearances since
ended in defeat via New York, and Brady hadn’t gotten any younger. But to understand what Brady
still means to this team you have to go aways back. You have to understand who he is, where he came from… I’m not going to do that to you. Here’s what you need to know. So, coming into this season
the pressure was on Brady to prove he still had it. But after a complete
beat down by Kansas City, New England found
themselves at two and two. They also found a grave
for their dynasty being dug as cries of their demise grew louder. Discussions were being had
about if Brady was washed up, and it didn’t help that his new, sexier understudy had
come in against the Chiefs and looked good. But Brady wasn’t sweating
the talk or his performance. And Bill Belichick, following the loss, let the world know he was just really excited
to play Cincinnati. – We’re onto Cincinnati. – [Reporter] Do you think
having a 37 year old– – We’re onto Cincinnati. It’s not about the past,
it’s not about the future, right now we’re preparing for Cincinnati. – Unfortunately for the Bengals, they were just what New England needed. It was the first of seven straight wins as the Patriots went from
being buried by the media to clinching the AFC’s top
seed with a week to spare. And while their bye week was
followed by a back and forth shootout win against the Ravens, the story of the Patriots
season was again rewritten after they dismantled the Colts. Despite a fairly convincing victory that earned them a Super Bowl berth, the extra week ahead of the big game was spent discussing the
Patriots latest gate. Indianapolis notified the
league that they believed New England had been using
under-inflated balls, a claim they had also reported
after the teams faced off in week 11 of the regular season. On January 23, the league hired Ted Wells
to get to the bottom of it, and ahead of the Super Bowl, everyone lost their goddamn minds. Somehow it was decided
the game must go on. But I’m sure that’ll all end quickly and everyone’ll handle
it with enough respect to make it a non issue. And if any team is
capable of ignoring some self curated bullshit, well, it’s New England. Hanging onto their four point lead, the Patriots’ offense
hasn’t let distractions affect them tonight. Brady had to shake off a
first quarter interception, but from there he stayed true to form. Brandon LaFell, the latest guy to come
through New England’s revolving door for outside receivers, opened the scoring in the second quarter. After the Seahawks matched that, Brady found Gronk for a
touchdown just before halftime. – [Al] Gronkowski and a touchdown! – [Will] A person dressed as a shark attempted to steal the show, but once the second half kicked off it went the same as the first. Brady threw an interception, which helped Seattle take a 10 point lead, then he started to chip away. He found Danny Amendola from short range to cut their deficient to three. And once New England’s defense
forced a three and out, the Pats got the ball with plenty of time. Brady went seven for seven
to get down to the six. And, after LeGarrette
Blount powered forward for a few, Edelman found enough open space to give New England their first
lead of the second half with just over two to play. – [Al] Caught, touchdown, Julian Edelman. – But when Seattle got the ball back, they proved to have a few fireworks left. Just inside the 50 with
a minute 40 on the clock, Wilson found Ricardo
Lockette on third and 10 for a new set of downs. What came next was one
of the wildest catches in any Super Bowl. Wilson looked deep right side for Kearse who was incredibly well defended. As both players went to the ground the ball bounced off the Seahawk before he managed to corral it in, get up, and get forced out
of bounds to stop the clock. All of a sudden, Seattle
had first and goal with over a minute to play. Given the circumstances, the obvious choice was Beast Mode. Going left side, he found some daylight but
was brought down at the one. And with that we find ourselves here. Anyone who’s watched the
Seahawks the last few years has a pretty good idea
for what might come next. Lined up next to Wilson, sticking with Lynch seems an easy choice. He’s been a force ever since
he came onto the scene, originally as a Cal Golden Bear. Back to back thousand yard,
double digit touchdown seasons turned Lynch into a
first round draft pick, and he immediately maintained
his success in Buffalo. His third year was derailed
by suspension and injury, and in his absence, Fred Jackson’s play convinced
the Bills to flip Lynch. Seattle swooped in and
managed to land the back for a fourth and a fifth. So, what did they get
in return for a couple of day three picks? Just a dude who was
capable of plowing through the entire Saints defense and trigger earthquake-esque
seismograph recordings. In his first full season as a Seahawk, Lynch set career bests across the board. And then one-upped himself a year later when he rushed for nearly 1600 yards. In the 2014 regular season,
