The Lion King (Is Garbage & Here’s Why) – Radical Reviewer

The Lion King (Is Garbage & Here’s Why) – Radical Reviewer

hey I know you do that jaywalking punk
anarchist hello this is the radical reviewer taking a look at the Lion King
a story of struggle in friendship and justice and revolution and rigid caste
systems and knowing your place and the glory of monarchy I figured it was
poignant to take a look at this classic film before the live-action movie comes
out so let’s take a look at this old Disney film and see what it’s all about
well the film starts off with traditional African music and beautiful
wildlife imagery cool cool circle of life rules us all yadda yadda yadda then
me get this weird baptism imagery with baby Simba being presented over a crowd
and a beam of light from the sky comes down and all the animals bow in
subservience this is some the monarchy is good and righteous and ordained by
God BS then we’re introduced to scar Simba’s uncle and coated gay villain
trope also is scars scar like a birthmark or like did he change his name
after getting the scar or what and scar says if it isn’t my brother descended
from on high to mingle with the commoners so cool there seems to be some
class conflict regarding the inequality inherent in monarchy which may be
resolved in the film I’m looking forward to that anyway I get this white man’s
burden vibe from this discussion between scar and Mufasa like Mufasa is kind of
coated white scar is non-white maybe that’s just me we then get some
father-son time with King Mufasa in Simba Mufasa says everything the light
touches is your Kingdom and Simba replies
all this will be mine everything um cool that’s a messed up message yeah all this
property is totally yours by birthright as it should be and then Simba says but
what about that shadowy place that’s beyond our borders you must never go
there Mufasa replies so yeah fear and distrust those outside your border what
a positive message probably really resonates with folks today we then get
the lesson of respecting the natural balance the Lions eat the antelope but
the lion dies and their body becomes the grass which the Antelope eats you know
circle of life I’d be down with this message except it’s given in this
Aristotle style way of the natural order of things the the poor people that are
naturally poor the rich are naturally rich everyone is naturally in their
place you shouldn’t try and fight it or change it and also again this gives me a
white man’s burden vibe for those who are unaware the white man’s burden based
on the poem of the same name is this concept that it’s the job of the white
man to help maintain order and help the silly backwards stupid people of the
world get it together it’s the white man’s burden to keep people in their
natural order it’s the lion Kings burden to keep the animals in their place in
line with the natural order then Zazu the King’s Aid checks in with the
Morning Report which is actually just listing off a bunch of animal puns
I never realized that growing up then Zazu is made to stand still while Simba
uses him for pouncing lessons isn’t being a monarch fun you get to assault
to help then it’s reported that there are hyenas in the pride lands oh no not
a refugee crisis good thing the violent authoritarian monarchy is there to put
them back in their place Zazu then tell Simba that the hyenas are slobbering
mangy stupid racist sand criminals and drug dealers but some of them he assumes
are good then Simba and Skaar talk and Simba says you’re so weird
and Skaar replies you have no idea this is typically pointed to as the clearest
code that scar is homosexual scar then tells
Simba about the elephant graveyard and Simba and his friend Nala
sneak off to check it out then Simba sing some song about how he can’t wait
to be the absolute monarch and use his tyrannical rule to do whatever he wants
without consequence we then meet the hyenas Banzai
Shenzi and edy ah I see this is gangland I can tell because it’s
a bad part of town and also they are speaking in Ebonics or BEV black
English vernacular the hyenas talk about killing the king and that’s awesome
dispose of the tyrant viva la revolución liberté égalité fraternité behead the
monarch but then Mufasa comes in to do some reaffirming of the unequal caste
system going back home to lick their wounds the Highness says scar you’re one
of us you’re our pal hey look that’s kind of cool it’s not all violent
suppression by the Lions like someone is willing to open up some lines of
communication and diplomacy between the lions and the hyenas I’m down with that
the hyenas are asked to be prepared for the death of the King and they chant no
King no King La na nananana but scar retorts I’ll be the king stick
with me and you’ll never be hungry again and we get some “Yahtzee” imagery well shit I
thought we were gonna get a cool workers revolution but wait a minute this is
totally historically inaccurate when the poor people of a country rise up it’s an
anarchist communist workers revolution the Sandinistas the People’s Army of
Vietnam the Zapatistas the Black Panther Party etc etc it’s the middle and
upper-middle class reactionary revolutions that lead to fascism like
the “yahtzee”s the Contras apartheid in South Africa the KKK and alt-right if anything
history has demonstrated that it would be more accurate for the hyenas to fight
for justice and equality and it would be a group of lions defending the injustice
who would adopt the fascist reactionary attire we then get Skaar talking to
Simba setting us up for the big miss sad scene however I’m left asking
who are the wildebeests in this situation like the revolutionary hyenas
