The Globalist Purge ¦ UN Invasion – Martial Law – Walmart Closings – & FEMA Camps Part 1

The Globalist Purge ¦ UN Invasion – Martial Law – Walmart Closings – & FEMA Camps Part 1

None of this happened overnight a Domino effect problem solution tactics Spying agencies grew bigger, and they became more advanced the typical false flag attacks to create fear a sense of nationalism extreme hatred for the enemy a false war on terror It’s not just for the hundreds of millions of innocent Muslims around the world it’s for everyone For those of you who don’t comply or serve the will of the world government today, you are monitored in ways I can’t even begin to explain They call you traitors terrorists dissidents Executive orders have been signed over the years that authorized the use of lethal force against you the authority to detain you indefinitely Proxy wars through the use of artificial intelligence and terrorism Economic sanctions war rhetoric it has become common in our time but with the latest revelations of AI being used by intelligence agencies the Mobilisation of forces within the United States and all over the world we have to start asking some questions As Big Brother that was depicted in the orwe lien future in 1984 spun out of control I Started to realize that it’s just a data collection point but they are collecting and storing as much data off the Internet and telephone Networks that they can Who are the five eyes and has artificial intelligence given them the ultimate scrying ball and Technology they need it to form minority reports and log us on virtual kill lists and in future FEMA prison camps Is the US Department of Homeland Security partnering with? international entities to prepare for martial law in the United States In this documentary series we are about to uncover a nefarious plan that presumably leads to an international globalist takeover of the United States and other Western countries on this planet And they deem you to be so simple-minded that you will stay ignorant all of this They deem you to be so simple-minded that you should just go ahead and surrender all your rights as a human being over to them And for the International order that we have worked for generations to build Ordinary men and women are too small-minded to govern their own affairs That order and progress can only come when individuals surrender their rights to an all-powerful sovereign For over three decades Everyone has been talking about Big Brother they believe that it would all lead to martial law and concentration camps It’s hard for any American to imagine concentration camps on American soil in this so-called 21st century democracy The notorious gulags of Russia the concentration camps of Nazi Germany But it has happened before on American soil where US President Franklin D. Roosevelt? rounded up hundreds of thousands of japanese-americans under executive order 9066 What would you do if government officials knocked on your door And said you had one week to pack up your belongings and move to a government-run camp When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor our West Coast became a potential combat zone? Living in that zone where more than a hundred thousand persons of Japanese ancestry two-thirds of them American citizens one-third aliens We knew that some among them were potentially dangerous most were loyal But no one knew what would happen among this concentrated population if Japanese forces should try to invade our shores Military authorities therefore determined that all of them citizens and aliens alike would have to live Chappy’s Americans were given a week to evacuate their homes and report to an assembly center They were allowed to bring only the baggage they could carry Many sold value or personal possessions for pennies on the dollar more than a hundred thousand people eventually relocated to the camps about two-thirds were American citizens Living conditions in the camps were difficult and sometimes harsh Many residents lived in large barracks meals were served in mess halls in the camps were ringed by barbed wire in armed guards The US Supreme Court upheld the legality of the internment camps and the policy remained in place for nearly three years Democracy is tyranny The American government has established laws that permit the most extreme and perverse liberties today while at the same time Stripping away god-given human freedoms the US military has actively and with the most extreme force Propagated this form of tyranny on nations all over the world Sitting here now in 2018 it’s clear to say that the world government has far surpassed the imaginations of authors who have Propagated to talat aryan agendas like what was depicted in George Orwell’s 1984 and especially those implemented by the Nazi Third Reich these writers are critical to their campaigns of terror They are the pin behind them the word that controls the populations and gathers them toward their destructive costs Writers such as the infamous Jesuit ghost priest known as father Stanfill who helped Adolf Hitler right mind kept? The very book that was used to take complete control over Germany It’s strange flash forwarding to today and reading articles on AOL titled Hitler expert says president Trump pulls from mind Kemp to normalize tyranny The independent also released an article claiming that Donald Trump is using mine camp as a playbook But what is a strange and it’s actually perfectly clear? There is a connection between jesuis speech writers and initiating tyranny? Thomas Paine wrote the pamphlet common sense and it is in a state if you study historians Historians relate that the pamphlet common sense was the writing That brought about the Declaration of Independence in fact Thomas Paine uses that phrase in common sense Paine wrote that nothing can settle our affairs, so expeditiously as an open and determined declaration for independence What’s interesting is that Thomas Paine at that point was not even an American citizen? He was an Englishman He was in England and he met Benjamin Franklin Paine also published the crisis pamphlet series Which were read aloud by George Washington to his troops on? pains tombstone is written that common sense was the pamphlet that stirred the American colonies to Independence it reads that John Adams said without the pen of pain the sword of Washington would have been wielded in vain Then below it reads history is to ascribe the American Revolution to Thomas Paine So right there on his tombstone They’re openly ascribing the American Revolution to Thomas Paine and saying That at a literary level at the level of setting forth a philosophy and the ideas Payne’s Contribution was equal to that of George, Washington really once the Revolution was over Paine Then published his true thoughts about Christianity and the Bible He wrote when I see throughout the greater part of this book the Bible scarcely anything But a history of the grossest vices and a collection of the most paltry and contemptible tales I cannot dishonor my Creator by calling it by his name While some have accused pain of being an atheist his defenders are quick to point out that he most certainly believed in a god Just not the God of the Bible It’s no wonder that some of the US presidents of our time who were known for secretly holding these ambitions have signed executive Orders to make these things possible, and they all had jesuis speech writers Nixon Reagan the bushes and Obama Placing all of the buttons on the table for Donald Trump, but he’s stable enough to not push them right Now I don’t know that we’re gonna make a deal I don’t know we might we might not But it would be much easier for me to be so tough at the tougher I am on Russia the better But you know what I want to do the right thing for the American people and to be honest secondarily I want to do the right thing for the world if Russia and the United States actually got together and got along and don’t forget We’re a very powerful nuclear country, and so are they there’s no upside We’re a very powerful nuclear country and so are they I’ve been briefed And I can tell you one thing about a briefing That we’re allowed to say because anybody that ever read the most basic book can say it Nuclear holocaust would be like no other They’re very powerful nuclear country and so are we? We have to ask is this 21st century democracy moving towards a 21st century Inquisition Did the Third Reich really end or did a more deceptive and sinister Fourth Reich begin? Lately there’s been a lot of rhetoric comparing certain politicians to Adolf Hitler the concern supposedly Is that a Nazi style regime may be rising in America that process folks however began a long time ago? in fact following World War two the US government actually recruited Hitler’s employees adopted protocols embraced his mindset about law and