The Justice Department | Judge Dredd

The Justice Department | Judge Dredd

Overpopulation and atomic wars have left America
an irradiated wasteland. Mutants, criminals and exiles roam the cursed
earth, fighting and warring against one another in the ruins of the old world. What remains of civilization persists in the
last Mega Cities: enormous metropolises in which hundreds of millions live, work and
die amongst an endless urban sprawl. Outside the walls of the Mega Cities, there
is no law, inside Mega City One, are the Judges of the Justice Department. The rampant spread of crime within Mega City
One has left little room for assumptions of innocence or lengthy trials. Those granted the title of Judge are expected
to act as officers of the law, and fulfill the role of judge, jury, and executioner. Criminals apprehended are tried and sentenced
on the spot, either sent to isolation blocks or put to death. Judges are the product of years, often decades,
of training. They are selected from promising children
as young as five or cloned from gifted individuals. Within the Academy of Law, potential Judges
undergo rigorous physical and psychological conditioning: trained to use a wide variety
of weapons and vehicles and restricted from travelling outside the Academy in order to
maintain absolute discipline. Typically, Cadet Judges will only leave the
Academy to journey across the Cursed Earth where they test their skills in actual combat. Those who survive are appointed Rookie Judges. Rookies must undergo assessment by a more
experienced Judge before any promotion, an assessment in which the majority typically
fail, relegated to auxiliary duties or expelled from the Justice Department altogether. Various divisions and bodies employ dozens
of types of Judges. Major organizations within the Justice Department
include: The Public Surveillance Unit, responsible
for monitoring the activity of every citizen in Mega City One through an elaborate network
of surveillance devices, DNA records and computer systems; The Special Judicial Squad which investigates
internal corruption as part of the Department’s Internal Affairs; The “Wally Squad” which operates entirely
undercover, hidden among the destitute in Mega City One; And many others. The vast majority of Judges however are assigned
to the Street Division. These officers are responsible for various
territories across Mega City One, maintaining the law by any means necessary. The typical sidearm employed by the Street
Judges is the Lawgiver, a voice activated machine pistol capable of utilizing a variety
of ammunition types, ranging from Armor Piercing to Incendiary. Street transportation is provided by the Lawmaster,
a heavy-duty motorcycle equipped with sophisticated weaponry and communications equipment. Street Judges are occasionally augmented by
specialized units, Tek Judges, Judge Pilots, Riot Squad Judges and perhaps most notably,
Psi Judges. Psi Judges are capable of utilizing remarkable
psychic abilities, able to enter minds and determine the location of missing targets. For most of their existence, the Judges themselves
have been led by a Chief Judge and a Council of Five. These individuals administer complete authority
from the Grand Hall of Justice and as their power has waxed and waned over the years,
sometimes perform the duties of the central government for the entirety of Mega City One. The Judges are the law in Mega City One but
they are not above it and are treated with far less leniency than the average citizen. A crime that might earn a citizen a sentence
of a few months in solitary could mean years or even execution if committed by a Judge. Despite this, corruption within the Judges
is not uncommon with powerful crime lords and drug dealers often attempting to buy their
loyalty. A Judge reaching the age of retirement is
a rare thing within the Justice Department, but those who complete their term of service
are offered a choice. Either be placed into an administrative or
teaching post, rejoin the common citizenry, or instead, take the Long Walk. A Judge who takes the Long Walk is sent into
the Cursed Earth, expected to never return, but die bringing law to the lawless. Within Mega City One, a dozen serious crimes
are reported every minute, seventeen thousand every day. Judges can respond to only six percent, and
a lucky criminal might go years without ever meeting a Judge or staring down the barrel
of a Lawgiver. For those six percent however, there can be
no hope or escape. For in Mega City One, the Judges are the Law. The Templin Institute investigates alternate
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100 thoughts on “The Justice Department | Judge Dredd

  1. Are you the Law? Then you should join our other lawful folks on our Discord channel!

  2. Your style of presentation would be perfect for the The Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (BPRD) from HellBoy

  3. I am so happy that you used exclusively Karl Urban Dredd live action footage, that was an awesome movie that deserved much better than it received.

  4. Do you guys cover books as well? I think the Draka or the CSA from Timeline-191 could both make for interesting episodes.

  5. The template institute, not sure if you’ll ever see this comment. Just a suggestion but I think it would be really cool if you did a video about the xcom aliens. Or even the advent organization in xcom 2.