are spurring them on urging them into a stampede but the wildebeest don’t talk
or anything do they just represent herd mentality in general do they symbolize
the mob the rabble or what I mean here we have the monarchy about to be
destroyed by the mob this would be a great time to have some social
commentary about democracy and revolution and monarchy and justice but
the world the beasts are just a voiceless mob with no goals or ambitions
and the death of the monarchy is played as a tragedy so whatever I guess scar
convinces Simba to blame himself for his father’s death and Simba runs away
monarchy destroyed or I guess not really right scar comes in to be the new king
and he states this is the dawning of a new era where lion and hyena come
together in a great and glorious future okay cool so like there’s still a
tyrannical monarchy but it seems like some cultural integration and
redistribution is gonna take place cutting back to Simba were introduced to
Timon and Pumbaa the best characters in the movie also suspected of being gay I
suppose that offsets the trope of the bad guy being coded gay and Simba and
Timon and Pumbaa sing Hakuna Matata just like the song bare necessities in Jungle
Book I can’t help but think awesome peaceful communing happy ending I get it
that it’s supposed to be about how it’s bad to shirk off your responsibilities
but I feel like this laid-back gift economy commune way of living invites
solutions to the conflicts of these stories that aren’t fully explored I
mean if it were me I’d end the movie here Simba lives happily ever after with
his peaceful laid-back two dads and Skaar works on cultural integration and
economic justice between the hyenas and lions everyone lives happily ever after
but of course that’s not the story we cut back to scars monarchy and the
hyenas complained that scar there’s no food and no
water and he replies that’s the lionesses job and they retort things
were better under Mufasa I’m not sure what’s going on here what is it in scars
policies that are causing drought and starvation like I guess it’s supposed to
be that scars kingdom is this dreaded welfare state where the Lions do all the
work and the black English vernacular speaking hyenas are just welfare queens
but even if that were the case of the hyenas said before that they were
struggling for food under mufasa’s reign so what’s going on here having equality
and integration causes droughts and food crises
I know anti-communist propaganda would love for you to believe such a thing but
the facts just don’t bear out then while out hunting Nala meets up with Timon
Pumbaa and Simba I love how Timon points out the
ridiculousness of Nala trying to eat Pumbaa and then just acting like
nothing’s wrong then Nala states that scar let the hyenas take over the pride
land everything is destroyed there’s no food no water Simba if you don’t do
something soon everyone will starve Wow the hyenas are ruining everything this
is some refugee crisis great replacement BS like I already explained that the
hyenas were going hungry before so obviously the old tyrannical monarchy
wasn’t working for everyone then a revolution happens in some economic
justice and multiculturalism is attempted and now everyone’s starving
that’s not how that works then Rafiki the spiritual guide shows up and shows
Simba that actually the monarchy is good and pure and natural and god-ordained
and so he’s got to go back to his rightful place as king and Simba talks
to his dead dad’s ghost who says you must take your rightful place in the
circle of life remember who you are the one true king remember the caste system
Simba remember the monarchy this revolution this economic equality is
getting out of hand you must resegregate the hyenas Simba
you must reinstate the hierarchy simba returns to see that everything’s
ruined Tammy quality always causing droughts
and mass starvation in my right Simba confronts Skaar who confesses that he
killed Mufasa down with the monarchy then the hyenas attack Simba and the
Lions attack the hyenas and Timon and Pumbaa get in on it and Rafiki comes out
of nowhere and he starts fighting it’s a regular ballroom blitz well this is cool
the people are coming together a glorious People’s Army fighting for the
People’s Revolution to reinstate absolute monarchy wait what Skaar blames
the hyenas for everything and the hyenas turn on Skaar and now that the holy
ordained monarchy is restored and the evils of redistribution and cultural
mixing of hyenas and lions is put to an end the rain comes back and puts out the
fire and plant life grows back and the animals come back and cultural mixing
and equality is bad segregation and hierarchy and monarchy are good
wow what a crock of shit conclusion well for one thing
where are the Africans I suppose after movies like Song of the South Disney
wanted to be careful about how they portray race and just like they decided
to get rid of all the Africans in Tarzan to avoid making yet another racist
Tarzan movie I suppose for them it just made sense to have an Africa with no
people in it but hey what’s another arrest JW calling everything racist to
be honest more than the people this African and
more than having the indigent outcasts hyenas speaking in BV I have a problem
with the way the film portrays cultural Outsiders in the end it’s a messed-up
story about these supposed dangers of immigration and economic equality and
the innate glory and goodness of rigid hierarchical monarchy anyway thank you
my wonderful patrons for making this happen
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based on some dumb Shakespeare play and kimba the white lions I didn’t mention
that for whatever reason okay