order slowly implemented his tactics and began to lay the foundations for the rise of the fourth reich sound far-fetched Well listen up folks. It’s all documented as historian Robert J lately recounts the Nazi police state was Initially so admired for its efficiency in order by the world powers of the day that Herbert Hoover Then head of the FBI actually sent one of his right-hand men Edmund Patrick coffee to Berlin in January 1938 at the invitation of Germany secret police the Gestapo The FBI was so impressed with the Nazi regime that according to the New York Times in the decades after World War two the FBI along with other government agencies aggressively recruited at least a thousand Nazis including some of Hitler’s highest henchmen all told thousands of Nazi Collaborators including the head of a Nazi concentration camp among others were given secret visas and brought to America By way of a program called Project Paperclip The militarization of local and state police forces orchestrated by an intense highly complex spying apparatus Being operated by some of the most advanced technology and artificial intelligence out There is becoming more intrusive and far-reaching each day biometric recognition systems satellites drones cameras malicious malware on smart devices millions of agents roaming the world and since around 2010 an era of AI that has grown at an alarming rate nearing the point of no return remember Total Information Awareness The program that was led by John Poindexter the old Shadow Warrior under the government Administration of Reagan and on down through the years. You know set up after 9/11 Supposedly to catch terrorists by spying on all Americans completely Here’s their really creepy logo you may have seen that shows an all-seeing eye on top of a pyramid looking at the entire globe with its gaze the thing that’s most dangerous is And it’s the hottest to kind of rap Kind of get your arms round because it’s not a physical thing is a kind of a deep intelligence in the net water He said well what home could have deep intelligence that was do so well I could start a war by creating fake news and spoofing email accounts and big press releases and Just by you know Pen is mightier than sword Basically collecting all that data Microsoft Google Yahoo Facebook Paltalk YouTube Skype, AOL Apple And this is what they’re getting they’re getting emails video and voice chats videos photos stored data file transfers. You name it You can fill it. They are watching you Hearing you analyze you gathering and storing the most personal information about you producing algorithms that predict potential outcomes of your habits your moves your associations and your whereabouts with alarming accuracy You are a virtual prisoner in a digital enslavement camp. You don’t even know about Bill gates Li says he’s concerned about it Elon Musk said it’s akin to summoning the demon Do you think you’re building the thing that will enslave us all or do you have a rosier outlook? I was just waiting for when this question was going to get Gotta give the people what they want So I actually I’m glad that these questions are coming up because I do think this is going to be an issue down the road Peter Till chairman of Palantir president of clarium capital board member of Facebook owner of a lot of cryptocurrency and co-founder of PayPal the list goes on and on How’s everything at Bilderberg? good He is one of the reasons this has gone too far today And he is one of the biggest traders to the American people and people all over the world It’s his blockchain technology that gave intelligence services access to everything they need making Minority Report Look more like a future documentary than a science-fiction movie Okay Jen what’s coming double homicide one male one female killers male white 40 set up a perimeter and tumbler on road I’m placing you under arrest for the future murder of Sarah Marx who the man is hands With President Obama launching an offensive to take down the Islamic state and terror threats rising in Europe Australia and potentially right here in the United States could technology be the key to stopping the next major attack PayPal co-founder a venture capitalist Peter Thiel the co-founder of another company called Palantir Certainly thinks so I spoke with teal about the technology behind Palantir, and whether it could help stop the next 9/11 take a listen Do you think that Palantir could stop the next 9/11 or has it already? Something like Palantir is the key to to stopping major terrorist attacks? I don’t think we’re gonna do it by projecting military force throughout the world. I think we will do it by sort of very cleverly Uncovering uncovering these conspiracies before they they come together Some have expressed concern that your clients could actually use Palantir to do evil things. Do you worry about that? the CIA NSA FBI and other intelligence Services around the world are looking to till and Palantir to do their spying on the citizens of the world today His work with US President Donald Trump is becoming more and more apparent One of the things I I really want to illustrate to you as a viewer how Serious, this is that Peter Thiel’s company Palantir sells the intelligence software to the CIA the FBI the NSA The Center for Missing and Exploited Children untold law-enforcement agencies Financial institutions Peter Thiel is the frontrunner to become the chair of the president’s intelligence advisory board and meta Intelligence entity that functions independently from the nation’s spy agencies So it looks like this man is being promoted to Chair the president’s new secret spy agency after he dismantles the five eyes The five eyes alliance was created in the aftermath of world war ii to monitor enemy communications and share intelligence between its founding nations It is now recognized as the largest spying network in history So they were sitting there how can we justify our existence? So you look around say well, there’s this explosion in digital communications And there’s bad guys in there doing things so this is our new target In order to keep up with it. We have to give an ever-increasing budget. We need more and more people That’s how you build an empire It was going in this direction anyway But 9/11 incredibly accelerated it and so we accelerated our ability our for one of a better word invasiveness and into communications networks the United States and Britain Completely dropped all their sense of restraints about it And these agencies are closer to each other than the hazard on government once you adopt these totalitarian procedures I mean, this is straight out of the KGB Stasi Gestapo SS You know miles people everybody all the technic taters and despots down through history Do this kind of thing? and so once you adopt that then you have to then you have to do in secret to pass laws or change things and and suppress your population and and keep them from knowing what you’re doing and So you have an uninformed public? The five eyes this supranational intelligence organization the one Edward Snowden warned was monitoring billions of private communications worldwide Now has Peter Till and other private corporations at the helm providing technologies that the government’s can’t even fully understand themselves Opening doors to control and oversight that the global elite could only dream of it truly is like an AI scrying ball That’s what US President Donald Trump and Saudi King Salman were putting their hands on Peter tills Palantir ball at the grand opening of a new spying agency that has been set up in the futuristic city being built in Saudi Arabia It’s called kneel This landmark agreement includes the announcement of a 110 billion dollar Saudi funded defense purchase and We will be sure to help our Saudi friends to get a good deal from our great American defense companies the greatest anywhere in the world This agreement will help the Saudi military to take a far greater role in security and operations having to do with security We have also started discussions with many of the countries present today on strengthening partnerships and forming new ones to advance security and stability across the Middle East and far beyond later today We will make history again with the opening of the new global center for combating extremist ideology located right here in this central part of the Islamic world This agency will not just be spying on quote-on-quote Islamic radicals, but everyone Launching an all-out intelligence war on man using AI and now credible scientists researchers and experts warned that this could soon get out of hand a Total enslavement at least now we can say in the virtual world, but hey isn’t that where we spend the majority of our time There are those who will say this will impact our lives outside the virtual prison The prequel to