42 thoughts on “"The Irish Volunteer" – Irish-American Civil War Song

  1. Yeah, volunteers, volunteered at the point of a gun as they got off the ship in New York and not even know'n how to speak English. So much for the "volunteer."

  2. The Irish were fighting for the good old CSA don't forget my ancestors were fighting for the south Yankee scum

  3. We Irish are a sad drunken bunch
    But if you know why Irishmen drink you know why we fuck shit up in a fight

  4. We Irish will crush these new “anti fascists” with blood and sweat of Irish
    Descendents 🇨🇮🇺🇸🇨🇮🇺🇸🇨🇮🇺🇸🇨🇮🇺🇸🇨🇮🇺🇸🇨🇮🇺🇸🇨🇮🇺🇸

  5. Ahh mi bois we hav to stap the Democrats once again we must raise the harp and the stars and strips mi bois on to glory

  6. Thank you to the Fighting 69th Irish brigade for fighting for the Union and thank you to the Irish for fighting in the American Revolution as well.

  7. People forget what the American Civil War was about to the men who sang this song. That the idea of a democratic republic, governed by the people and for the people, should not perish from this earth, that despite what the patricians of the old Europe might say, that such republics could defend themselves from traitors and those who sought to destroy the ideal of human brotherhood and liberty.

    Blessed be their memory, and long live the United States of America, for all its flaws and crimes.

  8. To the tune of "The Bonnie Blue Flag". Let us not forget the Brave Irish Regiments who fought for the Confederacy and wept at slaughtering their former Countrymen as well.

  9. Hated Rebels in their own country as usual they went to America and called other people Rebels!
    SCUM TROUBLE MAKERS were wiped out by Southern Protestants if they were so brave why? Did they not stay in Ireland and fight?
    Old Ulster Saying.
    R. Ran!
    A. Away!


  10. I hope Lady Erin doesn't mind that her brave lads came to fight for Uncle Sam under Old Glory. We needed them and could not have done without them. Every man among them earned with blood and sweat their place among us as citizens of The Republic.

  11. Irish were on both Union and CSA. Just depended on where they were at the time. Some Irish were in the North and thought of themselves as Northerns and some were in the south and they adopted the southern ways. Both gave groups gave a lot for their side. If you like this song, try Kelly's Irish Brigade. Song for the Irish on the CSA

  12. ERIN GO BRAGH! If you want to play as the Irish Brigade in a civil war game, check out War of Rights on steam! 🙂

  13. Im debating if this song or Kelly's irish brigade is better. Im a southerner so im a little bias but i love this long regardless.

  14. As a fact, Saint Patrick actually drove people out of their homeland. That was what the toads and snakes were. Just a fact

  15. This song is based on an Irish song called Irish jaunting car, Bonnie Blue Flag is also based on the same song.

  16. What do they mean by the Prince of Wales coming? Did he make some trip to the US, that would seem unlikely during the war.

  17. The Irish Sharp shooter's/Irish Brigade/One of the first Intelligence Unit's in the United States. The movies show them in uniform, but in reality they were identified by their belt buckles!!

  18. Sadly had McClellan been braver the war would have been shorter, as the peninsular campaign would probably have taken the capital of the Confederate States and more importantly a significant if not majority of its industry in particular tredegar iron works.

  19. This must be a British north Ireland song, totally disrespectful that it's sung to the tune of The Bonnie Blue Flag

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