The Left’s War on Science

The Left’s War on Science

Have you heard? Certain politicians don’t believe in science! Republicans are showing themselves to be anti-science. Once again, the Republican party looks like it’s the anti-science party. The media say there’s a conservative war on science. But is that true? The real war on science is the one from the left. For 25 years, John Tierney has written about science for the New York Times. He often questions conventional wisdom, as in this story, which revealed the pointlessness of much recycling. It set a record for hate mail at the New York Times Magazine. Now Tierney writes for the Manhattan Institute’s City Journal, where he recently argued that the real war on science comes from the left. That seems odd since surveys show people on the right are more likely to believe in creationism. Right, but creationism doesn’t affect science. It doesn’t affect the way science is done. But wait, what about President Bush’s opposition to stem cell research? Destroying human life in the hopes of saving human life is not ethical. He didn’t stop stem cell research. It was just the government wouldn’t fund it. The taxpayer wouldn’t have to pay for it. And it turned out that it really didn’t matter much. People talk about this Republican war on science, but if you look around, my question is ‘”where are the casualties?” What scientists lost their jobs? I can’t find examples where the right-wing stopped the progress of science, whereas you can look on the left and you see so many areas that are taboo to research. Hell no GMO! Some research on genetically modified foods became taboo because of protests from the left. Tierney says that stifled research into what could have been a second Green Revolution to feed Africa. Also, Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring and her baseless claim that DDT caused cancer in humans is still taught in high schools today, but there’s no mention of the millions killed by malaria because countries needlessly banned DDT. And scientists can’t even talk about whether genes affect intelligence. The federal government stopped funding IQ research decades ago. Researchers who looked at it anyway, like Charles Murray, are screamed at at college campuses. People who studied IQ needed bodyguards for their lectures. It’s something that can’t be discussed. Likewise, researching gender differences has become taboo. You can’t talk about sexual differences between men and women. I mean, it’s ok if they favor women. You can say that men are more likely to commit crimes, but you can’t suggest anything that there might be some kind of sexual difference that might predispose men to be more interested in a topic. Google fired engineer James Damore merely because he wrote a memo suggesting that sex differences might explain why more men work in tech. Damore just pointed out very basic scientific research about differences between the sexes. The experts in this, as soon as he published that memo, said, “Yes, he basically got the science right. But that didn’t matter. To even mention that there are these differences in the sexes was just taboo. You can’t say that there are more men interested in sitting all day doing computer coding than women are. It’s not that women aren’t doing well in life says Tierney, women get most college degrees, and graduate degrees. Women dominate virtually every extracurricular activity, but all the focus has been, why aren’t there more women physicists and mathematicians, and of course in the sports area too. And so there’s this idea that they’re being discriminated against there, when in fact the evidence really shows the reverse. There have been just enormous studies of who gets grants, who gets tenure, who gets interviews for jobs, and women get preference, if anything. The women would say, “You men run most of society. You head the corporations. You make more money. It must be discrimination.” Men are more aggressive. They’re more risk-taking. The status matters more to them. Making money matters more to them. Women aren’t as interested in that. You can’t say that. Well… I guess I won’t be President of Harvard. He says today’s universities are dominated by leftists. In the social sciences, Democrats outnumber Republicans by at least eight to one. In some fields, like sociology it’s 44 to one. Students are more likely to be taught in sociology by a Marxist than by a Republican. It’s gotten worse and worse. Once an academic department gets a majority of people who are on the left, they start hiring people like themselves, and pretty soon the whole department is that way. And they start to think that their opinions and that their interests are not only the norm, but the truth. So they publish articles like this one saying, conservatives have lower IQ and are more likely to be prejudiced. Science shows conservatives are more close-minded. The problem with this is that it’s been done by all these liberal social scientists. They would ask people about left-wing groups like communists, and conservatives were more prejudiced. Finally someone went out, and started asking different kinds of questions. When he asked liberals about things that mattered to them, like environmentalism or like Barack Obama, turned out they were just as irrational and dogmatic as conservatives were. One survey question asked, “Do you believe in the long run, hard work usually brings a better life?” I mean, that seems obvious to anyone, right? but that was classified as a rationalization of inequality. Another study asks if you agree that the “earth has plenty of natural resources if we just learn how to develop them”. That is conventional wisdom among people who study economics, but that was classified in that study as a denial of environmental realities. So think about that next time you hear about that conservative war on science. When it comes to science I mean, if anything conservatives are more scientifically literate than liberals are.

