40 thoughts on “The Kinks – The Village Green Preservation Society (Official Audio)

  1. Millennials need to listen to this because the world they want and are trying to inflict on everyone else really is the same world that Russia had under Stalin evil rule . There just the fools of evil for and about evil.

  2. Great album.This should have been all over the radio but of course it got respect and tiny sales. What a Joke

  3. What's his deal with Donald Duck – Oooh, I just remembered my ex: What's your deal with Donald Duck? She answers, Stop it! You're being so abrasive! I am still left in a kingdom of Not Being Very Good At Parading Around In The Flesh. I feel nothing for the Donald, or for her sorry apologists.

  4. This is the song of ageing, rich, pop stars sneering at the sort of common people who once trotted along to buy their records at the shop on the green. Vote For Britain Movement and preserve the village green.

  5. 'God save the George Cross and all those awarded them.' I always find that line very touching and agree with it wholeheartedly.

  6. Though I wasn't born in their country, I adore George Orwell and I feel The Kinks and Orwell are in the same line.

  7. Criminal how the Kinks didnt acheive the success of the Stones or the Who. Equally as good if not better in terms of songwriting.
    Ray was a genious. Totally cutting edge. Fucking brilliant 😎.

  8. We should just focus on preserving antique tables and billiards..and what that means to each of us.

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