The Matrix the Animatrix and animated series warned us about the future of AI battling with mankind and Though we are only talking about intelligence agencies the reason why the Animatrix is so shocking This was released in the early 2000s and the location they chose for the machines to build an AI city that would enslave man through consumerism the markets Spying and then eventually launching full-scale war on man was a location on the earth that was completely unexpected The leaders of men were quick to order the extermination of b16 6er and every one of his kind throughout each province of the earth androids and liberal sympathizers flooded the streets of the nation’s Refuge in their own promised land they settled in the cradle of human civilization, and thus a new nation was born the exact location of pollen tears new spying agency in Saudi Arabia Which just happens to be sovereign and has nothing to do with Saudi Arabia anyway And while Peter tills technology is enabling the globalist to apply the most invasive and extreme forms of control over us He is spending millions of dollars on building mega Bunkers under the ground in one of his home countries the Netherlands along with other elite in the know You’re in the middle of nowhere rural, Kansas the site of an abandoned nuclear missile silo Armed security patrol the entrance to a doomsday bunker That’s reserved for the wealthy elite and sales are booming since the election of Donald Trump We’ve seen a whole new demographic of people calling and people that didn’t know we existed before Larry Hall is the owner of the survival condo project he’s 16,000 pound doors lock you inside We’re heading deep below the surface of the earth into an underground bunker like no other we are in a typical full-floor residential unit and Even though we are more than a hundred feet underground right now. You can see that It’s certainly not a cost for phobic area 12 luxurious condos exist here with fireplaces high-end appliances jacuzzis even windows yes windows high definition TVs Broadcast a live feed of the outside world right into your living room the price tag for this three-bedroom two-bath condo 2.3 million dollars well as the sign says Welcome to the beach and look at this it’s a swimming pool with a slide and Waterfall other common areas include a movie theater rock climbing wall and shooting range There’s even a farm that grows all the fresh fruits and vegetables. You’ll need this can grow up to 70 different species of plants lettuces tomatoes carrots the bunker runs on power sources like wind and diesel generators We have enough fuel to run these diesels for two and a half years plenty of time to ride out worldwide chaos Should it ever erupt What is happening that is making them go underground What are they planning? What has their technology allowed them to know about the coming future? If there really is a nefarious plan to take over the world and plans to unleash utter destruction What will happen if they catch up to those of us who try to survive and protect our loved ones? Those who stand up speak out fight against and now we see what the technology They have even think against this new global government. What are they planning for those people? We’ll leave that up for you to decide But consider this your briefing This is part of a long-term societal slide we’re not becoming a police state We’re not in danger of being under globalist rule We’re already here hundreds of newspapers come out and say Jones said that the military would take over and have martial law for Obama this summer I always said we said Jade helm infiltrating police departments practicing taking over America Interfacing to condition the public was part of a long-term strategic plan to sell the military on this new Unconstitutional mission, that’s what this ten state operation It was eight states is all about is finding out who will work with them during a martial law takeover Most the military’s not involved in this notice It’s special operations Navy SEALs Green Berets Delta Force and others that are running this because they’re the ones Historically that I’ve run up against doing this You have massive military gear being cashed Armored vehicles machine guns helicopters night-vision Humvees with the police departments around the country, California has gotten the majority of it along with Oklahoma and other areas to population Texas gotten double what California has gotten we have ten million less than them Oklahoma got basically doubled What California got even though the crime rates are very low a stability police force the United States RAND Corporation? This is the martial law plan Feds preparing to invade Texas list state is hostile. They are preparing not saying they’re gonna invade or take over they are preparing for the takeover and that’s in the John Warren Defense Authorization Act of 96 97 they admit for insurrection by legislatures and governors US Army in a time of transition Foreign Affairs moving to control the US and then NATO, that’s contingence of Our army and military inside of it so the u.s. Only goes to police itself under the UN treaties State Department random 7277 so it’s a 1963 plan is finally being implemented Homeland Security International Business Times refutes conspiracies about 1.6 billion ammo and then they go on to say oh We’re not buying it for you. It’s not unusual it’s now up to 3 billion rounds and paper targets of Children and women is what Homeland Security requested military says no presidential authorization needed to quell civil Disturbances go read that report And then they try to deny that so this is all about seal veteran military leaders being asked if they will disarm veterans Benjamin Smith highly decorated Navy SEAL boom both on top generals. Let’s continue gonna listen to believe him They’re going to believe the globalist Blackhawk helicopters swarming the skies over US cities a mobilization of US military equipment that hasn’t been seen since World War two The only rail head in the region so we service not only in order when we also service 29 palms Camp, Pendelton The scale of US domestic operations since 2010 is off the charts training operations taking place all over the country with the pretense of Training for overseas combat, but it has become clear to investigators and Americans alike they are training for martial law first up It’s all eyes on the sky live pictures now from Phoenix for the second night in a row military training exercises are underway around the valley within the last half-hour the Phoenix Police Department has confirmed to 3 TV That they are supporting Department of Defense training around the city as you take a look at some of the buildings downtown What witnesses here are saying is that they were actually flying amongst the buildings and now we know why? In fact Phoenix PD confirming for us that the Department of Defense is conducting training exercises Trying to get military personnel certified in urban operations urban operations Footage All type military Just took place in downtown Fort Lauderdale You can see the scale of this choppers everywhere they’re rounding people up in the streets Downtown Miami so the same thing not this big scale just a few choppers Never marching people around in the street like this The Jade helm exercise is a three month long training program involving 1200 servicemembers including Special Forces from all four branches and Marine Expeditionary Forces taking place across several southwestern states primarily Texas however the little-known public knowledge has spawned several conspiracy Theories like using the exercise to lay groundwork for martial law the wholesale confiscation of guns and plans to convert old Walmart’s into American concentration camps It is known that America has incarcerated more people than any other nation in the world prisons are already full to the brim If you look at the newest statistics, I think some of the findings are pretty jarring in fact we have 6.9 Million people in the United States that are either in prison six point nine million people in the United States that are either in prison on parole or on probation So who will be there for the millions of dissidents who will oppose these global initiatives if they take place FEMA the Federal Emergency Management Agency helping people before during and after disasters It was believed that FEMA was put in place to help victims of natural disasters The hurricanes Katrina and Harvey were examples that proved this couldn’t be further from the truth Thirty-six hours, and they never came we was waiting at the home. We did the white flags and everything and nobody came, but then Somebody had called a phone after we decided to leave the house We had walked it against they sit with the kids And then they had caught it came in picked the set Barack Obama