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  1. "You refer to the prophecy of the one who will bring balance to the force. You believe it's this…editor?" – Mace Windu

  2. Great job! You must know that im writing a Star Wars 8 Remake novel, it will be published in some months for free.

  3. this is a helluvalot better. Though I would've made Luke skewer Marey Sue with lightsaber THEN go to the Falcon.

  4. I would really like to know how you did the color change for the text for "Star Wars". I've been trying to figure it out but, I should just ask the expert.

  5. Dude, seriously, I get the chillbumps so hard watching this my arm hairs nearly poke out my eyes. My heart aches to see THIS movie. THIS is Luke Skywalker. THIS is STAR WARS! Thank you for this!

  6. I'll be honest, I actually liked the original version of this film, but Ivan Ortega's version looks MUCH better!

  7. The voice acting sucks. I'm sorry. You need to either make it a whisper or not have it at all, if you cannot come up with a more convincing Luke soundalike.

  8. So who's calling JJ Abrams on your behalf to ask for some royalties for borrowing the same exact line to context his Rise of Skywalker teaser?

  9. No matter how many times I watch this, I still get chills! This is so much better than the trailer for The Rise of Skywalker!

  10. Holy crap! Either you got someone who flawlessly mimics Mark Hamill or the man himself! I really can't tell the difference!

  11. When is the full edit out! I've been waiting for almost a year now! You said 4th MAY! Pleeeeeease

  12. I prefer Luke with the blue lightsaber but that unfortunately isn't possible. That's the only real loss from the original for me but I know it isn't possible to give him a blue lightsaber.

  13. not to rush anything but….any update? Ivan mentioned several times it would be sometime in May…..just a hint? is it almost ready? porfavor?

  14. If Disney is wise, they add your Re-edit to a special edition of The Last Jedi, so the fans can decide what version they watch 😎

  15. Ivan wow, you give me chilis, can wait to see TLJ REDIT NICE AGAIN WHAT A WAISTE FROME THÉ MOUSE

  16. Came back here hype myself up for tomorrow! After nearly two years he is finally releasing the re-edit. Congrats Ivan, you deserve all of the love and support coming your way! Keep up the fantastic work!

  17. actually TLJ was a cinematic masterpiece with a very bad plot. If you change the history it will make lot of sense. Good work!

  18. Wow! If this had been the trailer to TLJ I'd have been excited to see it.
    Unfortunately, even if this was the movie that Ruin Johndon(less) had made, it still wouldn't be good, but at least it would have made sense.

  19. Has it crossed your mind that your heroes are failures in the end? George Lucas wrote THREE prequel movies explaining why the Jedi are failures, yet TLJ haters are shocked and angered that the RETURN OF THE JEDI is also a failure? Good grief. Do you people think critically or that maybe resurrecting an ancient religion, that prohibits things that make us human, is going to end up badly? I guess no one here has had a history lesson on religion. May the Force be with Rian Johnson for removing Star Wars from the confined box that entitled people have put this franchise in. Because of TLJ, Star Wars can be anything and anything can happen now.

    P.S. I felt empty, hollow, and shocked upon my first viewing of TLJ. But guess what? I rewatched it objectively and loved the absolute shit out of it. Sucks to suck I guess.

    What's ironic too is that Luke was given the same character arc that the same entitled "fans" put George Lucas in. Lucas and Luke were heroes in the Original Trilogy, then decades past, they changed as people, and the entitled "fans" now don't like that change. Maybe if you people didn't chastised the maker George Lucas for the prequels, we would have an original Episode 7 and an Episode 8 that aligns more with your mental expectations. Let this be a lesson to not bite the hand that feeds you 😂

    The Last Jedi is my second favorite Star Wars film below Return of the Jedi (ironically) and above Revenge of the Sith.

  20. Your trailer Sir, made the movie look better than it actually was. Had the movie 'lived up" to your trailer it would have been a good movie, not the steaming pile of shit it actually was. Awesome job!

  21. Sorry to see you giving up on YouTube Ivan.
    Hey everyone!! Full re-edit of Episodes 7+8 into one movie!

  22. Their reuniting at the end brought so many emotions up. A brother comforting his sister after a family tragedy. Damn Disney you fucked up so bad…

  23. Your re edit is much better than the original, but i am sad to say, even you can't save the Last Jedi in the edit. Any version of this movie is garbage.

  24. The music and dialogue weren't quite balanced here with the music overpowering the dialogue, but great work overall!

  25. Yo have seen the trailer for the movie many times already.
    But daaamn Ivan…. I really liked your that much more. And to be honest, I like the last Jedi, but after seeing this trailer, I’m really hyped up to see what you do with this movie. I would really love to know where I can view your version of the movie as a Star Wars fan it would really make my day to view the fruits of your labors. Hats off to you my brother

  26. So when I saw the original trailer and scene at 2:18…you know before we all saw the movie and had high hopes…I speculated that Kylo and the knights of Ren were mobbing Luke cause they found him and the whole shit load of the last order was raining hell down on that island rock and She was running to get to him and help him. Thought it would be dramatic af since I assumed she probably had deep connection with Luke being his apprentice and all. Then she would not make it in time and Luke would die. She would witness and and go all dark side. Would have been a interesting plot if Kylo and the knights of Ren were tracking Luke down just like the protagonists while captain Hitler was simultaneously striking the resistance in a massive end all campaign. If you watch this trailer with that assumption in mind you could convince anyone you are spot on.Would have been a great moment in the trilogy but hey I am not Johnson.

  27. amazing trailer, if the movie proceeded along the lines set in this trailer, maybe just maybe it would've been a great movie

  28. That's my issue with this movie. There were so many good things in it, all of the stuff on Crait for example. Then there's shit like Canto Bight.

  29. does anyone know about German dubbed versions of edited star wars movies ? my nephew doesnt speak english but i dont want hin go see the original episode 8

  30. 🎬💻Ivan Ortega
    This is a real question for you.
    Seeing and Knowing you are a proffesional film editor
    Can you please do a short video on the following:

    We know unfortunately we are in a mess after TheLastJedi,
    It would be very interesting to know,
    If (lets imagine) Disney, brought you in, and asked you, "Ivan what would you do in Episode 9, so that we finish this triology as best as we can?"

    Ivan you edited TheLastJedi, therefore you had to watch it so many times
    It would be VERY interesting to know how would you personally finish the story in Episode 9"

    Please do a short video about it and share it also on Geeks+Gamers channel!

    We"ll be waiting for your video opinion!

    #saludos cuate! 😃💻🎬

  31. You should add lightsabers to Smokes guards, and you should get rid of Holdo altogether, have Admiral Ackbar jump to light speed…

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