The Liberalization of America | Phyllis Schlafly and Stefan Molyneux

The Liberalization of America | Phyllis Schlafly and Stefan Molyneux

Hi, everybody Stefan Molyneux I
hope you’re doing well. I’m very pleased to have back for
the third time Mrs. Phyllis Schlafly Now she is a conservative
lawyer, she is the founder and president of the Eagle Forum and
author or editor of over 20 books, including A Choice Not an Echo,
Who Killed The American family and the supremacist, the tyranny of judges and
how to stop it, and of course many more. Her monthly newsletter called the Phyllis
Schlafly Report is now in its 47th year. She is the hale and
hearty age of 91 years old And you can find more of our information and
writing at One of my favorite stories about Phyllis
Laughly she wrote a lot about military and legal matters she was criticized
roundly a and perhaps basically for not being a lawyer. So one of the mother of six children
she just went out and became a lawyer. She also fought the leftist agenda in
the push back against the equal rights amendment and virtually single handedly
killed the constitutional amendment. A really formidable And intelligent lady, I look forward to our
conversation with misses Phyllis Schlafly. So thanks so much for
taking the time, misses Schlafly. What does it mean for the conservative
movement, the passing of justice Scalia? It is a tremendous event because he was
the most distinguished man on the court, knew the law better than anybody else. And believed in interpreting
the Constitution the way it was written. He discounted all of this talk
by the Liberals that we have a living Constitution that they can
re-write according to their own views. As the years go on. And, it is a document of words and it is what has enabled our country
to have the best prosperity and the best freedom of any
country in the world.>>It seems strange to me,
what they call Originalism or the idea that you would look at
the context of the Constitution at the time it was written,
>>I can’t think of any other contract that people are so eager to quote reinterpret after the fact
according to the whims of the moment. That wouldn’t seem to me to be
any kind of contract at all.>>Well you’re absolutely right. And that’s what the liberals
do all the time. They’re trying to put new
meanings into words and try to say that something is
constitutional when it isn’t. And then, of course, Obama basically
ignores the constitution and does what he what he wants to do with
what he calls the executive action. And most of us think a great deal of
what he does is not constitutional. It also seems to me that the liberal side
or the democrat side of the american literal spectrum seem to be having their
I dont know finger on the scale so to speak and that they dont seem
to want to take their ideas to the american population for
any kind of popular vote. What they seem to want to do is pursue
judicial activism and also stack the deck with democrat friendly immigrants is that
your impression too Yes, it certainly is, and that’s why immigration is maybe
the number one issue in our country today. They’re bringing in all these people
from other countries who have no idea of what our constitution is,
no idea of limited Government, they think they should rely on
the government to do everything. And they come over here and
they get on all kinds of money aid. And they don’t seem to learn what
our Constitution is all about. So we want to. Stick to the Constitution
the way it was written, and what it meant when it was written.>>And if you could help my listeners and
watchers understand what is meant by the phrase, it’s banded about a lot,
but usually without much explanation, judicial activism, or making the law,
rather than interpreting the law. Well that’s his theory of the liberals. That the Constitution
is living document and it can be interpreted freely
by later Supreme Court justices and they give new
meaning to some of the words. And we don’t believe in that at all. We believe in the causation. The way it was written,
it’s a wonderful document. It’s a source of our enormous
prosperity and freedom. And if other countries wanna
have what we have, they should. Follow our lead and
not try to invade with their, with numbers of people and
come illegally to vote in our country.>>I wonder also the degree to which having the fear of Trump
>>In the Republican leadership at the moment. Because, it seems to me that
the Republican base certainly want the Republicans to push back on any new
nominee to the Supreme Court by Obama. I also get the feeling that without Trump
in the wings, they might actually fold, some of the rhinos might fold for
this but the fear of Trump behind them, it seems that they might
