The Left Is Going Insane And Is Fractured, A Response To David Pakman

The Left Is Going Insane And Is Fractured, A Response To David Pakman

yesterday David Pakman made a video where he admits to self-censorship I think it's actually a really good video and I want to start this video out by saying it will be a response partly to this where I elaborate on my views about where the left is that what it means to me to be on the left I don't think I'm like some super leftist I think she's like leaning a little bit more towards the Democrats and always have but I want to address some of what David said I wanna and then I want to show you a series of graphics and it's data showing how in my view of the world the left has gone completely off the rails off the rails I got two charts I want to start by saying for one I think I think David's a good dude I like his I like his stuff I actually watch his videos periodically there's very few people actually watch on YouTube he's one of them I always want to give a shout to Cal Cal in ski and Jimmy Dore I think are really good people look I think you know we all disagree and it's so long as we can have a conversation we're in we're in good company so David and I disagree on a lot of things probably agree on almost most things even even policy wise to an extent but but we can disagree and in the end like you know I periodically talk to him I think he's cool dude so I want to sort by saying this he highlights this tweet as the opener to his segment talking about how he does censor himself out of a fear of what he calls a slice of the left that overreacts on certain issues and he's right I do believe it as a slice of the leather does this because I believe you know when you look at like the hidden tribes reports which I cite all the time I actually don't have pulled up 8% of this country is progressive activists and every other liberal group is called the exhausted majority based on the data I see based on my experiences how I talk to people I believe most of the left is inactive or exhausted not participating one of the reasons Trump won a lot of Hillary's voters didn't go out either from hubris they thought they couldn't lose or they just over it they wanted Bernie Bernie was who they actually voted for knew he was that he was out so David in the beginning says that he calls me an independent journalist says that I claim to be Center left but he views me primarily as as a prick antagonist of the left and I say it's actually a really really good point that I agree with David I don't think I'm primarily an antagonist to the left my main channel vo today was about antitrust and political bias and when you look at my content sure by all means like the thumbnails the titles you can get a certain view and that view should be very simple honest I find this before for one I've been physically attacked multiple times by far leftists I've had my life threatened I've been forced to flee various countries because of them doesn't change my political views on what I think is right it says to me that there's a growing faction of insane individuals on the Left that must be called out and they're gaining traction and no one is calling them out that's probably most important thing the second issue is I worked for vice news and fusion I have seen the media bias yes I constantly call out the media as someone who is outside of that journalistic sphere and seeing this I have been antagonized mice myself by the far-left and they are very powerful to the point where NBC News in the Today Show published overt fake news about me smearing me just because I got invited to the White House so I don't view myself as primarily an antagonist of the left I've actually I tried to and I'm not perfect I try to differentiate between what is dominating the left and what the left actually is but this is a really good point brought up by David inadvertently I would say in that the fact that David is a progressive and on the left and the fact that I still view myself as hauling left in positions means the left is fractured period I recently won on the Glenn Beck show and we had a good discussion about whether a baker in Colorado should make the cake about pro-choice versus pro-life I defended the pro-choice position I defended the Baker's the the the not baking a cake position although we respected the nuance the difficulty in in ethics we had a real conversation where we tried to understand how we could compromise and mate and and bring his things together that does not make me conservative my position is mostly on the Left more importantly I believe in a progressive tax I'm currently supporting a couple Democrats the issue is the left is absolutely fractured I have data to back this up so I want to highlight this tweet first that David mentions I said on Twitter my lefty friends messaged me every so often that they are scared of speaking out against the far left because they get attacked because they won't push back on the far left Dems don't see opposition and embrace woke Twitter this will lead to Trump's 2020 landslide admittedly a bit hyperbolic but but I will point out – they're supposed to be a comma there and so it's like David saw des because they won't push back on the far left Dems don't see opposition in embrace book Twitter what I'm trying to say here is my friends from Chicago and and I try to avoid exposing who they are it's it's really funny people are like Tim if you have left-wing friends why don't they want you over post videos because they're terrified now I'm not exaggerating I have no problem speaking out all day and what do i what happens I could call an antagonist I get called right-wing I get smeared all day and night I get death threats at one point someone posted pictures of my mom simply for calling out bad actors on the left and I see the problem getting worse I call it out but let's move on the point of this tweet is that I talked to my friends my immigration and they say I'm concerned about health care I think we should have universal health care I'm like yeah I don't disagree I just don't know how we get there and they're like yeah it's a good point but what about giving health care to illegal immigrants undocumented immigrants what you want to call them and they say that's nuts to me they say that to me and I say why don't you speak up because I will be destroyed that's what I was told I will be destroyed I'm not gonna tell you who these people are but you can look like men I've got pictures with with people on the internet and I'm gonna avoid naming anybody because their careers will be ended if they say this any one of these people if they come out and say I don't think we should be giving health care to undocumented immigrants they will be attacked for it look at Ricky Gervais speeding call it trans folk now fortunately he's he's famous enough tour doesn't affect him but what about people who work you know as a PA on a production set in Hollywood they can't say this they will lose their jobs and and you know people say like oh it's an edge like what David said to me it's an edge case he doesn't think it's a slice of the left listen man I don't think everyone on the Left is engaging in this behavior but they're the people on the left