The Key To Financial Freedom (What Robert Kiyosaki Taught Me About Getting Rich)

The Key To Financial Freedom (What Robert Kiyosaki Taught Me About Getting Rich)

30 thoughts on “The Key To Financial Freedom (What Robert Kiyosaki Taught Me About Getting Rich)

  1. What are you right now? An Employee, Self-Employed, Business Owner, Investor or Philanthropist? What are you working towards transitioning into at the moment?

  2. "Rich dad poor dad" was my first book ever.Then i understood that book can really change your life.

  3. Hey, great content! I am currently an "S". I am self employed, I have time freedom (I work from home every day) but I am longing to move into "B" with an online business.

  4. Solid content brotha. I put Rich Dad, Poor Dad aside for a while and once I actually got around to reading it I wish I had done it sooner haha. Continued success my man.

  5. Stefan, can you do a video on your asset allocation now and the reasoning behind it?

    And maybe also how it evolved through time as you became more financially literate. You've discussed invetsing quite a bit and since that is arguably the most important investment decision, I'd like to hear on yours.

    Thanks! 😉

  6. Hey Stefan, have you read The Millionnaire Fastlane ? I think you would probably like it and get a ton of good insights from this book ! 🙂

  7. Hey Stefan, can you please tell me where you got the stand and art paper? I want to use something like this as well.

  8. I play Cashflow game by Robert kiyosaki and last year committed to myself I would do whatever it takes to LIVE his Philosophy. I have moved from employee to self employed and am entering the business owner quadrant. I have a tiny bit of money in I quadrant but not enough yet.

  9. Amazing video!! I'm about to be a senior in highschool and I want to have financial freedom from my parents one day. This is very inspiring and I'll most definitely take notes on these things. Much love dude!! 😊😊👍👍

  10. Thanks for this great video ! I'm currently in Employee level but still at the same time I'm building my online business heading to my financial freedom, and it's going well !
    I'm also participated in ur program so thanks for the information u share with us <3.

    Lastly I'd like to know if u have some insight on being an entrepreneur puts u in which corner of Reoberts quadrants although I believe it considered as a sort of being "philanthropist"

  11. Yes! Cool video and good explanation for world's economy. But this works only when you live
    In well-developed countries, because in some countries you just can't start your business due to low salaries. Thank you anyway!

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