have some kind of spine to stand up to an appointment
before the end of Obama’s term. Well with here are certain
of group of people. Mostly rich donors who are now called the establishment
who I used to call the king makers. And they successfully nominated one
republican loser after another.>>And we don’t want the one they wanna choose and
they are absolutely dead set against Trump because they think he won’t
take orders from them. He’s not dependent on their money. He has his own money. So I think it’s very important
that the grass roots speak up and get the nominee they want. Now, they’re talking about now, it may be a convention where nobody
will arrive with 51% of the vote. And if nobody arrives with 51% of
the vote, that means, I think, after one ballot, the delegates will
be free to vote who ever they want. And I hope that it’s gonna be
a grass roots chosen nominee, and not somebody who’s chosen
by the big donors. Because they’ve given
us a bunch of losers.>>Well, I guess it wins for
them in terms of the number of or amount of cheap labor big business
interests can get, out of the Republican’s massive desire to extend the H-1B visa
program and immigration as a whole. Well you put your finger on the reason,
what their doing. The big donors are doing it because
they want the cheap labor coming in. And the cheap labor is
even on the H-1B visas. Because if you talk to any guy
that’s got an engineering degree but doesn’t, isn’t able to get a job,
you see a result of that. And they bring in the foreigners. And they simply pay them lower wages and
they think that’s a neat system. But we don’t want that. America grew great because we had a great,
growing middle class. And families were strong, and
that’s what we want to have. But we can’t have it when we
have these big donors and so called kingmakers
telling us who to nominate. Well I know you think the argument could
strongly be made that one of the reasons that the labor is so cheap is not just
because they come from countries with lower wage expectations, but because
the medical, welfare, social, educational costs are shouldered by the US taxpayers
rather than having to be included in the wages that would have to be paid
to people coming in by big business. You’re absolutely right. You’re absolutely right. And it’s an outrageous system,
and we don’t wanna have the biggest percentage of our people
dependent on handouts from the government. That’s not the way America was built. And it’s unfortunate that now
a tremendous For studies on population is dependant upon that check they get
from the government every month.>>What is it in Trump’s platform and I know that you have been very
pro-Trump obviously recently. What is it in Trump’s platform that
the Republican political class is not recognizing, the connection that
Trump has with the grassroots Republicans? Well, I think that it’s clear
that Trump is his own man. He’s not taking orders from the. From the makers. He’s doing what he thinks
is the right thing, and he’s trying to make America great again. And that really resonates with
the middle class in our country. It resonates with people who want jobs and
think the immigrants are taking our jobs. And they are indeed. If you’re a guy just coming out of
school you need an entry level job. That’s what these
foreigners are taking and we can’t let them do it because
that’s just destroying our country. And I think in particular among the
lower-wage members of the American society or people who are having a tough time
getting a job in an increasingly automated world, I’m thinking in particular that
Trump seems to have great appeal among American citizens Blacks, and Hispanics,
because by keeping out the cheap labor he’s gonna open up a lot of opportunities
for those who are having a tougher time these days getting onto the lower
rung of the economic ladder. Yes, but
don’t forget that Trump said he’s going to send the illegals back
to where they came from. And I wanna tell you, I’ve been writing
a monthly newsletter for many Many, many years. And my current one which is going
in the mail in the next few days has a picture from the newspapers
I think it was 1954. When Eisenhower Sent back
millions of illegals. They say it’s impossible to ship
them back, well this picture shows them loading the illegals in the 1950s onto a train, and
that’s the way they sent them back, that was the year of trains if
you can remember back that far. And it’s terribly important that we not let all these people come
in who take jobs from Americans. When our kids get out of college or get out of high school,
they need an entry level job, and that’s what the illegals and
the immigrants are taking away from us. Well, and you’ve made the case