are saying nothing about it or ignoring it and the next biggest faction the resistance doesn't seem to care either why don't we get any news coverage about what happened in ice I'm sorry what happened at the ice facility in Tacoma the guy with the AR who shows up with fire bombs where was the widespread coverage but the Covington kid a kid standing on steps just smirking at a guy that's wall-to-wall coverage you got to tell me that's a look look man that is affecting national discourse to an extreme degree what this says to me is the Democrats in the debate stage are pushing this rhetoric okay because they see it online and they don't see moderate left-wing individuals challenging it and because the moderate left are out of the game for whatever reason not fear or just being exhausted there's very few people that that are now in the middle used to be on the left that are defending this I can I can look to people who look at the walkaway campaign people who have just said screw it I'm out and they go Trump I won't do that I won't I'll still stick up for what I think is the right thing to do regardless of me if I'm being attacked by these people why do I look like Tulsi Gabbard primary issue anti-war totally supported okay she's called she's called for the defense of free speech she's called she called it the big tech companies she's talked about things that matter to me and she is a major in the National Guard she seems presidential and she seems like the right choice doesn't good a lot of her with some of her domestic policy but not to an extreme degree just a little bit I think in the end she's a great choice and so is Andrew yang but that makes me not on the left they call Tulsi and yang the alt-right all that matters is that the left are willing to throw us out the left is fractured period because I'm certainly not a conservative I am pro-choice Pro progressive tax I could say it a million times okay I don't fit with you know whatever the conservative is except for defending you know free speech that's ridiculous so this is why I think again hyperbolic Trump will win because the Democrats don't see us they don't they see the woke insanity on Twitter I kid you not look at this story why did Trump make the okay sign while talking about Oh see this is the rolling stone heaven help me okay this is not some fringe random blog this is mainstream papers presenting things that literally mean nothing Donald Trump does that all the time why is this a story it is happening every day and I've got I've got I've got the data to back up exactly what's going on and I will put the link to this in in the description below so you can read it a series of graphs life no identity rien ISM and the biased media and how we get to this point but I do want to wait make one point to push back on David a little bit when he says I'm Anna tagging estava love the left the reason I don't call people grifters for the most part although they exist is because you can take a look at David's channel and they do the same thing to me that you could do to him you can see all of his thumbnails that are segments with tons of views Trump's epic meltdown it's framed in a way that's antagonizing to the right and he's saying it for a progressive audience me I'm targeting a moderate I mean I actually I'll say this I don't think David is intentionally trying to target anybody I think he's expressing his opinion on these issues as am i and so I see stories I think are interesting I talk about them and so very similarly David's got thumbnails at Target Trump I have thumbnails that target locusts the media the far-left things that I think are bad hasn't changed my policy positions and if David thinks that that makes me an antagonist of the left well then it's an interesting statement about how powerful the woek identitarian and authoritarian left really is but but look by all means criticize me I don't think I'm right I just disagree take a look at these charts let me explain to you how I see things and why and I also want to stress this is not an exhaustive list it's just what I literally pulled up from my Twitter account and I actually have someone right now researching and we're gonna do a report on this first the first chair we have on the left and I understand it's small and hard to see it's you can zoom in it's much bigger in the in the imager link we can see here the New York Times has done something interesting and they've actually created a peripheral bit of evidence to my point first here's the red line the Republicans I've shown many of these things before we're gonna go through it the Republicans have actually shifted a little to the left since 2012 a little to the left the left however the Democrats for since 2008 shot so far to the left there to the left of centrist in Europe which are like many democratic socialist countries now what the New York Times has done that's actually more evidence to my point is that they put the median to the far left comparing to the US to foreign countries of which we have nothing to do with I gotta we're allies I'm talking about our country our culture and what we're doing all that matters as we see this blue line jolting so far to the left or to the left of European parties so where are the centrists still rather close to where the Republicans are because the left is just skyrocketed just do far as left to far to the left as possible take a look at this chart the next one from pew pew research look with what look where Democrats and Republicans were 94 look where they are in 2017 the Republicans have moved ever slows so slightly to the right granted this this other chart goes 2016 and the Democrats have shot dramatically to the left okay how many sources do you need for me to say the left is pushing too far and so when I call that out it doesn't mean I'm not on the left anymore how about this one from The Economist that I show over and over again we can see that the right has coalesced around a common bell curve the meaning most people agree on on their issues and the left is flattening out the left is not only fractured but pushing to the far far left so I'm calling out these people now if you want to say that's the left the book of the left fine by all means it doesn't mean I'm not still over here closer to the center that's where I met how about this one from courts we can see in 2018 where the arrow is pointing a massive spike to the left in the Democrats how much data do you need one two three four four charts and this is not an exhaustive list I have several others because they're still Gallup and Pew Research I didn't pull up showing the same thing the same thing but I will show you this as part of the of the fracture evidence of the fracture you can still see that there are a lot of Democrats that leaned over to the conservative side and you can see here too that Democrats still move towards the center we can see here it's split very very far to the left into the center and here we have Gallup 54% in a report from 2018 from November want more moderate policy that's what I want I'm critical of Pelosi because she's a super elite corporate millionaire not because of her stances for the most part I'm critical because I think she's owned opposing Trump for the