came here He promised us a whole life, and he’s delivered very little we’re out of our homes, and he’s delivered a crappy FEMA trailer Taking these trailers off of the wheels setting them in place Got him $200,000 house sitting there with a $150,000 FEMA trailer in the driveway Yeah, I mean what are we doing spending all this this time and effort five months five months after the disaster to build a manufacturer home and Set it in somebody’s front yard I mean, this is this is a catastrophe and then they’re forcing the the people that apply for these FEMA trailers They’re forcing the flood victim to go out and borrow the money to fix their house meanwhile giving them a hundred and fifty thousand dollar Manufactured home to live in that they’re gonna take in eighteen months How much pressure were you put under to produce those trailers? Oh incredible incredible amount present working production in the way They were paid it was about getting the unit’s out the door once the units were out the door They became quality controls problem, and the pressure to get him fixed To make them appear to be correct was Tremendous when you first started it was about doing the right thing for the right people But by the pathway through you knew you it wasn’t about that anymore How much money Gulfstream was gonna make? Had ar-15 or m16 they were pointing at us hey til it’s put your hands up in the air Let us see your hands. They’re drawing down on me, and they let the looters run rampant for over a week Are you kidding me? I really thought they were gonna kill me IRA made them they didn’t care what your rights were They were gonna deny You’re letting the folks get away with everything and you’re coming to honest good citizens and taking away their protection and it is wrong wrong wrong But still the order have been given for police and National Guard to go house to house often with guns drawn To evacuate residents and confiscate their firearms. No one would be able to beyond we can take all It was a human drama with emotions and tensions running high Patty Connie is still trying to recover physically and emotionally. They really did a number on me from the day police forced her All that money in training, and they can’t even get right a few weeks out of the year How are they investing their money and time and training This was exposed back in the early 80s FEMA was established in 1979 It was not accepted by Congress so US President, Jimmy Carter signed an executive order and made the Americans accept it anyway Experts argue that natural disasters are just a cover for FEMA’s real purpose Being an agency working for the Department of Homeland Security along with multiple federal agencies in conjunction with international entities Today in New Orleans, they got a lot tougher on the holdouts Not only the flooded areas, but New Orleans driest and wealthiest neighborhoods to The police and National Guard going street by street House to house Maybe make sure too that we’re knocking doors people usually need to make note calling it They say there are no orders to use force just strong persuasion sometimes entering open houses with guns drawn Instructions to disarm anyone inside You say that happened today in this wealthy neighborhood where homeowners had armed themselves to protect their mansions Residents were handcuffed on the ground in the end police took their weapons, but let them stay in their homes For many of the police and guard troops, it is an uncomfortable job to do this in an American city This Guard unit occupied a church using it as a base camp They had to leave a note because they could not get hold of the pastor to get permission It is it is surreal. You just never you never expect to do this in your own country Chris Montgomery says he’d rather be in Iraq than patrolling American neighborhoods walking up and down these streets you don’t You don’t want to think about the stuff that you have to do somebody pops around the corner we shoot in America And it is said they have a sinister plan to assume control over the United States But is there any truth to it Prediction is now up to 6 to 12 feet right near the path and just north of the path of the eyewall flash flood watches Over inland areas hurricane warnings in effect Port Lavaca down to Corpus Christi and south of that Here’s the official forecast track from the National Hurricane Center. We shall propose further cooperative effort between all the nations in weather prediction and eventually in weather control we shall propose finally a global systems of communication satellites Thanks to the system of satellites natural disasters have become a thing of the past We can control our weather mr. President one of our most favorite satellites malfunctioned over Afghanistan This wasn’t a soldier No matter what they’re truly up to FEMA plays a crucial role in The 80s Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld discussed emergency detention powers as part of a secret program Planning for what was called continuity of government defined an executive order 1 – 656 Under X 84 or the readiness exercise in 1984 the so called American Constitution will be suspended and the federal government along with this International entity will assume full authority to detain whoever they deem necessary for however long they deem necessary To the presidency as head of FEMA the Federal Emergency No the key Has been in their planning has been a war a war you have a national you know security emergency You can declare martial law you can take emergency measures and war that you can’t Argue in peacetime, and this is where they were heading towards the invasion of Nicaragua And that’s a horror unto itself, but I have the feeling that people miss the broader implications of this invasion when it happens now the Christic Institute this flawed after David it has a Segment on the recs 84 the detention centers the FEMA the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which is part of this plan? Which is to to prepare? detention centers and laws and an infrastructure across the country so that when they pull off the invasion they will be able to to sweep 400,000 people off the streets and throw them in detention centers Where you have assigned at one time to work on plans for the continuity of government in the event of a major disaster A highly sensitive and classified area so may I request that you not touch upon that By that same agency a Contingency plan in the event of emergency that would suspend the American Constitution, and I will be from Salem about it. We’re wondering In which he had work Most respectfully request that that matter not be touched upon at this stage If we wish to get into this on certain arrangements can be made for an executive session And tragically the only member who cares Now this one I asked the FEMA people the the sober ones there if they really had this Documented because we talked about this Rex eighty for two or three years ago, and the spotlight had mentioned it but it wasn’t really proven and They assured me. They said yes, they have this one from top attorneys within FEMA who have admitted to it And they got it documented One thing we can say with full certainty FEMA prison camps exist Dick cheney’s company, Halliburton confirmed that the government is engaged in a massive construction and Preparation exercise to build concentration camps and prisoner facilities all over the country And they should know they built them KBR was contracted by the Department of Homeland Security a 385 million dollar contract over five years Dick Cheney’s partners over at KBR you know these guys Kellogg Brown and Root who were involved in the Manhattan Project that manufactured the first atomic bomb this company has never looked back since and with increased funding and research into Engineering computer networking and private military contracts this company is making a lot more than corn flakes History proves that KBR is a corporation of death and a corporation That is not afraid to follow through with its work and the US government certainly has proven to put their work to use dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki Just months after the Manhattan projects first successful test By far the worst terrorist attack that has ever taken place So the fact that Halliburton and KBR Are involved in building hundreds of FEMA prison camps around the country is alarming their history should tell us something They’re going to use them Do you really believe that the US government is going to invest Hundreds of millions of dollars on prison camps and not put them to use besides they’re not just building them they’re hiring – Yes, the re-education camp manual does apply domestically the US citizen three years ago in 2012 they started massive advertising for career specialists in the US to run quote