for the second year in a row, he led the league in rushing touchdowns. And tonight he’s already
over a hundred yards. Of his 24 carries, only two
have resulted in no gain. Having just powered through
the Pats at close range, it’s fair to expect more. But with the clock ticking
in the final minute of regulation, and New England having
already bucked their trend by stopping the running back, the Pats continues to show
faith in their defense by not calling a timeout. That means as Wilson and
company come to the line, here’s what they see. New England’s D has gone
into a goal line look, while Seattle’s stuck with 11 personnel. That meant seven defenders on the line, plus another linebacker in the box against six blockers, one of which being the tight end. With no substitutions made, New England’s nickel package
was still on the field, a rare sight this close to the end zone. So, Seattle’s three wide
receivers all have one on ones, essentially daring the
Seahawks to go to the air. And although Lynch is as sure
of a bet to pick up a yard as anyone in the league, they have three chances and could get a better look
that would let them power it in. At Wilson’s disposal are
Baldwin, Kearse, and Lockette, all of whom have been kept
fairly quiet so far tonight. And while that had been far from the norm leading up to the Super Bowl, with all the offense had done
there was a clear odd man out. Baldwin and Kearse had been
Wilson’s favorite targets that season. That carried into their playoff run as in each game they either
cracked 100 yards receiving or scored a touchdown. And, granted, Lockette did
also have a career season, it just didn’t take much. The former undrafted free
agent from Fort Valley State signed on with the Seahawks in 2011. He made Seattle’s practice squad before getting called up in December. After bouncing around the league he returned to the Seahawks
during the 2013 season. And although Wilson looked
his way just 15 times during this past year, this whole championship thing
is nothing new for Lockette. Tonight marked his third
trip to the Super Bowl. So, if for no other reason, his big game experience
justifies why he’s lined up here. The same can’t really be said
for the guy opposite him. Or at least it definitely wasn’t the case about an hour ago. Like Lockette, Malcolm Butler didn’t hear
his name called at the draft. The Patriots gave him a call
for their rookie mini camp this past offseason, where he did enough to earn a three year, one and a half million dollar contract, but that far from guaranteed
a spot on the team. And with the cornerback room crowded by Darrelle Revis, Logan
Ryan, and Brandon Browner, he had to fight just to
make it as the sixth man. It didn’t hurt that
Browner began the season serving a suspension, so Butler was able to make
his debut in week one. He’d be a healthy scratch
for a handful of games but got his first career
start in December, and as the Patriots locked up the AFC managed more playing
time down the stretch. But now that there was
a bit more on the line, Butler hadn’t heard his number called until near the end of the third quarter. Matt Patricia had gotten tired
of watching Kyle Arrington get burned by the Seahawks Chris Matthews, so Browner shifted over
and left Kearse for Butler. And as Wilson tried to pick on the rookie, Butler did more than anyone expected. On back to back plays
he stopped Kearse ahead of the line to gain, then made this leaping play on third down to again prevent Kearse from not only keeping the drive alive, but also kept Seattle out of the red zone. And once New England got the lead, he did his best to protect it. Inside the two minute warning, he again went over the top to defend Wilson’s pass to Kearse. He wouldn’t be as fortunate
on the incredible catch that got Seattle inside the 10, but he had put himself in great position that only a perfect throw could beat. One Lynch run later and we’re here. It’s the culmination of an amazing game where neither side has managed to hang onto the lead for long. Seattle has the chance to
fulfill dynastic visions and be the first team since New England to win back to back Super Bowls. The Patriots, meanwhile,
are looking to prove they’re not done and can still
win when it matters most. While big names have gotten them here, both teams are asking their
less celebrated players to help finish this off. With one yard separating
triumph from heartbreak, welcome to a moment in history. – [Al] Play clock at five. Pass is intercepted at the
goal line by Malcolm Butler! (crowd cheering) Unreal! – [Will] Thanks for watching. And thanks to everyone
who suggested this episode every since the series debuted. If you’re still here, check out this Rewinder playlist, it’s got a bit of everything. And subscribe to SB Nation for more. (dramatic music)