sake of opposing him and not actually getting anything done but I still defended her when it came to her conversations with with AOC because I still think she's in a better political position on policy issues as is dare I say it Joe Biden although I'm to the left I just don't like these elite corporate phony Democrats I don't think a OSI has good intentions the green New Deal was a smack in the face to environmentalism and I am of an environmentalist who worked for for three maybe even four three different environmental nonprofits in my life in my life to campaign for my environmental issues that's not gonna change and I think a OSI is doing us doing damage now let's look at this the next issue I see is that you can talk about the far left but let's talk about identitarian ISM okay this is where the left is now embracing politics based on identity in in in beyond just okay is it's hard to it's hard to parse the thing is identity politics can be a good thing okay the civil rights movement for instance did great things for my family and I think it was great but there's a certain point where instead of bringing a stick together and breaking barriers they build them and that's what's happening in this chart in this graph you can see it says a and es 20 net survey mean in-group bias by race and ethnicity white liberals have an out-group bias they're the only group they don't like themselves it tends to be progressive progressive activists tend to be you know college educated making over a hundred thousand dollars a year and they don't like white people that is part of the problem it's not the route it's not the core it's not the greatest example of the entirety of the problem but this should show you that something weird is happening when there's only one group the white left the bites wah that are hating themselves it's weird I've never and this is this is the craziest thing never in my life have identified as white in fact I grew up in a mixed-race neighborhood with a bunch of different ethnicities to am interest family and we didn't really have that outside of being Americans that's why it's also alien to me then when I see what's going on with Elizabeth Warren putting pronouns in her profile like I get it dude Gillibrand embracing over an edit arianism it is left-wing ideology Dogma and it is associated with this regressive authoritarian behavior that punishes people for asking questions we're now seeing the rise of anti science on the Left I will call that out I don't care the Republicans don't believe in global warming they never did I do why is my side abandoning science so yes I'll call them out now the question is why and this chart shows us these three the and there's a note it's three three graphs out of a dozen or so or more pulled up by a guy named Zack Goldberg on Twitter diversity inclusion whiteness unconscious bias skyrocket according to lexus lexus nexus in media and these are just the first three okay and there's a huge list of all of these other things that even check for bias the word the the word if the word boat they use regular neutral words to see if there were spikes similarly the issue being is this due to the increase in articles or is it due to the increase in frequency of words and it is due to the increase in frequency of words not the increase in news period and finally this last one which i guess it's really hard to see because of the way this is um shaped but it's really tiny I'll do my best let me see if I can zoom in manually see the blue line on the left I can't really do anything to get a better view because of the way the media but gateway this works but you can see your white conservatives get their media from a mix of liberal and conservative sources liberals overwhelmingly only get their news overwhelming to get their news from liberal sources very very little of their media less than 10 percent around five percent comes from conservative sources combine that with this and you can see that left-wing sources are increasingly talking about woke nests in this ideology what this says to me is that the media diet of the left is is worse than conservatives and it results in a biased worldview now now you can see moderate here raise a little bit of conservative news and a lot of liberal news and that explains me quite perfectly I predominantly try to use The Wall Street Journal the New York Times The Associated Press and Reuters mainstream and NPR PBS left-leaning sources but I do use a lot of conservative sources too so what happens is liberals don't know about a lot of these stories they don't know these things are happening because they're in a bubble but they're inundated with this and that results in what we see a dramatic shift to the far left they're only reading their own news they're getting themselves angry they're writing more and it's a circular bubble that's resulting in left wing and edit arianism the problem is way more complicated and I've presented but I hope this is a good explanation for what's going on with the left why I think the left is being lost because it's not about a cohesive left it's not about a bunch of socialists right if it was just socialism coming into the coming into the Democrats there's an argument to be had but it's a combination of regressive Tactics authoritarianism socialist ideology that's that's met with you know by any means necessary calls to violence championing of terror and other horrifying practices that is not being called out ever and it freaks me out and the Republicans are wearing their suits and doing the Republican thing like normal that can be criticized and then there you have it I don't make videos to cater to the crazy people I'm trying to call them out and trying to you know it's it's look I don't make kind of for anybody I make content the way I see it and that's it maybe as a moderate because I see the news similarly to how conservatives see it that's what we get but a better example or better explanation could simply be how Fox sees it after Andy Neal was attacked Vox said the left has one view and the center and the right have another the left has gone so far left that the right and the center are closer to each other and I said this over and over again me as someone Center left absolutely Center left I have more in common with conservatives than I do with where the left is today even though I'm probably to the left of Barack Obama so what do I do when I say we need someone who is like Obama but a little bit better bad foreign policy we don't get it there's literally look at the gap between the Democrats and the Republicans I'll tell you this most Americans while we are seeing a big shift to the left here there's give me a lot of Americans confused and that's who I talk to and that was the point of that tweet Trump will win because I'm being told by my friends who are lifelong Democrats they're not going to vote this time or they're going to independent it's not an exaggeration it's anecdotal they're just my friends not who you're voting for and they're like these people freak me out what do you thinks gonna happen I don't know but anyway thanks for hanging out the next segment will be tomorrow at 10 a.m. Podcast everyday 6:30 p.m. and I will see you all tomorrow you

