The Guy Who Won’t Talk About Politics | Hardly Working

The Guy Who Won’t Talk About Politics | Hardly Working

46 thoughts on “The Guy Who Won’t Talk About Politics | Hardly Working

  1. Arrestingly accurate. Hilariously, both extremes–the guy who hates to talk politics and the guy who turns everything into a political debate–skew overwhelmingly right

  2. When you don't talk about politics because 16% of people have IQs below 83 and a majority of people only have a surface level understanding of even the most basic issues. Nahhhh bro, let's talk about memes instead.

  3. I don’t like talking about politics, if it comes up then it comes up but I really don’t care where you stand

  4. I don't know if it was intentional or not, but that "there's nothing worse than a parent-less child" immediately followed by "you guys excited about that new wendy's down the street" was a really good joke. Dave Thomas, wendy's founder, was adopted himself. He founded a charity in his time that wendy's still supports that is entirely based around helping orphans get connected with permanent families.

  5. His mexican orphan thing makes sense, there is nothing worse for the economy and society than a parentless child, they cant work, they need to be fed, they need to be looked after and recieve a proper education until they're 18, which is usually a long time away, and its not like its gonna change the orphan's life, they dont have any family so there is nothing to uproot them from.

  6. List of good ideas:
    Open boarders
    A carbon tax
    A 70% tax rate
    Wealth redistribution
    Health care and housing for all
    Incentives based on race and sex
    Limitations to free speech
    The destruction of religion
    Shrinking the military
    Thinking things through

  7. "Your opinions are offensive and wrong" jesus christ the left is terrible. I know his opinions were kind of weird but she said that before he even started talking

  8. Why do we need Politicians? One person represents a place. All that is needed is a government, one that isn't run by group of people. It is run by the people of the country, not one group with an opinion. I don't want a left or right group of people representing a country. Overall $6.5 billion spent on the 2016 USA elections, Both of the Voyager space missions costed a combined $1.145b. It only cost 1/5.67 of the 2016 election to make 2 game changing space missions possible. If that hadn't been used up, we would have made a big step in mankind's progress to the space age. Just think about it.

  9. "Illegal immigrants should fight in the Hunger Games"

    Y’know what…that’s interesting to do with criminals

  10. Speaking of politics, how about a spice of positivity? A BILL WAS PASSED IN ILLINOIS A FEW DAYS AGO THAT WILL RAISE THE MINIMUM WAGE TO $15 AN HOUR BY 2025! Yay!

  11. Funny video, but in reality people who don't like talking politics are usually just conservatives in liberal areas/liberals in conservative areas who don't want to get shunned.

  12. I'd talk politics with people who actually want to have a civil discussion, but those people are hard to find. I swear everyone just wants to stand by their party instead of looking at individual problems, and call everyone who disagrees with them either a bigot or a libertard instead of thinking about what they have to say.

    For obvious reasons, I avoid sharing my political opinions online.

  13. If people don't talk about politics, it just means that one side has taken over the entire political discourse, blocking out all further debate at the risk of societal or legal repercussions. There were countries where people didn't talk about politics either: Nazi Germany or the USSR.

  14. When I don't talk politics I am exercising my right not to share who I am/have voting/voted for or why. I don't have to tell you and you can't make me.

  15. I hate saying this but like…. if you hear an opinion, and immediately say it's fucking insane, you're kinda creating a world where people want to isolate themselves and never divulge their opinions.

  16. I think we should send them our orphans. Clearly they aren’t sending us their best do why should we. Nothing is worse than a parent less child…

  17. Obamacare is when i make 700$ every two weeks after taxes and the gov tells me i need to get health insurince or there taking my income tax and i go to get obamacare and they tell me i make too much to get obamacare. So now there gonna take more of my money becouse you know. Obamacare

  18. I think politics could potentially be great conversation topics or abysmal ones. Try as hard as possible to suppress your personal feelings when arguing with someone on the opposite side of the spectrum. It turns really bad when too many feelings are involved. If you lose an argument, accept your loss and accept that your conversation partner might have more knowledge about the topic than you do. If you win the argument, don't gloat over the other person or think that he is politically uninformed. I've seen personal relationships turn real sour due to politics and that's not how it should be.

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