The History of Feminism and Its Impact on Men

The History of Feminism and Its Impact on Men

it has a longer historythen people
realize Clara Zetkin in Germany was supportive of the feminist view she was
a communist in Germany then she went to Russia Alexandra :
I was a very well-known feminist in the USSR she abandoned her four children to
promote feminism politically and in North America Betty Friedan wrote a very
important book it was called the feminine mystique but a more important
book is her friend Daniel Horowitz’s book entitled Betty Friedan and the
making of the feminine mystique while everyone was thinking that poor Betty
Friedan was a dissatisfied unhappy housewife who had to leave the home and
find a job and had so much trouble finding equality she was in fact a
longtime activist so she had a long history of communism which views the
world in terms of class struggle and when they look at the family they
interpret the class struggle to be male oppressor and female victim so we can
understand that Betty Friedan would always have to be a
victim even though she lived a very comfortable life her husband was very
well employed she had three children she lived in a beautiful suburbs she had
everything she needed but she still pictured herself portrayed herself as a
victim another area of feminism which is very
interesting and it touches Canada the famous five which has statues on
Parliament Hill were of the first wave of feminism and Nellie McClung she
actually stated that the family should come first and that if women have
children even there if they’re adult children they should come first
so the early feminists were trying to get women out of the factories with
their children so that they could be at home raising their families and the
father could have a family wage to free the mother which is what women want and
which is what women wanted then so when we succeeded as a Western culture after
the Industrial Revolution to attain this for women and fathers and children then
along comes Betty Friedan and her ideas and all her cohorts saying that
women were unhappy at home and she actually referred to the very pleasant
environment of the home in the 1960s as a comfortable concentration camp
now that should have been a clue to people how can you possibly compare the
home to a concentration camp does she really know what a concentration camp is
so this is the mind that influenced that tried to influence North America along
feminist lines and that’s the history of feminism in Canada there was the Royal
Commission on the status of women which obviously assumed that women weren’t
equal in the 60s so they decided women had to be equal and their view of
equality was the mother working and there are many recommendations and one
of the recommendations was to fund status of women so when a government
often unfortunately the Liberal government which I don’t think was
representative of all the members of the Liberal Party at the time the Liberal
government establishes an institution and funds it well basically that’s the
government deciding how Canadians should think and how women should think so the
status of women thought that they could represent all women which they don’t but
they have continued over the years with increasing government funding to project
their view of the male oppressor and the female oppressed on
Society so they’re basically telling us women are victims men are exploiting the
victims and the government is going to do something about it by making sure
women all work they’re not dependent and their children are raised in some
substitute care in universal daycare so that’s basically the history as we see
it and any opposing view is shut down we were able to function through the
democratic system make presentations before parliamentary committees so our
views and the views of the majority of women who think like us are on record well if young boys have teachers who see
themselves as feminists they portray history as men being oppressive and
women being victims whereas the reality is that men have died to support our
freer system of government men submit to motherhood when they support their
family when they are able to earn enough money so that the mother can stay at
home and care for her own children so they’re submitting to motherhood and
that’s never brought out we are supportive of the education of women
Western civilization has always been supportive of education of women for
centuries if you really study the history of our civilization but to give
women preference because of supposed previous discrimination we believe is
unfair so there needs to be an adjustment if we rather than the 50/50
we should adjust it in terms of what women really want for example had the
British Cabinet Office women’s unit studied what women wanted
in terms of employment and work at home and they found that 20%
of women want to focus on employment 20% want to focus on motherhood their home
exclusively and the 60% in between will adjust depending on whether they have
children or not now the 20% of women who want employment
specifically usually don’t intend to have children so to bring that 20% and
force a 50% is a distortion of democracy what people want and this is what
feminists have accomplished supposedly so we propose advancement and acceptance
in university strictly on merit rather than gender or any other identity that
our social manipulators decide to impose well it’s, it is definitely trying to
deconstruct the family and along with other philosophies have been very
successful if we look at the numbers of marriages which are decreasing and
basically that’s the fundamental stability of a nation of a society of a
civilization that’s always been recognized that way and even the newer
sciences psychology and psychiatry recognize how important the family unit
is and economists recognize how important the family unit is so when you
deconstruct the basic family unit of society
you’re really harming society now when a feminist view the family as inherently
destructive whereas where the male is oppressing the female they view the
family and not as functioning in complementarity
for the betterment of men women and children but they see it as conflicting
as they see all of society where they divide people in oppressor and oppressed
so if you have a really simplistic model that you’re going to impose on society
and you’re going to oppose it on the family it’s natural for them to view it
that way and why would you want that unit to continue functioning and this
has been viewed quite clearly in the opening up of divorce which splits the
family and also which has been recognized time and time again as being
very unfair especially to men and we have supported in cases of divorce equal
shared parenting most of the lawyers and lawyers associations are opposed to this
as well as the feminist organization or feminists leaning organizations the
breakup of the family is very difficult on children and it’s been, there has
been evidence that the involvement of the father is very important for the
children but very often in divorce cases the father is cut off from the family
whereas with equal shared parenting both parents would be fused as equally
important for the child now this has been opposed for 20 years it was
recommended 20 years ago in Canada by the joint House of Commons Senate
Committee on custody and access they could see then even shortly after
divorce was legislated by the Trudeau government from the very beginning it
created problems and efforts to improve the situation have been rejected by
feminists and legal associations not all lawyers many lawyers have seen the
damage and are in favor of equal shared parenting
so that’s another area where that would definitely be deconstruction of the
complementarity of men and women the complementarity and the importance of
fathers and mothers for the raising of the child so we’re really in a sense
deconstructing the health of the child and we’re deconstructing what’s
best for men and women the family has been shown statistically to be the best
environment for men and women the feminists for ever are complaining about
violence against women and they complain about the the gender wage gap but
there’s a huge gap between marriage and common-law couples married couples have
a much lower incidence of violence the incidence of violence in common-law
couples without marriage is three to four times what it is for marriage so
there’s a huge gap between marriage and common law which is consistently ignored
by our government and even Statistics Canada puts out the the numbers but they
really don’t emphasize this fact and in fact try to downplay it