100 thoughts on “The Lion King (Is Garbage & Here’s Why) – Radical Reviewer

  1. Damn dude, you're racist as hell. There are no races in the lion king just animals, love how you pick the best ones and imply the are white, and then take the worst ones and imply they are POC. You've got some seriously messed lens you are viewing the world through my friend. Also you do know this is based on the Bible and Shakespeare right? its not some kinda Monarchist propaganda.

  2. I feel like the message that the filmmakers wanted to convey with the drought and lack of prey was that the hyenas being equal would be bad for the savanna. However, I personally like to read it as an (honestly too brief) look at how overhunting due to a failure to consider long term environmental impacts and the systematic results of policies that seem good in the short term brought social instability to the pridelands, serving as a wider look at how environmental catastrophe can lead to the downfall of a leader or system.

  3. hmmm, Radical Reviewer, are you sure that you, a dog, are not somewhat biased in judging a movie about cats? ?????????

  4. awesome, as usual! Human social oppression is often depicted through animals and such, underlining the "natural order of things" that legitimate the ruling unjust social order. Also, such a good doggo, pet him for me please he seems so nice and petting-worthy! (PS: for more analysis of the often Western-centric/White supremacist tropes in Disney/Pixar movies, check out Lindsay Ellis, if you haven't!, for example, Pocahontas – obviously, but she's done others too)

  5. youtube recommended me this video and I was like omg why is the algorithm still trying to get me to watch cinemasins? But I decided what the heck I'll try the video. Turns out, this some pretty good content.

  6. I remember when I was a kid I loved Scar. Even tho I know his methods weren't the best and he was cruel, but he was better than Mufasa. Also Mufasa is so mean to his own brother and entitled. How can you punish a whole species ? Also, as a queer person of color, now I realize why I loved Scar so much.

  7. This video is a great example of how far leftism is just the new Christianity. Christians will over analyze a movie, tv show or book and not allow their children to watch it or read it cause it has "worldly or "bad" themes and lessons. Leftys are so square now.

  8. Disney films, animated or live action, have had hidden messages for decades…..nothing new, I try not to read too much into it tho'! (I still like the animated one tho')…….Anyway, I have YET to go see a live action Disney remake in theaters yet!! I did see Jungle Book on DVD, found it kinda MEH!!!