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  1. Example, they say the Artic/Greenland has LOST more ice than ever recorded but. They conveniently forget to tell you that the Antarctic had MORE ice than ever recorded .

  2. Unpopular opinion: THE LEFT HATES BLACK PEOPLE. Because they reproduce (and left pperceives demographical growth as dangerous to planet). Moreover they tend to be quite conservative.

  3. GMO
    Don't worry about countries with food issues
    Vaccines nah not a real issue
    Well unless you are overseas
    Left is a first world issue communism will help
    Because once the first world falls then equality

  4. Can't we just move them all on the left to the west coast…look at California….and all the problems are already there ….gas prices, homeless, fires(biome) power outage, "poop patrol", drugs and environmentalist spray painting the side of a building……… Let me say that again "spray painting".

  5. Wait a minute…. Leftist are saying that peoples on the right have low IQ , that doesn't make sense I'll a asian guy who going to one of the best high school in California that's just bullshit from the left

  6. FEELINGS are way more important then FACTS.
    Oh yes idiots. That's how the world works until someone knocks your teeth out and steps over you.

  7. Not all leftists are bad. I'm a leftist and yet i'll still listen to someones speech. I won't yell to drown out their talking. I'll listen and then I'll judge. The problem with some people is they wont even listen to the speech. We should listen, judge and then find middle ground. Because unless we can find middle ground we are never going to get anywhere. For instance as an example obviously gun control. Leftists want guns outlawed. Rightists want guns to be legal. Middle ground would be highly policed guns. Guns would be harder to acquire with more extensive back round checks, records of where all guns are. Unless we can achieve this place in the center the country will remain in turmoil. if we could achieve this we could do great things. With the amount of resources America has we could greatly contribute to other causes. Global warming, starvation in Africa, cancer research. But while we remain squabbling over politics and arguing we are not contributing to those causes nearly as much as we could. It's a waste is what it is.

  8. Creationism is not science. Trump claims windmills cause cancer, republicans as a majority don't believe in evolution despite evidence for evolution. Get real Stossel. Republicans believe the biblical story of creation so yeah there not really scientifically literate. The flu virus evolves societies evolve and technology evolves. Evolution reality republicans oppose being taught in the science class .

  9. Leftists are the most anti science people the world has ever seen. They're pathological liars and pseudo scientific marxists.

  10. Look at the list of asinine anti science fallacies they claim
    *They claim humans can control the weather on Earth by "making" carbon and magically suspending it above the atmosphere and making it somehow trap heat
    *They claim that every species on Earth is destined to morph into a different species, starting with all fish jumping out fo the water and instantly breathing air
    *They claim infants inside the womb are not actually alive, and so they have to be killed
    *They claim they are born to utilize their anal canal as a sex organ
    *They claim that wearing a wig and dress nullifies their chromosomal gender DNA
    These are just a few of the big ones. There are plenty more. They're very sick people.

  11. Baseless claim that DDT causes cancer? Ummm… it's not exactly harmless. Acting like it is – is intellectually dishonest.
    BOTH Left and Right discard science when it suits them. The Right for Creationism and Climate Change, the Left for biological sex + sexual dimorphism and how race affects IQ.

  12. The left don't believe in science they believe in fake pseudoscience because true science disproves their nonsense like Evolution global warming being a Freud truescience also proves that God exists because the universe cannot be created by itself from absolutely nothing

  13. Sorry but science actually proves creationism unless some of these people can actually provide evidence that the Universe can be created from nothing

  14. My only real question is, why deny science. As the scientific method has taught us, any Discovery can be recreated again and again using the scientific method. So if the science is checkable, why have so much resistance to it.

  15. Thank God the libertarians stood up and stopped the micro management of our lives by the rigthy extremists. Who will stand up and stop the micro management of our lives from the lefty extremists?

  16. Everyone should read this to get a good understanding. It seems to me many have lost a basic understanding of the law of opposites.

  17. They are realizing that science is proving them WRONG in their wrapped theories..haha they hate seeing themselves as wrong , they should actually drop them science books and pick up a real undoctered by the left) HISTORY book and realize why we keep repeating the same STUPID mistakes.

  18. They are realizing that science is proving them WRONG in their wrapped theories..haha they hate seeing themselves as wrong , they should actually drop them science books and pick up a real undoctered by the left) HISTORY book and realize why we keep repeating the same STUPID mistakes.