Re-education camps they even use the Communist Soviet turn you cannot make this up It’s like the Nazis didn’t call their death camps death camps This would be like them actually calling them death camps to call them rancic ation hands cuz that’s a soviet term for a torture basically death camp so in the Soviet re-education term Re-education is death camp you cannot make this up They actually use that term it has the Social Security numbers how to process everybody how to break up the families We’ve even filmed the drills not just the manuals and they counter and go oh it’s for overseas Know it it talks about working with local law enforcement Social Security numbers how the Constitution suspended read it let’s continue here National Guard looking for Interment resettlement specialists that main stream news here is the actual document FM 3-3 9.40 internment resettlement operations it all has dual use overseas, but it says simply for the US military occupational specialty internment resettlement specialist The Army’s internment resettlement specialist plays an integral role in providing a uniform system of handling prisoners and detainees First and always these MPs are combat support soldiers trained to fight Then as internment resettlement specialists Trained to control and supervise detainees to ensure humane treatment and to assist them in returning to a productive life for this job You must qualify for a seat at clearance then the army will train you to use specialized equipment to monitor activity To conduct searches and to inspect areas where prisoners work and live here You’ll train to end process prisoners and detainees and to brief them on their rights In addition you’ll train to inventory and secure property Take photographs and fingerprints issue personal items and assign cells You’ll train to conduct prisoner formations and roll calls to monitor their exercise recreation and work areas to prepare and maintain records and Develop written reports after your initial entry training and advanced individual training You’ll work supporting military operations day or night in a garrison or field environment where you may practice Emergency procedures detect and confiscate contraband and escort prisoners outside the facility Serving in this MOS. Can help you transition from the military to the civilian employment sector in the Military Police Corps You’ll be providing both combat support and law enforcement Wherever you go always upholding our motto of the troops and for the troops military occupational specialty internment resettlement specialist At FEMA headquarters and facilities around America there are extremely shady security guards It’s safe to say that extensive psych evaluations and intensive interviewing processes are being performed on FEMA Employees to choose those who perhaps wish to be a police officer or a soldier, but could it make the cut Those who could be easily influenced who wouldn’t question Authority and who will be completely subservient No matter how awful the order would be no matter if it was on their own people It’s hard to imagine I know but don’t forget at one point in time there were normal people running and patrolling every single concentration camp in history Feel pretty good again, but I’m doing okay Yeah Take a picture Pete you’re on camera. I look good. You’re good Can I help you nope I’ll press you win I’m independent Get your name it is on my badge Prince Andrew Hey, don’t I’m just out here taking some pictures in video just myself independent media You’re with FEMA Can I see that that’s your name badge number no is that not policy You’re not public official this is You’re on federal property This is not held proper. This is now. Why are you taking pictures? I’m just gathering content for a story Now this is for my protection actually. I just wanted to get your name and badge number. Oh good And ask your business I work security right here Can I get your name and badge number Why not Are you not like a public official or not payable on tax dollars Okay all you have to do is provide your name and badge man. That’s all I need J Dylan FEMA security Am I breaking a law then what’s your concern? People want to know how big this is who are these camps for after 9/11 Bush issued military order number one Empowering by executive order the detention of any non citizen as an international terrorist or enemy combatant today that extends to US citizens even on Perceived threats just like they did with the japanese-americans before Everyone will be terrorists that opposed this new world order it doesn’t matter What color you are or what faith you adhere to in many cases social status won’t even apply Is it that hard to imagine that you’re a terrorist or a dissident in the minds of these people Halliburton confirmed back in 2011 that US concentration camps were ready to detain up to two million Terrorists you don’t make that type of statement unless you were asked to design and build To meet that capacity and there are more being built as we speak Not just in the United States, but more have been discovered in the UK as well On February 17 2006 in a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld said Harm was being done to the country’s security Not just by the enemy ie the Muslims But also by what he called news informers who needed to be combatted in a contest of wills So anyone out there spreading the truth You could make that list if you are just watching that truth You could make that list this is happening and it has been happening for a long time In the event of an economic collapse worldwar catastrophic natural or man-made disasters massive power outages civil unrest Chemical biological or nuclear attack all of which seem to be an unfortunate reality in our time there will be dire conditions No doubt concern for the safety of their families a lack of food water medical attention a Constant fear that will be created and will consume the people it is believed that people are going to Willingly run into these camps the perfect example of order out of chaos Hollywood has always been good for subliminal messages and foreshadowing events to come Their methods and intentions is an entirely different topic But the future of FEMA camps covert operations and the globalist takeover of America was broadcasted for millions of people to see in the season 10 opener of x-files a Darker objective the takeover of America and then the world itself by any means necessary however violent or cruel or Efficient by severe drought brought on by weather wars conducted secretly using aerial contaminants and high-altitude electromagnetic waves in a state of perpetual war to create problem reaction solution scenarios to distract enrage and enslave American citizens at home With tools like the Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act which abridged the Constitution in the name of national security? The militarization of police forces in cities across the u.s. the building of prison camps by the Federal Emergency Management Agency with no stated purpose the corporate takeover of food and agriculture Pharmaceuticals and health care even the military in clandestine agendas to fatten dull sicken and control a populace already consumed by consumerism a government that taps your phone collects your data and monitors your whereabouts with impunity a Government preparing to use that data against you when it strikes and the final takeover begins The takeover of America by a well-oiled and well-armed multinational group of elites that will call kill and subjugate Happening as we sit here. It’s happening all around us the other shoe waiting to drop It’ll probably start on a Friday the banks will announce a security action Necessitating their computers to go offline all weekend digital money will disappear They can just steal your money followed by the debt of strategic electromagnetic pulse bombs to knock out major grids well will seem like an attack on America by terrorists or Russia or a simulated alien invasion using alien replica vehicles that exist and are already in use an alien invasion of the US the Russians tried in 47 You can’t say these things I’m gonna say them tomorrow Walmart has partnered up with the US Department of Homeland Security Walmart story has been blowing up the web as people trying to figure out exactly what might be going on I’m here at a undisclosed location in Hagerstown, Maryland That a convoy of you and armored vehicles and an entire Unit is here the Phoenix Police Department has confirmed to three TV that they are supporting Department of Defense training around the city We got an underground road roadway system here that There runs all the way to Maine to washington d.c to Colorado, it’s fully stocked And runs completely underground And you can see they’ve been hauling tons of military equipment You

