The House of Reps vs The Senate | Politics Explained

The House of Reps vs The Senate | Politics Explained

37 thoughts on “The House of Reps vs The Senate | Politics Explained

  1. Victoria and Canberra are Communists and Marxists. Why am I not surprised some elite group managed to take the voice away from SA and give it to the enemy factions of the nation? Look at the Fake News trying to sell this like it isn't tyrany.

  2. The convoluted way Aussies have contrived the election process is the reason why there is so much angst at election time. A simple vote system where the winner takes all is the only fair way to run an election. It's true in sports and it should be the same in politics. Awarding losers gets you an inferior legislature and inferior government.

  3. People still remember that after Bob Hawk winning an election Labour booted him out and put by far the worst prime minister Australia has ever had Paul Keating in his place , vale bob hawk.

  4. BAsically, It is similar to Indian parliament system, where Lok Sabha is the lower house and Rajya Sabha is the Upper house. Only difference is the way we vote, we have EVM machines and we vote for only one party with option of NOTA(None of the above)

  5. There are several very misleading things in this video.
    Firstly, the implication that Annings' won on 19 votes is complete garbage. One nation got 229,056 above line "1" votes. Anning was third in line for the one nation, and got the seat after 2nd in line was found ineligible. So over 200,000 people wanted Hanson then Roberts/Anning ahead of anyone else in the senate. The 19 votes where not needed to secure the second quota. The quotas fell before the below line votes even needed to go to preferences.
    The second big lie is saying Malcom Turnball changed the rules for how to vote in the senate. This is blatantly not true. The Prime Minister does not have such power. The parliament changes the rules, not the PM. So the blame lies equally with the Greens and Liberals – not the PM.

  6. Yes we need those extra seats to represent the Chinese Communist Party and their constituents here in CCP Occupied Australia

  7. What's that? Adelaide didn't increase in population as much as Melbourne within a year?

    Libral Guvment: oops I forgot u existed

  8. When will Australian politics get cleaned up??? So many snakes in suits.
    Everyone of them is corrupt.
    It's because we allow lobbyists. Lobbyists should be banned altogether as they are the donators to politics.
    Then you have slimy Iranian crooks like Sam Dastiari who would sell his own mother to the Chinese.

  9. Hello! Can someone help me? Which Australian state parliament has not got upper and lower house? Tasmania, Queensland, New South Wales or Victoria?

  10. Why do force us to vote the Labor, Liberal and the Greens. Donkey voting is useless exercise as votes will be transfered to another candidate.

  11. It’s very hard to argue with Lesbians. Specially, when they’re sitting in the Parliament and are dumb.

  12. Im not familiar with election station law in Australia (As im from the US). But those “at the door canvassers” at the voting stations, really make us elections workers job harder. Where I run the election in my area the law specifically states that you cant have ANY political memorabilia whatsoever. Yet each of those voters still bring in a handful of papers they were given at the door, and they will often just throw them on the floor, leave them on one of our tables, or AT THE VOTING BOOTH ITSELF! Seems as though Australia might also have an issue with that.

  13. Oh so I can comment on this video ABC? Not the other ones? Why are you silencing the Australian people? What are you afraid of, diversity of thought? I thought diversity was our biggest strength? Nothing but a extremist Neo-Marxist socialist echo chamber for red wine sipping neck tie warring soys cloaked in moral virtue. Your funding should be cut.

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