12 thoughts on “The History of Feminism and Its Impact on Men

  1. Of course the problem of modern feminism comes back to communism. Nearly all modern problems can stem back to communism. Why can’t people see its problem and let it die?

  2. Let's not forget that feminists were eugenicists, just like the Nazis. The Famous 5 were especially important. Today's intersectional feminism is structured in the same way, ideologically: it hiearchically ranks people according to immutable traits such as gender and race. It has led to racial segregation (for example, separate orientations for students of different races at universities) and preferential treatment (for example, there are no shelters for battered men despite being 70% of victims who do not strike back) and has widened the prison sentencing gap between men an women.

    From the Canadian Encyclopedia: "Women's suffrage and temperance groups played particularly compelling roles in the eugenics movement. They had their greatest influence in Alberta, where Canada's first woman magistrate Emily Murphy lectured widely on the dangers of bad genes. "Insane people," she proclaimed, "are not entitled to progeny." Another prominent campaigner for sterilization was the suffragist Liberal MLA Nellie McClung, whose promotion of the benefits of sterilization, especially for "young simple-minded girls," was vital to the passage of eugenics legislation in Alberta. Another of the "Famous Five," the Hon. Irene Parlby, repeatedly alarmed the public to the growing rate at which the "mentally deficient" were propagating. Her "great and only solution to the problem" was sterilization."

  3. Feminism started and has its resurgents usually after a war when all the men can't defend themselves for dieing…… for the bitches….. Feminism was started by cowards.

  4. As an opponent of feminism, I support the traditional family unit. However I disagree that marriage is a preventive to physical violence and abuse. It can happen, and it does.

  5. The Equal Shared Parenting Act was introduced into Australia in 2006. The first exemption to the presumption of equal parenting was domestic violence. As a result Australia now leads the western world in terms of moral panic around domestic violence. Definitions of domestic violence were widened to include anything. Men have been convicted for slamming doors and giving the silent treatment. A guy I knew pushed a woman away trying to stab him. Our intervention orders have shot through the roof. The basis for handing out IVO punishments is non-existent, just that a woman wants one. It requires no evidence and you cannot defend it in court. Anything the man then does is subject to criminal charges. Knew a guy who's ex waited at the corner of his street. When he drove by on his way to work took a photo of his car and police then charged him for approaching within 5m of her. That level of obvious manipulation happened 35 times to him. Yet when he had video evidence of his ex hand delivering a death threat to his door they took no action. IVO orders include by default handing over all joint assets and of course include the children and home. It's purpose is not safety of women. The cost of defending them is higher than accepting them and can take over a year to do.
    There really is a war on men being waged by a small subset of society and they're winning simply because everybody assumes there's a war on women when there simply isn't one.

  6. Excellent. It's so refreshing and reassuring to see a woman so obviously learned in this area expounding the truth about feminism. She makes so many excellent points you almost never hear elsewhere. I love her interviews, this and another previously ("Feminism and Abortion," ). Thanks very much for bringing us this rare, valuable content. If you're planning a series, keep them coming.

  7. Scripture says there is no difference between male/female, bond/free, jew/greek. In Gods eyes we are all equal and loved the same but we have different abilities therefore different roles that better suit each person. To deny this is ignorance and bigotry borderline racism. What is the purpose of the apple tree ? To be an lemon tree? That would be rebellion against its own self and ability. This only leads to discontentment . If you cannot accept some things as your fate you will never be at peace.

  8. My favourite person is my mother, she stayed at home to look after us as children. As a white male, I feel the hatred from the left towards men, I'm made to feel guilty.

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