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    So he had to make another greatest defensive Superbowl play ever

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  5. All I got from this video is that they didn't give it to the best tackle breaking back in the league at the time because they were worried he might have to break a tackle

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    Chances are on this play, Pete Carroll was thinking, "This time, I'm not making the mistake of being predictable."

  13. Deflategate was Belichicks best coaching move of all time. He knew Seattle would be tough, real tough. The Patriots just weren't as tight as years past, he foresaw a problem. He decided, to win they must come together for each other and have each other's backs like never before. He instructed the ball boys to "leave em light," and he had a person start whispering the possible infraction to watch it spread like wild fire. Spread it did, the fire storm of media, fan, and opponent backlash was brutal. But it had it's intended effect, it brought the team closer than ever before, "US AGAINST THEM!"

    In all seriousness though I think it's so hilarious seeing those old headlines. You know saying Brady is done, dynasty is over, dynasty likely won't happen in modern era. I don't believe the Patriots dynasty will be considered over until the G.O.A.T. has retired, the G.O.A.T. Coach has retired, or they miss 2 playoffs in a row. They make it look so easy, one loss looks like Armageddon for them. But it's not easy to get in the playoffs year after year. It's really not easy to get to super bowls year after year, and win most. So if they have an off year or even two who is to say they can't bounce back. He's getting to the age were obviously it will happen soon but Tom isn't the only player out there. They are always a great TEAM and even when he's been injured and they use back ups they do better then most.

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  18. Can someone answer me this…

    How was it not passing interference? I mean butler bowled over the receiver with his shoulder… or was it just a blown call? It looks like a lot of contact to me…. thx

  19. Worst decision in the SB era history ,Carrolls narcissistic need to validate to lynch who the domain ruler was and Wilson's hunger to be viewed as the most valuable assest as a player for the Seahawks was the vehicle that drove the decision to call the most non objective play the viewing audience had ever witness under the circumstances ! Many historically elite QBs have adamantly stated that during their illustrious caeers they've changed play calls by the coaching staff "Roger Staubach, Bart Starr " pertaining to the situation at hand ! Russell Wilson wasn't a innocent pawn in this ridiculous Seahawks game of let's see who's the lead dog ,him being a highly intelligent guy knew that the social media would glorify him unrelentingly if he threw the game winning TD ,a selfish spirit that prevented him from vetoing on the side line when the run play was introduced to him ! How convenient that the Pete Carroll ,and Russell Wilson led Seahawks haven't graced another NFC championship afterwards ! The very entity Lynch who was carving up the Patriots for over 100 yds ,a guy who was a obsolete monster at picking up extra yds after contact and on the one and a half yard line for the SB victory regardless of what down it was you don't give him the ball as opposed to throwing a dangerius pass going towards the middle of the field , a deflection by a defensive lineman ,a tip pass by a defensive back ,a wr struggling to grasp the pass thus jostling the ball aireborne for a greedy , desperate defender to retrieve thankfully ! Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson caeer ranking historically will be tarnished by this crude mishap ,one that for all distinct purposes emotionally ruined the Seahawks already fragile locker room fraternity !

  20. If you watch Brandon Browner you can see he's telling Butler what to do and that little block he gave was the reason Butler picked it off a very forgotten play by Browner.

  21. It's also worth pointing out that Brandon Browner (39, aka the guy blocking Kearse) was a Seahawk the year prior to this, recognized what they were planning to do and was able to not only communicate to Butler what to do in coverage but also was able to jam Kearse up so well that it prevented the rub block and allowed Butler to move straight to the point of contact.

  22. What they should have done was have Russell Wilson just run it in. He was in shot gun, but with his speed I totally think he could have scored!

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  25. It’s insane how many people forget about Kearse’s comically luckily catch just two plays before the pick. If not for that the Seahawks probably run out of time and the story is Brady and the Patriots coming back from down ten in the fourth quarter against one of the best defenses of all-time. The right team won this game.

  26. The seahawks should not have ran it. The clock was running, it was 2nd down and they had 20 seconds. Throwing the ball is most logical; it will either end in a touchdown, or an incompletion, which stops the clock. For starters, interceptions on pass plays at the goal line are very rare. Wilson’s was the 109th pass attempt from the 1-yard line in the NFL that entire season and the first to be picked off.
    In the past 10 seasons, including the playoffs, quarterbacks have thrown 270 passes on second down from the opponent’s 1. They combined for 129 touchdowns and just five interceptions (Russell Wilson's being that #5).

    If Marshawn Lynch ran the ball and didn't make it over the goal line, the clock would still be running with probably only 10 seconds left or even less, and they would be on 3nd down and would be forced to throw. And Marshawn Lynch can't be relied upon to make goal line plays. Additionally, Marshawn Lynch has never been particularly good at punching it in from the 1-yard line in the past five seasons. Among 39 running backs with at least 10 carries from the 1-yard line in the prior five seasons (including playoffs), Lynch’s touchdown percentage (45 percent) ranks 30th. Also consider that in that season, Lynch scored a touchdown on 1-of-5 rushes from the 1-yard line. If Marshawn Lynch odds of making a touchdown were 20% given his 1:5 ratio, it would have made more sense to run a throwing play.