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  1. Tim Pool Vid Checklist

    _ Democrats are insane
    _ Will never vote Republican
    _ “It’s complicated”
    _ Against socialism
    _ Pro socialist candidates
    _ Mentions Skateboarding
    _ First field reporter @ Vice
    _ “When I was at occupy..”
    _ Time Magazine influential
    _ Absolutely anti-war/death
    _ Absolutely pro aborting
    _ Worked for 3 non profits

  2. I don't see how Tim likes Pakman. The very first thing Pakman said in their little "debate" was him telling his audience not to automatically assume the worst of Tim because of his opinion, which implies he and his audience assumes such of anyone else. And Tim is only a couple shades away from AOC.

  3. A better one for Mary Poppins would be;
    "A spoon full of heroin helps San Francisco go Down Down ".🤪.

  4. Tim, you are very much incorrect about the Civil Rights Movement being identitarian, it was anti-identitarian movement. "If you prick me, do I not bleed?", "Judge me by the content of my character and not the color of my skin."
    If it had been an identitarian movement it would have failed as the people necessary for it to be successful would have not been there for it. People who want people to be seen for who they are not what they are would not have supported it. Malcolm X was the identitarian and thus failed as he could not gather as much support as MLK.

  5. You being completely unable to support or join the walk away campaign is part of the heap of sand that explain why you are Moderate Left and not just left leaning Tim.

  6. If you've never voted republican and can never see yourself doing so but have voted democrat then you are Left, no just left leaning, IMO. Doesn't make you far left but more like what would used to be call a moderate democrat, even though you eschew the party, back in the day..

    The Deposed King

  7. Is there a reason you don't see that Pakman is a leftist talking point shill? The guy makes my skin crawl.

  8. "antagonist of the left" its a good point because its fucking true…… whether you agree with David or not.

    "no one is calling them out" you cant be this fucking stupid….. which again points to David's statement being 100% true

  9. I'm pro-choice, anti-death penalty, pro moderate government regulation. I'm and independent voter. I voted for Kerry, Obama and Trump. I'm on the right. The Republicans are moderating themselves, evolving into a more freedom first party. If they hold this path I could honestly see myself proudly becoming a Republican in a few years.