  19. John, I like every video I've seen of yours, however I completely disagree with your assessment on GMO and DDT. One cannot possibly deny GMO foods, and using pesticides including DDT aren't detrimental to our health. GMO was created by Rockefeller for control, pure and simple. Their ilk started with oil, then banking, then food, and now our lives with the "go green" propaganda. As far as the spread of malaria, I truly believe an individuals health is far more likely to stop malaria than a harmful pesticide. I've been to many third world countries with malaria warnings, I've been bit by many mosquitos, never had a malaria shot (or any kind of vaccine for that matter), and haven't experienced so much as a cough. Diet (free of GMO, duh), and general care of oneself, including breathing techniques (specifically Wim Hof), and natural-derived products (namely Spirulina, Goldenseal, Cat's Claw, and Zinc) is a far better option for health, in my opinion.

  20. Damn, the "Silent Spring" book was actually taught to us not so long ago. I was the only one in class that actually questioned it.

  21. I think the problem is the left and the right have both become extremists, so much so that moderates look like extremists from both sides.

  22. Have a liberal “scientist” tell you how a protein spontaneously generated. This is a 10 to the 164 power proposition. Therefore to be “scientifically” impossible.
    So forget apes to man. Make me a protein. Then it takes 300 proteins to make a single cell.
    Spontaneous life DID NOT OCCUR.

  23. oh yea. well women have titties. guys think with their dicks. what can you do. executions can work in the short term, but in the long term as long as babies are born the world will continue to change. thank yew good luck.

  24. Bottom line is conservatives are more rational, logical, truthful, knowledgeable, generous, productive, respectful, respectable, desirable, patriotic, honorable.  In other words, superior.  Leftists' brains suffer some kind of short-circuit that bypasses rational thinking and amplifies emotion.  This is why they must be kept at bay and certainly out of any kind of power.  They are a ruinous bunch.

  25. Nothing has done damage like, science has, to the leftist/ mystic's utopia in which the enslaved and ignorant men, more equal in their collective misery, ambled around with joy everyday. Science, since renaissance, has created new wealth (inequality for the Leftists!) and economic mobility of younger men. "Ethical Research"! Left is inserting morality in the very quest for truth and mysteries of the nature.
    Science is a massive eysore (and source of envy) for the Lefty moochers who can possibly create nothing new of value to mankind. They know that further progress of "real" science would lead to more/better technologies and newer wealth. Newer wealth would then eventually go to the newer risk taking entrepreneurs and the old capitalists. They wanna take down the mother of West's prosperity, peace, higher living standards, and the overall prowess.

  26. DDT was banned because it had a terrible habit of killing lots of birds, including Bald Eagles. The science is still out there, if you're not in the mood to deny it. Unfortunately, in some hot spots, it is still killing birds – decades after it was banned:

    If you really want to know what the scientists have to say, you can use the Google to find scholarly articles on the subject. You might notice the curious fact that John Stossel didn't author any of them. Pro-tip: When you're looking for real science, forget about YouTube.

  27. When it comes to science dealing with products and services , money trumps science. Stossel gets his money from corporate interests and is always supporting corporate interests. DDT being a neurotoxin injures people in ways that are not cancer and was wrongly treated as harmless resulting in unnecessary harm.

  28. You mean empirical science (e.g. natural science). There are other kinds of science, like theology, astrology, Marxism/Leninism, race studies, gender studies, psychology, sociology. The latter sciences are not reliant on empirical knowledge. They make up their wisdom themselves. Psychology, for example, rejects the existence of an objective truth all together. (This comes in handy when they are complicit in crimes, like disposing fathers.)

  29. The left is dictatorial and wants to line everybody up by artificially forcing them into believing they are all equal otherwise if they accepted reality they would not be able to ultimately achieve their goal of totalitarianism

  30. Governments work but slowly fall over time because eventually control will overcome the government. Each state should have there own system for there state. Taxes shouldn’t be a given but a express of gratitude for other Americans. Schools should really talk about history and science instead of the bullshit they spew out now. All guns should be legal all drugs should be legal including alcohol and also not restricted by age. America should be a semi anarchy

  31. Funny thing… most flat earthers I've encountered with in my life were liberal. Not exactly a good poll to go off of but it pushes my bias on who the real dummies are.

  32. Call me closed minded but I think if the college's burned to the ground we might be better off. Or maybe just fire the professors.

  33. They say hateful bigoted things like "toxic masculinity", but the same morons would say there is no gender differences and your gender is fluid. Sorry, there are differences between men and women (thank you God) and XX and XY chromosomes are a real thing.

  34. It's a fact Republicans are more scientifically literate and therefore more intelligent than leftists. The only way to provide evidence to the contrary is to conduct a poll, because they certainly cannot prove it in the classroom.
    Leftists operate a lot like Islamists.