recently that America, since 1965 has taken 59 million immigrants in, largely
of course, from non-European countries. And this has become what many
people have grown up with. I was born in 1966 so
this is kind of what I grew up with, was mass Third-world immigration into
western countries, but prior to that, it very much wasn’t the case for at least
a half century and even before that. I wonder if you could help people
understand what it was like before Kennedy’s bill of ’65. Well we had a very homogenous population,
every body speaks english. And that’s essential when you
become a citizen of America you promise to learn and speak English. And that’s terribly important. I’s a unifying condition. And what they’re doing to
our country now is so bad. All you have to do is look at Germany. Now, I thought the Germans were tough,
but the Germans decided, Andrea Merkel decided she was
gonna let all these Syrians in. And nobody has the capability of
vetting them to find out if they’re criminals or not. And they’ve come in And the thing
that’s so shocking about a lot of these criminals is not only are they criminals,
but they go after very young girls. I’m talking about 10,
11, 12 year old girls. You can imagine an American
being attracted by some. Attractive woman, but Americans don’t
go after 10 and 11 year old kids.>>Yeah, it is, what it’s going on in
Europe, I can almost imagine the next wave of immigration might be
>>The Christian Europeans fleeing the disaster escape that
is shaping up in Europe. So you have- [CROSSTALK]
>>But they’re trying to keep
the Christians from here and the Christians are certainly
a lot of refugees. However, we’ve gotta watch out. We’ve gotta vet everybody. You know the Boston bombers
came in claiming they were refugees from persecution. And that wasn’t true at all. After they got here, they made several
trips back to their home country. And nobody bothered them. Right. Now, I don’t know if you’ve been
following the cases that Justice Scalia, had he lived,
had been adjudicating, or judging. I wonder if you could talk,
if you’ve followed this, about some of the key cases that
you think might go a different way should a more liberal judge be
placed on the Supreme Court. Well, Obama’s idea of judges is that they
will follow the left-wing party line. He’s appointed, now, over 300 judges
to the federal judiciary, and a lot of those will become law, because the
supreme court won’t take a review of them. And that’s very unfortunate and
very dangerous. And we need to make sure
that we have a good solid Supreme Court and Federal Court
who follow the Constitution and don’t try to make it up as they go along. Right, right. And when you talk about the king makers, most people of course when they follow
US politics they see the candidates, but they don’t see the party machinery,
sort of the wizard behind the curtain. And I know that you first wrote about
the king makers way back in 1964 in A Choice Not An Echo. Yea what is it that
people need to see that I think Trump is kind of revealing by doing
daring things by pointing out how stacked the audience is in the debates with
party donors and donors to candidates. Who are the king makers and what is it
that Trump’s revealing through his much, across the conservative landscape? Well the king makers have poured
a lot of money into this campaign, because I know it’s the most
important election of our lifetime. And it’s really a danger and we need to make sure the grassroots
can pick their own candidate. That’s what democracy’s all about. That’s what it meant when the Constitution
said government of the people and by the people. And so it’s very necessary
that everybody be involved. I’m urging all of our Eagle Forum
members and everybody I know who cares about
the future of our country to To be part of the process in getting
yourself elected a delegate to the Republican national convention so
that you can have your voice. They all think Now all
the speculation is going to be a wide open convention when nobody
will arrive with 51% of the vote. I don’t know, I’m not a predictor. At any rate We have to be ready for
all eventualities and Eagle Forum has a guy named Ed Martin
our new president of Eagle Forums who has studied the rules and will help
guide you to make them a legal choice. Of what to do because there’d be
all kinds of procedural motions. And you know,
I can remember the convention when one key vote was in
the credentials committee. And they got through the Governor of
California who had the largest delegation to throw his entire delegation’s vote To. Eisenhower, as opposed to Bob Taft, who
the grassroots were for, and the result was, they bribed him, and he got paid off
for his appointment to the Supreme Court. And that’s how he got to be on the course,