  10. Hey Tim, I know you keep saying you aren't going to walk away from your party because you respect what you believe in, but JUST IN CASE, imma keep a seat warm for ya.

  11. I think a lot of people edit and censor themselves from saying what they really do think and believe because they want to uphold an acceptable image so they are not shunned.

  12. fuck tulsi gabbard and all leftists they are all anti gun and pro open borders fuck um, tim you're a prime example why I see all of the left as bad guys, they will always vote for our destruction

  13. If they r scared to speak the truth then they aren’t much of a reporter or a politician. Call them the fuck out. Who cares if they lose their job? They suck anyways and fake news needs to die a horrible death.

  14. Tim, I had to thumbs this down because, within the first 90 seconds, you praise Kyle Kuklinski (whatever) and Jimmy Dore. K.K. had not only dismissed political violence, he's advocated for it. Jimmy Dore spat on Alex Jones. Tim, you're a smart, sensitive manlet, and I like you for that, but you have to stop praising objectively bad people. These are not moral operators, my dude. The volleyball coach looking dude named after the classic arcade game is borderline. Some days he's a regressive shitstain, other days he's salient. He never really dips as far as Dore or K.K.

  15. Pakman has been an obvious piece of shit ever since he slimily insinuated himself into GG as a "moderate peacemaker", thirty seconds before going full blown SJW retard.

  16. The left have morphed into the feminist, muslim queer pedophile socialist alliance. Just check out who supports them and who is their number one enemy is, white straight men. The stupid white male feminists and white women have not worked it out. Hahahahaha. Orange man bad.

  17. Gee… Tim. We already know this. This proves the that the earth is not flat. We know a long time ago that if the earth is flat, the leftists would have dropped off already because they have gone too far left!

  18. This is what the Gazillion time we have heard you say your liberal views. Stop worrying about what others think of you and just continue to be you. It's not your fault the Dem party has different views then you current day. No need for loyalty to any politician or party be it repub or dem. Just keep reporting FACTS

  19. Tim, request: Your cursor is invisible when "laser pointing" on screen. Can you make it far larger? And perhaps a highlight color?

  20. Tim, don't fall the stupid paradigm of right and left. When ever someone asks me if I'm on the right or the left, I say I'm on my side, and my beliefs will sometimes align with right and sometimes with the left and sometimes neither.

    The more you say "I'm on the left" the more people will group you with the idiots that are on the left. Let it go believe what you want to believe and leave that left right nonsense alone. You don't need to be accepted for being right and left, let people accept you for being Tim.

  21. I will never fucking understand how Tim has any respect for Pakman. He's such a pompus, dishonest, censorious prick. He's only calling out censorship now because he's on the chopping block now.

  22. It's hard to be left leaning nowadays. When you say that people on the right see you as a mad, snarling, crazy sjw. But if you do anything that disagrees with the left your a fucking nazi, bigot, transphobic, misogynistic piece of shit. So why should I care when I'm just gonna be accused of being the worse things to call a person, just cause I don't agree. Im not a trump supporter, but the far left almost makes me say fuck it go M.A.G.A. lol.

  23. Rolling Stone..ROFL They are as far left as that other birdcage liner Mother Jones. Both are not relevant.

  24. A fire truck is a fire truck, it doesn't think so it can be nothing but what it is.

    Humans think and therefore may say what something is yet when looked at objectively it obviously is not.

    Every time Tim says there is a difference between what the left is and the difference between leftists and center left he misses this point. The media portrays what the left is, what he is pointing out is what he wishes the left would be, but that is most definitely not what the left is.

    Unlike the right and how the media trys to make them all out to be racist, that portrait doesn't stick because the only folks that believe that are leftist. Many folks on the left actually know folks on the right and know they are not racist and that they both have things in common so the only folks buying what the media has to say on the issue is the leftist, but in doing so they also have to buy into the leftist mantra which they rabidly do and the media then feeds the mantra for clicks but what they have done is made the leftist the face of the Democrat party, where as the right long ago did away with the extremist on the right.

    Sure, they call everyone on the right racist. Then they get more extreme and say if you are white you are racist and then to put the cherry on top they call whites in their own party racist, so the fact is it is the left that has made race a non issue, but extremist are scorned by moderate folks of both parties and where do we see the extremist front and center everyday?

    The right should thank the media for what it is doing right now as I have met folks that thought they were left throw scorn at what they see from the party they have always voted for and at this rate they may even vote on the right next time, but the fact is they are not voting for the current extremist on the left

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