  9. Please make this content not on the account of anarchist/leftist book reviews. I love your usual content way more and it's very unique to you

  10. Bruh its just a movie let it be you take it so serious fuck your political bs and show your face instead of your dog are you that insecure

  11. Go see the movie and stfu this is ridiculous either you like it or you freakin don't Its a damn movie Everyone on here whining abt it will be the damn first ones at the theaters So just freakin watch it or you don't. I bet you don't deny ur bratty ass children seeing it so guess what? It still will get shown and the $$$ will be made. While they're laughing all the way to the bank.

  12. I remember some neo-nazi website giving the Lion King an excellent review for these exact reasons. Was a good tool to explain caste systems and "the aristocracy of Nature" in a child-friendly way.

  13. People bitch at Washington Post, yet National Review called the movie Conservative positively, yet not a peep

  14. Even before this 2019 remake of the lion king was released in theaters I knew that it won't be nowhere near the level as the lion king in 94 in my opinion

  15. This is why stupid people shouldn't try to analyze anything. Fucking idiot failed to understand simplest of things

  16. I think it's a Black Panther situation imo.
    While Mufasa's setup is flawed, Scar himself is no better and only cares for himself and views everyone else as a tool for that means.
    Simba goes on to become a better ruler than both and even becomes more accepting of those lower on the food chain ( IE the sequel and the Lion guard)

  17. The wildebeasts are centrists ya jaywalking punk anarchist!
    They don't speak because they see good fellas on both sides!

  18. I cant take this video seriously, not even if I tried to. The person who created this video about The Lion King is completely misinterpreting the whole idea and premise of what the disney film is actually about. First off, Mufasa represents a righteous, good, and wise King ruling over the African nation, or Kingdom. He is Not what this person describes him as in the video, which is absolutely ridiculous to even make that comparison that Mufasa is somehow promoting
    fascism. Second off, Mufasa teaches his son Simba the ways of life, how to live rightfully, respect the cycle of life, and what it takes to be a true King that seeks to give and not to take. He also teaches Simba it's wrong to go looking for trouble after they go to the Elephant graveyard where Scar is.
    Thirdly, Scar's character and the hyenas DO NOT represent the black community or the disabled people who are struggling to survive against white supremacy. Scar is actually similar to an evil fascist ruler who is selfish and only wants what he can take. He proves himself to be an evil character after he kills Mufasa and takes his places in Pride rock, only to then threaten Simba to run away and never return. Scar also tells Simba's family that Simba also is dead (even though he is not) and that it is the dawn of a new era he becomes King. However when Scar rules over the lions everything turns bad, he is an evil ruler who disrespects the lions and claims he is a better ruler than Mufasa.
    It is when Simba returns to Pride Rock after Rafiki shows him that his Father is still alive within him that Scar confesses he killed Mufasa.
    In addition, the whole theme of the movie is to remember who you are and that your family is the most important.
    So Radical Reviewer, your point is now been defeated by reality and facts instead of this false, fake and ridiculous propaganda that you are trying to push.
    Next time you try to demonize something for what it is not, try to actually back up what you say with logic and reasoning.

  19. Why does everything need to be about politics, can you not just watch a movie and enjoy it

  20. well damn, Mufasa owned! Never liked lion king that much as a kid anyway. Goonies, now that shit was my jam.

  21. He changed his name after getting the scar.

    Which is understandable, given that he was named "Taka", or "garbage", before…

  22. Surprisingly well done video which, regardless of the true intentions of the movie, convinced me is the true intentions and subtext

  23. yall know yall loved lion king it. It was a great movie and yall loved it but write now yall adoring this bitch i swear to god people so fucking fake. The only fucking reason yall hated is because yall know that if yall don't hate on it like its bullshit and try to stand up for it, yall would get hated on. Yall so stupid. Like what in the entire FUCK is wrong with people. Yall more retarded then edd. Yall just fake bumb ass BITCHES. goddamn.