  6. Any hope for some Anime based factions? (e.g. Akatsuke (Naruto), the World government (One Piece), The Hunters (Hunter X Hunter), or factions in Code Geass, FMA, Attack on Titan, One punch man etc.)

  7. I like the Judge Dredd Universe a lot I like to see what mega-city one is going to be talked about how the political structures

  8. Something I often wonder when dealing with the Mega City Judges, why aren't they augmented by regular police? The Judges are essentially Jedi Knights, a relatively small order of elites who are too small in number to be effective and with too long of training to easily absorb loses. You would think they'd have bog standard cops patrolling the streets taking care of smaller crimes allowing the Judges to deal with things that require someone as well trained as a Judge. Maybe worries about corruption?

  9. What's amusing (and almost sad) about Stallone is that his portrayal of John Spartan in Demolition Man was a better Dredd than his actual take on the role. But Urban's take is definitive!

  10. The idea of The Long Walk sounds badass as hell. Never knew about that one. Could make for many interesting story arcs where they run across some badass Judge from the wastelands who took the long walk and is still kickin ass.

  11. Well. It seems like since the crime only keeps elevating despite the government’s “tough of crime” attitude. That it’s possibly time to try different tactics. Maybe allocate funds into other services that prevent people from choosing a life of crime??? They’re cool and all but it just seems to me that the current system of judges is very ineffective. So I wonder which came first, the high crime or the institution of judges???

  12. I wish they used more panels from 2000ad and the megazines but this video reminded me of how much I like the Dredd film

  13. The next great face of fascism will not come to pass because of the actions of a tyrannical governing body, but from the response to the actions of an entitled and chaotic people. I honestly don't believe that the Judges are the worst response to our world right now. I'm my opinion, the biggest problem in law enforcement (where you uphold the most basic ideals of living as a respectable human being) is that too few are genuinely afraid of breaking the law.

  14. a great movie that repairs the damage done by the stallone movie. Apart from the visuals of the city being a little more sober and realistic, this is as good an adaptation as you could wish for. i must watch it again….

  15. I am the law and you won't f*** around no more
    I judge the rich, I judge the poor
    Commit a crime I'll lock the door
    Because in Mega City, I am the law

  16. This was so fucking cool. lol Awesome lore. Well said. great editing. Just a touch of drama. You sound like you love what your reading. keep it up!

  17. Do they also have recycled food in the newer Dredd? In the Stallone one, there was humor present, sort of like the Starship troopers movie

  18. When the Judicial Branch finally quit being overshadowed by the Executive and the Legislative Branch

  19. This is one of the reasons I liked the old movie more. That city looks too open, clean and empty to be MegaCity 01, look at those empty open highways….

  20. You've blown my mind in Dredd implying that the homeless man in was part of the Wally Squad but it makes sense:
    He's by the front door so he can see who comes and goes.
    He advertises that he's a junkie which would encourage the dealers to identify themselves to him as a potential customer.
    He doesn't move when instructed by Judges, implying he's not afraid of them and could get it all straightened out even if they did arrest him.
    The Justice department had become aware of the existence of Slow Mo so they would send in Wally Squad to investigate.

  21. For the first few seconds I thought I had clicked on a Fallout vid by mistake… perhaps this is merely the future of that world?

  22. Interesting, the statistics. Only 6% of crime is responded.
    Wonder how is it in our reality. I used to grow up near a crime-riddled area. Patrols couldn't catch everyone.

  23. Technical point: "The Long Walk" is not always into the wasteland. Some judges decend into the underground tunnels and sewers beneath MegaCity One. Also no mention of MegaCity Two or the space colonies? Please use more than just the movies as references in the future.

  24. so the water downed hive cites? at least the police give judgments and not just waging war on the occasion on the slums?

  25. Great vid, very well researched, I learned a lot. Sadly, Dredd 2012 did not get the appreciation it deserved, but I will always be a steadfast fan of that remarkable film.

  26. That would be awesome if we did that in real life, as it is police officers can get away with sexual assault so long as the target isn't well connected.

  27. sucks, You spent over 20 years to be a judge only for a corrupt veteran judge to fuc kyou over and say, "Nope, they fucked up,."

    Thats it, you lost your youth and get expelled.

  28. Qui sententium transire necesse oscilla gladio.

    He who passes the sentence, must swing the sword.

  29. You touched briefly on what happens to corrupt Judges. Now do an article on Titan, where bad judges go.

  30. A lot of this film was shot in Johannesburg, which I personally as a Joburger think was a great choice. The city center has tall buildings, but is not in good condition, a great setting.

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