100 thoughts on “The Globalist Purge ¦ UN Invasion – Martial Law – Walmart Closings – & FEMA Camps Part 1

  1. They kill my people or my descendants they're tribulations will be worsening learn to hate people who don't look like you because you are taught to follow the devil

  2. President Trump has openly stated, He will NEVER surrender America to Any Outside force like the foul UN.
    Everything in this video would have happened if the "witch Hilary Clinton" had won the 2016 election!
    All ISIS/ISIL & Any "Radical Islamic Terrorist" should all be locked up!
    Only "normal peaceful" Muslims belong in America!
    Russia & America should be working together because, Both countries are super powers.
    I think a lot of this preparation is to take down the treasonous Deep State coup that has secretly tried to take over America & undermine the POTUS!
    TRUMP 2020!

  3. For those of you who do not convert to Islam and the will of Allah your death is imminent.
    Before you support ISLAM pull your heads out of your asses and read the goddamned Quran.
    Who started this?
    The "Jews". They teach "Death to all Goyim!" If you are not a Jew you are a Goyim.
    Islam teaches, "Death to all Infidels!." if you are not a Muslim you are an infidel.
    Christianity for those capable of reading were taught, "Death to all heathens!" If you are not a Christian you are a heathen.
    As for the Globalists they have clearly stated they want to reduce the planetary population to 550 million. That means at least 6.5 BILLION mus die. So who is the real threat? Islam or their Globalist masters?
    So a few post how they follow Jesus. Jesus born Yeshua barJoseph right? Why did the Vatican change his name? One would thing the Mother of the "Son of God" would have known the right name to give him right? Christianity teaches. "The Bible is the WORD." yet "The Word" had 200 direct contradictions and 80 ambiguous ones. if it is "The Word" then "God" is imperfect and cannot make up it's mind. Right? SO instead how about we look at the "Sects" of Christianity instead? Today there are over 44,000 sects of Christianity. Many of them teaching they are the truest and the best. I personally think you are all confused and have no real clue which way to go. How many sects of Islam and Judaism?
    Why is it reincarnation was taught BY THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH until 700 AD and then overnight Jesus became "Savior"? Too stupid to recognize MANIPULATION when you see it? Faith is not a verb.
    Oh right and Mohammad landed on the rock on a flying horse, really?
    Oh the Jews are the "Chosen ones". Who said so? The Bible? The Torah? EVERY READ THEM in the ORIGINAL languages? Hebrew written without vowels. When you add the vowels IMPROPERLY in translation you change the meaning. Stop being so stupid and learn to read the ancient languages and translate it for yourself. What does it say? Moses asked YHWH. "Why should I choose you over the other gods?" Who was chosen and who did the choosing? "Other Gods", Hmmmmm I thought and was taught there was only one god?
    Imagine what you might learn if you started reading for yourself and pulled your head the rest of the way out of your own ass?
    "The church would not lie1" SERIOUSLY? "Do not eat from the tree of knowledge." Why? Because we want you to remain ignorant slaves easily manipulated and controlled. And you have been and still are. "The government would never lie to us!" "CNN has to tell the truth!"
    The only thing you need to attack right now is your own ignorance.

  4. Google police go fuc yourself and your family died you are not Elite they owe you nothing are you really that dumb they take everything you hold dear Don't Force you don't make you tell Delia what would become your fake Dental Care you're just an animal in a cage

  5. The Progression of the Control System.
    5G The Stealth Weapon of The New World Order.
    Smart Grid and Active Denial Technology

  6. George Orwell and Aldous Huxley along with Eugenics favourite George Bernard Shaw – they were all FABIANS – They knew the long term grand plan. 1984 and Brave New World were not fictions – the were and still are a warning to the human race of what has been planned.

  7. Globalism and the UN Compact for Migration
    Salim Mansur, Associate Professor of Political Science at Western University, answers questions about the purpose and possible effects of Canada signing The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration.
    He suggests that the Compact for Migration is but one facet of a broader agenda by globalists to demolish nation states and national sovereignty. He faults Justin Trudeau for entering into such an agreement calling him the "poster child" for the globalist agenda.
    Salim issues a dire warning to Canada that its signing the Compact on Migration may trigger the United States to tighten up its northern border and perhaps even build a wall separating Canada from the United States as they work to do the same on their southern border with Mexico.

  8. Good job putting this together i thought ol girl was gonna take off running! Whats the matter? Is she ashamed of her career choice? She should be

  9. Damn its coming even if we fight we lose we cant compete against the military. They can suspend the constitution… They dont have any rules

  10. WARNING This video is a promotion of Islam in western countries trying to brain-wash westerners that democracy is bad. Please dislike.

  11. Read the book, “The Great Controversy”. You can get it for free electronically. This book was written over one hundred years ago and it predicted want is happening today. Wow!