but we don’t want anything like that, we want the grassroots to
pick the candidate they want, and they do not want one that
is beholden to the kingmakers.>>And you’ve talked I think about
the Paul Ryan/Marco Rubio combo should Marco Rubio ascend to the presidency
>>What do you find particularly dangerous about that duo,
with regards to immigration in particular?>>Well I was the first one
to endorse Marco Rubio. I flew down to Florida
to stand with him and endorse him when he ran for the Senate. But he has betrayed most of what
I thought I was voting for. And there’s no question about that. And he signed up with that gang
of eight which was calling for amnesty for anybody,
basically anybody who wanted to come in. And so I am so disappointed in Marco Rubio because I think he betrayed everything
that I stuck my neck out and voted for when he was first running for
the Senate.>>And I think we have to elect somebody who’s a definite
voice of the grass roots. And that’s what I think about
the About Trump and then also about Cruz. And we wanna make sure that somebody who’s
the voice of the people is nominated for President because I’m hoping
that the country will not elect Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, that
they will elect a Republican candidate. And I, can’t for the life of me. I have sort of drifted away from
the political process because it seemed so pre ordained. I guess I had sort of sensed a whiff of
the king makers behind the throne but Trump has sort of drawn me
back into re-engaging and being re-interested in
the American political process. And I think Mrs. Schlafly, like I
literally can not think Of a precedent in American history where somebody
with this kind of name recognition, with this kind of experience and expertise
and star power and recognizability. And wealth to be able to self-fund
as well as the commitment to do so. Has this happened before
in American politics in even as close a scale as Donald Trump? Well no,
I think Trump is a guy of his own making, and I don’t think there’s ever
been anybody just like him. However, I will remind you that
when I worked for Ronald Reagan, before he was finally nominated in 1980,
he went through a lot of dissection by grass rooters who thought
he was was not conservative or loyal enough and remember he had done
a number of things we don’t like. He signed the worst divorce bill
in the history of our country. He had signed an abortion bill and a lot of people thought he
was not a real conservative. And some of us were supporting Phil Crane, who you probably don’t even remember him,
who we thought was a real conservative, but at any rate,
we finally got Reagan nominated. And it was a great thing, and he turned out to be the best
president we had in the 20th century. And I think we can do that again if
the grassroots will stand together and not be swayed by some of these
attacks on Trump or Cruz.>>All right. Now just, I know we’re tight on time, so
I just wanted to give you the opportunity, Mrs. Schlafly,
to communicate to the listeners, to the folks Why is this election so
important and what should they be really planning
to do over this election season?>>Well I think this is a most important
election of our lifetime because we need to decide whether we’re
going to go along with Obama fundamentally transforming America
as he said he wanted to do. And he has made it Made a fundamental
transformation in many ways. He has issued so many executive
actions that we think are plainly unconstitutional, which his friends on the
court have not called unconstitutional. And so so I feel that this election, which will control not
only the Presidency, the President branch of government,
but also the court branch of government because we have
a vacancy that needs to be filled And I’m urging all Republicans not to
confirm anybody at the present time. I think we should wait for
the next president. We just don’t need to have and
the nominee right now. So I urge the American people to accept the idea that we’ll just have eight
judges for the rest of this year and then we’ll have an election and we’ll
bring our country back to the right path.>>All right. Well, thank you very much Mrs. Schlafly. Always a pleasure to chat-
>>And you can always go on my website. for
more information Yes, and we’ll link to that in the show notes for
this. As always a great pleasure,
thanks so much and I look forward to seeing your next
output regarding the election. And for those who haven’t read Mrs. Schlafly’s comments, and articles, and
interviews, I strongly recommended her. She is an eloquent and passionate
writer and, well worth absorbing. So thank you very much Ms.
Schlafly always a great pleasure.>>Thank you and have a good day.>>You too.

