The Left is Capturing Corporate America | Justin Danhof

The Left is Capturing Corporate America | Justin Danhof

The Left’s war to conquer American culture
doesn’t stop with government and the media. They are now moving upon all of America’s
businesses, with unprecedented success compelling corporate America to actively support liberal
positions on political, economic and social issues. I’m Justin Danhof, and for the last decade
now I have been the sole shareholder activist for the conservative movement, holding corporate
feet to the fire. So what is the Left doing
with their newfound powers? At least 17 major corporations took action
against guns and the NRA. Delta Airlines ended a special deal it had
with the NRA and its members; Dick’s Sporting Goods removed guns from their shelves. Levi’s teamed up with Michael Bloomberg’s
Everytown for Gun Safety, giving them a six-figure donation. Bank of America has said that it will no longer
lend money to certain gun manufacturers that make vaguely defined “assault-style rifles.” Even the right-of center Walton family owned
Walmart has decided to limit its gun and ammo sales. And it doesn’t stop with guns. Some companies, including Amazon, have been
pushed to hire more diverse boards of directors; activists even got California to pass a law
mandating they do. “Diverse” in this instance means giving
special preference based on someone’s gender or race, not diversity of thought. Corporations have also been pushed to back
LGBTQ causes, including opposing North Carolina’s famous “bathroom bill.” The left is trying to achieve through corporate
American what they cannot achieve legislatively. So how do they do it? They file shareholder proposals, votes among
a company’s investors to change the way a company operates. Dozens of groups on the left engage
in this, including state pension funds, unions such as the SEIU and the Teamsters, and radicals like PETA. Just a decade ago, most of the activist left’s
shareholder proposals went nowhere, but about five years the companies that help the average
investor vote on shareholder proposals got captured by the “woke” crowd, and ever
since they’ve had unprecedented successes. Sadly, the fight has been expanded beyond
corporate shareholders. The Business Roundtable, a membership association
of CEOs, adopted a new mission statement claiming that businesses should no longer
be beholden to their shareholders, but instead to their “stakeholders”. Meaning literally anyone with an opinion,
including leftist protestors. The right needs to get into this battle. If we engage in the same way the left does,
we can have just as much impact. The NRA has a rating system for legislators, why
not have one for corporations? But for the average conservative; become a
stakeholder, and pressure corporate America to do what’s right. I’m Justin Danhof If you liked this video,
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11 thoughts on “The Left is Capturing Corporate America | Justin Danhof

  1. This has been going on for decades, with a slow, gradual build-up of entryism into the corporate sphere. HR departments are already, and have been for years, the equivalent of a sort of PC cult Stasi, hiring only people who toe the party line. Corporations have been living in fear of lawfare, based on the doctrine of disparate impact, egged on by astroturfed "community" groups, for decades (see the Starbucks incident a couple of years ago). It's already far too late. The only silver lining is the "get woke, go broke" phenomenon, but that only works for corporations that put profit above reproducing the Narrative – and increasingly, many don't.

  2. If corporate decision-making becomes increasingly democratized, then once everyone becomes a shareholder (stock certificate holder or otherwise), the very concept of established success will gradually crumble under the burdensome weight of free-range decision-making from the unwashed, faceless masses.

    And for what? The relentless pursuit of radical egalitarian idealism, at the expense of conventional values?

  3. Great video. Short and to the point. Easily forwarded to an investment advisor. What to do with AMZN purchased at $75?

  4. This, is the most bullshit stupid propaganda I have seen since prager U…

    Nice job, I am a communist now…you bunch of propgandist nutcases…

  5. Those nations that allow themselves to be overtaken by leftism will inevitably collapse and those within them invariably suffer. It always happens. Corporations that “go woke” tend to go broke. They’ll collapse naturally, and face the consequences of bowing down to leftism.

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