22 thoughts on “The Future of U.S.-Pakistani Relations: A Troubled Foreign Policy Relationship

  1. It would have much more interesting if this would have complimented from to tell the story from Pakistani side of it.

  2. 93,000 Coward-Darpook, Genocidal Pakistan Army/ Air Force/ Navy Surrendered Unconditionally at the feet of joint Bangladesh Mukti Bahini + Indian Forces at a Public Surrender ceremony on 16 December 1971 in front of millions of civilians at Dhaka Ramna Race Course ground (Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's historic 7th March speech site).
         1971 Bangladesh Liberation Struggle showed that hijra-darpook Pakist​an Army/ Air Force/ Navy morale would not stand more than a couple of hard blows at the right time and place.

  3. US people must understand that involving Indians in debate over Pakistan-US relations will eventually create more rift between two historical allies. Indians are not capable to give neutral opinion on Pakistan but a prejudice and biased opinion, which based on their own Indian nationalism .

  4. Indians are filled with hatred against Pakistan. Their hatred is so intense that it has clouded their judgment. They claim Pakistan wants equality with India. However history is evident that Indians themselves haven't been able to think ahead of Pakistan. Their policies are Pakistan centric and they devise their policies not for their benefit but also hurt Pakistan's interest. Aparna Pande is another person suffering with same jingoism. She claims Pakistan wants parity with India yet she had no other country to discuss but Pakistan.

  5. what u got to say Christian lady Asia Bibi to be executed in Pakistan stitched up by a mulla for insulting Mohammad.

  6. if Aparna Panda (One Indain) is pakistani foreign policy Expoit then Big joke of this century why American fail in Vietnam and Afghanistan

  7. The penal discussion really fruitful to understand Pakistan_US relations, Pakistan_India, Pakistan and China, domestic elements influence foreign policy. Pande is actually empathetic with conflict ridden region.

  8. pande! attempted to find a thin line of reconciliation between Pakistan and India that may lead to peace and stability in the region.

  9. hudson institute really, I Mean really
    more than worry about pak
    my real worry is the quality of academic worthiness of the Phd's going to america withe language skills of TOEFL I MEAN AFFUL OR OFFAL. hmmm
    Thank ganesha for this

  10. Shut ur mouth, bow tie fool. Regional hegemonic intentions were not [gandhi,nehruv . The cold war and us and ussr created these acidic chess moves
    which the NAM

  11. pande! found you very biased, i don't understand why there are veto powers in UNO while primary lesson represents everyone is equal. Known fact is india made bangladesh through training militants and sending them over the borders. Although, there are many flaws in pakistan. I am hoping they will establish strong institutions and structural divisions to ensure better control in near future.

  12. Aparna Pande is a sick a troubled woman who hasnt had her pmt pills. India should worry about her lack of water to Dehli residents than to worry about China!

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