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  35. If you get a chance I wonder if you could do a show on the famous essay "The Forgotten Man" by Yale Economist W. Sumner. I bet the majority of Americans and Canadians have never heard or read it and think the "Forgotten Man" theory is FDR's doing. Just a thought….

  36. I don't think automation is the biggest threat to Americans jobs. Most of it is due to American companies moving their manufacturing off shore and basically using slave labor. People want to act like the people benefit from cheaper goods, but really the prices never went down. You have not only the manufacturing jobs, but also the construction work that comes with those facilities. We're dealing with inflation on top of that and our standard of living has taken a serious blow. I feel like the US has already become a communist nation in many ways. Theyve pretty much evened out the wages between a skilled worker and a welfare collector and its disgusting to me to see people who sit on the couch all day drive a nicer car and live in bigger apartments than I do when I'm pretty much at the top of my wage scale. Ten years ago I dreamed of the day I'd be making a liveable wage, but I never thought inflation would make it worth so much less when I finally got there while they just hand out free livings to the biggest scumbags around.

  37. I voted for Rubio to senate. There was a Campaign For Liberty poll, and he answered every single question on the list the same way Ron Paul would have answered. So, I voted for him. Surprise, the dude was a fucking liar.

  38. Hey, Stefan, I've been a fan of your videos for a long while now. I think it would be interesting to watch you talk about reaganomics, and dispel the common misconceptions that surround it. There is this common notion that Reagan's economic policies were a failure. I've only just barely read about them on Wikipedia and other sources online, and it seemed like they were in fact overall a great success. The American GDP grew by a third, the equivalent of the German economy at the time. Taxes, Inflation and unemployment were greatly decreased. I fail to understand the reasons why many people think Reagan's policies did not work. It makes sense to me that deregulation, lower taxes and reduced government spending would stimulate the economy. Higher taxes make people generally poorer, meaning they have little to spend, invest, and save. It also kills the motivation to take advantage of your ideas and turn it into profit. If people are poorer, then businesses won't make any money selling their products.

  39. It's a shame the way the Left has attacked this LADY over the years for simply standing up for values and principles that made our nation great.

  40. I guess you could have also named this "The Conservatism of Stefan Molyneux". 😉

    The comments section below looks like it's crowded with Republicans! I guess voluntaryism is out as a topic, now.

  41. So were do we draw the line? Can we even do that anymore? We are being ordered around in our own home by some strangers and we aren't stepping up!

  42. Trump said payback is coming…..attention liberal nut cases. Your time is coming and you will feel the fury of normal Americans……tic,tic,tic, ….payback will be a bitch to your peril.

  43. Trump's election is basically a canary-in-the-mine test. If he doesn't get elected then democracy is dead, the American mine has filled with carbon monoxide, the voice of the people has become meaningless, and the country as we know it is about to perish.

  44. Some good points, however, her claim that immigrants are taking entry level jobs from college grads is completely false. Coming from an immigrant family myself, I am well aware that most of us do not come to the US with professional degrees and almost always have to do the jobs that most American citizens do not want to do (i.e. cleaning, construction, etc). Her tone of voice is full of racism and hate towards foreigners. People like her have destroyed the social fabric of this great country.

  45. Omg did she say Reagan was the best president they ever had…thats it i cant listen to this womans opinions.

  46. I don't like Donald Trump. I was really hoping Ted Cruz would get the nomination. There were three reasons for this: 1. I preferred Cruz's positions to anyone else's; 2. Trump has a big mouth. He's an indecent person; and 3. Maybe the most important reason for wanting Ted Cruz to beat Trump is that I think he would have beaten Hillary Clinton in a landslide. The Leftist media knew this fact also. That's why they pushed so hard for Trump to get the nomination. Now that Trump is the Republican candidate, the media is turning on Trump viciously. I don't know if he can win. But I'll do everything I can to support him now. Another four years of a Leftist government will be a disaster. It does make be feel better that Phyllis Schlafly supports Trump enthusiastically because I admire her very much.

  47. I've been told the constitution was originally meant for rich white men with the flexibility to be changed in the future.

  48. BAHAHAHAHA. I've been a subscriber of yours since the beginning and I was / you we removed as a channel I follow, no notification, nothing. I don't drink, do drugs or randomly touch unsubscribe buttons for fun so they don't want you to get any bigger, removing me was a mistake, oh well, Twitter will just flag me as a "Russian bot" because they said so. Fuck this world, God I do sincerely hope that before you holy nuke us into oblivion for allowing liberals more power than a McDonalds Trainee Assistant Manager, please make sure you get Michael Moore first, he totally deserves it.

  49. Just heard this inerveiw in oct 2018, things seem much more optimistic now than then. The supreme court is more conservative now than anytime in my life (Kavanaugh was confirmed two days ago). Its an interesting reminder of how far we have come. Thank you President Trump and Stefan.

  50. I am a republican and am glad the republicans did not allow a Supreme Court nominee under Obama but I wonder because I don’t know the exact ins and outs, is that an unethical cutthroat move or is it perfectly acceptable as in according to our system?

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