22 thoughts on “The Jedi Code: History and Ideology

  1. Hmm. So the Jedi code has it's own will. That means, it is not necessarily in line with the will of the force. That's what led to it's downfall, unfortunately. This is how Darth Plaegius managed to pull the wool over the Jedi's eyes, by "creating life", fulfilling prophecy to have the force oppose the will of the Jedi; of course, the same mistake was made by the Sith, [ironic] leading to Plaegius' death, in thinking his own will could control that will. Sheeve knew this, and the rest, is history… edit I say this as someone with VERY minimal knowledge of lore outside movies.

  2. Ironic that Jedi claim truth and knowlage is part of the Jedi yet they conveniently twist the truth about the Je'daii and their relationship with Bogan and Ashla.

  3. Would there be a Galactic Republic, without the Jedi Order?

    Yes, there would be no Sith Empire without Jedi. Then again, is that really true?

    The Jedi started as explorers of the Force, who's to say it couldn't have gone the other way? Tyranny goes on only so long, till either there is infighting with other wouldbe tyrants, or a rebellion on light would grow, thus the Jedi would have emerged from the Sith. Or maybe if the Jedi were exiled(given the typical mindset of a dark sider, unlikely, but they could have fled, and maybe the dark siders would let them be, for a time), and maybe the new Jedi would have encountered the race of Sith.

    Now that would be an interesting twist😀. The Sith race being turned to the light, and the new Jedi-Sith Alliance grows. Wonder how things would have changed then?☺

  4. 2: read + search = who are teaxh you vooddo dark brainwashing cult? Are you easily to mislead or are you intelligente….?

  5. 1: called free mansonry voodoo ritual you idolized dark voodoo star wars jedi ? Arent george star wars member of freemanson cult they run hellywood ?

  6. The brotherhood of darkness was led by a fool. It was inevitable for them to be destroyed. They were weak and ignorant like the Jedi. I forged a new order. One of which we will exact our revenge. The revenge of the Sith.

  7. I used to christian till i realised it dont work in practice. Now my moral code as a person is a combo of a Jedi and a Starfleet Officer. Geeky yes, but when thought about its an honest, decent and above all in this at times terrible world a way that if more people were on board the way we survive the shitstorm were causing as a species.

  8. This vid was amazing. I know this is kind of off-topic, but could you – sithreign – tell me what song it was you used in the "king Addas" video. It had a male-orchestra-thing theme to it. Liked what you did with your audio by the way.

  9. I played around in Audacity a bit to produce this kind of voice. How do you like it? My narration wasn't the best because I sort of rushed this video, but thanks for watching.

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