The Internationale (English)

The Internationale (English)

Stand up, all victims of oppression, for the tyrants fear your might! Don’t cling so hard to your possesions, for you have nothing if you have no rights! Let racist ignorance be ended, for respect makes the empires fall! Freedom is merely privlege extended, unless enjoyed by one and all. So come brothers and sisters, for the struggle carries on. The Internationale unites the world in song! So comrades, come rally, for this is the time and place! The international ideal unites the human race. Let no one build walls to divide us, walls of hatred nor walls of stone. Come greet the dawn and stand beside us, we’ll live together or we’ll die alone. In our world poisoned by exploitation, those who have taken, now they must give And end the vanity of nations, we’ve but one earth on which to live. So come brothers and sisters, for the struggle carries on. The Internationale unites the world in song. So comrades come rally, for this is the time and place! The international ideal unites the human race. And so begins the final drama, in the streets and in the fields. We stand unbowed before their armor, we defy their guns and shields! When we fight, provoked by thier aggression, let us be inspired by life and love. For though they offer us concessions, change will not come from above! So come brothers and sisters, for the struggle carries on. The Internationale unites the world in song. So comrades, come rally, for this is the time and place! The international ideal unites the human race!

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  1. What a bloody fawking cant…. The commies should have killed Billy Bragg along with the 150,000,000+ other people they killed forcing their false ideology across the map.

  2. < Nice cover choice. Doesnt make you look batshit insane or anything. Noooo…never. never.

  3. As a Capitalist from an ex socialist country i must say that even while i hate your ideaolegy, you lefties make good music.

  4. Comrades, I love you all, unconditionally❤️
    Stand beside me when we change this horridly unjust world

  5. Hm that traduction is very different from the original lyrics in french, but still a good version though

  6. The extreme regimes always have the best music, communist & socialist choirs, nazi marches, Rule Brittania, etc. Democratic music sucks ass

  7. Communism is inevitable. From Slavery to Feudalism, Feudalism to Capitalism, Capitalism to Communism. Class struggle has been the background radiation of human history. History will prove us right.

  8. Theme when you're in college:

    Theme when you get your first paycheck out of college:
    Here comes the money, here comes the money. MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY

  9. Citizens of Berlin! A ring of steel surrounds your rotten city! We will crush all those who dare to resist the will of the Red Army! Abandon your posts! Abandon your homes! Abandon all hope! URAAA!!!"

  10. So unite brothers and sisters.We must destroy a capitalism.So kill the elite class.Power to ordinary peaple.Because of capitalism, we constantly fight!!!!

  11. Beautiful song, but the imagery is disturbing. I'm a socialist, but an anti-totalitarian socialist. Dump the Soviet iconography. "If you go carrying pictures of chairman Mao, you ain't going to make it with anyone anyhow."

  12. I recently watched a movie about the life of Karl Liebknecht, the German Communist revolutionary who was brutally murdered in 1919.  As his coffin was carried through the streets of Berlin, the people following started singing "The Internationale".  Right-wing thugs immediately attacked the mourners, clubbing and beating them.  "Singing that song is FORBIDDEN!", they shouted.  So the mourners started humming the tune.  "Humming that song is FORBIDDEN!"  Yet the marchers still kept going, only this time they started whistling the tune.  Quite a dramatic scene!

  13. "Let no one build walls to divide us, walls of hatred nor walls of stone."

    Except the Soviet Union and DDR, who you know, built the darn Berlin wall.

  14. C'est la lutte finale!
    Groupons-nous et demain
    L'internationale, sera le genre humain !

    Proletarians from all countries unite! From France to the world, Hi! Keep the fight!

  15. Napalm Sticks to Kids

    We shoot the sick, the young, the lame,

    We do our best to maim,

    Because the kills all count the same,

    Napalm sticks to kids.

    Chorus: Napalm sticks to kids,

    Napalm sticks to kids.

    Flying low across the trees,

    Pilots doing what they please,

    Dropping frags on refugees,

    Napalm sticks to kids.

    Goods in the open, making hay,

    But I can hear the gunships say,

    "There'll be no Chieu Hoi today,"

    Napalm sticks to kids.

    See those farmers over there,

    Watch me get them with a pair,

    Blood and guts just everywhere,

    Napalm sticks to kids.

    I've only seen it happen twice,

    But both times it was mighty nice,

    Shooting peasants planting rice,

    Napalm sticks to kids.

    Napalm, son, is lots of fun,

    Dropped in a bomb or shot from a gun,

    It gets the gooks when on the run,

    Napalm sticks to kids.

    Drop some napalm on a farm,

    It won't do them any harm,

    Just burn off their legs and arms,

    Napalm sticks to kids.

    CIA with guns for hire,

    Montagnards around a fire,

    Napalm makes the fire go higher,

    Napalm sticks to kids.

    I've been told it's not so neat,

    To catch gooks burning in the street,

    But burning flesh, it smells to sweet,

    Napalm sticks to kids.

    Children sucking on a mother's tit,

    Wounded gooks down in a pit,

    Dow Chemical doesn't give a shit,

    Napalm sticks to kids.

    Bombadiers don't care a bit,

    Just as long as the pieces fit,

    When you stuff the bodies in a pit,

    Napalm sticks to kids.

    Eighteen kids in a No Fire Zone,

    Rooks under arms and going home,

    Last in line goes home alone,

    Napalm sticks to kids.

    Chuck in a sampan, sitting in the stern,

    They don't think their boats will burn,

    Those damn gooks will never learn,

    Napalm sticks to kids.

    Cobras flying in the sun,

    Killing gooks is lots of fun,

    Get one pregnant and it's two for one,

    Napalm sticks to kids.

    Shoot civilians where they sit,

    Take some pictures as you split,

    All your life you'll remember it,

    Napalm sticks to kids.

    NVA are all hard core,

    Flechettes never are a bore,

    Throw those PSYOPS out the door,

    Napalm sticks to kids.

    Gather kids as you fly over town,

    By throwing candy on the ground,

    Then grease 'em when they gather 'round,

    Napalm sticks to kids.

  16. 1:27 Let no one build walls to decide us. Walls of hatred nor walls of stone!

    Soviet: Yo OstDeutschland build a wall out of stones to keep out the non-exsistant hateful fascists out my boi

    DDR: LOL K

  17. This is one song you can get arrested for singing in the public as a common Citizen in China. lol, along with "Do you hear the people sing?"

  18. Because Socialism and Communism always end up oppressing the people instead. Everything expressed in this song can also be turned against communism and socialism. The people in Tiananmen Square were singing this song when they defied the commie PLA.

  19. When you realize this anthem is about uniting a country while ours is about death and imprisinment and yet everyone claps and stands and gets angry when you don't cheer for the deaths from said anthems suffering (aka "star spangled banner" what did you think I was talking about)

  20. The whole let no one built walls to divide us thing should be told to the East German government and the Soviet Union because I don't think they got the memo about Berlin

  21. Where do I sign up? That chorus is terrific! The only thing, have you ever seen a human being that looks so much like the Devil as Lenin? That Satanic goatee, those arched and angry eyebrows, the shape of that pate. I once wore a scary Halloween mask of the Devil, but my mask wasn't nearly as accurate looking as Lenin's face.

  22. Now i thinks about it, this isnt just a song for the worker like i had been taught, it can be use for all the people that are opressed no matter their ideology

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