  12. Though I see and believe some of the things said in this video, I have to say, as is evident by some of the narrators comments and on the ticker tape at the bottom of the screen, this IS in fact a Muslim oriented and manufactured video and quite possibly an attempt by a Fanatical Muslim group to influence and/or recruit / indoctrinate members. Watch it again, and pay attention. There are many little hints if your eyes and ears are really open. Like I said at the beginning, there are a number of things like FEMA camps, UN enforcement, etc, that I believe may be in the not to distant future, BUT there is a very significant and definite anti non-Muslim directive. Just saying.

  13. This is a sneaky propaganda film that portrays Trump as a globalist Hitler. Trump is the globalists worst nightmare. He's also silicon valley's worst nightmare and his "friendship" with Peter Theil was short lived. The wealthy have been building bunkers like these for years, not just since Trump has been in power. And let's not blur the lines here, Bush is responsible for the patriot act, not Trump. I call bull shit on this. This is neatly diguised leftist propaganda. In the very beginning they refer to "hundreds of millions of innocent Muslims around the world". Really? Just look across the pond if you want to see these "innocent Muslims". Be very, very, careful what you take away from this film. It is misleading.

  14. Maybe the wall is to keep the people in the state but also out of the states in order that they have less to deal with and no army of canada can enter to help protect peoe in the states if they had wished to.

  15. May the lord be here before they start doing all this to the people.i would rather die in the lords hand then the people that are planning to kill us because they feel their in in canada not the states but you never know that they also have plans aswell to take it over at the same time too.

  16. This shud be on news channels in complete the puzzle! 25:10 is laughable! They dont know my FATHER! We shall ALL have to answer to HIM SOON..on that day…1000 ton doors wont help you! ……🐯…🐑.//🐐

  17. Sinful! They take foodstamps, then section 8 then they take you way to crappy trailers with floods and weather they caused. Communist Mabey Ales Jones was right!

  18. Jewswissamerica is one brainwashed sick country, worse than any crackpot banana republic in the world ,more corrupt than Nigeria, more beastly than Jimmy saville ,and constantly at war with the world and within its own borders , sick in the head people run the monster that is the illusion of so called democracy and freedom that is swiss,Jew run bankster of a sorry state ,atb from Scotland

  19. Martial law, if have a 🏠 dig around your house 8 feet under 10 feet wide Porsche pour cement in hole then put water and lots of piranhas and alligators when martial law comes in and on the roof of your house metal can your outlet plug and put the outlet plugs right on the metal poles they will get electrocuted, if they come through your window make sure you have a hole about eight feet down which bikes and blades is chopped

  20. Mr. President, we already know that nuclear war will be the end of human beings because of the radiation that will destroy all life on the planet.

  21. Hillary Clinton channel the dead caller to Franklin Roosevelt's Spirit Hillary Clinton aka Jezebel's Bill clinton Aka Ahab's Spirit

  22. Oh snap I'm a Muslim Black Man. No wonder my life was so messed up. From birth certificate. Oh well all praise to Allah. No matter what.

  23. Democracy might lead to tyranny, but a Constitutional Republic will not…..problem is most Americans (indoctrinated by the left) are turning to mobocracy, which they believe is democracy.

  24. This is planned people. Mac Miller has a song called Donald Trump back in 2015. Saying in the lyrics "taking over the world when Im on my Donald t shit" they already knew he was going to be President!

  25. Hahaha – wait a second – the security guard (civilian-FEMA Hispanic male) now, isn't that "Guillermo" the security guard on Jimmy Kimmel? His twin?😅

  26. Well it has now been confirmed that the United Kingdom has Martial law with a No deal Brexit. And it has been in all the papers and on the news Theresa May has called for it. And this is no conspiracy check out Sky news.

    So Alex Jones was right after all he warned not only America but Europe.

  27. Why are you fear-mongering? You can be informative without the dark music and everything else you purposefully did to make this terrifying. The information is terrifying enough on its own, is it not? My four-year-old saw me watching this video, and 30 seconds later said, "Oh no… I'm so scared" – it's THAT palpable. You're "feeding the beast" by inspiring fear in people. It diminishes their ability to think and act responsibly, which is purportedly what you hope to inspire. Fear > Ignorance > Confusion > Control > Chaos. If you're not familiar with this, you're not awake enough to responsibly dispense information.

  28. They are turning your children into transgenders just like they are That's how they will over take this country There are no damned Walmart FEMA camps cost too much There are probably some MK ultra brainwash camp's for the young and doctors there ready to transform your child into the opposite of what God made them Now if this Pisses you off off at me GOOD you need to get Mad REAL FCKIN MAD

  29. Hayden is a crook and those buildings in NY were scheduled to be brought down They were demo'd you only saw what the news showed you

  30. who's gonna stop the second 911?? … the only ones who can stop false flag operations is the one who executes them in the first place !!!

  31. The Government's is doing all this, technology taking some up in the air and causing all this disaster to hit land, and y'all thinking it YAH (GOD) doing this put it not, the world is ending by all of this technology that are hooking up. to wipe out 90% of us and keek the rest on land for slaves, and they gonna be the one making the town and new world over for their kind's,

  32. I'm am devout Catholic, no matter what they think they are not in charge. God is permitting this to happen. America has gotten so far away from God that he is withdrawing some of his grace. So we will suffer for a long time, but not in vain, because will draw the greatest good out of this suffering. In the end we will begin to see his grace, and these morons in washington, and the top ten percent of the wealthest who are behind all of this will answer to the real power God. hell is for eternity, so where our suffering will end theirs will just begin. Long Live Christ.

  33. This is a global homosexual assault on the entire planet … Just watch closely and you will see what I saw …

  34. كس ام دينكم القذر والهكم التافه ونبيكم المنكوح المخنث وعلي بن ابي طالب اللي كان ينكحه في السرير قبل الهجره ويمص شفتيه وذكره

  35. You see the government is totally run by the aristocracy. Now you think the churches are any different? You think John Hagee or any of these other preachers can tell you about the noahide laws or fema, or the Jewish canbala when all there broadcasting money is controlled by Rockefeller and Rothschild? Satanic shackles on the watchmans hands so that they may become Judas to the Christians to hand them over to the gillotines.

  36. Really…… How many years we see you tube videos about this and nothing happened OK stop the fear mongering And trying to scare everyone.