  35. The left only uses science as an argument when it feeds their narrative. And interestingly enough, every time it supposedly does agree with their narrative, it’s because they’ve altered the data or suppressed the dissenting science that proves them wrong.

  36. The left believes in science only if it supports their ideology. For example..sane people know to be factual science that there are only 2 genders. Male and female. The left created a whole list of genders based on feelings. Global Warming..wait. climate change…wait. This science is not settlted like gravity. You have to actually do your own research to figure this out. Liberals are lazy and shout because they cannot argue their position.

  37. The left will soon ban science in school and replace it with feelings. Such as; arche-feelings, crypt-feelings, bi-feelings, psycho-feelings, and art would focus mainly on picket sign making. Math would replace numbers with emojis.

  38. The patriarchy built everything, we run everything, we are going to keep everything, and we are going to rule in the future and that’s a good thing

  39. It was obvious to me at a very young age that a person can justify anything they set out to justify. Hell people justify killing, stealing, anything. If your brain is the type that never looks at others point of view or knows ahead of time what you seek to find in your study then you will never be smart enough to know the truth on any subject. Sorry leftist, it turns out you are all morons. I conducted a poll. Trust me.

  40. Their are only two genders. A man has a Penis and a female has a Vagina. If you feel any differently then I’m sorry but you maybe crazy. It’s been that way since the beginning of time and just because you have certain feelings don’t mean the science of life has changed. It just means maybe you might wanna get your water checked for chemicals, because you might be losing your mind.

  41. You should watch the documentaries "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" and "GasLand 1 & 2" and "The Corporation", etc. etc. I think you guys have been paid to pretend to be ignorant of the issues, right? Learning what quantum physics teaches would put those psychopathic corporations in the light showing their beliefs in classical physics, which could not exist without quantum physics. Classical physics ignores the spin of sub atomic particles, perhaps on purpose. Imagine knowing that every one of those 7 billion billion billion atoms you consist of spin billions of times a second as quarks are creating them……as quarks burst forth and spin billions of times a second as 3 points of light, forming what are called protons and neutrons. These words come from the book "The Quantum World" written by the physicist Kenneth Ford. Imagine that nothing is solid or physical anywhere, making this existence literally a movie, a projected movie proven by how fast quarks and atoms spin. How does that cloud of quarks and atoms become us constantly? Because that is what is happening. Teaching that we are all human and then die is the worst kind of propaganda someone could teach to someone else. I think billions and trillions of dollars is behind the war on science.

  42. I am a liberal and apparently one out of billions that has read what exists at the core of this existence, which are waves of energy and light, the most interesting part of that being that these holographic bodies we exist as must be bursting forth constantly from these waves of energy and light that all of you call physical. That means waves of energy and light are constantly transforming into the frequencies and particles everything consists of that 99.9% of the world's people call solidity.
    Calling people names shows their lack of information.
    They, books and documentaries, say at least 1600 nazis were hired by the u.s. government after WWII. They say large american corporations funded hitler's war because they all believed in eugenics or racism and genocide as the fix.
    I think it takes a whole lot of callousness to drop bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and to build prisons for profit, making billions and trillions off the backs of the innocent, which everyone is. True, this is a literal movie where we are the characters that don't die, but the psychopathic oligarchs must keep this to themselves. After all, as electrical magnetic energy field vibrational beings that spin billions of times a second as light holograms, we can't be solid and we can't die. Quantum physics proves this. So nobody murdered anyone, nobody died, let everyone go. Stop torturing people or you will be the tortured. Your focus to relieve the guilt will build another life/movie to try to fix this guilt AND this the last thing you need to be doing as an eternal energy being. The point of forgiveness is to let the movie go.
    WE are literal projections within a movie proven by the physicist Barbara Brennan. Creation is constant each time a quark bursts forth creating those atoms. Can't anyone here see how brilliant they are to be such a coordinated package called a body? All those quarks coordinating their patterns to constantly become us and everything else as light?
    I would mention a book or two like I usually do, but I don't want these books banned.

  43. That’s because conservatives want explanations and like free thinkers! We accept many diverse explanations if their ideology is logically sound and backed by positive proof! We are logical people and don’t like group think tanks. We like everyone to do their own thing as long as I don’t have to follow your ideology and are free to follow mine! We hate communism think tanks!

  44. Everyone should be terrified of the liberal left and progressives being in charge of anything. The will not recognize rules and are fanatical. Truth and facts are obstacles to be ignored or demonized. They're irrational and dangerous and do not take responsibility for their actions. Mob rule when they gather.

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