    What they did instead is call a terrible throwing play on a mismatched receiver against Malcolm Butler who had been drilled to defend that exact play which resulted in an unforeseeable interception. A fade or any number of other safe goal line throws would have been more logical; with those specific goal line plays, either the Seahawks get it or no one gets it, no chance of interception.

  27. The reason why the Patriots let the Giants score wasn't because Belichick didn't trust the defense (although the defense did suck that year), but it was actually because the Pats only had a 2 point lead so the Giants could've easily ran down the clock and kicked a last second field goal, but because the Pats let the Giants score it gave them an opportunity to respond. Whereas in this game Seattle was trailing by 4 points meaning they needed TD they couldn't settle for a field goal. So it had less to do with Belichick not trusting or trusting his defense and more to do with the situations in both of those games.

  28. We all like to say that this game ended with that interception. But we overlook the fact that even AFTER the Interception, the Seahawks had one last chance to repeat as champions. New England was backed up on their own one yard line, and if Seattle's defense made one more play and forced a safety, they would've cut NE's lead to 28-26 and gotten the ball back. Then with about 15 seconds left, they might have been able to drive into field goal range and win 29-28 as time expired. It was only when Bennett got called for Encroachment (and the ensuing brawl that broke out) and moved the patriots up, that the game was officially over.

  29. The editing in SBnations videos is literally orgasmic. Everything from the music choice to the little tv shutoff animation at the end. True beauty to watch

  30. As a Seahawks fan this was the most interesting yet painful thing I’ve ever watched.

    still beat the Broncos 48-3 tho 😂

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  32. It was the right call. Statistically it is much safer to throw then run on the goal line. It wasn’t a great look to run based on what the defense gave. Seattle had one time out left. If you throw and unsuccessful you still have two more attempts to run. If you run and get stopped, you have to burn the last timeout which leaves you 1) run or bust 2) obvious third down pass play. The collapse of the D cost Seahawks the game. Brady torched the injured secondary in the 4th quarter. With 26 seconds left if Seattle scored and a couple of timeout left, Brady probably would have reached field goal range anyway. Not to mention that he could not have kneeled after the interception. If D is more focused and doesn’t jump offside, could have forced a safety and get the ball back.

  33. Bruh, you didn't even bring up that they ran that SAME play on Butler earlier, the pick on the goal line and burned him on it, so when he saw the same formation and situation, Butler recognized the play and jumped the route expecting the same throw, got it, and won the game. That was the most impressive example of just how ell the Pats coach up their players, and what they expect from them on the field.

  34. 8:22 Alex Mack sighting…..It's crazy the amount of top-tier NFL talent that went through Cal at around that time: Aaron Rodgers, Desean Jackson, Marshawn, Mack, Keenan Allen, Marvin Jones, Justin Forsett, Jahvid Best…

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  38. Everytime the Patriots have issues on or off field with losing or injuries or rumors of players being unhappy or injured.And most importantly when people start writing them off, Belichek or Brady are done for time to part ways or retire.They start winning and winning getting into the playoffs and knocking off teams who were favored.Beating teams in the Super bowl that we're favored.Even last year nobody gave the Patriots a chance against the chiefs or the Rams.The funny thing about it is they never really had an all star running back or receiver or pro bowl defensive backs it's all Brady and Belichek and they are doing it as we speak at 6-0. They only team that can stop em from the super bowl is Kansas City and they don't look as good as they were last year,and Baltimore might be a surprise team but I'm thinking it's going to be same AFC championship game k.c at Pat's and the west is up for grabs but San Fran might sneak in there but will lose to whoever they play prolly Saints or Rams

  39. Since the giants won their last superbowl I haven't gotten a game wrong. Whatever team I felt was gonna win has won. I don't watch football. Just good at picking the winners.

  40. As a Seahawks fan. It was an amazing game. A game we should have been in. The math says we lost to Minnesota in the divisional round. The math said we lose to Rodgers in the nfc championship. Happy to have had two back to back super bowl runs. Humility is a virtue and those that couldn’t swallow the loss are gone and it’s still a great team to watch edge-of-your-seat football… go hawks

  41. 10:19.

    I see your point, but you got a timeout. Use it, set up the goal line formation to match New England's look then hand it off to lynch. Don't see the problem there??

  42. In the Pats-Giants 2nd Super Bowl at the end of the game once the Giants got into field goal range the Pats had to let the Giants score. Because the Giants could have killed all the time and just kicked a game winning chip shot field goal as time expired. In the Pats-Seahawks Super Bowl the Pats led by four, which obviously means a field goal wouldn't beat them, which means they could attempt a goal line stand.

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