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  1. Met Mr Kincaid at the 153d Gettysburg Reenactment where he was portraying a Federal staff officer. While we waited for the orders to fall in and ready against the rebel advance of Pickett's Charge he chatted w/us for a bit.

    I do like this album considerably but do remain partial to Camp Chase Fife & Drums' music which is admittedly less vocals and more instrumental.

  2. Tricked into figjting their racial brothers to the south, they were exploited by the jewish north, fleeing hardship in Ireland only to be used as cattle to the slaughter right off the boats. Nothing but respect to the dead, but they were on the wrong side.

  3. My father is an Englishman and every year on st. Paddy’s day he says “find an Irishman and hang him. Bloody traitors.”

  4. The British (Normans) came from England on a conquest back in the medieval times and Ireland was said to be Britain's first 'colony'.

  5. This video got me interested in ACW history. This video inspired me to research the 69th. Fast forward a few years, I'm gathering money and preparing to join the 69th New York Volunteer Infantry Reenactment Society, with a newfound love of history and a wealth of knowledge. Thank you, lorgain2.

  6. I don't think I'm acctualy irish but I strangely feel really irish and I don't know why. I might have some irish blood but I'm not sure.

  7. The first stanza is bad quality. The line "I was born among old Erin's bogs when I was but a child" does not make much sense. Also, if the narrator's father died at the Battle of Vinegar Hill in 1798, then the narrator would have been at least 62 years old when the American Civil War began. I do not think that anyone would be accepted into the army at that age much less volunteer. The rest of the song is great.

  8. White people treated worse slaves. They went from forced starvation to discrimination. They fought and died for a country and people they knew nothing about just to prove they belonged and they had what it took to be a part of the American experiment. Yet, you don't see them looking for a handout. They didn't waste time feeling bad for themselves or thinking they were owed something. They don't get reparations or anything of the sort. Nope. The fightin irish! Happy belated St. Patty's Day!

  9. Happy St Patrick's Day, fellow Unionists and descendants of the Irish! Here's to the the 69th and the Irish Volunteers!

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