  37. All Nation must come together ,and fight the Globalism arround the world . In Europa bulding the the right Wings a group to save Europe

  38. [email protected]#$ my life. That u.s. government meeting from the 60s or 70s or whatever that is sounds like meetings today 😲🤔. Master chairman I would appreciate it if that subject wasn't touched on at this moment we could make arrangements to discuss that further later. what b*****

  39. Ok i see it all clear now. After ww2 the zionists got their own country Israel as a treaty. Israel was threatened by the Muslim world, so they orchestrated 9/11 as a sacrifce to have A REASON FOR CHRISTIANS TO ATTACK THE MUSLIM WORLD aligned with the USA. After 9/11 Usa enters from Israel by boat and starts to conquer Muslim controlled countries, toppling the leaders and installing new Governments, killing everyone who fights against them. We see how they leave Saudi arabia alone and conquers everthing around it, even the south side of Saudi arabia, so the Jihadi cant start new fights by sea. The plan i think is to leave all muslims in saudi arabia (like before jihad crusades) and control surrounding areas. Western world has therefor united with Israel. And the zionists now have totally secured israel and surrounding countries. Which isnt really a bad thing. The thing we have to lookout for now is the zionists controlling media, brainwashing christians into becoming defenseless. We have to lookout for what Israel is going to do next carefully. The many refugees we have had arriving to europe is muslims who have forfeited "therefor some of them may be angry at us westerners for what America has done, so we have to watch these muslims carefully aswell and eliminate "Jihadist terrorists" Our plan is most likely to convert the remaining muslims outside of SAUDI ARABIA into europeans. The next plan which i might be wrong or right about is the creation of the EU. As u know USA Controlled power. And the EU is on its way to being a controlled power (they decide about 60% of our law atm) What we need to lookout for is Israel Putting US against EU in an all out war. Therefor we must make sure Europe AT ALL TIMES keep working with USA and NEVER against each other, we need to be Allies at all costs, and we need to avoid being brainwashed into doing something else especially by MEDIA which the zionists already control. US and EU also need to keep being allies with Israel because they are very intelligent. Any plans to attack israel will most likely fail! So lets live in peace people! jews muslims christians. ALL IN PEACE FOR A BETTER WORLD, a better future and a growing prosperity (which was created in jihadist crusades many many years ago, these started in Saudi arabia and islam grew from there) And the jihadist plan has for a very long time been to "Conquer the world" After 9/11 Usa e

  40. Paul Harvey said it best in the early 60s with the take over of America . “ if I were the devil “ I’d just keep on doing what he’s doing. Pretty much tells it in the order it has happened so far. What caught my attention is the promoting of gambling in all states is the way to get rich. I mean for the rich to get richer. God bless all. Good day.

  41. Tüm dünya ülke polisi kendi halkını dövüyor asker kendi halkına saldırıyor,
    korudukları sadece birkaç zengin ve despot satılık politikacılar.
    Burada şeytanı göremiyorsanız insan değilsiniz.

  42. Alle Machtkraefte der Laender dieser Welt greifen ihr eigenes Volk und das machen Sie nur um ein paar Reichen und verkaufte politiker zu schützen aber es geht um innere Stabilitaet, wenn es gefragt wird.
    Und die Plünderei geht nur in armen Laender weiter, es geht wieder um die innere Sicherheit.
    Wenn sie den Teufel nicht sehen in diesem Spiel, seid ihr kein Mensch.!

  43. FEMA death camps … 10 days of mental and physical torture to force you to receive the mark of the beast and if you don't accept it you are beheaded.
    they call them 're education camps' Revelation 2:10
    “Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer: behold, the devil shall cast some of you into prison, that ye may be tried; and ye shall have tribulation ten days: be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.”

  44. Can u imagine when everything hits the fan. Everybody is gonna be throwing their phones at cops/military in riot gear.

  45. Portraying Hitler as the quintessential monster is not only pedestrian but serves to highlight shallowness/weakness of the video.
    A better "quintessential monster" would be the likes of Wall Streeter (((Jacob Schiff))). Schiff financed what would lead to the deaths of 60+ million Russians between the years of 1917 and 1956.

  46. "we are too small minded to govern our own affairs"? Says Obama , well fuck you , you traiter piece of shit child fucker. I'm pretty sure I'm more than capable of governing my own affairs, I don't need some communist/fascist scumbag to hold man hand through doing so. Can't wait til the day I see that man die , I'm gonna drive to his gravesite and piss on his gravestone.

  47. I'll tell you what's key to stopping another 9/11 aa they asked in the video and that would be dismantling the CIA homeland security and FEMA immediately.

  48. The video asks what will happen to all the people (7,000,000) imprisoned in this country . Someone in another vidoe had the official documents for the Rex 84/ king james plan and the documents stated that the prisoners were all to be put on total lockdown each person locked in there cell, after that the employees would all evacuate the prisons and then one man would stay behind and turn the lever that turns the gas on which is systems already installed in every prison to gas every prisoner to death. After that the prison will be cleared and cleaned of the dead bodies and the prisons will then be converted to hold civillians basically imprison them as well. I also heard a document that read they planned to round up and "exterminate" over 20,000,000 African Americans . Shits fucked up , it's out of this world that they really have all this insane shit actually planned for us and are now practicing for it, it's disgusting and very frightening. Makes me want to stock pile guns and ammo to defend my home and family but I don't even think that will get me any where in the end , even if I say picked off the first 5 or so dudes they sent to get us and bring us to FEMA camps , they would just send more and if I picked them off then they'd keep just sending more and more and more people until they over ran my home and killed me and my entire family for defending myself by firing upon them to try and stop them from bringing us to concentration camps I mean FEMA reeducation camps lol.

  49. I've heard about the camps in the UK previously In a few other past videos I've watched. Question what the hell gives fema the thought or belief that they have the right to run fema camps outside of US borders , they aren't a UK organization they are only US and strictly should keep their actions to within the US because of that , how can they possibly have camps in UK , I don't understand how that even works. Christ this country is in super deep shit, but the rest of the world is also in deep shit just not as deep as the US.

  50. OMG that woman security officer in the beginning is the most useless security guard I've ever seen , what does she thing she's gonna do in the face of a real threat where she's actually gotta do her job for once lol ,what a joke.

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