The Liberals have every advantage | Candice Bergen

The Liberals have every advantage | Candice Bergen

we all know Justin Trudeau has failed
he’s embarrassed Canada on the world stage his irresponsible tweets have
caused a crisis at our borders. he’s imposing a carbon tax on Canadians that
make us less competitive and do absolutely nothing to help the
environment. in one year from now we’re gonna have a chance to get Canada back
on track, but the Liberals have got some stuff going for them they’ve got
academics who support them and they’ve got the elite and the pundits who keep
repeating the Liberals spin. what do conservatives have? we have you
Canadians who love your country who love your families who work hard for your
communities and you just want the best for the people who are around you so we
need your help we’re gonna be having to pay for buses
for a plane for advertising for brochures we have to get our message out
so we’re asking you to help us we need your donation you can give $20 $30 $40 $50
whatever amount you can give it’s gonna help and it’s gonna go a long way. we
love this country like you do. we believe that Canada has so much potential but we
need to reverse the damage the Justin Trudeau has done. so please help us
please support us please donate and together we will get Canada back on
track. Go to and help take on Trudeau.

3 thoughts on “The Liberals have every advantage | Candice Bergen

  1. Cannabis sales sold over $1M in just 2 days after opening. Hate or love Justin, it can't be disputed that this money can improve education, the workforce, improve quality of life for lower classes, and encourage tourism of the many provinces, leading to their development and growth. I'd say that's excellent economic progress, and will only continue to grow.

  2. Hello from Brazil! we Brazilians have chosen Jair Bolsonaro as our President, the conservative thought has won here! I wish the best of luck to all of you Canadians who love your country. I have always contemplated moving to Canada because I as a Brazilian could not see myself as a slave to this corrupt government we have on Brasil, we want to change that, Jair Bolsonaro embodies our hope.

  3. Don't forget, his New multimillionnaire drug dealers need that Trudeau to be reelected. Why ? If not, they will lost hundreds millions dollars. So , they will be …..,hidden …..contributors…. for 2019 election as in ISIS terrorist states….

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