5 thoughts on “The Ideology of the Ruling Elite

  1. Chomsky APPEARS to be erudite-As usual.
    BUT-Let's all remember that The WORSE that Chomsky believes that, ' the Elites ', have behaved, vis a vis, the policies of our Government, Business, Etc., then the WORSE this makes Chomsky HIMSELF look, for NEVER having the guts to seek a Policy-Making Position, and-with his superior wisdom-Show he can do a better job than those he criticizes!  smh

  2. Are you kidding me. So the govt taking a piss on youngsters. Raising tuition fees to avoid activism. What bastards. Well they can keep raising tuition fees until students get fed up and quit education altogether. Then the streets will be filled with drug dealers, drug addicts, crime, disillusioned youth. Curfews will be needed.

  3. This is the book that I was referencing about the implementation of the system of dismantling the public education in America. This is a must have for your sister and any educator in the present system. The Trilateral Commission sets economic policy for UN nations.

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