The Great Society Explained: US History Review

The Great Society Explained: US History Review

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  1. The concept was to invest in our citizens. At the time, we were importing only tea, coffee, and bananas. Had we continued this investment, we'd be much better off in the current global economy. We certainly cannot compete with cheap labor. Instead the corporations have taken over prisons and education for their own profit, bought politicians, and increased inequality..

  2. The " Great Society " programs pretty much amount to a variety of Socialism that was more palatable during the cold war, The Democrats secretly wanted Communism, but during the 1960s, they were afraid to openly admit it. So they advocated for the next bestworst thing to Communism, that's welfare Socialism, where while the government doesn't directly own and run the means of production, it heavily controls the means of production via endless regulations and taxes. And the state welfare programs implemented during Linden B Jonston's " great society " may have been put in place with good intentions, ie, to make everything more equal and make sure everyone has their basic needs met, this society the Democrats want to create seems like a lovely utopia, where no one has to starve, go without shelter, go without health care or forgo meeting other basic necessities due to destitution or extreme poverty, but the real agenda is to get as many people as possible dependent on the Government for all their needs and desires, That's why they pass regulation after regulation on businesses and that's partly why the income tax is there, to stifle business opportunities for the little guy, though the state claims to be for the little guy ( what a DAMN LIE ! ) Because the more dependent a population is upon the government, the more power the state can get!

  3. Could you explain how all of the major government programs of the New Deal and Great Society fit legally into the US Constitution?

  4. Here in in Scandinavia we have certainly benefited from having the world's largest welfare state and public sector!! There is no such thing as poverty here, only in relative terms of course. Denmark is the least corrupt country in the world and the country with highest trust levels and highest equality levels. Crime rates are very low, only around 45-50 assassinations a year in a country with 5,6 millions! Free education, including university, free doctors, hospitals and births, 1 year of maternity leave with full wage for 6 months, all kinds of subsidy programs. Still people prefer to work, not sit passively on the couch! It's all about how people are educated, the culture! This is not communism or Cuba as they would say on Fox News, these are very open capitalist stable economies. Scandinavia were some of the least hit countries in the recent economic crisis. We pay high taxes, but have the highest salaries in the world and know that the money is used to give us safety and free vital things. Despite taxes we can still live in big houses, buy luxury, have two cars and travel around the world. We can do it knowing, that our wealth is not on the expense of people living on the street starving to death outside our window! We have always looked at the US wondering how a first world country can have people living like in the third world!

  5. Great society destroyed black America and has created a history of people who rely on depend on the system.

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