  24. im sorry i didn't mean it but you aint gotta fuck up my childhood like that man i will always love the lion king.☺

  25. All of this flew completely over my head when I saw this film. (In the theatre, at that.)

    I'm fascinated by the idea that lions are solely responsible for their prey species having food and water.

  26. I think the implication in the film was the hyenas were eating all the food, hence the shortage for everybody. Hyenas in their vast numbers were given access to the food sources of the pride lands and their sheer numbers meant the food was devoured faster than it could be replenished. So instead of just a shortage of food for hyenas (as in Mufasa’s reign) there was a shortage for every creature. I’m not saying this to refute any of the points you made in the video – just pointing out that I think that was how we were supposed to understand the food crisis under Scar.

  27. You know, I always thought Scar was just kind of a campy hetero lion, not gay…like it really makes a difference.

  28. Disney represents everything that is wrong with this world and now they are passing it down to the next generation. #capitalism

  29. According to the novels (yes, there are novels) Scar did in fact change his name For The Drama after getting his sweet eye scar. His birth name was Taka, which is a shortened version of the Swahili word for trash, whereas Mufasa means something similar to king. Other fun fact: Kovu in the Lion King 2 is named after the actual Swahili word for scar.

  30. It's sad, there is an excellent French video by a socialist that explains why you're wrong very well, but without subtitles

  31. I love that you use a pupper as "avatar" omg, now I need to know if someone else is doing the same with a cat, your pup looks like a corgi mix but I'm not sure, so cute!

  32. >it's the working class revolutions that always lead to communism
    >it's the middle and upper middle class that lead to fascism

  33. Wait, wait, wait… Hold up! Scar has a coal-black mane, which means the lionesses should find him irresistable, and yet, he doesn't father a single cub? That's not even coded. It's not subtext. He's unabashedly gay!

    I mean, they retconned that right quick in the sequel. But if you take the movie, as it is, and just go by what's actually shown on screen…

  34. I'm annoyed with myself for not watching your videos sooner.
    However, it is stressing me out that your shelves appear to be buckling.

  35. Was going great until you mentioned Simone and Poomba. Is the Hakuna Matata attitude a bourgeois ideology? Those who don't have to struggle have no worries while the rest of us toil and suffer. The idea that plebs and working people should just have no worries is a bit silly since they have the most to worry about. Great video just disagree with the Hakuna Matata bit. It doesn't seem to fit that egalitarian society you were mentioning. But then again you have an anarchist ideology, which I abandoned several years ago. As anarchism is somewhat reactionary. Meaning that anarchists want to go back to time before there ever was a state without actually using the state. That doesn't seem possible but hey I believe left unity. I don't want to knock you ideas too hard. Great analysis of the film by the way. Cheers.

  36. Why do Pumba and Timón have to be gay? Why does Scar have to be gay? Why can't Timón and Pumba JUST BE FRIENDS!!!🤦🏾‍♂️ EVERBODY AINT GAY!!! Goodness. Can we make a few more LGBTQ+ characters please so they can stop tryna take all the classics?

  37. LOL I love this video. While I personally think this is a far too cynical and nuanced look at a simple and fun story I do appreciate the alternative view and find it quite entertaining (reminds me of when someone pointed out to me how much Wall-E comes off as kind of creepy and pretty stalker-ish about Eve ha). Your perspective on this movie is enjoyably deep and fits the movie perfectly, it will make me enjoy the movie in a completely new way.

    I will thank you by subscribing and checking out any other videos you have.

  38. God I hate this movie (on a political level). But also: it's so goddamn gorgeous. Like most propaganda, actually.
    Great breakdown. This romanticization of monarchy is one of my pet peeves with bourgeois media. Very telling.

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