The Italian invasion of Albania

The Italian invasion of Albania

The Italian invasion of Ethiopia in 1935 Cemented the nations shift of alliance and Trust from Britain France over to Germany who sought to expand their territorial and economic Capabilities until they are strong enough to fight against Europe the German annexations of Austria and Czechoslovakia Therefore tend to be aware. Most attention is given leading up to the Second World War However, Italy shared the same territorial drive and following the end of the campaign Ethiopia set another Nation in its sight in this video. We’ll be talking about the Italian axon of Albania This wasn’t the first time that Italy had attempted to annex the nation in 1920 the two fought it won’t be named the flora war Where the Albanian smashed to gradually push the Italians out of native Albanian land That they had occupied during the First World War Following this failure and the unrest immediately following tens is between the two nations smooth somewhat and the Italian government aimed to focus more on rebuilding after the near decade of constant or However, with the rise of fascism within Italy in the mid 20s and Benito Mussolini’s rise to power interest in an Albanian annexation came back into a main focus Many fascists within the nation aim to have eerie emergence of the Roman Empire Italy began penetration of the Albanians economy in 1925 when Albania agreed to allow Italy to exploit its mineral resources in returns for substantial loans that the nation desperately needed Italy also managed to infiltrate the Albanian army with many of its officers being from Italy and the army as a whole trained by such officers many of these men were also being placed in high positions within the out banging government in 1927 the two nations entered into a defensive alliance with one another even with this though Albanian King Zog the first was more than aware of what the Italians were trying to do He refused to bend fully to Italian pressure and managed to gain alliances with its neighbors in Greece and Yugoslavia And he attempted to change the nation’s economic dependency on Italy where over a third of the Albanian imports came from after the German annexation of Czechoslovakia Mussolini was a bit miffed and started to feel as a lesser within the pact to steal against the wishes of Italian King Victor an ultimatum was sent to Tirana on March the 25th of 1939 with it demanding that the nation’s sub come to Italian occupation The saw government tried to keep the new it under wraps But he was leaked by unofficial sources to the public and hundreds of Italian planes dropped leaflets over the major cities Instructing the citizens to succumb to the occupation this led to a massive amount of anti Italian Demonstrations within the major cities and the Albanian army mobilized as the government fled the country on April the 7th the Italians which numbered some 22,000 launched an invasion on four main opinion ports the albanian army numbered some 15,000 But they were all largely poorly equipped and many of the officers were had left their men Leaving only half of them under direct leadership Even with this though Kings odd plan to station the nation’s army within the mountains in to use the guerrilla in run and attrition Tactics that had suit of the nation so well during the first world war however, the Italian officers had matched a sabotage the plan as the artillery had been disabled and the army ended up like an ammunition for many of the guns this left roughly 3,000 under arms and a number of citizens to fight against the Italians at their S500 Albanians tried to halt the Italian advance They are armed with mostly small guns three machine guns and artillery from a patrol boat But the match to hold off the Italians for a good portion of the day Until the Italians managed to land a number of light tanks The defenders couldn’t knock out this resulted in the city falling within the next few hours By 1:30 of that day. All of the ports have been occupied King Zog with his family and a good portion of the nation’s gold reserve fled to Greece and the public within Tirana raised the PALS and liberate the prisoners during a riot The italians marched into the city to mineral resistance the following morning After this little resistance was met with the Romanian Albanians ordered to stand down two officers and their men in should endure refused this order and they fought against the Italians the whole day until they ran out of ammunition The order to stand down didn’t stop many partisans and nationalist groups from fighting against the Italians though And they are proved to be a fatal thorn in their side and later the German occupiers on April the 12th the Albanian Parliament voted to depose King Zog and put Albania under union with Italy With King Victor the third gain the crown five days later in general the Italian invasion was poorly planned badly executed and succeeded only because Albanian a resistance was too weak the nation withdrew from the League of Nations and Mussolini declared the creation of the Italian Empire, hence after With Albania being essentially installed as nother province within the nation the region’s trade in economic wealth was dominated by the Italians and only Italy could conduct any agreements with third parties the Nation was used as a base for the entire invasion of Greece in 1940. But that is a topic for another time. I Hope you enjoyed a brief look into one the lesser-known aspects lean up to World War 2 if you like to learn about the first Italian invasion of Albania click here for a video I did about that If you have any topics that you would like me to cover in the future say so down in the comes below Don’t forget to like the subscribe and I’ll catch you guys next time

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  1. You know what‘s ironic? Italy suffered more military losses than Albania. Albania suffered more civilian losses.

  2. A good story to tell would be the vlora war off 1920 that was the precedent to this invasion . Mussolini often cited that defeat as reason to invade ( 4000 Albanian sometimes using rocks or farm tools beat a20,000 well armed Italian army in vlora southern Albania )

  3. Thank you for this video!
    Albanian history is quite unknown to the world so a video like this is appreciated.
    I would only like to point out that the latter you show in 2:55 is in the Greek language, i don't know what it is supposed to say but it doesn't have to do with the Italian invasion of Albania.
    Other than that the video is very good and informative.

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